Reborn as The Underdog First Prince Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

Father likely only thought of Todd as a child trying to use the toys he had made himself.

The opinions of the nobles around them were probably similar.

But Edward was different.

While he may not know the exact methods being used, he had realized Todd intended to pull something off.

Is it because of his family that he can’t help but smile at his growth? Todd couldn’t wait for Edward, who was growing up so promisingly, to see his future.

Todd was looking forward to seeing Edward grow up to be a strong and reliable young man.

This operation was a big deal, as it would determine the future direction of the kingdom.

How much power would the enhanced weapons and armor bring, and how useful would they be?

It heralded the return of the age of knights,

and whether the kingdom could keep up with this significant wave depended on how hard Todd could work.

But even with knowledge from his past life, Todd was no genius or hero, just an ordinary person.

In the battle with the mountain people, there was a real possibility that he might die.

In such a case, would Haruto and the others stay in the kingdom?

If there was no one else to employ them under the same conditions, they might return to Akitsushima.

And when he died, someone would need to take over.

Originally, he had intended to entrust it to Raienbach.

But… even if he added one more person to convey the message, the outcome would not change.

Thinking that Edward could handle it, Todd decided to pass on a part of the knowledge he possessed.

It was about the future he knew and how to deal with it.

“The battlefield is dominated by mobile soldiers wearing special equipment called powered armor.

So, Rynsgaya needs to develop powered armor as soon as possible.

In the current situation where no one believes me, I have no choice but to do it myself.”

“If something happens to me, I entrust the future to Edward. If you give Haruto a certain degree of freedom, he should be able to handle the rest.”

The minimum number of personnel was in place.

Even if he died, as long as Edward was there, they should be able to manage the development of powered armor.

All that was needed was manpower, an environment that would not leak to anyone, and a large-scale production facility.

Edward listened silently, nodding as he heard the rough future prediction that Todd had conveyed.

“Honestly, I think I sound like I’m just making up stories. So you don’t have to believe everything I said from the beginning. I’d just be happy if you knew the ways to prepare for it, just in case.”

“Brother… Why…?”

Seeing Edward’s face, which looked as if he were seeing something unbelievable, Todd thought it was too late.

Edward’s adorable face was twisted with both anger and sadness.

He had talked a little too much.

Due to lack of sleep and tension from actual combat, Todd had let his guard down when Edward visited, and he had said things that didn’t need to be said. It was bad.

He scratched the back of his head, feeling worried.

Knowing Edward’s intelligence, he was probably able to deduce Todd’s inner thoughts to some extent.

“Why was Todd suddenly telling me about his research, which he had never told me about before?”

He had likely also realized why Todd was suddenly telling him now about research he had never spoken a word about until now.

“Big brother…are you planning to die?”

“I don’t intend to die at all. But you never know when someone might die, accidents can happen anytime. So it’s good to consider possibilities right…?”

“No! I won’t allow it!”

Edward leapt up from the bed and clung to Todd.

The ever cool-headed and gentlemanly Second Prince was nowhere to be seen.

What was squeezing Todd tightly now was a single younger brother worried about his older brother.

The area around Todd’s night clothes grew faintly damp.

When Edward lifted his face, large teardrops were spilling from his eyes.

“Big brother doesn’t have to go! I’ll put in a word too to mobilize troops! Why do you have to go yourself…?”

“Listen, Edward. I know their danger and usefulness more than anyone. If anyone other than me does this, they might make a mistake. And that could lead to a fatal error.”

Defeat Tottira, who would become a source of future calamity, and fight alongside the mountain people.

If that’s all, then Raienbach, who has taken charge of a certain number of troops, should be able to do it.

But this world, while similar to [Augustus – The Supreme Throne], also had parts that couldn’t be seen precisely because of that.

There were definitely human activities in the parts not depicted in the game.

Like Renge, a character non-existent in the original work—there might be other such people he didn’t know about.

He had to identify capable ones to recruit, and deal with dangerous ones.

Todd is the only one capable of handling such irregularities.

In the first place, only Todd, with his knowledge from the original world, can notice irregularities and recognize them as abnormal in this world.

“I can do it… No, I’m the only one who can. I’ll get it done, and I’ll definitely return alive. I promise.”

Before he realized, the trembling had stopped.

The fear of death had flown somewhere far away.

Edward, Takeru, Enethya, Anastasia.

He couldn’t stumble against the likes of mere mountain tribes when he had to support his cute younger siblings going forward.

A fiery resolve lit in Todd’s eyes.

The many people he had met since being born into this world.

They weren’t just game characters from his previous life, but living people to Todd.

“So don’t make that kind of face. I know I’m saying this about myself, but the weapons I’m bringing this time are my masterpieces. Mere mountain tribes are nothing.”

He gently stroked Edward’s hair to calm him down.

Perhaps because it was always well-groomed, his golden hair smoothly flowed through Todd’s combing hand.

Realizing his disgraceful state, Edward’s cheeks were dyed pink.

“Ah, um, big brother, that’s embarrassing…I’m already ten…”

“When I was ten, all I did was cross wooden swords with Rai every day. Compared to that, Edward is working much harder.”

That was Todd’s frank, unfiltered feeling.

Unlike his past self who was called a prodigy thanks to his previous life’s savings,

Edward was a true genius.

Todd already couldn’t beat him in some board game, and Edward’s quick wits far surpassed Todd in the few board games they had.

Apparently he had also started studying magic, and would surely be rigorously tutored by Father in things like imperial studies that Todd had skipped out on.

Todd couldn’t wait to see how he would grow going forward.

But it seems Edward’s self-evaluation differed greatly from Todd’s.

His calmed face lowered, taking on a terribly weak attitude.

“I’m…not good at physical activity like big brother. And I’m not as patient or charismatic enough to command people. So I thought I should at least sharpen my mind in one area…”

“But I’m not that amazing of a guy. I just look like it because luck and miracles happened to overlap.”

“That’s not true! Big brother is like a Pegasus galloping across the wide sky as told in stories. No one can bind you. And your figure freely flying across the sky captivates everyone.”

Just how amazing did Edward think Todd was?

Todd couldn’t help but wonder.

Todd’s self-evaluation as a human was astonishingly low.

To put it simply, he could push enhancement gear development like this because he was exploiting the overwhelming advantage of knowing how to clear this world.

Despite having knowledge from the original work, this was all he could manage.

If someone else had reincarnated instead of him, they probably could have handled things much better.

He always gnashed his teeth at his own incompetence like that.

He always felt that way.

He didn’t give detailed explanations to his father and mother because even now he couldn’t wield persuasive rhetoric to convince them.

He kept getting beaten to a pulp by Raienbach because he knew the feeling of powered armor was close to that of the body.

He trained extensively in earth and wind magic because he knew there was no one else he could rely on if he didn’t do it himself.

He only headhunted Haruto and the others because he knew it would be disadvantageous if he didn’t take action.

All he had done was talk about his knowledge somewhat plausibly—the ones who gave it form were Haruto and Renge.

Thanks to Raienbach, who should be serving his father yet was silently cooperating, Todd could adjust the Shiranui’s output to suit himself.

Todd was standing here now with the help of many people.

He didn’t think of himself as an amazing person at all.

But Edward seemed unhappy with that kind of thinking.

Opportunities for him to show emotion were shockingly few up until now.

Openly voicing displeasure might be a first for him.

Surely, Edward had been suppressing himself and enduring all this time.

“Brother is a giant beyond the measure of ordinary people. Neither Father nor Mother, nor the surrounding nobles, understand your greatness! I… It’s frustrating.”

Nobody was recognizing Todd’s greatness, and nobody was even trying to.

They don’t even try to think about what Todd’s trying to do.

Edward lamented this fact, tears streaming down his eyes and staining the carpet.

Todd had never considered that his brother might feel this way.

He had thought that a lower evaluation would be more convenient to avoid disputes over the throne.

Despite being a member of the royal family, Todd had trained his body, mastered earth and wind magic that he shouldn’t have been using, and brought foreign researchers near the royal palace for suspicious research.

Edward angry at Todd for this.

Hearing his brother’s words, Todd realizes that he is not good enough as he is.

He had been too preoccupied with thoughts about the future.

There was definitely a part of Todd that thought that as long as he did not have falling out with Edward and his siblings, the rest did not matter.

But what he realized was not related to the intricacies of the game. It was a simple fact.

For Edward, Todd was not just a brother before the matter of inheriting the throne. Todd was the one and only brother in the world.

A pure wish for his brother to be cool.

For Todd, who was conscious of guiding conversations intentionally and paying close attention when conversing with specific individuals, it was a dazzling feeling he couldn’t bear to look at.

“I see… Yeah…”

He had been thinking too much about the future and neglecting the present.

The attitude he had taken, even if it was mentioned, was one that he couldn’t complain about.

It was a matter of priorities.

The right to inherit the throne, flag management, and other things like that were less important than something else.

Only after hearing Edward’s words did Todd realize this.

Since he was a brother, he had to be a role model for his siblings.

It was a common thing that everyone had been told by their mothers at least once.

Todd understood this for the first time when he turned twelve.

“Well, I’ll try a little harder when I come back.”


“Yeah, promise. Shall we pinky swear?”

“What’s a pinky swear?”

He realized that they didn’t have that custom in Rinsugaya, panicked, and added an explanation. Edward agreed and they made a pinky swear.

Edward stared at his hand after making the pinky swear, then left the room contentedly.

Todd clasped his hands behind his head, closed his eyes with a satisfied expression, and soon fell asleep.

The sleepiness overwhelmed him, and he was able to fall asleep in an instant, as if the previous scene had been a lie.

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