Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 8

VIII. Frau

I could see magical power from the time I was born.
The magical power dwelling in people, animals, plants, the magical power flowing in the atmosphere, I could see it all from the beginning.
So using that power was simple.
My first spoken words were a lightning spell. Lightning power was compatible with me.
Father was delighted. Saying this child is surely a genius.
Father taught me various spells. I learned them easily since it was so simple.
When I was 6, Father took me to defeat a monster for the first time.
And then I joined the Mage Order. I defeated monsters every day.
I didn’t really think anything of it. Just defeating them because I was told to.
Unchanging days, gray like ashes.
I met Prince Mars when I was 8.
Father brought us together as fiances.
Although he’s a prince, apart from the expensive clothes he wears, he’s ordinary.
His magical power is only slightly above average.
However, I had just learned the spell for the covenant mark at that time, so I used him as a test subject.
It’s fine since he’s my fiancé.
The covenant mark was a success. I could attune my five senses with the prince. Experiments with teleporting while the prince was sleeping were also successful. I was satisfied.
And then I lost interest.

When I was 11, the prince was nearly poisoned to death.
I was interested in poison, so I used the covenant mark for the first time in a while.
The prince was fighting Killer Rabbits. And then, he ate one.
…It tastes bad.
Why is he eating something like this? I became a little interested in the prince.
After that I would sometimes attune with the prince using the covenant mark.
Every night, the prince would fight Killer Rabbits and eat them.
His fighting gradually improved, as did his preparation of Killer Rabbit meat.
And then, the prince met Cassandra.
The first human I’ve seen with more magical power than me. A warrior containing a storm of magical power.
Once every 7 days, the prince was training with Cassandra.
Rather than training… it was abuse?
But the prince’s magical power was increasing.
Not only was he getting stronger, I was surprised that his magical power rose.
A person’s potential magical power is set from birth.
No matter how much you practice magic, you can’t exceed the predetermined limit.
My magical power was like that too.
I hadn’t noticed the minute increase, but the prince’s magical power had also risen when he was eating Killer Rabbit meat.
I decided to try eating monster meat as well.
Following the prince’s example, starting with Killer Rabbit meat.
My magical power that I thought would not change increased ever so slightly.
Watching Mars Prince is interesting.
Training that constantly brings him near death, battles with powerful monsters, a daily life where assassination is commonplace.
Every day keeps me from getting bored. I want to watch forever. It was good that my fiancé is Mars Prince.

Three years later, I who had increased my magical power by eating monster meat came to be called the Thunder Emperor.
Around then, Father said he wanted to dissolve my engagement to Mars Prince and engage me to the second prince instead, so I refused.
When I blew away half the house with lightning, Father also respected my opinion. Communication within families is important.
HUNDRED was steadily growing stronger and larger.
And they were trying to start a rebellion.
I had never considered fighting against Faloon Kingdom.
But it looked interesting.
My name came up too. Although Prince Mars doesn’t meet with me much, I have always been monitoring…watching over Prince Mars.
This isn’t very good as a fiancée.
I decided to also participate in the rebellion. From now on I will act in a more fiancee-like manner.

One week after it was decided a rebellion would occur and I realized Frau had been watching my private life, as you’d expect, I was mentally exhausted. And today, HUNDRED is scheduled to be suppressed.
Right now I’m on horseback, on the way to HUNDRED’s base.
I’m surrounded by about 30 guards, the White Knights.
“Prince, are you nervous about your first battle? You look gloomy.”
The one who called out to me was Bran, vice-captain of the White Knight Order.
“You need not be so nervous. Leave the fighting to the Black and Red Knight Orders.”
Bran and the White Knights he leads don’t seem to have any intention of participating in the fight against HUNDRED. Their duty is to protect me.
The White Knight Order is made up of nobles’ children, and while many of them have high status, their ability is low. The White Knights assigned to protect me today are the ones among them who can use a sword, but even so, their skill is negligible.
Even if a real battle with HUNDRED broke out, the White Knights would be useless. So in that sense, what Bran said is reasonable.
“Yes, the prince just needs to defeat that HUNDRED leader named Zeross.”
“To build your achievements, defeating Zeross is the least you must do. I will tell the Black and Red Knights not to accidentally defeat Zeross themselves, so please be at ease.”
Other White Knight Order knights also called out to me.
For this deployment, I absolutely have to be the one who defeats Zeross. At least that achievement is necessary to succeed the throne, otherwise I’d have to cede succession to my younger brother, even though he has no achievements either.
While it’s true I’ve escaped several assassination plots, rather than gaining allies from that, I’m regarded as “The prince who barely survives.”
For most nobles now, it’s already the established plan for my younger brother to inherit the throne, but reasons are needed for disinheriting me, and suppressing HUNDRED now will provide those reasons.
So the plot is for me to either “fight HUNDRED and lose” or “die in battle.”
These White Knights are unlikely to protect me, and may even stab me in the back.
They keep strongly recommending I duel Zeross, but they’re probably thinking it’s fine if I lose and die.
When the rendezvous point with the Black and Red Knight Orders came into view, the White Knights were surprised.
The Black and Red Knight Orders normally have around 500 members each, but the number of gathered Black and Red Knights exceeds 1000 in total. In other words, their full forces have been deployed.
“Lord Chrom and Lord Warren have brought their whole armies.”
“To think they’d go all out against the likes of HUNDRED…just commoners imitating knights…”
“Having to get serious against such rabble. The knight orders of our country have fallen low.”
The White Knights derided the Black and Red Knight Orders one after another. They look down on the Black Knights, and are probably underestimating HUNDRED’s ability as well.
Chrom and Warren then rode up on their horses.
“Prince Mars, the preparations here are complete. We’d like to hear a word from you before we begin, if possible.”
Chrom said.
“Sir Chrom, please do not speak directly to the prince, but go through us.”
Bran haughtily admonished Chrom.
“In the first place, there is no need for the prince to give a speech to the likes of HUNDRED before defeating them.”
Bran is acting arrogant even towards the Black Knight Order’s leader.
Yet Chrom ignores the White Knights and looks only at me.
Before I knew it, we were surrounded by the Black and Red Knight Orders.
I can see their preparations are complete. Neither I nor the White Knights can escape what’s about to happen.
Why did it turn out like this? I don’t want the throne that badly. Just surviving should have been enough.
Even so, I can’t abandon HUNDRED, the Red Knights, and the Black Knights now.
After all, they’re the ones who said “we’ll follow you” to me, who never had allies before. There’s no way I could betray their expectations.
Reluctantly drawing my sword, I pointed towards the castle.

“Announce to all troops. The enemy is in the royal capital!”




With those carelessly spoken words, shouts like war cries rose from the Black and Red Knight Orders.
“Prince! What are you saying! The enemy is HUNDRED!”
Bran shouted, admonishing me.
I swung my sword down on that Bran.
Blood scattering.
The now silent Bran limply falls from his horse. Well, he was trying to take my life, so he deserved it right?
Seeing that, the Black and Red Knight Orders were ecstatic.
They must have disliked the arrogant White Knight Order.
“Have you lost your mind, Prince!? What wrong have we…”
The other White Knights approached me.
“The plan was for you to make me duel Zeross, and whether I won or lost, you guys would deliver the final blow, right?”
“Why would you think…”
One of the White Knights groaned. Come now, anyone would realize it. Just how stupid do you think I am?
“As expected of you, Prince Mars. You saw through everything.”
Laughing, Chrom cut down one of the White Knights.
He swung without any hesitation, as if killing an insect.
“We were just…following orders from the vice-captain…”
“That’s right! It wasn’t our will. We were just following orders!”
The remaining White Knights’ faces turned pale as they begged for their lives.
I silently cut down one more White Knight, then the Black and Red Knights finished off the rest.
Lookouts may have seen us killing the White Knights from afar, or we may have been under surveillance by magic from the start.
From here on it’s a race against time.
We spurred our horses to full speed and headed for the royal capital.
The Black and Red Knight Orders followed behind me.

As we approached the royal capital leading the rebel army, the castle gates scrambled to close.
But then their movements halted, and instead the gates started opening.
Bread of the Blue Knight Order must have cooperated from the inside as planned.
Entering the gate, that same Bread approached leading the Blue Knights.
“Prince Mars, the Blue Knight Order will now come under your command.”
“What happened to the Knight Commander?”
“Over there.”
Bread pointed, and several Blue Knights were collapsed over there.
The Knight Commander and his aides were probably killed after ordering the gates shut.
“Then, the Blue Knight Order will maintain order in the capital to avoid turmoil. We will head for the royal castle.”
I spurred my horse towards the castle. The crowds that had gathered were startled by the momentum and made way.
At the castle entrance, I could see a armed group battling the castle guards.
It was HUNDRED led by Ogma.
Having gathered in the capital beforehand, they had risen up at our signal.
While the equipment of HUNDRED’s members was inferior to the guards, their individual abilities overturned that, allowing them to push the battle to their advantage.
The Mage Order had not appeared. Frau must be keeping them in check.
Thanks to HUNDRED securing the path, we could smoothly invade the interior.
Inside the castle, the White Knight Order and nobles’ bodyguard knights began resisting.
While the White Knight Order was one thing, the bodyguard knights fought evenly with the Black and Red Knight Orders.
Defeating the resisting knights, we headed for the throne room.
As far as I knew, I had blocked off all the secret passages in the castle ahead of time, but if too much time passed, Gamaras and the others might still escape.
As I cut down the nobles I had long disliked on the way, I finally reached the throne room, but as soon as I entered, something strange happened to my body.
Waiting for me were a group of adventurers.

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