Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 4

By the time all the visits ended, it was already evening.
I thought I’d read to kill time until night, but I’m drained.
Leaning back in bed, exhaling, trying to empty my head – the faces of everyone who came today revolve through my mind.
Abel, Mr. Zimon and the scouting unit members, the rear guard people, Gereon…
“…There are people like that, huh.”
Night Dragonfly members tend to dazzle, so I thought there’d be no dull people like me. But surprisingly, with someone like Gereon, it seems a party deep enough to accommodate all kinds.
Feels strangely fluffy.
My position is changing dizzyingly. People are gathering and lifting me up before I know it.
I was just expelled from Dragon’s Wings and worrying about work, yet now many come visit me, even using respectful language with the premise I’m their superior.
Is this… something to be happy about?
Something wells up tinglingly. I feel I might get conceited. And half-expect, half-already convinced that everyone will validate that.
As I learn the words for promotion and achievements, it’s like empty vessels finally receiving content, allowing me to understand this sensation.
I think the things I aspired to back in Dragon’s Wings included this sort of thing.
But it’s also kind of tiring.
For now at least, I might rather read a book.

Gripping my beloved greatsword, I swing down lightly.
Twirling the blade, I return to a stance holding it alongside my face, adapting for a thrust.
Stepping back two paces, I reset my stance again.
After that, I turn and jump around two or three times.
Seeing the doctor’s reaction, it seems I’ve done well.
Getting permission to actually move like this in the courtyard took a lot of work. I mean, until very recently, my bones were literally broken, so it was truly difficult.
Two weeks after waking up, just eating and sleeping, I started rehab yesterday and have recovered this much.
“So Doctor, how was that?”
“Moving like that, I can’t exactly stop you.”
“You truly feel no pain?”
“Y-yes, of course.”
This is a hospital in Villebron gathering Clerics boasting the pinnacle of healing magic.
Right now, Night Dragonfly is footing my astronomically high medical bill, so I can’t stay here much longer.
…Well, I did want to get out quickly too.
I tried somewhat forceful means, but they seem to have worked out.
“Look Vim, no overexerting yourself. That’s forbidden.”
The doctor stared straight at me.
“You don’t appear enhanced… I can usually detect it if you’re hiding it, but not perfectly.”
“I would never mislead you like that.”
I’m not. At least not now. My body has properly healed.
“I understand. I’ll trust you. But you will undergo precise examinations.”


Exiting the hospital entrance, Camilla was waiting for me, seen off by the receptionist.
Seeing her slanted eyes again, she does stand out – or rather, has a strong presence. She suits being surrounded by people downtown, and being framed like a statue against the natural backdrop outside of town.
Today, something especially eye-catching was added.
Plainclothes. Camilla was wearing plainclothes.
Not common women’s clothes – like a shop girl at a bar – but a white shirt and excessively large men’s leather pants.
Since she always wore light armor in her office, the effect was intensely jarring.
“Ah, Vim.”
“Um… thanks. Sorry for making you take me home, Camilla.”
“Think nothing of it. Night Dragonfly is at a loss for ways to properly express our respect for you.”
I felt it while hospitalized too, but Night Dragonfly is really going overboard with their treatment of me.
So discharging early was the right move it seems.
“…Vim, I understand it’s novel, but I also feel embarrassed when stared at that much.”
“N-no! Not just novelty! It looks good on you!”
“Well I’m not used to it either! But it’s better than women’s clothing!”
She laughs loudly, but I don’t know how to respond.
Is she making fun of herself? But she shows no sign of minding at all, and it’s not something I should compliment either.
“It’s just, you usually wear armor, so…”
“Hm? Oh right. I haven’t worn anything but armor these past years, but yesterday the doctor said to wear light clothes during recuperation. I scrounged up something that fits my build.”
“I see.”
I say “I see” but I don’t really get it. What does she mean not wearing anything but armor? What does she do when sleeping and stuff?
Nothing at all? So naked? An artist beside her sketching comes to mind.
Camilla says let’s go, and we set off.
We have to walk back the way to the hospital outside of town, so rows of orderly, groomed trees along the scenic road come into view.
The mild mid-afternoon climate feels nice.
“Vim, your membership prohibition will soon lift. Have you considered it?”
Camilla broaches the subject.
Realizing she came personally, I guessed that’s what it was about.
I’m already a provisional member, but not formally confirmed yet in the system. Once the prohibition lifts, I’ll have to decide whether to officially join or not.
“You’ll likely get lucrative offers from other parties. At least 10,000 merks a month as baseline. Some parties might offer 15,000.”
…Surely joking?
That rivals the cost of a large party’s major survey.
An ordinary person could live very comfortably for life on that.
But Camilla was serious.
Not avoiding me or laughing it off like usual.
“Night Dragonfly will start by offering 20,000. If you get higher bids, we’ll raise it by 1,000 at a time. You need only self-report these offers.”
“That’s far too generous, isn’t it…? I mean, I appreciate the valuation but…”
“It’s still a bargain for us.”
“It’s just… the results were… although I’m proud too. But really, that was a total fluke, a stroke of luck, you could say. So I understand a one-time reward, but… ongoing pay, it doesn’t sit right logically, heh.”
“Retaining such an attitude after defeating a Floor Boss takes guts.”
She seems completely serious.
That makes me unsure how to react.
Well, fluke or not, I did beat a Floor Boss… so is it warranted…?
It kind of feels warranted, but me?
I’m happy they value me of course, but does it balance out?
“I’m not demanding an immediate decision. You’re an asset to all of Villebron now, I won’t restrict you unequally. But Night Dragonfly pledges to offer you the best terms.”
Camilla’s sincere stance and the unrealistic sums make it hard to feel concrete.
I end up hesitating to answer.
“No need to rush a conclusion. You can keep staying at the guesthouse, just come see me when you decide.”
I’m relieved to be given reprieve.
“However Vim, call it an old woman’s worry, but I must warn you about parties that will come see you.”
A pause.
“Specifically, parties dealing with black market maps and such. Villebron’s underbelly, the nest of human scum, they may try absorbing you. I came to fetch you today partly to prevent you meeting such crooks one-on-one.”
“Black market maps?”
Not an unfamiliar term. It’s one of the first things the Guild cautions adventurers about.
Truthfully, without considering defeating Floor Bosses or pioneering, mapmaking itself isn’t that hard.
It’s simple – use strong transmission magic on disposable personnel, have them go as deep as possible, then turn the transmitted info into maps.
Of course, their return isn’t considered, so they’ll almost certainly be killed by monsters.
Maps made by sacrificing lives like this are black market maps.
Producing, buying, or using them is strictly banned by the Adventurers’ Guild for being inhumanely wasteful of human resources. But their usefulness and profitability make eradication difficult.
One of Villebron’s greatest underworld elements.
“Oh, there’s also technically legal narcotics exploiting legislative loopholes, labor contracts ignoring laws entirely for slave labor, inhuman trafficking completely disregarding laws – you name it. For all its vastness, these evils’ root lies with one party in Villebron.”
Camilla says grimly and deliberately:
“Ever heard the name Twilight Owl?”
“No… I haven’t.”
“I see. Clearly you’ve walked the righteous path. Reassuring. But you should remember them now. An immense darkness you can’t avoid once you lift the veil.”
Her tone made them seem unspeakable.
“Listen. When desperate parties and ignorant youths want an easy way, are driven by greed, show weakness – that’s when Twilight Owl appears.”
It makes me swallow, her almost deliberately grave tone.
Things like black market maps and crime feel distant to me.
But considering the Guildmaster visited me, various schemes already swirl around me.
I’ve stepped into a world entangled with vested interests. I should be aware of that.
Camilla sharply gazes ahead.
I also look forward, drawn in.
Just a narrow, winding path gently continuing across the hilly terrain. No one’s there.
“…I thought someone from Twilight Owl might target you leaving the hospital. Seems I was paranoid.”
Hearing that makes me swallow again.
So Camilla escorting me today was also to protect me from Twilight Owl.
Knowing Camilla has to go that far, I feel a late chill.
Twilight Owl. How fearsome they must be.
I’ll be sure to remember.

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