Mob Villain In An Otome Game Volume 2 Chapter 1

In Reed’s Room

“Phew…I think I’ve taken the first step towards avoiding my future condemnation, so to speak.”  

Alone in my room, I muttered sentimentally while sitting at my desk.

Suddenly, I, [Reed Baldia], remembered my [past life memories]. You could call this a type of [reincarnator]. And by a strange twist of fate, the world I’m in now closely resembles the otome game world from those [past life memories], namely [Tokimeki/Throbbing Cinderella!], or [Tokirella!] for short.

The names of the countries in this world, including the one I live in, the Magnolia Empire, and the name of its emperor, are exactly the same as the game from my past life memories. 

However, there are also many differences, like the activation requirements and training for magic. In the game world, defeating enemies in dungeons would give you experience points to level up, but in this world, daily training is what matters. If you don’t put in any effort, you’ll truly remain unable to do anything. So my days have been busy studying magic, martial arts, academics, and more.

But why do I need to try so hard? That’s because if I just grow up normally without doing anything, I’m fated to be [condemned] in the world of [Tokirella!].  

[Tokirella!] is an otome game, and it has a character known as the [villainous young lady] who hinders the player. I, Reed Baldia, was originally one of the [villain mob] who would join up with the villainous young lady and get in the way of the game’s protagonists, i.e. the player. I didn’t have a character portrait but my name came up as someone cooperating with the villainous lady to interfere with the player.  

And when that villainous young lady gets defeated by the player, I would get condemned along with her. When I remembered that, I was in despair, but then I recalled the possibility held by [myself], which showed me a way out.   

You see, [Tokirella!] was said to be a game whose [main story was extra, the postgame free mode was the real thing]. That’s because the balance of aspects like raising levels, dungeons, and territory wars was exquisite in the otome game, and what’s more characters unusable in the main game became playable in the postgame free mode. And then, [Reed Baldia] also became selectable.  

And despite barely appearing at all as a villain mob in the main story, Reed Baldia possessed all necessary [Attribute Aptitudes] for using magic. Furthermore, while initial ability was low, he was a strong character who could strengthen greatly if raised up to top classes. Though it took time to raise him in the game.  

So in preparation for the future condemnation, I decided to hone myself from now while still young. I’m currently six by the way. I don’t know the exact age I’ll be condemned, but it’s undoubtedly around twelve years from now. Therefore, I make sure not to skimp on daily training.  

But why did I regain my [past life memories]? Most likely, the trigger was probably [Mother]. My mother has contracted the illness known as [magic depletion syndrome] in this world, said to be incurable. However, regaining my past life memories allowed me to gain knowledge curing that illness as well as medicine slowing its progression.  

And recently, when Mother was in a situation nearly at death’s door, I made that medicine, allowing her to cling to life. However, she still isn’t fully cured. Further medicine is needed to fully heal her. And where can the ingredients for that medicine be found? I already have a lead on them thanks to my past life memories. The neighboring country of Magnolia, Renalute.

“When I regained my memories, I was bewildered and at one point, I wondered what would happen… but my mother’s illness finally took a step towards recovery. Just you wait, I’ll absolutely turn the tables on the villainous mob and their family!”

Without telling anyone, I express my determination to uplift myself. As I contemplate various things, I remember that I intended to make a request to the [Memory] of a special magic. Without hesitation, I immediately summon him.


“Reed: …what is this memory!?”  

I was testing out a spell I finally learned in my room. It’s a special spell called [Memory] I devised to invoke [past life memories]. To use it, calling out “Memoree” the me inside my past memories in my heart prompts a reaction from him. Furthermore, conveying what information I desire to him causes Memoree to search for corresponding memories from my past life or otherwise. When in a state allowing conversation, magical power is consumed at fixed intervals. Realizing the mechanism reminded me of phone bills from mobile phones in my past life.

Currently I was being howled at by Memoree in my head. Why am I hearing Memoree’s angry yells echoing in my head? It was because of what I’d just asked him to search for. I’d requested my past life memories of [Tokirella!]. The reason being that actually, I mostly only did the [postgame extra elements] in my past life, and hadn’t played the main story enough to memorize it all that well. At most all I remember about the main story is the names of the protagonists. And even that’s just their first names without surnames.  

Somehow I vaguely recalled that with a Cinderella-style story, all love interests were nobility from the various countries. The same went for Magnolia’s imperial family, and I’m pretty sure the country I’m headed to next, Renalute, also had a love interest in the form of Prince [Raycis] if I remember correctly. In-game he was an all-arounder capable of further reinforcement through training making him quite usable I think. That’s the extent of what I remember about character info.

However, I don’t recall the details about the main story focused on him and the others. And there was actually a reason why I didn’t remember it, though I hadn’t told Memoree about it for asking him this time, earning his anger instead.  

“Uhh…but you did say you could gather information right?”  

I replied playing dumb like that was obvious. Naturally I did so knowing full well.   

“…Reed, you know what you’re doing right?”

“I guess you’ve got me…how strict.”  


Expressing deep regret, I muttered. I suppose he is strict.

“Obviously!! You were using [unread skip] through almost the entire main story!! Even tracing back through memories, all I get are scraps barely better than shredded paper…there’s no way I can piece something coherent together from this!!”

And so that was why. While I did get full completion in the past life’s [Tokirella], after playing the main story a bit I grew bored of reading it and turned unread skip [ON] to progress.   

Incidentally, to briefly explain the unread skip function, games classified as otome and bishoujo generally have multiple courtship candidates. As such, repeated playthroughs are assumed. However, until entering a specific candidate’s route, the main story depicts roughly the same events. So there is functionality to [skip] through already read scenes.  

However, skipping through [unread scenes] absent from a previous playthrough has risks, so by default the system has [unread skip] set to [OFF]. And this setting can be intentionally unlocked, simply by toggling unread skip in settings from [OFF] to [ON].  

Doing so allows all content whether already read or unread to be skipped, immediately reaching the next choices.

When I had played [Tokirella!] in my past life, I left unread skip [ON] for most of the latter story portions, speedreading through scenes faster than I could comprehend written text. I never imagined it would backfire on me like this though…

So why did I remember about [myself]? That was because entering the post-clear free mode where [myself] became usable, wondering what role I had in the main story as the villain mob Reed piqued my past self’s interest, leading me to look up info on [myself] in online wikis and guides. While my past self had laughed at my obscure treatment and poor fortunes depicted in canon when I could become so powerful raised in free mode, I’m in no position to laugh now.  

“Urgh…in that case, could you teach me more about what memories you can access?”

In fact, this was my first time asking Memoree to search memories. Likely I would need to rely on him more going forward. Best to grasp what is and isn’t possible.  

“Haah, fine. Since I didn’t properly explain this time that’s on me.”  

His voice echoed in my head as he began explaining. In conclusion, he held [all memories from experiences in the previous life]. 

However, what information he could retrieve was limited only to events consciously perceived. For example, he could generally pull up memories of intentionally viewing and watching videos online. However, he couldn’t access subtleties like overheard workplace complaints from a superior only half-listened to. In other words, how much attention and focus my past self had consciously directed seemed key.

Even distant memories from early childhood could be produced if consciously perceived. However, information absentmindedly picked up in passing after becoming an adult couldn’t be retrieved. And forcibly drawing out hazy memories required considerable time it seems.  

“Restoring definite information from hazy memories in the previous life is like rebuilding a single printed page from a large volume of shredded paper. You get that example right?”  

Memoree also utilized my past life knowledge for his explanations. So the initial [scraps of paper] remark referred to that huh.

“So like, some memories are neatly organized like filed documents, while others are shredded scraps right? The filed ones can be quickly accessed but restoring the shredded memories is a pain making retrieval difficult or downright impossible yeah? Is that about right?”

I summed up what I heard to confirm my understanding.  

“Well…roughly I’d say? Either way, extracting information you unread skipped through will be extremely difficult. Not something doable right away. I could try if told but please don’t expect much. So what will you do?”  

I see, time-consuming but not outright impossible. In that case I want whatever clues I can get.  

“Then could I request you try even though it’ll be tough?”

“Got it. I’ll try but don’t get your hopes up. Any other memories you want searched?”

Mulling it over, for now I conveyed just focusing on that information this time around.  

“Haah…working on memories you skipped reading is already a tall order in itself you know? But I’ll see what I can scrounge up. Still, don’t expect much ‘kay? See ya.”  

His voice faded after echoing those parting words in my head. I’ll be rooting for you, I muttered internally then heaved a sigh tilting my head skywards. At that moment, an adorable voice rang through the room. “Big brother, whatcha doing?” I jerked in surprise reflexively turning around. There was Mel, hand on the doorknob with a quizzical look.  

“Big brother, are you okay? I kept hearing you talking loudly from outside the room.”  

Somehow without realizing it I had been speaking aloud to Memoree. I made an awkward face while asking Mel to keep what she just heard secret. Or rather, feels like I have Mel keep a lot of secrets.   

“Okay but read me picture books again?”

“Got it, sure.”  

“Promise big brother?”

I smiled back gently at Mel’s cute smile. But I wonder why she came to my room? Curious, I casually asked.

“Well y’see, haven’t played with big brother lately so I came to your room. But when I opened the door a bit I didn’t see anyone yet kept hearing your voice so I opened it more and peeked in.”  

I see, so she called out when she found me muttering to myself huh. Come to think, feels like I haven’t read Mel picture books lately. Glancing at her face, she seems slightly more down than usual. Seeing that expression I decided to spend today with Mel.  

“Yosh! Mel, let’s play together lots today for the first time in a while!”

“Really!? Love you big brother!!”  

Mel clung to me happily with a wide grin. And I’d end up reading her books all day. Before I knew it my voice grew hoarse and gravelly from overuse as usual. But Mel was extremely delighted by the picture books and gifted me with her cute smiles.  

I’ll try my best again starting tomorrow. Thinking that, today I enjoyed my time with Mel.


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