Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 5 part 3 

“Oh, Luna. Just one last thing.”
“What kinds of books are those you’re holding? Since you recommended me an interesting book before, I’m curious.”
“These aren’t recreational books.”
“Oh, is that so?”
“Yes. They’re personally embarrassing, so I can’t tell you about them. I’ll see you again.”
Seemingly not wanting to be questioned further, Luna immediately changed the direction she was facing and tottered off in a hurry.
(I kinda caught a glimpse of something like a fashion magazine…? But she’d have no reason to find that embarrassing, so what could it be… Now I’m curious…)
As I watched Luna’s retreating figure, pondering over it–
“Woah, you startled me!”
Someone tapped me on the shoulder.
When I looked back, there was Elena with her lips pursed as if she had something to say.
“What are you so enraptured by?”
“I wasn’t enraptured or anything…”
“Hmph. Anyway, none of my business.”
Saying that curtly, Elena changed her tone of voice and switched topics.
“So… Luna-san knows you too, huh? I thought it was just Sia and me.”
“Knows what about me?”
“If you’re pretending not to know, I’ll get mad.”
“I’m not pretending!”
Realizing I was serious, she sighed in exasperation, then told me bluntly.
“Li, like…a good guy, I guess? Something like that.”
“Ahaha, I dunno if Luna thinks that about me, but she does recommend me books and stuff.”
“Well of course. You looked like you were really enjoying the conversation too.”
“Hm? How can you tell if Luna was enjoying it? She just came to deliver a message.”
Catching her use of “too,” I returned with the obvious, which led her to give a rather unbelievable opinion.
“From my view, she looked like she was having more fun.”
“Huh? You mean the Luna that Elena saw? Not mistaking her for someone else?”
“Are you indirectly saying my eyes are rotten?”
“That’s not what I meant!”
I can’t badmouth the daughter of the top earl family like that.
Besides, it’s a misunderstanding, so I wave my hands explaining.
“No, it’s just, that’s Luna, you know? Can you really tell she’s having fun?”
“I don’t know either. I was asking vaguely.”
Her muddled question got across, and Elena likewise muddily denied it.
“But that was my first time seeing her talk with someone for so long. The Luna-san I know says goodbye and leaves right after conveying her business, you know?”
“Plus, she’s never been the one to approach someone before. Aside from coming and going to school, she never takes a single step out of the library.”
“She doesn’t!? Well, I guess that’s not surprising for Luna…”
I was surprised, but thinking rationally, it wasn’t anything to be surprised about.
“The most unbelievable thing is her accepting an invitation to play.”
“Yeah, that did surprise me too. I’d heard from Sia that she declines play invitations. But…now that I think about it, maybe it came off like I was forcing her to play.”
“From your personality, there’s no way you’d do that, right?”
“Not personality, but more like a status issue? I heard Luna turns down invites from all kinds of people, but wouldn’t an invite from me be hard for her to decline? I am still the heir of a high ranking noble family.”
“I see, in that sense. Certainly it would be harder for her to decline compared to others’ invites, but she’s not such a weak girl that she can’t refuse. Luna is…”
“I’d be glad if that’s true, but… There’s another reason I think she might’ve felt forced. See, I actually have a debt to her, so I also had a reason for inviting her this time, to repay her. So maybe Luna was just trying not to ruin my reputation.”
After advising Alan, Luna had said…
[I respect you as a person] –and such.
It would make sense that she couldn’t refuse and damage my pride, since she truly thinks that way.
“I can see your point, but she accepted your invitation this time because she favors you. Definitely.”
“I hope that’s the case…”
“Don’t worry, I’m not wrong. Because she was glar–no, never mind.”
(Was she about to say [glaring]? No, there’s no way Luna would do that, and I didn’t feel that way talking together with her…)
Surely she meant to say something else.
“Hey, Byleth. You didn’t say anything to her about me, did you?”
“Let’s see…just that when she said [You two seem close] and I answered [She’s the one I’m closest with] I think.”
“Hmm. Not happy about that at all. Since you don’t have any friends.”
“Ahaha, you’re absolutely right.”
Seeing through why I said [the one I’m closest with], Elena looked at me in exasperation.
That gaze stung.
“So you made her jealous, didn’t you? Saying you were going to play with her but [she’s the one I’m closest with] and all that.”
“Jealous? Ahaha, Luna’s not a petty girl like that.”
“Oh? I do get jealous hearing something like that.”
I realized my blunder.
It was as good as saying [You’re a petty girl!] indirectly.
(What do I do… I’m scared to look at Elena now…)
“Hey hey, if I get jealous over something like that, does it make me a petty girl?”
I felt pressure. Pressure in her voice.
If I affirmed it now, I’d surely be attacked.
“Um, I think…it’s cute.”
“Wha, ah, hah!? Do, don’t let it go to your head, idiot…”
“S-sorry about that!”
She pinched my cheek sharply with her slender fingers.
I turned bright red, scolded.
The moment I said [petty girl], I realized I would be berated regardless.




The dome-shaped ceiling with great depth. A row of large stained-glass windows lined up side by side. Chandeliers installed all around to illuminate the entire spacious room. Multiple paintings framed on the walls.
Even just the atmosphere alone is enjoyable in this lavish, opulent academy dining hall –
“Well then, please excuse me.”
“Yes, lunch was incredibly fun!”
“I enjoyed it too!”
“Please join me again if you have time! Lady Elena!”
“Yes, of course.”
As Elena was making her way to the classroom while saying goodbye to friends.
“Ah, sorry about that.”
She happened to bump into Sia, who was carrying teaching materials.
“It’s been too long, Lady Elena! What a surprise to run into you here!”
“Fufu, I feel the same. What a happy coincidence.”
After a brief greeting, Elena looks down and notices what Sia is holding. She asks curiously:
“Though, what are you doing carrying materials at this hour?”
“I’m sorry, I had a question I didn’t understand so I received individual tutoring…”
“As expected, you’re still so diligent.”
While juggling serving duties but always willing to ask questions if unsure, Elena can’t help but admire Sia. But she also feels concerned.
“But you should cherish your free time more. Since you have leisure, you should pamper yourself some.”
“Thank you for your concern! But I feel I should make use of my freedom for my studies!”
A typical response from Sia, but as her close friend, Elena just can’t help meddling.
“That may be, but using free time to rest your body can also be a good way to take advantage. Or has Byleth said something to you?”
“No such thing! I’m simply acting of my own accord.”
“Then you really shouldn’t tire yourself out so much…”
It’s common knowledge amongst nobles that servants lead busy lives.
As Elena studies Sia’s face, searching for an argument that may convince her to rest… she blinks in surprise.
Sia’s eyes were sparkling brightly, with no dark circles under them. Her entire body seemed full of life and energy –
“Could it be… you’re not actually tired?”
“While it’s true I work hard, I dare say I have the easiest job amongst the servants thanks to Lord Byleth! Fufu…”
“Thanks to Byleth…?”
This explanation made no sense to her.
“I’d love to hear more about this. I’m quite curious.”
“Of course!”
Smiling sweetly, she nods eagerly – no doubt happy to discuss her master.
Grinning back at Sia’s expression, Elena decides to steer the conversation to the main topic.
“Alright then, how is it that you’re not tired Sia? Juggling your studies and duties as a servant should make that impossible, no?”
“That’s true, but amongst the servants, I dare say I have the easiest job…,”
Sia replies, folding her small hands apologetically yet with a hint of pride.
“Lady Elena, has Lord Byleth told you nothing of this?” she asks.
“Yeah, he’s the type to keep it lowkey even when he does something praiseworthy.”
“Fufu, it seems others see him that way too. Like he plays it off as no big deal after doing something so natural?”
“Exactly! Who knows what he’s thinking but he tries too hard to be cool about it.”
“It is pretty cool though, isn’t it?!”
“Now now, I didn’t say it was that great. People who hide their good deeds just irk me.”
Elena speaks harshly but Sia doesn’t take the bait.
Smiling as she continues her story, it seems she understands Elena’s true feelings beneath the words.

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