The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 32

Chapter 32 – Even if the Light Burns my Body
“Is the old man really coming to watch after all?”

The day of the special match arrived.
The venue for the special match is the arena within the academy grounds. The spectator stands are already filled to capacity with students and people from outside waiting for the match to begin.
Originally, these special matches are held twice a year, once per semester.
This match is the one for the first semester, and has a strong meaning kind of like a welcome party to boost the motivation of new students… however, today the meaning is a little different.

To Leo, my brother, this is a court to force me to admit my crimes. The academy students wish for the same.

Even in this waiting room, that kind of atmosphere pierces through intensely.

“Well, it is a special match after all. It wouldn’t be much of a talk without the king attending.”

“The investigation on that large [Fragment] is still ongoing right? I figured he wouldn’t be able to make it.”

“The investigation is still underway. It seems he plans to return and take care of various matters after the match concludes today.”

“He should have focused on that…”

I put on the academy uniform. The special match today is a biannual school event. Even though I’ve been skipping most of the time, I’m still an enrolled student of this academy so putting on the uniform feels somewhat obligatory.
Next, I form my line-up from the magic rings scattered on the table that I’ll use for this match. When the opponent is my brother Leo, [Alvida] will of course be necessary. As for the rest…


As I attempt to equip that magic ring on my left hand —- I pocket it instead… and equip a different magic ring, finalizing my line-up.

“…..Sir Al”


“Do you……intend to win against Sir Leor?”

My answer remains the same.

“I told you already didn’t I. Can’t tell till I try. I’ve never gone serious against brother Leo. I’ll take as it comes.”

“I see…”

As if she already knew my answer, Makina cast her eyes down.

“If that is what you say Sir Al, then I shall comply.”

I didn’t deeply pursue the meaning of those words…… no, had I pursued it, at a loss for words would have been me.
I am sincerely grateful that despite everything, Makina chooses to follow me.

“Well, I’m off then.”

“Yes. Please take care, master.”

I have my back turned to her so I’m unaware what gestures Makina is making.

Yet without even seeing, there is one thing I could be certain of.

That she will be giving me her usual elegant curtsy.



Walking solo down the long corridor leading to the match venue. With each step I take forward the heat from the arena burnt my skin little by little.


Charl was standing alone in that corridor.
Looks like she made it a point to wait for me here.

“Yo. What is it, standing in a place like this?”

“There’s something I wanted to talk about before the match.”

“Talk? “



Charl nodded, meeting my gaze.
Her blue eyes are clear as an empty sky, pure and transparent.
I always feel a sense of dazzling radiance from them.

“…..Thank you.”

“Huh… Why so suddenly…”

“I wanted to properly say thanks again. That time…..if not for Al-kun saving me, I surely wouldn’t be here. Unable to clear my false charge, I would only be awaiting disciplinary action, already having given up on everything, my steps halted.”

“Nah. Even if I didn’t step in, you would have stood back up somehow or the other. Over these two weeks I’ve seen more than enough of how much you hate to give up.”

We managed to persuade Elinne because Charl didn’t give up.
Without that we wouldn’t have been able to bring Evrard over too. Elinne would likely have remained halted as well.

“That isn’t true. At that time I really was right at the verge of giving up completely. ….Well, now that things have come to this, I feel that it was good my engagement was annulled after all.”

“Good that your engagement was annulled?

” …I used to be empty. It was enough to be right. Everyone would follow. If I did that, I could surely get closer to my dreams… I believed it blindly. But in reality, I couldn’t see anything. I didn’t even see what Al-kun was working so hard on in the shadows…”

“Well, he was doing it in a way that wasn’t visible. It’s not something to worry about.”

“I do worry… because, by always looking at things that are far away, I must have missed various things. From Leor-sama’s perspective, I can now understand the decision to break off the engagement.”

“Charl can say that even after going through such an experience. Charl is really strong… truly, she’s too dazzling for me.”

“But since becoming Al-kun’s fiancée, I feel like I’ve changed little by little.”

It’s only been about two weeks since Me and Charl became engaged. In that short period, Charl seems to have sensed various things.

“I talked to Makina-san and learned that Al-kun had been working hard in the shadows all along. I talked to Eline-san and learned that everyone carries their own feelings. I talked to Dold-san and Filga-san and learned about the sadness of not being understood.”

What she speaks of is what she gained in these two weeks.
It’s what pushed Charl’s back toward her dream.

“….And talking to Al-kun, I came to know the strength to fight for another’s sake.”

“For another’s sake? That’s misunderstanding things. I fight for my own sake all the time. If I actually considered other people’s business, I wouldn’t be an evil prince now would I. I’m just your everyday selfish human after all.”

“I know already that Al-kun isn’t honest…”

If Makina was here she’d probably nod at those words huh.

“…..Killing yourself for the sake of family and devoted yourself entirely to the shadows. It’s easy to just say those words aloud but actually executing all that is no simple matter. It’s the same for Lady Makina and the others who serve under you too isn’t it. Unable to abandon them, unable to forsake them, extending out your hand to unrelated strangers who have nothing to do with yourself…… Haven’t you always been doing things that way, Al-kun?”


“Just as Al-kun says, I believe humans are selfish creatures at their core too. However, Al-kun is…….saying it’s for your own sake while actually fighting for other people all this time. Someone like Al-kun who can fight for another’s sake, there’s no way you could be weak right?”

Charl is looking properly, at me huh.

“—-Isn’t it unpleasant? “

My feelings, that is.

“Al-kun is surely……doesn’t want to fight Sir Leor, right?”

“….Why do you think so?”

“There’s no way Al-kun who sacrificed himself for the sake of precious family, devoting himself to shadows, would wish to fight against family……that’s what I felt.”

I see….so Charl had been watching over me properly huh.

“….Yeah, that’s right. I don’t wanna do it. Truth is……I don’t wanna fight brother Leo to begin with. I don’t wanna be in a match like this either, right now I just wanna run away more than anything.”

My hand had grasped almost reflexively, the magic ring I had tucked away in my pocket.

“Then there’s no need to force yourself. It’s fine for you to run away from this match. I’ll……somehow do something about the rest.”

Charl wrapped my hand in her warmth.

“It’s only been two weeks but being together with Al-kun, I’ve become a little stronger haven’t I? I’m not just someone who you needed to save that time anymore. I intend to make use of everything available somehow so that Al-kun doesn’t have to fight Sir Leor. ……If I shoulder all the blame then perhaps even Sir Leor would—-“

“Like I’d let you do that, Charl.”

Ah I see. So this is how Charl and Makina felt huh.
Certainly doesn’t feel too nice.

“I don’t want Al-kun getting hurt anymore. I don’t want you fighting precious family and getting hurt. So—-“

“No Charl, I have to get hurt.”

I understand now. Thanks to Charl gazing straight at my heart like this.

“All this time, I’ve done nothing but run away. Fearing hurt, I kept on running. That’s no good huh. Surely…”

Removing one magic ring from my left hand, I take out the ring I had pocketed instead and held it in my palm.

“Just like how Charl watched me….I probably need to face brother Leo properly too.”

And then, I equipped that magic ring I took out on my left hand.

“The me so far lacked the resolve to truly clash against family, the resolve to seriously wound or be wounded. That scared me, my lack of resolve……made me give up. And so I became a shadow.”

But now things are different. My time spent lurking in the shadows is over.

“What I have to do is to confront Leo-nii seriously. To voice my own feelings and shout them out. Never give up. Charl taught me that… thank you.”

I had given up. For a long, long time, I had given up.
But Charl never gave up. In the end, she faced my heart head-on and accurately spoke the truth. I was encouraged by her appearance. In the end, I was the one who was saved.

“…Take care, Al-kun.”

She didn’t say more. Charl just saw me off.

“…I’m going.”

I step into the light. Even if that light burns me.
I must not run away from the battles that await ahead.

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