Geek Mob Mercenary Chapter 41

Mob No.41: “Mr. Uzoss! What are you doing here?”

Just as the gun overhaul finished, the shop door burst open energetically and a customer who was clearly going to be a headache walked in.

First were several men with petty villain vibes in their appearance and well-groomed hair, but villainous faces.

And following them like a boss was a man with the air of a petty boss.

Probably nobles’ sons.

Those who see their status as equal to their fathers’ status.

They looked around the shop, gazing at the display screens.

“Welcome. Repair or purchase?”

Regardless of appearance, no complaints if they just buy and leave, so Linda gave perfectly normal service.

But the boss ignored Linda and spotted something.

“Hey. That!”

“That’s a Casull R78! A gem!”

What they were talking about was an old military heat gun, the Casull R78, displayed in a case against the counter wall.

Low power for a heat gun, but a masterpiece valued for accuracy, handling, anti-fouling, ease of maintenance, and its role in some phantom thief movie, so very popular.

“Hey! Hand that over to me. Rest assured. I’ll pay. I’m generous!”

No idea why paying a product’s price makes him generous, but they seemed quite excited.

Gun enthusiasts perhaps?

Then Linda said,

“My apologies, but that is not for sale, just display. As you can see it’s clearly labeled [Display Only].”

explaining it wasn’t for sale.

And naturally the boss-like noble reacted.

“What?! I’m generously offering to buy it!”

“But it is not for sale, just display.”

Linda desperately explained but he wouldn’t listen, one of his followers pounding the acrylic sheet.

“You wench…you know who I am right?! Don’t pretend you don’t!”

No direct harm likely, but I tried to step in since this was going bad.

Just then the inner door opened and the owner appeared.

“Sorry for the trouble, customer.

See, that thing’s completely busted, can’t even repair it.

Just the exterior fixed up for display, see.”

The owner opened the R78’s case and used tools to disassemble the gun.

The interior was awful.

Rusty, cracked parts, the barrel even slightly bent – frankly, scrap.

“Get it? Really this should just be an empty exterior like in museums. So it’s marked display only. Still want it?”

The noble boss quivered angrily,

“Who’d want that trash! Let’s go!”

and left the shop yelling.

Not screaming to punish them for trying to pawn that off on him showed his generosity perhaps.

Linda sighed in relief,

“C’mon dad, stop displaying that already.”

and complained to the owner, exasperated.

The owner casually said,

“What do you mean. It’s weird to want something clearly labeled display only. And if they really wanted it, they’d want it even in this state. Then I’d bring this out when they paid.”

What he took out was a properly maintained, sparkling Casull R78.

“It’ll cause trouble someday, so stop it already~”

All I could do was sympathize with Linda’s huge sigh.

After the gun maintenance, I went to Animember, browsed and shopped until sunset, then tried to head home for dinner when a car horn suddenly honked near me.

Wondering what it was, I looked towards the sound and

“Mr. Uzoss! What are you doing here?”

in the car was someone I never expected to see again – the galaxy’s beyond, the heavens above – Ms. Skoona Noswile, ace pilot of the planet racing team Crystal Weed.

But she seemed a little surprised for some reason.

“Hello Ms. Noswile. I was running errands and shopping on my way home.”

Very shocked to see her, I answered her question and

“You know there’s a joint reunion today right?”

understood why she was surprised.

“Yes. When I got the invite, I didn’t know if work would finish by today, so I replied I couldn’t make it. No friends I particularly wanted to see after so long either.”

Perfectly normal reasons for me.

A common adult excuse, work circumstances, but also true.

Showing up suddenly on the day would hassle the venue and planners too.

Seems Ms. Noswile understood,

“I see…sorry to bother you then.”

she smiled and drove off.

Well, she’d enjoy the reunion.

A superstar planet racer after all.

No lack of topics or friends for sure.

Now to hurry home and read the new light novels I bought.


Heroine Side: Skoona Noswile

The joint reunion venue I went to was the grand hall of the 5-star [Esperas Hotel], one of the finest on Planet Itts.

A whole graduating class, so quite large numbers, the hall was already packed when I entered.

“Ah, Ms. Skoona is here!”

I was immediately swarmed by women upon entering.

“Congratulations on your recent racing victory!”

“Tell us about defeating the pirates at the gate!”

“Is it true you’ll appear in Imperial Girls Collection?”

“That suit looks wonderful on you!”


All I could do was smile awkwardly.

I was tall as a child, grew even more entering middle school, and by graduation was about my current height already.

I’m not actually popular with girls, yet for some reason I was oddly popular with them.

That didn’t change even dressing girly.

It got worse after that incident.

I’ve even gotten earnest confessions from girls.

I did get them from boys too but barely remember.

No change after becoming a racer, my fan club’s 80% female.

Despite me not being male…

Look closely! I’m wearing a skirt see!

We’re the same gender!

Thinking that while entertaining the ladies, a man called out.

“Yo Noswile. I’ve seen your exploits.”

Tall suit and tie.

Natural strawberry blonde.

“Um, we were…3rd year classmates?”

I know his name of course.

But don’t really want to say it.

I really dislike this guy.

But popular back then for looks and wealth apparently.

“It’s Arodih Ehrenburgas. Awful, you don’t remember me.”

Ehrenburgas smiled as he approached and casually put his arm around me.

“Racing and training keep me busy, no time to relax. So I forget unnecessary stuff.”

I gently grasped and moved Ehrenburgas’ arm off me.

“Then be sure to relax today. I’ll keep you company.”

As he said that, he brought his face close.

When I thought to slap him, lewd jeers sounded from around us.

Not Ehrenburgas’ actions, but one of the other 3 forced into mercenary work who survived – Lior Burnext’s presence.

“Long time Noswile.”

Ignoring Ehrenburgas closing in, I walked over to Burnext.

I don’t like him much either, but better than Ehrenburgas pawing at me.

“Please don’t now. We’re classmates right?”

He smiled awkwardly, approaching within socially acceptable distance.

Seeing that, I could tell Ehrenburgas was glaring at Burnext.

Thinking [He’s stealing my girl!].

To swiftly leave this place, I unconsciously looked for a friend.

Should’ve checked with friends on attendance before declining.

Please be here.

If not…really bad.

Heroine Side: End

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