Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 13

The Unwanted Child is Discarded

“What are you doing?”
came the reprimanding voice of Admiral Ash.
“W-we will immediately charge in with the entire fleet,” I stammered.
“You fool! We alone have no chance of winning. Request reinforcements once we’ve confirmed it’s Carpone. Send a radio transmission immediately. Headquarters must deploy all fleets. And put a communications officer on a carrier craft as special envoy in case radio doesn’t work. Hurry!”
” ” ” Ha! ” ” “
Though taken aback by the unexpected report, the Mobile Fleet commander’s head was still stuck on the fact that he was in a void where radio couldn’t reach. But he had contingency measures, so at the order to request reinforcements, his subordinates followed protocol, tried the non-working radio once, then rushed to prepare the special envoy.
Meanwhile, the 3rd Mobile Fleet commander immediately took steps to ensure his safety without checking on the status of the reinforcement request.
“What are you doing, Captain? We need to retreat immediately to await reinforcements. Retreat at once!”
“Y-yes, but then won’t we leave our rear exposed?”
“Hmm…right. Order the 3rd Patrol Fleet. While awaiting reinforcements, have them monitor Carpone’s status. If possible, attack to contain them as well.”
“You’re making bait, sir. Understood. Signals, you heard that?”
“Y-yes, transmitting immediately.”
“We’ll also send via short-range optical comms.”
Short-range optical communications was a specialized means for this void where radio-like communications were unusable. It sent signals via laser to contact intended ships.
Though lethal laser weaponry lost power extremely quickly over distance, accounting for that, precalculated laser beams were sent using the main cannons for the known distance to companion vessels.
Naturally it only worked for ships you could point cannons at, but it allowed fleet maneuvers in voids without radio, so its existence enabled them to operate in such voids.
For this order that could endanger lives if not certainly delivered, they specified use of short-range optical comms, the only means that worked here, even without instruction.
The 3rd Mobile Fleet flagship [Nubia] had just used it to contact the 3rd Patrol Fleet flagship [Mashu].

Receiving Admiral Ash’s order, 3rd Patrol Fleet commander Potto panicked.
At the earlier strategy meeting, he’d been told the 3rd Patrol Fleet’s role was just cautionary, practically no chance to participate. But now he suddenly got orders tantamount to go die on the front lines.
The incompetent Potto, sent from the military because he had no abilities, also had no spirit or courage.
But the [Mashu] captain, who had risen through the ranks from the ground up, was calm.
“Commander, your orders?”
“Captain, whatever the orders, Admiral Ash is telling us to go die!”
“No, sir. Admiral Ash ordered us to monitor Carpone until reinforcements arrive. If needed, we’re permitted to attack to contain them.”
This exchange with the captain calmed Potto down, and he started thinking of ways to survive.
That’s it, containing them wouldn’t be disobeying orders.
In an area like this, even if we lost track of the pirates, only my career would be damaged, not punishable.
Right, we’ve got unwanted guys here, I’ll use them.
“Captain, order the cruiser [Akkeshi].”
“What shall I order them to do?”
“Tell them to immediately close in on the pirate fleet and contain them.”
“I’ll relay it immediately. We will follow behind the [Akkeshi].”
“No, our orders are to report the status to Admiral Ash. Withdraw at once at maximum speed to point one five distance to maintain visual on the situation.”
“Then, leaving [Akkeshi] behind…”
“Admiral Ash’s order is deemed to include that. We must bring back information about the reinforcements that will follow. Can you not follow my orders, Captain?”
“No, but…”
The captain seemed to be in agony until the end.
“Captain, any further resistance will be considered disobedience.”
“Yes, communication officer. Did you hear the conversation just now? Immediately transmit it via light communication. The flagship [Mashu] is to reverse and retreat at full speed to a distance of zero point one five.”
“Y-yes, withdrawing at full speed.”
Hearing the captain’s words, the [Mashu] moved away from this location.
Incidentally, Admiral Ash and the other ships were no longer visible from here.
They had fled quickly.

Captain Dusty of the space frigate [Akkeshi] had just received Potto’s preposterous order via his signals officer.
[What the hell are they saying?]
Captain Dusty grumbled to himself.
[This is telling us to go die. But I won’t die so easily, damn Potto must still resent me.
But how do I deal with this? Retreating immediately from this desperate situation is an option to protect my men, but that’s clearly disobeying orders.]
At this time, Dusty was calmer than Commander Potto.
But due to his innate lack of officer qualities, he couldn’t think properly.
His thoughts could only go in the direction of escaping unharmed.
Though he said protecting his men, he naturally had no such noble feelings.
He didn’t want to lose subordinates because then he couldn’t move his ship and would lack people to protect himself.
So he didn’t care one bit if his men died as long as he was safe.
Because of that, he quickly came up with a plan.
[I can use scapegoats.]
Meyrica’s group would be optimal.
And he could deal with the baggage forced on him by the military. Nothing better, he immediately called them on the ship’s phone and ordered.
[Go die.]

Meanwhile, the pirates had also anticipated things to a degree and Carpone had changed policy.
“Oyaji, they’ve finally showed up.”
“The military?”
“Nah, it’s the damn Coast Guard. But not just Patrol, it’s Mobile Fleet.”
“Oh? How many?”
“One Mobile Fleet, hang on. Plus two Patrol groups. They tried pretty hard.”
“I see, they outnumber us. If we could use laser cannons it’d be one thing, but…should we run?”
“Yeah, like you said, it’s clearly a trap. Should we flee immediately?”
“Aniki, wait a second. We’ve been spotted. If we run now they’ll be right behind us.”
“Ah, right. And with those slowpokes. What do we do?”
“Ah, right. He’s just about had it. Should we abandon him and flee?”
“Bit of a waste, but can’t be helped. No other way huh.”
“Then, should we use him as a decoy to at least damage them a bit?”
“We’ll send him in unmanned as a decoy for the Coast Guard?”
“I’ll leave the tactics to you, but he likely can’t escape alone. Put [Butcher] on him. Use him as bait and have [Butcher] pick him up to flee. Then they can’t easily follow.”
“Got it, leave it to me. Oi! You guys heard Oyaji. Get on it!”


Carpone was the best of the Four Heavenly Kings of the massive Hishiyama pirate group.
His judgment in crises was completely different from the worthless Coast Guard top brass.
Though their thought processes differed, coincidentally this time they had both decided to retreat.
The thinking that led to this decision was completely different, but coincidence is a terrible thing.
Thanks to that, large-scale battle with the pirates was avoided, and the transport ship used unilaterally as bait was unharmed.

While the pirates and Coast Guard were feinting against each other, we, the 2nd Inspection Platoon, were on standby in the rear hangar.
“Sounds like we’ve got no role this time.”
“No role is nice if we can relax, but what are the higher ups planning to make us do?”
“Yeah, 3rd Patrol Fleet just has local caution duty apparently. 3rd Mobile Fleet handles actual maneuvers, and 2nd Patrol Fleet cleans up anything they miss. So we’ve got no role.”
“If I can relax then I’m happy, but don’t you have some thoughts about this, Captain?”
“Well, I’d be lying to say I don’t, but I’m not important enough to defy orders from above, so I’ll obediently follow them.”
[Beep beep]
“It’s the ship’s phone. Pipe it to the speaker.”
“Yes, sir.”
[Orders for 2nd Inspection Platoon from the Captain.]
Out of the blue, the captain called the duty room where we were waiting.
Though it said from the captain on the phone, it clearly wasn’t the captain’s voice. What’s going on?
[Board the enemy craft with the landing craft and suppress the pirates.]
“This is Lieutenant Bruce. Orders received. We will immediately board and suppress the enemy ship with the landing craft.”
[I pray for your fortune.]
The phone hung up.
Orders suddenly came from the captain, but since it was on speaker, they were immediately conveyed and the hangar buzzed.
“Captain, what’s this about?”
“Captain, it’s different from what we just heard.”
“Calm down. Orders came from the captain. We can’t defy them. We depart immediately.”
Sorry to my agitated subordinates, but for me this was the long-awaited sortie.
I was so happy to be able to battle pirates.
At this time I had no worries at all that my subordinates could also become victims, I was simply elated.
Not knowing the fate that awaited me later.
Hearing Meyrica’s voice calmed my excited subordinates in an instant, and they promptly got to work.
Maria was in the landing craft pilot seat before me.
She called out to me.
“Captain, received coordinates from the bridge. Course is set.”
“I see, we depart!”
Meyrica was also speaking to the subordinates.
“It’s against our will to be used up on higher-ups’ whims, but if orders are given, it can’t be helped. Let’s go.”
“””Yes, ma’am!”””
After confirming everyone had boarded, I launched the landing craft

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