Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 5

Kurotsuki kanade muttered as he watched Amamori Yuuto walk away without anyone’s assistance.
Classes were already over, and his classmates were returning to the school building.
Among them, he stopped in his tracks and recalled the ‘simulated battle’ from earlier.
For the training partner, Teacher Sakaki had chosen a classmate named Amamori.
To everyone’s eyes, he appeared ordinary, mediocre, and completely unremarkable. There was no hint of talent.
He had been targeted by Kirido, a pitiable male student.
That’s how he had been seen… until just a moment ago.
“He dodged my attacks.”
The first time, he thought it might have been a fluke, but the second time, he deliberately released his magic to test Amamori’s reactions. He observed his movements closely. He clearly saw that Amamori was tracking the path of his magic.
Amamori Yuuto had seen his attacks.
And even then, he had the composure to put on such a performance.
In other words, he had seen through Kurotsuki completely and was playing around.
The moment he realized that, a chill ran down his spine.
He wasn’t oblivious to his own power.
He knew he was strong. He was confident that depending on circumstances, he could even beat Asahina Kasumi.
In the worst case, it might be the strongest Ability in their grade.
That was his [Divine Protection of the Devil King]. The new talent granted to him.
An annoying, detestable power that should have been—or so it was supposed to be…
He remembered that guy- Amwmori’s power as weak.
Since he had no interest, he didn’t remember the details of the Ability.
He just remembered it was an Ability surprisingly weak. That was all.
Yet despite that, he had dodged two of his attacks.
And after being dodged twice, shocked and losing composure on that third ‘held back’ shot—
—the final blow fired with his full ‘seriousness’ in terms of power and speed.
A normal person would have died, and it wouldn’t be strange.
That was how much power it had, as the one who fired it understood best of all.
So why, how, how?
—…Why was that guy able to casually stand back up?
Feeling an indescribable ‘creepiness,’ he grabbed one arm.
It was the right arm he had fired the Black Ball at Amamori with.
In the worst case, he might have become a murderer.
The moment he fired it, he thought ‘This is bad.’
…But now, he felt an emotion greater than that.
Kurotsuki was a genius. A monster acknowledged by himself and others as well.
Yet that monster—was frightened.
The chills wouldn’t stop, the goosebumps wouldn’t fade.
A bottomless dread that even made him feel fear.
“Amamori Yuuto… Just what is he…?”
Today, for the first time, Kurotsuki kanade recognized him.
Recognized the human known as Amamori Yuuto as an individual ‘self’.


The day after P.E. class.
“Good morning, Amamori-kun! I’m your classmate, Asahina!”
“Morning, Asakawa-san.”
As usual I greeted Asahina, passed by her, and sat at my seat.
Shocked Asahina-san and Kurashiki, who naturally ran to her.
The two seemed to be chatting, saying things like “Well, yet another wrong name… Does Amamori-kun’s vocabulary really have no bottom?” and “No, but just having him return my greeting is enough for now, Hotaru-san.”
Hmm. Though each time I just randomly come up with names on the spot… If this keeps up, I’m afraid my own vocabulary might run out someday. I should look up some more common surnames starting with ‘A.’
“Yo, ohayou Amamori!”
“Ah, ohayou Karasuma. As handsome as ever today.”
“And you as always have a straight face, huh? And as usual, you’ve gotten Asahina-san’s name wrong! What’s up with your ears?”
“Asa? Who’s that?”
I have these kinds of ears.
As if to say that, I return the question, and Karasuma laughs happily.
Well, he’s probably realized by now that I get the name wrong on purpose. And yet, he incorporates that into the conversation, trying to get a small laugh out of it. Extroverts sure are scary.
“Come on, don’t overdo it. Asahina-san is a girl after all.”
“What, I’m just an egalitarian.”
After all, just to paint Kirido as a complete villain, I had Kurashiki ‘punch herself.’ Male or female, I treat them equally when facing them.
As I turn my gaze out the window, Karasuma grimaces and returns his gaze to the front of the room.
Glancing at the clock, there’s still plenty of time before homeroom starts.
Now then, I’d rather not get caught up with Asahina-san… Maybe I’ll pretend to be asleep.
With that thought, I rest my cheek on my hand as if sleeping on my desk.
–The next instant.


“Yaa yaa! Lively as always, right, you scumbags of Class C?”

Along with the unfamiliar voice, footsteps echo.
I’m surprised but don’t even lift my face, having no real interest, and continue my nap as the classroom starts buzzing with a different nuance than before.
“Ugh…that guy.”
“W-What’s with him? A f-first year, right?”
As my classmates begin to feel uneasy, the footsteps proceed to the front of the classroom.
The owner of the footsteps stands at the podium and raises his voice with a mocking tone.
“Nice to meet you…though I’m not interested in more than half of you so don’t bother remembering me. The name’s Netsuhara. I’m the president of Class 1-A, or something like that.”
A president with such a foul mouth, is that okay?
While lying there thinking that, I realize our president had a foul mouth too.
I see, so people with foul mouths become presidents huh.
Thinking about such things, I’m tapped on the head and reluctantly sit up.
Looking over, it’s Kurashiki as expected. She briefly glances at me as I get up, then walks straight toward this Netsuhara person.
“Um…Netsuhara-kun was it? Why the sudden visit…?”
“Hah? Shut it, small fry.”
I felt Kurashiki’s face tighten for an instant.
Ah…she must be extremely angry inside. Please stop, I’ll be the one getting whacked later. While thinking that, Netsuhara rests his hands on the podium.
An insolent smile floats on his face.
And in his eyes is something close to certainty.
“I’ll get straight to the point. Which one of you bastards got Kirido expelled?”
His words make the classroom fall silent.
Rather than silence…it was more like dumbfounded stillness from not comprehending.
Amidst the bewildered majority of the class, Netsuhara raises his voice again.
“A class that gets its first expulsion on the first week of enrollment…I hear it grabs the attention of the current second and third years too. And they say, in a class like that, there’s always one or two…or even more ‘interesting guys.'”
I knew about this too. Or rather, my accomplice had just told me recently.
Among the first years, especially a class that gets an expulsion early on, there is bound to be an outstanding character.
Though that character isn’t necessarily a good person.
For third year, it’s the current student council president.
For second year, it’s the current disciplinary committee chairman and student council vice president.
On the first day of enrollment, they weren’t tripped up by the ‘lights out at 8PM’ school rule. Rather, they used that rule to test their classmates. And how things flowed after that was, they responded in some way to the troublemakers… Well, the result was expulsion so the process doesn’t matter much.
Netsuhara probably looked into this somewhere.
I rest my cheek on my hand, disinterested, as I watch Kurashiki.
Asahina-san still isn’t moving huh. Then as class rep, this should be Kurashiki’s role.
“Kirido…kun? There’s no one like that.”
“Oi small fry, didn’t I tell you to shut it? Is your ears full of earwax or something? Or could it be…you’re the one who crushed Kirido from the shadows!”
His last suspicion is spot on, though of course I feign ignorance.
Kurashiki is… Looking over, she’s covering her mouth in shock and slumps over. Seeing that, classmates who are fans of Kurashiki stand up.
“You bastard! What are you doing to Kurashiki-chan!”
“Who are you? Why are you suddenly saying such things!”
“Ooo, quite the bark. As expected of losers.”
Netsuhara provokes them as they angrily roar. Loser huh…
Reminds me of that rumor about competent guys in Class A and underachievers in Class C.
In this case though, with Asahina-san, Kurashiki Hotaru, and Kurotsuki kanade enrolled, I don’t think that categorization applies.
“So? Who is it? I’m looking forward to it! The one who stood out from the start, who knew that, yet still mercilessly pushed a classmate to expulsion! I can smell the same stench from that guy! It makes me excited!”
Please stop. Being told I have the same stench as you is disgusting.
While indicating my repulsion, I narrow my eyes at his words.
His actions and atmosphere certainly resemble the expelled Kirido but…he seems much more cunning than that fool.
Seeing Netsuhara’s certainty, a few classmates show uneasy expressions. Reflected in their faces are doubts. And the first one they would suspect is the boy who was bullied by Kirido.
Moreover, that guy doesn’t interact with classmates.
Even if suspected, there would be little guilt.
Several gazes naturally gather toward me, and Netsuhara’s gaze catches me.
“Oh…don’t tell me it’s that small fry.”
As Netsuhara takes a step toward me, I don’t even twitch and continue resting my cheek on my hand.
Because there was no need to react or refute.
Even if I don’t, a hero of justice won’t allow such groundless suspicions.
In my vision, she stands up in that spot.
Her straight, supple back and glossy black hair.
The undisputed strongest character in this class.
She steps in front of Netsuhara and resonates her dignified voice.
“I’m sorry but… I cannot allow any more of this, Netsuhara-kun.”
“Hoh… Quite something… But doesn’t seem like it’s you.”
Even Netsuhara, for all his bluster, stops in front of Asahina.
But he must have immediately sensed ‘Asahina won’t be heartless.’ He starts walking again as if losing interest. Asahina-san steps into his path.
“…What is it? Gonna get in my way?”

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