SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 6

“But isn’t it up to the Ten members themselves to decide that? If like, a martial arts genius set [Defeat me in one-on-one combat] then nobody could achieve it right?” 
“That’s mostly the case. But what the Principal seeks are geniuses who can topple geniuses. I heard there was a past case where a Ten Sai who rose in mathematics set the victory condition [Score higher than me in the Math Olympiad] which was easily cleared, resulting in a swap. That new Ten Sai member set the same condition but was in turn replaced by someone else the next year… Stories like that are common supposedly.”  
“Wow…Teio really is nuts…” 
“But since they’re proudly setting their specialties, it could be called the fairest in a sense. The Ten Sai have pride too, so almost none set practically impossible victory conditions like [Win 100 rock paper scissors matches against me]… However, Tera’s condition is an irregular one quite different from either.” 
“Yes. Tera has set a ‘Victory Condition’ completely unrelated to her talents… And it’s a condition that seems designed for me to achieve.”  
Then Mihaneya proudly holds up her index finger. 
“That is – [To make Awayuki Tera cry]!” 


“Make her cry?” 
“Yes. It seems since immediately joining The Teio Ten Sai after enrolling last year, Tera has set [Making her cry] as her ‘Victory Condition’.” 
Why set such a weird condition? If you’ve been ranked 1 nationally on practice exams, set it to something safer like [Exceed my total practice exam score]. Or is it extreme confidence that she absolutely won’t cry…? 
Certainly Tera gives an impression detached from tears – no, not just sadness [sorrow], but joy, anger, pleasure…I can’t feel any of those at all from her.  
“Still seems incredibly difficult…why do you think she’s easy to drag down?” 
“Because I have the talent to move people emotionally!” 
Mihaneya and I exchanged puzzled looks. 
“…Oh, you mean the talent to make people laugh right?” 
“At least say [bring joy]! 
Well we only just met yesterday…maybe she does have aspects like that…no way. 
“Fufun, it seems the average Dai-chan cannot comprehend this overflowing talent… Just watch, I’ll have her tearing up in one shot.” 
“H-Hey, you’re not seriously gonna– ” 
“Here I gooo! 
Gah, that idiot’s charging ahead thoughtlessly again!  
I should stop her but…following would stand out too, absolutely… Yeah, just leave her. 
Though this flow feels familiar again…well no way it happens a third– 

“She consistently meets expectations in a sense!” 
Mihaneya comes back wobbling, face drenched in tears.  
“I-It’s just…she was expressionless but I suddenly made a weird face and…” 
What? …… A funny face? 
“Ca-Can’t…just remembering makes me…sniff…my stomach hurts…” 
Hm? …Hey wait, could this actually be…laughing crying? 
“A weird face made your stomach hurt…Tera did that?” 
A sudden voice behind me. 
“Oh, Tera san?” 
When did she get so close…couldn’t sense her presence at all. 
“Yes, I’m Tera Awayuki.” 
She spreads both arms in a Y-shape and lifts one leg posing. Basically the Gree pose. 
She’s…quite different from what I imagined… 
“What’s your name?” 
“Ah, I’m…Youta Ootomo but…” 
“Ohh…Youta Ootomo-kun…Hmm…Ah!”  
Tera suddenly grabs her face acting pained. 
“H-Hey, you alright? Do you have some condition–” 
“Pwah, funny face.” 
And she makes a weird face. 
A complete blindside I couldn’t resist. 
Pulling every stretchable part of her face as far as possible, a refreshingly exaggerated weird face.  
Yet despite the foolishness, her expression itself was completely deadpan.  
That gap made me crack up. 
Seeing me burst out laughing, Tera nodded her head up and down. 
“Mm, I’m satisfied.” 
Releasing her face, it remains as flawlessly beautiful as ever… Even seeing it myself just seconds ago, it’s unbelievable. 
What is this… Just what is this girl Tera Awayuki? 
“What’s wrong Ootomo? Staring so hard, do I have a grain of rice stuck on my face?” 
“N-No, it’s not that…” 
“What’s wrong Ootomo? Staring so hard, did someone draw on my face with poo?” 
“You’d notice that yourself!” 
No way…for the composed Tera Awayuki to have this kind of playful personality… The gap with her appearance and talents is too much. 
But why– 
“I like it.” 
As if reading my questioning mind, Tera voiced the answer. 
“Seeing people laugh.” 
She continues expressionlessly. 
“Seeing people become happy. Best is them laughing finding it funny, but I also like relieved smiles of people’s worries getting resolved. So I help out various people, even if it’s meddling.”  
I see, like resolving her classmates’ troubles earlier… 
“Your face, it’s good.” 
At that, Tera suddenly steps forward right in front of me. 
“W-Whoa…too close…” 
“Staring so hard, what’s up with you?” 
“Your face looks like Sanpei from the ? Gyo character with food on his ass.” 
“First time I’ve been told that!” 
Ugh… As someone who’s lived 16 years with a tsukkomi nature, never met someone who can spout such deadpan jokes… 
“But really, I thought your face–your smile was good.”  
“A smile master like me who’s seen countless smiles says so, so no mistake. Yours is quite the smile, Ootomo.” 
“R-Really…? Well um, thanks…” 
“And this girl too.” 
Tera turns her gaze Mihaneya’s way too. 
“Sniff! Sniff!” 
She’s still laughing…? That weird face must’ve really struck her funny bone. 
“Well, showing her my zero-dignity girl version was understandable.”  
“So what you showed me was still held back huh…” 
“Yes. A maiden’s embarrassment towards boys. Pout” 
Tera acts coy putting both hands on her cheeks but her expression remains ever stoic. 
“Phew…I thought my abs might rupture…” 
Finally stopping laughing, Mihaneya crosses her arms and scowls.  
“Quite the smart mouth you’ve got Tera… Fufun, so this was a plot to laugh me to death was it… You seem rather frightened of the great Mihaneya Getsuka.” 
“My-haneh Gakka-chan…well, can’t judge others with my name but yours is kinda odd huh?” 
“Yes! My is bird feathers, haneh wings Ha-neh. Moon is flower so Gekka! I’m called Mitsu–Mihaneya!” 
She almost calls herself an idiot… 
“Mihaneya-chan… Yeah, still good. I want to see your smile more. Any worries I can help resolve?” 
“W-Wait just a minute, my introduction was friendly etiquette but I’ve no intention of chumming with an enemy!” 
“Fufun, yes. I’m the girl who’ll topple all The Teio Ten Sai, becoming the world’s superstar someday!” 
“Oh, how grand.”  
“Fufun, isn’t it? So brace yourself. I’ll make sure to make you cry, my rival–no, let’s be casual since we’re rivals–Tera!” 
“Oh, I look forward to it. If you make me cry I’ll gift you the Ten Sai spot right away.” 
“Eh…? Right away you say…?” 
“What’s with the hesitation? I’ve had my victory condition set to [Making Awayuki Tera cry] the whole time haven’t I?” 
“N-No, isn’t that because you’re extremely confident you absolutely won’t cry? You set that condition because it has the highest chance of retaining your Ten seat…” 
“Nope. Honestly, I couldn’t care less about The Teio Ten Sai.”  
Mihaneya is stunned, eyes wide. 
“Wh-What are you saying…? If you lose your Ten status, you’ll lose all kinds of privileges like Plenary Powers, Right of Assembly, Kisaragi Rights, and more–uhaha guheguhe.” 
Don’t know the contents just hearing about them but seems the Ten get some hefty perks.  
And the third one sounds kinda dangerous now that I think about it…should be fine though right…? 
“I have zero interest in stuff like that. I purely, simply want to cry – that’s why I set the condition. That’s been my goal in enrolling at Teio. A school gathering talent from across Japan, it may be possible.” 
“You enrolled at Teio for that…? But, there are much easier ways without going that far…moving movies or documentary shows and such, plenty of more convenient options exist…” 
“No good with normal methods.”  
Tera lightly shakes her head then states plainly, expressionlessly.  
“Because I don’t have emotions.”

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