Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 7 part 1

Episode 7 [The Girl Next Seat]

In elementary school, there was no one else but me in the classroom.
I was used to being alone. By then, I had forgotten any memories from preschool.
Still, sometimes scenes I didn’t recognize would pop up in my mind.

A crying girl saying [Promise you won’t forget…I love you. Let’s meet again, okay?]
I couldn’t tell if it was reality or a dream.
But more than that, I was desperately trying to survive each day, so I didn’t have time for such things.

As usual, I was eating my bento alone during lunch break.
Today it was rice with umeboshi, sliced salmon, shredded cabbage kinpira.
I feel like my cooking skills have improved. It turned out great.

While eating my bento, I recalled what happened this morning.
When I properly looked at Hanazono’s face, I got embarrassed.
To hide my embarrassment, I ran to school.
I heard her say [Huh, huh!?], but thought I’d talk to her later.
Friends can chat anytime.
Besides, I talked with Hanazono in the hall during short break. She still wasn’t used to my resets.
[…You’re like middle school Tsuyoshi]
She reacted to my casual words.
[Uwaa, I kn-knew but…that’s harsh… It’s okay, I’ll do my best!]
She said she feels absolutely nothing for me. Hanazono should understand that, so why did she look sad? But it can’t be helped.
Our relationship starts now.

My classmates were happily eating in groups. I wasn’t included but it’s good they get along. Puts me in a good mood too.

“Yoosh!! Let’s eat! Yamada, you going to the cafeteria today?”
“Huh? My sis made me a bento.”
“I’ve got deep fried bento again!!”
“….You always have that huh… But deep fried stuff is good.”

Deep fried… Come to think of it I’ve never had any. I’ll try making it sometime.
While thinking about that, the girl next seat kept glancing at me.
Her name is…Sasaki Miki-san. I remember all my classmate’s names. I try to be prepared in case someone talks to me. She’s on the track team but I heard she’s been plateauing lately.
“Um… Toudou-kun.”
I couldn’t get any words out right away.
I’ve never spoken to Sasaki-san before. Just knowing her name doesn’t mean I can smoothly have a conversation.
I could feel weird sweat on my back and my face getting red.
“Toudou-kun, I’m really sorry but, could I use your seat later? One of my friends from another class is coming…”
It took me some time to understand.
Around Sasaki-san were her fellow track club members. …Hyodo-san, from the class next door Igarashi-kun, Mitobe-san, and Takizawa-kun.

–I finish eating quickly and walk around school anyway so I don’t mind. Feel free to use it. Sasaki-san probably asked because she knows what I do.

I need to say something back to Sasaki-san. But I’m struggling to get any words out.
Hurry up and say something. Hurry up and finish eating. My head is in chaos.
“S-sorry, could you wait a bit?”
I wanted to speak in a softer voice. What came out sounded blunt.
“Oh, uh, of course… You don’t have to rush…I mean, anytime after you finish is fine so…”
Getting apologized to by Sasaki-san confused me even more.


I can’t eat with this many people watching me.
…Calm down in times like this. They’re just asking a favor. They just want to eat with their track club friends. Moving seats isn’t a big deal. I can go to the courtyard quickly.
My heart is pounding like crazy. It’s been a while since I talked this much with classmates.
“–It’s no problem.”
“Oh… You don’t have to be in such a hurry…”
I swiftly packed up my bento and put it in my bag on my shoulder. Eating in the courtyard sometimes isn’t bad.
The weather is nice too, it’ll probably feel good. Moving quickly will make Sasaki-san and the others happy too.
“Ah, thank you very much…”
When I briefly glanced at Sasaki-san’s face–for some reason she looked scared.
“….Weird, what’s with that, gross.”
“Idiot, Igarashi. He can hear you–plus he let us use the seats so we’re the rude ones here.”
“Well, I did say I’d wait until he finish eating.”
“But his attitude was unpleasant.”
“You’re the one being unpleasant.”
I was going to head to the courtyard but overheard their whispers.
Why is she scared? All I did was readily give up my seat. ……Why am I being badmouthed?
I’ll work up the courage to ask. I’ll initiate contact. I promised Hanazono I’m moving forward.
I decided to turn around and ask Sasaki-san.
“Hey, Sasaki-san. Am I really that unpleasant?”
Seeing me come back, Sasaki-san’s face turned pale.
“Wha, uh, y-you heard…I-I’m really sorry…”
“What? Miki did nothing wrong, it was me who said it.”
“Um, let’s stop…”
Igarashi-kun stood in front of me as if shielding Sasaki-san…
I was confused.
How did it become this situation? All I wanted was–to give up my seat, and ask why she was scared.

Igarashi-kun doesn’t have a bad physique but looking at his arm size you can tell he’s been skipping strength training.
His balance is off. Without balanced muscle development–
I end up thinking about things completely unrelated to the situation. That’s no different from escapism.
Whenever I try talking to classmates, it always backfires.
…But don’t give up.
“Say something, dude.”
“Oh, I was just curious.”
“I wanted to know why Sasaki-san got scared, that’s all.”
With a fed up expression, Igarashi-kun asked Sasaki-san.
“Miki, is this guy…a little weird?”
“Igarashi-kun…let’s stop, okay? I-I’m the one in the wrong so–“
“No, you don’t need to apologize to me. ……What did I do wrong? Why? I just want to know.”
Igarashi-kun sighed and told me.
“Geez, seriously? Um…Toudou was it? You’re scary, dude. Your face and atmosphere, I can’t tell what you’re thinking. Gives me the creeps. Miki got scared of course. I mean, where were you planning to eat your bento?
“The courtyard since the weather is nice.”
“Hey, eating alone in the courtyard, the girls’ hangout spot! Well, sorry, we kind of created that atmosphere. My bad. Oh, is it because you don’t have friends? Judging by Miki’s situation, you probably don’t.”
“Well, Igarashi, you’re, a bit too harsh…”
“Oh, sorry, didn’t realize.”
Sasaki behind Igarashi looks apologetic. They don’t seem to fully grasp what they did wrong.
“Oh, is that so? I… thought I was doing the right thing—”
“No, if we just go by your words, you seem like a good guy. It’s our bad for getting scared. I’ll take care of Miki, so don’t worry!”
So, this is the power of those living a fulfilling life—
I can speak normally.
I’m genuinely moved. Every word I say gets a response.
“I appreciate your consideration. Once again, I’ll head to the courtyard—”

Someone enters the classroom.
At the same time, I heard a tongue clicking.

“Hey, Tsuyoshi. Let’s having lunch… huh? What’s with this atmosphere?”
Hanazono approaches me with a lunchbox in hand.
“Oh, um, this is Igarashi-kun here. He was just telling me a few things. I was expressing my gratitude.”
“Oh no… It’s hard to handle when classes are different, huh? Come on, Tsuyoshi, let’s go to my class!”
“I’m getting hungry. Hanazono, let’s go to the courtyard since the weather is nice. Oh, and then, Igarashi-kun and the others, enjoy your meal. Also, Sasaki-san—”
“Sorry for scaring you. My bad.”
I think I had a tense expression. I tried to put on the biggest smile I could.
Suddenly, Igarashi-kun slapped my shoulder. It didn’t hurt, but… why?
“…Huh? Those muscles are insane… Puhaha!! This is hilarious, Todo! You should come and join the track and field club sometime! And you actually have friends too, huh? Even though Hanazono is a bit of a disappointing beauty. She hardly makes any male friends. I don’t really know Hanazono well, but good for her.”
“Igarashi… shut up. I’ll kill you…”
I decided to interject.

“Hanazono and I became friends this morning.”
“Huh? I thought you two were always…well whatever, it’s fine!”
I tapped Igarashi-kun on the shoulder like he did to me. Is this proof of friendship?
“Hit me harder!! Your strength is crazy! See, Toudou’s not bad. Hang with the track club sometime! Anyway you guys go eat in the courtyard! We’ll eat here!”
“Then excuse us–“
Sasaki-san deeply bowed her head at me. It was a cute gesture.
–I see, so this is interacting with people. You can fix mistakes.

I heard tongue clicking again.

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  1. Who’s the One Tongue clicking? If that Person has something to say to Tohru, STOP GOING AROUND THE BUSH AND SAY IT ALREADY!! I think Tohru-San’s wasted his time taking to those Two-faced Idiots. But He turned the tables on Them by leaving with Hanazono-San while leaving Igarashi foaming at his mouth out of frustration.

  2. Thanks for the chapter.

    A typo?
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