Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 4 part 1

4 His Highness’s Birthday Party

Before we knew it, time flew by after enrolling in the academy.

“Alright, time for a short break!”

“Girls, let’s take a break too.”

Hearing Hugo and Aida Nunn Merton, the teacher in charge of the girls’ practical skills, the students of Class A stopped what they were doing.

They had changed into easier to move in clothes and were on the training grounds for their practical skills class, divided into boys and girls and mtraining in swordsmanship and intermediate range attack magic respectively.

“Prince Reuben, please take this.”

“Thank you, kana.”

Carne handing Reuben a drink and towel entered Raze’s field of vision.

She was keeping an especially close eye on those two, so she had of course noticed that the way they addressed each other had changed. Carne would almost never call Reuben by name, so he must have told her to.

The other day, she witnessed the prince getting Carne to call him just “Reuben” when they were alone, and she unintentionally reached enlightenment, thinking “may those lovebirds enjoy their happiness eternally.”

kana, who struggled daily with a scenario that couldn’t compare to an otome game, now looked nothing short of a loving couple to Raze. She claims that “we were only engaged by political marriage, we’re not actually dating,” so Raze finds it hard to understand just what criteria regular schoolgirls use to define a romantic relationship.

As long as she can protect the students’ safety and her own job, the otome game’s scenario and whoever falls in love make no difference to her – her days were peaceful with no need to worry about the story progression for now.

The only concern was the hundred percent pure sugar those girls produced that sometimes made her chest hurt and stomach ache.

Raze averted her eyes from Carne and the others and looked for Folia.

“Young Master Luca, please show me your arm.”

“Wha-, what? Commoners shouldn’t touch me, okay?”

“I won’t touch you, just show me the wound. I’ll heal it right away.”

She was fussing over Claude, the treasury minister’s heir who was one of her capture targets.

(This is the true nature of Angel Folia, huh.)

Raze continued to investigate the details about [Blue Orchid] that she got from kana.

By now, all the “first meeting” events with each capture target had occurred.

However, as Raze had interfered with events that should have happened with Reuben and Folia, the contents sometimes changed. Things that should have happened with Reuben and Folia occurred with Carne instead. And sometimes Folia interacted with a completely different capture target. She couldn’t find any rules behind the combinations.

“Is it a bug…?”

But she didn’t think anything was particularly wrong.

In the original game, Carne apparently had pride as tall as a mountain and wasn’t a reincarnator to begin with. And of course, the existence of Raze herself was also changing the game.

(While the prophecy book’s contents seem useful for events, it looks like I can’t rely on it for the main storyline and overall scenario.)

She could understand that this academy was the stage for the otome game Carne talked about but should think of it as something separate.

“Sir Addis, please use this!”

“Would you like a drink?”


“I made honey lemon for you!”

(Could this be a bug too?)

Making honey lemon when it wasn’t even summer and for two consecutive classes at that — wasn’t that nothing short of a bug?

Raze couldn’t help letting out an exasperated sigh towards the source of the yellow squeals.

At the center of the circle was the son of the Grim Reaper, who she found to be exceptionally high-spec, apparently also one of the capture targets in the otome game. As usual, he was surrounded by a bevy of maidens, showing off his popularity and eliciting envy.

According to the prophecy book, Addis, who disliked conflict, had apparently always consciously taken a step back from the First Prince to avoid drawing too much attention. At first, he had the girls serve him to distract them from the prince, but in reality he treated them equally so as not to hurt them, and that considerate nature made him highly popular.

Many want to see more of him awkwardly falling head over heels in love! Many wished to see him as the main character in a long fan disk sequel.

For Raze, who had no experience with otome games herself, making someone who was supposed to be Folia’s capture target it did feel somewhat forced, but since the game was a big hit, she kept her opinion to herself.

(Could it be because of the sequel they don’t interact with Lord Addis much in Folia’s route this time?)

To be honest, Raze had also been obstructing Addis’s encounter event.

After the entrance ceremony, following Hugo’s explanation of the “Feaser Shopping District,” there was that incident where Addis was surrounded by several young ladies. Originally, it was planned for the heroine, Folia, who was alone after the ceremony, to be invited by him with a casual “Will you come too?” Although the event of him inviting her did occur, there was almost no interaction with Folia.

(If Lord Zeth and Folia end up together, it would mean that Folia’s father-in-law would be the Reaper, right?)

As she considered the possibility of Folia becoming the daughter-in-law of the Grim Reaper, Raze furrowed her brows.

“…I don’t like it. I absolutely don’t want her to end up with that man.”

It was the moment feelings of resistance sprouted in her heart towards the Prime Minister whom she was greatly, no, extraordinarily indebted to on a daily basis.

Perhaps this was what they called teenage rebellion, as she became aware of the flame that had been lit inside her.

“Alright, time to start again!”

That signaled the end of their break. At Hugo and Mortens’s prompting, everyone headed back to continue their training.

Raze, who had been resting her back against the wall alone, also started walking towards the center of the training grounds.

“Okay guys, we’ll have mock battles now-“

Seeing the boys line up with their practice swords at Hugo’s words, Raze watched them.

Compared to her who led strong men in battle every day, they looked like nothing more than children playing with toy swords.

However, the students who stood out with their exceptional skills were easy to spot – Reuben, Claude, Ian, Addis. One could immediately tell they were adept at handling swords.

(Heaven never lets a man be thoroughly prosperous, huh. I wonder who came up with that saying.)

With the exception of the swordplay-deficient Luca, Raze couldn’t help but sigh at the capture targets who excelled at it too.

She wanted to observe them a bit more, but the girls’ class resumed as well. She turned to face Mortens.

“Alright, let’s see how much the girls have improved too. I’ve prepared some targets so go ahead and attack them one by one in order.”

It reminded her of her days training at the military academy as the students were called up one by one to unleash their attacks, just like she once had instructors herself.

Feeling nostalgic about her days having someone teach her, she warmly watched the practice without any harsh penalties for failures.

“Next, Mortens.”


It was the goddess kana’s turn, so Raze focused closely on her.

Carne specialized in ice. Taking a stance, icy blades suddenly appeared and stabbed into the target.


As expected of kana. Her destructive power was outstanding. Even the motion to activate her arts was beautiful. Raze unconsciously applauded.

“Lady kana, wonderful!”

“Even her magic is beautiful…”

Her classmates also fawned over kana.

“If I cannot at least do this much, I cannot remain at your side.”

Carne smiled as she was praised. Just like Addis practiced his swordsmanship every morning, Raze knew Carne secretly practiced her magic as well. She really was a strong-willed, lovable girl.

After several more students finished their test, it was Folia’s turn.

She held out her hand towards the target, trying to concentrate her mind to manipulate the magic stone.

(Is it water magic?)

Watching as Folia slowly generated a ball of water in front of her outstretched right hand, Raze observed her, thinking she was probably trying to strengthen a daily convenience water spell to attack. Spells using the four elements like water, fire, wind and so on were called “life magic” for being relatively easy for anyone to use.


“Miss Crecias…”


Although Folia created the water ball, she couldn’t shoot it out.

From previous classes Raze saw that offensive magic in general seemed to be Folia’s weak point. She was told to receive individual instruction from Mortens afterwards.

Seeing her dejected made Raze want to lend a hand, but that wouldn’t help Folia, nor would it be getting her money’s worth in tuition. She managed to restrain herself.

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