A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 4

Chapter 4: Exciting First Mission!

The day has finally come! Our trial period is over and we’ve officially joined! And our first mission! I’ve been excited since this morning!

“Fei, mission today?”


“Great! Do your best!”


Lele also supports me.

“Fei, don’t overdo it, okay? You definitely have to come back…”


“Fei! Bring back souvenirs!”


I’m too excited about the mission to concentrate. I can’t even hear what people are saying. Ah, I can’t wait! What kind of active role will I play?

No one can measure the potential and growth rate of the protagonist – me. While I was thinking, Maria took my hand gently in her soft one.

Oh, soft. As expected from a candidate for heroine.

“A lucky charm… It feels like someone has done this for me before. So I’ll do it for Fei as well.”

“I see.”

Hmm, that brave, wonderful feeling – Maria has the scent of a saintly, orthodox heroine.

Unlike a certain Arthur. She’s got a cute red panda vibe, not a giant one.

And when I coolly left the orphanage with a goodbye from the two of them, I didn’t talk to True at all. That guy has zero interaction with me except for training.

Well, that’s fine. But as the protagonist, I’m still going to play an active role, you know? But True is a mob, right?

If he has no connection with me, won’t his scenes decrease? No matter how much magic ability he has. Although I guess he doesn’t care about screen time or anything.

I think True has a lot of potential too. Maybe he could be something like the protagonist’s – my – right hand man, if I let him.

As the protagonist, I was worried about the gangster character True when I went to the royal capital, the designated meeting place for the first mission.

“Oh, Fei.”

“Arthur, huh.”

“Good morning.”


“Good morning?”


“….Why don’t you greet me back?”

“….Didn’t I?”

“I want you to say good morning properly.”


Arthur arrived at the rendezvous point at about the same time I did. After that, Bowlan and True showed up as well.

Apparently, our teacher today is a different knight than before, not Teacher Yururu. Old man of magic. Occasional lecturer. A new teacher, different from the previous ones, huh?

Well, in these situations it’s a new character, right? No way my protagonist teacher could be a small fry.

He’s actually insanely strong, some kind of agent-like teacher. Then he’ll be shocked by my – the protagonist’s – outstanding latent abilities. “Who the hell is this guy? Enemy or ally?” – that’s basic for protagonists. I wonder what the pattern will be?

As I waited,

“Sorry. Seems I’m late.”

Red hair and eyes. A good-looking guy with clean features. Sharp eyes. Feels somehow similar to me…

“My name is Sargento. A holy knight. Today I’m going on a mission with you. Let’s get along.”

“Nice to work with you!”


“…. Nice to meet you.”

True , Bowlan and Arthur greeted him in turn. I stood there in silence without any special reaction. I’m the cool type.

If the cool protagonist suddenly said something like “Nice to meet you, too, teacher!”, it would be out of character. Anyway, my words and actions are automatically translated into cool ones.

“Well, I’m sure you have things you want to ask me, so let’s talk on the way to the mission.”

Teacher Sargento walked to the gate. He greeted the Holy Knight guards of the gate and then went outside. Oh yes, this is my first time outside, isn’t it?

Woohoo! The great outdoors!

So exciting!


scene transition



With Sargento in the lead, the four of us walked. Next to him, Bowlan kept pointing and asking questions.

“Hey, how strong are you?”

“Well… pretty strong. I’m 3rd rank class.”

“Woah, awesome!”

“That’s amazing, 3rd rank.”

“No no, I still have a long way to go.”

While Bowlan questioned Sargento, Arthur was not interested. True chimed in vaguely.

Fei walked the farthest back, keeping a little distance. And Bowlan bombarded him with questions.

“What did you do before you became a holy knight?”

“I was a butler for a certain noble family.”

When Sargento said this, Arthur, who had been looking completely disinterested, spoke up. There was a small spark of excitement in her eyes.

“You don’t look so fluffy…”

In Arthur’s mind, a picture of Sargento’s body covered in fluffy wool appeared. She seemed to find it amusing.

“Those are sheep. I was a butler.”
T/N: Hitsuji = Sheep. Shitsuji = Butler


“Oh…never mind then.”

Arthur immediately lost all interest, a desperate look on her face. Her interest vanished in an instant.

(Did I say something bad?)

Sargento showed a hint of surprise at Arthur’s reaction. But he changed the subject and turned to True .

“True , right? What did you do before you became a knight?”

“I was in an orphanage.”

“I see…and before that?”

“I lived in a village. But it’s gone now.”

“Sorry, I didn’t know.”

“Please think nothing of it.”

Sargento had read the report, so he already knew.

He was just trying to get some information out of the surveillance target, but of course True didn’t know that. Then Sargento turned to Bowlan.

If he asked them one after the other, it wouldn’t look like he was targeting anyone in particular.

“What about you, Bowlan?”

“Me? My village kind of banished me and left me to die, but I survived by doing various things and became a holy knight who wants to get stronger.”

“I see…”

(I didn’t read the report, so I didn’t know, but this kid has some heavy stuff…)

“What about you, Arthur?”

“….Why do you ask that?”

“Oh, I just want to know about everybody. Since we’re going to be working together from now on. It’s just something I do.”

(Good, that should avoid any suspicion.)

In his mind, he briefly struck a gutsy pose. If he ended the conversation here awkwardly, it would look suspicious. That much was good for him. Just this information. However…

“You seem to enjoy prying into the personal affairs of younger men and women…”

She didn’t mean any harm or anything. She was just honestly stating her thoughts, but Arthur’s words hurt Sargento a little.

(This situation is a bit unpleasant…)

“I won’t ask you, Arthur. So, Fei, what about you?”

He asked Fei, who was further back, seeming completely disinterested and as if he wouldn’t speak if it wasn’t necessary. Arthur was the real target.

But it would be a waste not to ask now. The atmosphere made it not strange to ask after Arthur had disrupted the flow.

“What is the point of telling you? I have no intention of chatting.”

“Oh, I see.”

(Man, what’s with these guys? I’m not the super expressive type either, but… they’re even less reactive than I am. This is bad…)

Amidst the increasingly dead air, the five headed to a certain village for their mission.

“Are we okay not confirming the mission details and stuff?”

“Yeah, good idea Bowlan, let’s do that.”

Sargento was somewhat grateful to the perceptive Bowlan.

(Phew, you saved me Bowlan. The air was dead. Or are they always like that? An eternal funeral?)

“Right, this time the village of Stats has had its crops devastated by monsters. We’re supposed to subjugate the wolf-like monster called Hounds there.”

“Oh yeah, are there no knights stationed there or something? I thought some villages had them.”

“Knights are always in short supply, it’s not like they’re everywhere. So we do regular deployments, and this time we are fulfilling that role as well.”

“I see.”

Monsters were a different threat than daemons. Many species harmed humans, damaged crops, and caused damage. It was no exaggeration to say that Fei’s group had come to exterminate them.

Thanks to Bowlan’s conversation and True ‘s chiming, they somehow managed to maintain the atmosphere on the way to Stats Village. Near the village, the dense, dark forest gave off an eerie feeling.

“Oh my, you must be the holy knights!”

“Yes, we heard about the situation. We’ll start investigating right away.”

“Please do!”

The elderly village chief spoke to the Sargento, and the investigation began.

Fei’s group was ordered to search the area around the village and the forest, then destroy any wolf-like hound monsters they encountered.

True , Arthur, and Bowlan wore iron swords at their waists, unlike during their probationary period.

The heavier swords made everyone tense. Although Arthur and Fei were expressionless. Only Bowlan and True seemed to be nervous.

“Well, I’ll look over here.”

“I’ll go this way.”


True hesitated, as if where he went next would determine heaven or hell, a major turning point in life.

A choice for True , the protagonist of the novel game Knights of the Round Table.

In the games, several choices were prepared to determine the protagonist’s subsequent actions. You chose one, and the story branched out based on it.

And in this world called a depressing novel game, the protagonist could easily die depending on a single choice.

Yes, True ‘s choice here could determine his fate. Although misery awaited him on both paths… it would now decide life or death…

True ‘s life or death depended on this first choice. Of course, since this was reality, there were no real choices.

But his actions seemed to trace the scenario of the world split in two.

[–I’ll go…this way]

[No, since this is our first mission, we should stick together].

He hesitated, unaware that it was a matter of life and death.

Searching separately would be more efficient. But searching together would allow a better response if something happened.

“No, for our first–“

“Yo, Fei!”

As if interrupting True ‘s words, Fei moved off alone. It was the direction True had just considered.

“I’ll look alone. I’m enough on my own.”

With that, Fei walked into the nearby forest. Knowing that no one could stop him if he said that, they could only watch him go.

–Just then, the village chief arrived.

“Oh, Sir Knights!”

“Hey, Chief!”

“Mr. Chief, has something happened?”

“Well, I heard that one of our village girls went into the forest to gather wild plants…”

“Huh!?” “Eh!?”


“It seems she wanted food since our crops have been damaged…”

At the words of the worried village chief, the three of them reacted in different ways. Told that, they couldn’t just do nothing. True , Arthur, and Bowlan would rush to the scene.

But the next moment,

A great roaring sound. Not just one, but ten, twenty, at least fifty of the monsters, the Hounds.

“Tch, the hounds?”

“…. They seem strange. Different from the ones I’ve seen before.”

“We three should protect the villagers!”

Bowlan, Arthur, and True drew their swords. Sargento joined them, taking up a fighting stance.

“There’s something strange about these dogs. Don’t let your guard down.”

Not only did Arthur notice the anomaly, but so did Sargento. And he also noticed Fei’s absence.

“Where is Fei?”

“He went to search the forest alone!”

“I see…Tch, forget him. The numbers and the pressure are abnormal. We’ll deal with Fei later, for now, focus on protecting the villagers!”

The number of monsters continued to increase, with nearly a hundred hounds surrounding the village.

This was proof that they were on True ‘s survival route in Knights of the Round Table. True suggests that Bowlan and Arthur search in a party of three. At the same time, the village chief appears with the abnormal hounds, and they defeat them.

The villagers would be saved at the cost of only one life.

Ten lives over one. No one could blame them. But it wasn’t without reservations. That was the responsibility of making a choice.

Evidence of depression.

With that, True ‘s group could be said to have survived for now. However, the village girl mentioned by the chief earlier would meet a miserable end…

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