Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 7

VII. Rebellion Plan

Three days after receiving the order to march, I headed to the HUNDRED’s base on the third night.
Emotionally, I wanted to go right away, but I thought it would be more convenient to go on a regular day when more people gather due to the ranking battles.
Wrapped in black armor as Zeross, I stepped into the base.
…However, something was off. All the members seemed to be in an odd state of excitement, and they were sending me heated glances as if they wanted to say something.
I entered the room where the top-ranking members, essentially the executives, were gathered.
It was a room that had been turned into a meeting room, using the dungeon’s treasure vault, with chairs and tables brought in.
Among those gathered were senior members like Ogma and Warren, as well as the commanders of the Black Knight Order, Chrom, and the Red Knight Order, Warren.
Chrom, the descendant of a thief who was a comrade of the hero who founded the country, had black hair and was a handsome man. Despite being small for a knight, he excelled in agility and swordsmanship, traits emphasized by the Black Knight Order.
Warren, a descendant of a warrior who was also a comrade of the hero, was a large man with red hair, bold and unrestrained. He prioritized strength in battle, and the Red Knight Order became a specialized force for offense.
Currently, Chrom held the 6th position, and Warren held the 7th position, allowing them to be present in this room.
Their presence was unexpected.
I had thought they wouldn’t show themselves anymore after receiving the order to subjugate HUNDRED.
However, they, too, may be torn between loyalty to the country and the bonds with their comrades in HUNDRED, just like me, and they might have come to advise me to escape.
If that’s the case, the conversation will be quick.
Recruit volunteers, form a mercenary group, and let’s get out of this country.
“Zeross, listen.”
Ogma spoke up.
“The country is trying to annihilate us, HUNDRED.”
Oh, so it seems the information had reached them after all. They may have already made plans to escape.
“Commanders Chrom and Warren of the Black Knight Order and Red Knight Order have accepted that mission.”
I glanced at Chrom and Warren, and they had expressions that seemed burdened with something.
Well, they did betray the country and leaked confidential information to HUNDRED, so it can’t be helped.


“We, the Black Knight Order and the Red Knight Order, have chosen to stand with HUNDRED. Now, Zeross, all that’s left is for you to decide!”

Chrom said forcefully.
…Huh? Stand with HUNDRED? What does that mean?
“There is no justice left in this rotten country. If the Black Knight Order and the Red Knight Order join forces with HUNDRED, our strength will be sufficient. Now, Zeross, if you lead us, there is a chance for success in this rebellion!”
Huh? Wait, are you guys not planning to betray the country as much as I imagined?
The members of HUNDRED were excited because of this!
Are these guys getting motivated for a war against the country? They are quite dangerous.
Well, I don’t want to get involved in a rebellion. Instead of doing that, I’d rather escape to another country and live freely.
“No rebellion.”
“What do you mean?”
The other members looked puzzled at my clear denial of rebellion.
I took off the black helmet I was wearing.
While the senior members know my face, Chrom and Warren don’t know my true face. If they see my face, they’ll realize I can’t participate in a rebellion.
“That face! Prince Mars!”
As expected, Chrom and Warren were surprised.
“Mars, the prince? What on earth is going on!?”
The other members were also shaken by the two’s attitude. They knew I was a noble, but they wouldn’t have expected me to be a prince.
“This person here is none other than Prince Mars, who has been entrusted with the command of the expeditionary force this time. Always targeted for his life in the royal castle, he rarely appeared on the public stage and quietly lived in obscurity, so it’s quite unexpected that he was secretly forming HUNDRED!”
Chrom responded.
Quietly living in obscurity… well, I can’t deny that.
And, forming HUNDRED wasn’t me, it was Ogma and the others.
“What? What does that mean!?”
Ogma was astonished.
Yes, because I’m a prince, I can’t participate in a rebellion.
“Zeross, or rather Prince Mars, his is not a rebellion but a rightful war?”
“Exactly! As Prince Mars said, this is not a rebellion. It’s a legitimate fight for Prince Mars to become the successor. We have justice on our side!”
Warren was excited. Just a while ago, there seemed to be a sense of betrayal towards the country, but now it completely disappeared, and he had a refreshed expression.
No, whether I’m a prince or not, challenging the country to a war is still considered rebellion, right?

“Exactly! Zeross… I mean, Prince Mars has been preparing for this for many years. Anticipating this situation, he visited us, gathered like-minded individuals, and built up strength with HUNDRED!”

Excited Warren shouted. Noisy.
No, I didn’t build up strength with HUNDRED to start a rebellion. Can you stop saying dangerous things like that?
It’s like I’m some kind of threat.
Also, you guys increased the number on your own, right?
Why is it called HUNDRED when there are more than a thousand people!
“That’s right. Prince Mars was in a situation where he had no backing at the castle and lived in isolation. Perhaps because of that, he rarely participated in events as a royal, always staying in his room, and his reputation as an ordinary prince in the castle was not favorable. But unexpectedly, he organized a force that would be his own strength for the succession to the throne! What insight. I’m impressed, Warren!”
…Was my reputation in the castle really that bad?
Well, I can’t deny that it looked like I was always staying in my room,
especially since I was targeted for my life, so what could I do?
And is the conversation progressing with the assumption that I will fight? I’m not interested in the throne.
To calm them down, I decided to confront reality.
“Even if you raise an army, the royal castle is strong. How do you plan to attack?”
The royal castle is a sturdy structure with high walls, based on a fortress prepared for monsters.
It’s not easy to breach.
“Yes. Bread, who holds the 12th position in HUNDRED, is the vice-commander of the Blue Knight Order. He has arrangements to have a defector within the castle, and the gate will be opened.”
Chrom answered immediately.
The Blue Knight Order serves as the defense force of the royal capital. The commander should have been in Gamaras’s faction, but the vice-commander is a member of HUNDRED?
Is this country okay?
“What about the magic order? Those guys are the key to our country’s power. They are not easy opponents, right?”
Actually, the main force of the Faloon country is the magic order.
In this country, descendants of the mage who was a comrade of the hero have served as court mages for generations.
Those court mages gradually gained power, and now they lead the magic order, possessing power greater than the knight orders.
The magic order, equipped with flying magic for mobility and powerful magic for attacks, is indispensable for a country where monsters frequently appear.
In the royal capital, the swordsmanship of knights is looked down upon, as “With the Mage Order around, there is no need to go into actual combat.”
Brahms, the court mage, is a vulgar man who only cares about money and power. He has joined hands with Gamaras to corrupt the nobility. He will never become my ally.
“Certainly, the Mage Order is a big obstacle. No matter how many strong warriors HUNDRED has, difficulties in battle were anticipated. But wouldn’t it be fine if you were the prince?”
Chrom replied.
It would be fine if I were the prince? Why?
“Miss Frau is the main force of the Mage Order, and she is your fiancée. Couldn’t she become our ally?”
…Frau. Oh right, she was my fiancée. We met a few times as children, and I thought it was just a token engagement.
Frau is Brahms’ daughter, gifted with talent for magic, and known as a child prodigy from a young age.
She specializes in lightning spells, and now has the nickname “Thunder Emperor”, a disturbingly dangerous woman.
The reason why she’s my fiancée is that Brahms wanted to establish her as the next queen by taking advantage of her fame.
So originally Brahms was supposed to back me, but when Gamaras dangled money and power, he readily switched sides.
At that time there were rumors that the engagement would be dissolved, but come to think of it, it still hasn’t been dissolved.
That said, our relationship is distant, and ever since we were children, Frau had an expressionless face and I could never tell what she was thinking. To be honest, I wonder if she even remembers me.
She will not become my ally.
“But Frau is…”

“I will become Mars’ ally.”

A girl’s voice suddenly echoed in the room.
Looking in the direction of the voice, a petite girl with white hair was standing at the entrance. She has a doll-like, perfectly proportioned face, but a strangely lifeless expression.
“Who are you!?”
Ogma and the others reached for the swords at their waists.
Understandably, someone suddenly appearing where no one was before would prompt that reaction.
“Miss Frau! Why are you here!?”
Chrom raised his voice in surprise.
That’s right, she was none other than Frau, who we were just talking about. She appeared like a ghost, and I was utterly astonished as well.
“I am Prince Mars’ fiancée. I am always watching over the prince.”
Frau replied in a flat tone.
“Watching over? What do you mean by that…”
I don’t remember her watching over me at all. In fact, hasn’t it been years since we last met?
Then she showed the back of her right hand to us.
There was a black tattoo-like mark there.
“This is a covenant mark. Through this mark, I can share vision with Prince Mars anytime. If needed, I can even teleport right next to him.”
I reflexively looked at the back of my own right hand. There was a mark exactly the same there.
When we were children, I was told it was part of the ritual for becoming engaged, and Frau put some strange spell on me, which resulted in both of us getting this mark.
It was a somewhat cool-looking mark, so I didn’t pay it much attention…
Huh? Don’t tell me, has she been monitoring me through this mark all this time!?
Despite not having met at all, she alone has been watching me one-sidedly?
A chill went down my spine.

scene transition


This girl is dangerous…

“Hey, I’ve never heard of that kind of…”
“I will restrain the Mage Order. There will be no issues with the uprising.”
Cutting off my words, Frau said.
“Ohhh, the Thunder Emperor is on our side!”
“This is practically an assured victory!”
“She’ll get rid of those rotten nobles for us!”
Hearing Frau’s words, the HUNDRED members became excited.
With the Black and Red Knight Orders joining HUNDRED, the vice-captain of the Blue Knight Order cooperating from within the castle, and Frau restraining the elite Mage Order, the only obstacles left are the White Knight Order and the guards.
Our chances are good,
but while there may be no issues with the uprising, there are big issues with my private life that have come to light.
I wonder how I can get rid of this mark?

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