Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 5

This speculation hit the nail on the head, and the villagers are very happy. Fortunately, Iria, who returned to the village with me, remained calm and didn’t disapprove of my actions when the orcs were defeated. Since she had witnessed my battle with my soul equipment, whenever I spoke to her she stumbled over her words and shrank back, so I was convinced she had no energy left to resist.

That’s why this case ended more or less well, but there was a miscalculation in the environmental conditions. It’s a bit problematic that they’re making such a fuss. Isn’t it cruel that I haven’t been able to eat a kebab since the banquet started? Please stop looking at me with dollar signs in your eyes. I can’t count the number of times I’ve been asked: ‘Wouldn’t you like to visit my village? The chief of Melte also insisted that I stay longer, as if he did not want to let me go.

In the end, I think I’ll have to retract my earlier statement.

That’s why I had to use the excuse that I had to go to the toilet to get out. I had no desire to return to that place, so I walked to the empty field behind the village. I contemplated giving something to eat to the other person—or rather, the other contributor, Klau Soras.

To my surprise, there was someone already there.

“…Priest Sarah?”

The dwarf children were also present.

At that moment, I was loudly booed.

“I’m not a dwarf! And I’m not a child either!”

“Yes, you are!”

“No, I’m not!”

“Haha, what a shame. From my perspective, all of you are dwarf children. If it bothers you, try surpassing me in height and age!”

“Darn it! Just you wait! I’ll be taller than you! And much older too!”

“It’s impossible with age, Ain.”

“Completely impossible!”


Ohh, I see that you understand, Zwei, Dora. Ain seems quite surprised. While the three of them argued, Priest Sarah spoke up.

“The children said, ‘Since we have delicious food, we should also give some to the dragon,’ so I prepared it before noon. When we came here, I thought about calling for Sora-san, but…”

“Yes, I was completely surrounded… By the way, did Klau Soras do anything mischievous?”

I asked with concern. Klau Soras hadn’t yielded even with Seal keeping an eye on him. I wondered if he had intimidated Priest Sarah and the children.

Then, Priest Sarah smiled quietly and dispelled my worries.

“Don’t worry. He has been very calm. He truly cares about the children.”

“In that case, I’m glad.”

Saying that, I glanced at Klau Soras. The Indigo Wyvern hadn’t realized that I had arrived and was burying its head in a barrel, devouring its contents.

Its tail thumped the ground several times, indicating that it was thoroughly enjoying the food prepared by the priest.

…Could it be that it is solely absorbed by the food and not concerned about the children?

Judging by the faint fragrance in the air, the contents of the barrel were…

“Pickled with vinegar?”

“Yes, that’s right. I heard that sour food is its favorite, so I tried making it. I’m glad it liked it.”

Priest Sarah puffed out her chest with satisfaction. The ample volume protruding from her priest’s outfit definitely surpassed that of her daughter’s—no, I shook my head from side to side, dispelling such thoughts. There was no reason to compare her to her resentful daughter.

I focused my attention on Priest Sarah’s culinary skills. Based on what I observed, Klau Soras was enjoying quite an elaborate feast.

We recently caught a small boar, and after removing its skin and organs, we filled it with herbs and skewered it with a large iron skewer. It took about three hours to cook over a fire.

It was a roasted boar, not a roasted pig.

While the meat was roasting, the vinegar was also being prepared, requiring considerable effort. Vegetables harvested from the village underwent various treatments, including boiling, grilling, frying, and pickling, to blend the acidity of the vinegar with the vegetable flavors.

For those who don’t cook, it may be hard to realize the amount of work involved, but I understand the effort it took.

Once the meat was cooked, it was cut into bite-sized pieces and placed in a barrel filled with vinegar, where it soaked for about three hours.

…It’s more elaborate than the food served at the banquet.

“I’d like what I’m about to say to be a secret—”


“It took longer to prepare than the food for the chief and the others.”

“I figured.”

“Let’s keep it a secret, alright?”


Priest Sarah put her index finger in front of her lips, looking very cute.

Ahem, I coughed and looked away, remembering what I did to her daughter. By the way, Iria had been accompanying me as another contributor to the orc subjugation.

Putting that aside, I was a little worried about Klau Soras’ future, who would remember the taste of such time-consuming food.

He won’t stop eating raw meat after remembering a better taste, will he? I’m sorry, but it’s impossible to serve such complicated food every time.

Luna María has the skill to cook, but being an elf, she has an aversion to meat dishes. Seal, coming from a large family, has a mindset of “Delicious dish equals economical and generous dish.”

As for Suzume, who has lived alone in the Tittis Forest, she prefers boiling or roasting food over a fire. Lately, I’ve been seriously considering hiring a housekeeper who meets my expectations.

In this situation, it would be practically irrational to provide Klau Soras with the same luxurious food as Priest Sarah’s.

But wait, could I use this as a reason to come to the village regularly?

The distance between Ishka and the village of Melte is approximately a seven-day carriage ride. It’s not an easily manageable distance, but if I were to fly through the sky, it wouldn’t take more than half a day each way.

Visiting Priest Sarah without any valid reason might raise suspicions, but I could dispel those suspicions by using the excuse of making Klau Soras’ favorite food.

It would be beneficial if I could recruit Priest Sarah into my clan, but she’s a talented user who can’t be easily obtained, even with the Miracle of High Virtue. If she were to leave the village, it would undoubtedly cause a major commotion.

No, Priest Sarah, who holds the responsibility of the church and the care of the orphans, wouldn’t be able to accept my invitation. I’ll have to abandon my plan to recruit her… or maybe not. In that case, wouldn’t it be advantageous to find another Miracle user?

Furthermore, I could take care of those three orphans. Fortunately, my mansion is excessively spacious, and there are enough funds to support and look after three or four children without any issues.

Ah, but I heard that Priest Sarah’s husband’s grave is in this village, so it would be impossible. Besides, there’s also Iria. The reason I manipulated Iria in that way was to increase my supply of souls during the night. If we were to live under the same roof, Priest Sarah would undoubtedly notice her daughter’s condition.

However, Luna María and Seal are still in the mansion. From an outsider’s perspective, it would seem like I’m a womanizer who changes partners and spends time with them every day. I don’t want to imagine Priest Sarah’s eyes filled with disgust.

I’ll focus on establishing a future connection with Priest Sarah without any strange desires.

With a serious expression, I tried to talk to her.

“Um, I have something to ask.”

“Yes, what is it?”

“When it’s pickled with vinegar, does the meat have a long shelf life?”

“Well, it’s somewhat like that. However, with the increasing heat, it’s better to consume it quickly… Although there’s no need to worry in this case.”

Priest Sarah chuckled a bit as she glanced at Klau Soras. Well, I think the amount of food this time is sufficient. In fact, he just finished eating.

Puu, Klau Soras, who lifted his face from the barrel with a satisfied sigh, noticed me and widened his eyes.

He soon lowered his head with an apologetic gesture—Uwaa, your face is covered in vinegar. It’s only natural since you had your head in the barrel.

“Was it that delicious?”

“Pugy! Pugy!”

As I asked while wiping his face with a towel I took out of my pocket, Klau Soras thumped his tail against the ground and let out a vigorous roar, flapping his wings at the same time.

It seems like he really enjoyed it.

And it seems that he not only liked the food but also Priest Sarah.

Because Klau Soras didn’t reject her hand as she cleaned the vinegar off his face together with me.

He usually dislikes when others touch him, but he has become quite docile. Maybe this is what they call “attacking through the stomach.”

“I think eventually this guy will bring the prey he catches to the priest instead of me.”

“If it’s a request from the contributor who saved the village, I’d be very happy to cook. But it would be impossible to do it every day…”

“I would be very grateful—Um, can I really ask you seriously? Of course, I won’t ask for something unreasonable like having it every day, and I will pay the appropriate price.”

“Sure, I wouldn’t mind. If you add to it, I would prefer it not to be seen as payment but as a donation to the church.”

Priest Sarah said with a smile, her face radiant with happiness.

…Guh. This is bad. Just now, I thought, “I want to devour her.” I feel like talking to her will make me lose self-control.

Anyway, I achieved results! Well done, Klau Soras. Now I won’t have to worry about the reason for my next visit. I can return to Ishka with peace of mind.

When I said that, Priest Sarah looked at me in astonishment.

“Are you leaving already?”

“Yes. I think I’ve stayed in Ishka for too long. I’m also worried about the clan and the rotten sea.”

The rotten sea should have burned more or less, but that doesn’t mean nothing happened.

I’m also worried about Suzume. I don’t think I should be, as I asked Luna María and Seal to keep an eye on her, but the two of them are a problem in themselves.

An elf (beauty) and a beast girl (beautiful), both wearing slave collars, are as eye-catching as Suzume in a certain sense. In a way, the outcome of this trip to Melte was quite troublesome.

If I were to elaborate, it would come off as condescending, so I’ll have to explain it as succinct as possible. Nevertheless, Priest Sarah seemed to have sensed something. She bowed deeply and expressed her gratitude.

“Thank you very much. Let me thank you again.”

“No, no, don’t worry about it. When someone is in trouble, we should help each other.”

I put on a gentle smile, hoping to portray myself as a good person—do I look like a good person?

Suddenly, I realized that the children had been unusually quiet for a while. When I looked at them, they were rubbing their sleepy eyes. It was already their bedtime.

When I looked at the three of them, they were rubbing their sleepy eyes. I can’t blame them, it’s usually time for bed.

The dwarf called Ain yawned and the other two younger ones staggered. Priestess Sarah spoke softly to the children.

“Ain, please take Zwei and Dora to their room.”


Ain nodded as he rubbed his eyes. Zwei held Ain’s right hand and Dora held his left.

I thought about it as I watched the three of them walk back to the village.

Yes, Ain is a good elder brother. I think there was a time when Raguna and I walked hand in hand, but my memories are already vague.

When could that have been? If I remember correctly, it must have been when my mother and Raguna’s mother were around, so it was definitely before we were seven.

Feeling nostalgic and bitter, I suddenly felt a gaze.

When I looked back, Priest Sarah, who was supposed to be following the children, was looking at me.

It was a look of concern. Even without words, she seemed to sense the loneliness that had entered my heart at that moment.

Feeling embarrassed by her kind look, I turned my gaze in the direction I had been searching for.

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