I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 11

“Why… Ray!”

Before I knew it, I started moving my legs and ran.

“Hey, where are you going? It’s dangerous outside!”

Because… I realized it. I realized it.

[I’ll also go later.]

[I just forgot something.]

[Do you really think I can win against that monster?]

Ray didn’t say a single word about it…

“He said he won’t ‘fight’… he never said that!”

–There, a hero stood.

He dashed across the sky with an unimaginable speed, striking the dragon’s body repeatedly with the large sword in his right hand.

The bulky, rugged armor he wore was heavily damaged in various places, as if to signify the intensity of the battle… it no longer served its purpose as protection.

The body visible from the parts where the armor had fallen off was painfully scorched and blackened, as if burnt by scorching flames. Moreover, his left arm, which should have been there, was missing as if it had been completely obliterated.

His body was already in such a state that it was a wonder he could still move.

However, that person confronted the dragon with movements that left no room for such considerations, fighting it alone.

Facing the mighty dragon, soaring through the sky, his figure was unmistakably that of a “hero” as seen in fairy tales and stories.

Everyone in the town looked up at the sky in awe, captivated by the movements of that person. It was such an overwhelmingly awe-inspiring sight.

Undoubtedly, that figure must have appeared as a beacon of hope to the people in the town. Facing a dragon that even the mages of the knight order couldn’t harm, his one-man battle represented nothing but hope.

“Why… why…!”

But for me, despite his worn-out appearance as he faced the dragon, it wasn’t hope. It was because the person battling in the sky, the one I knew well… was Ray.

I couldn’t understand why Ray was fighting the dragon. I couldn’t understand why Ray, who said he valued himself the most, was sacrificing himself to protect the town.

As I looked at Ray, who seemed on the verge of collapse, my chest tightened with an intense sensation. I was terrified that Ray would go somewhere far away.

Ray was hundreds of times stronger than I imagined. He was on par with a dragon, possessing the power to destroy an entire kingdom… no, he had even a slight advantage.

He endured the dragon’s breath that should have been avoidable, minimizing the damage to the town. His actions conveyed a strong determination to protect the people, even if it meant sacrificing himself.

The dragon, bewildered by the fact that it was engaged in a battle on equal terms with a human far smaller than itself, became frantic and furious. It seemed to perceive Ray, who was threatening it, as a threat and stubbornly focused its attacks solely on him.

The roar of the dragon, shaking the earth, echoed, and the air trembled. With each resounding destructive sound, either Ray or the dragon’s body sustained damage.

And… the fierce battle continued, where neither side would be surprised if either life were to be extinguished in an instant, an eternity–


–In the end, the one standing was Ray.

Ray deeply stabbed his large sword into the neck of the fallen dragon, ensuring it no longer moved. Then, he let out weak, intermittent voices.

The dragon’s eyes had lost their light, as if its strength had vanished. Anyone could tell that it had already perished. In other words… Ray had defeated the dragon. All by himself, without borrowing anyone’s power.

Stabbing his sword into the dragon’s neck and standing there, it was like a single panel from an illustration in a hero’s tale. Everyone was captivated by that fantastical and unreal sight, rendered speechless.



I immediately rushed toward Ray, who looked on the verge of collapse. I wanted to let him rest, supporting his body with his sword.


At that moment, a deafening roar echoed from above.

I looked up at the sky, wondering what was happening. And there–


There were two dragons, both with the exact same appearance, adorned with ominous magical power, floating high in the sky.

Their slow and leisurely flight… it was as if they were mocking us.

“Are you still …… Are you there, yet? …… What a pain in the ass, …… “

Ray let out a sigh as he observed the scene… then, using his sword for support, he dragged his barely functional legs and moved his battered body.

His appearance still seemed as if he were determined to continue the fight. Despite the situation of having two dragons that he had just managed to defeat, Ray hadn’t given up.

“Just… wait! We should abandon the town and evacuate! And your injuries… we need to get a White Mage to use ‘Healing Magic’ on you right away–“

A man wearing knight armor shouted, trying to stop Ray as he continued to move his battered body. His words echoed my thoughts and concerns.

“Don’t… get in my way. This is a perfect… opportunity. That, and… whether it’s impossible or not… I’ll decide.”

“Wha…!? But with that condition of your body–“

Ignoring the words of caution, Ray crouched down on the ground to infuse magic into the “Sky Soaring Boots” attached to his feet, preparing to take to the sky. Without paying any attention to the objections, he persisted in his own will.

I didn’t understand. I couldn’t comprehend why he was so determined to keep fighting. Why he was willing to sacrifice himself to protect the town. Ray, who had told me to value myself, was now suggesting that we abandon everything and run away.

“I… am a man who… will become a hero.”

Suddenly, Ray muttered, making a declaration that made no sense.


The knight’s expression turned blank upon hearing that. The people in the surrounding town wore the same expression.

“I have… a dream. To become a hero… defeat the Demon King, and become a king… that dream… but I haven’t become a hero yet. No matter… how much effort I put into becoming stronger, if the Holy Mark doesn’t appear… I can’t become a hero. It’s meaningless.”

Supporting his body with his sword, Ray stood up, not looking at anyone and speaking as if he were convincing himself. As if encouraging himself.

“But… I haven’t found the conditions for the Holy Mark to appear. So… I thought about it. To become a hero… what should I do.”

“What are you talking about! Instead of that, you need to heal your body quickly–“

Ignoring the words of caution, Ray forced his shaky body to stand using the large sword as support.

“It’s a simple… story– [‘To become a hero,’ I just need ‘to become a hero’]. The heroes in fairy tales are the strongest, bravest… absolute beings who protect people from evil. That’s the ideal image of a hero that everyone has. So… to become a hero… [‘I just need to become that’]. Stronger than anyone else… and help someone. If I do that, someday… I can become a hero, I should be able to. So… if that’s the case–“

That was Ray’s belief. A firm reason for confronting the dragon. The wish to “become a hero,” a pure and earnest aspiration that every boy longs for.

“You can’t just… run away in a place like this!”

Forcing his body to move, Ray rushed towards the sky where the two dragons were hovering. Ignoring the voices trying to stop his recklessness, he stood alone and confronted them, all to protect the town.

With his Sky Soaring Boots, he raced through the sky at an incomprehensible speed, attacking the dragon’s body repeatedly with the large sword in a manner that didn’t seem fitting for someone on the verge of death.

With his body wrapped in protective magic, he endured the dragon’s breath that could instantly melt iron. Unable to withstand the enormous body of the dragon, he was slammed onto the ground, yet he repeatedly stood up without ever collapsing.

His actions defied the seemingly hopeless and despairing situation. He was already more of a hero than anyone else. The embodiment of a hero who helps people and fights against evil.

His left arm was obliterated, and the remaining right arm was scorched and burned by the dragon’s breath. The armor he had worn was barely recognizable, with just enough shape to resemble armor.

However, his movements were even faster and sharper than before… and despite being in a state that should have been fatal, he fought the dragons with even greater strength and ferocity. He toyed with the two dragons, overwhelming them.

I thought there was no way he could win.

Even with just one dragon, it had been a struggle to finally defeat it. So, there was no way we could win against two dragons, even if the world turned upside down. I’m sure everyone in the town thought the same.

And yet… despite that–

“………………Whoa…………you…did it………………Yes…………you”

Someone murmured, and their eyes focused on the two large figures lying next to Ray–the dragons.

The glistening black scales of the dragons were torn apart with sword wounds, and they lay motionless on the ground as if they had lost all their strength. One dragon had its head and body haphazardly severed, while the other had a large sword pierced through its enormous eye and remained motionless. In other words, in other words, Ray–

“He won…? Against the dragons, all by himself–?”

In an instant, a chorus of cheers erupted from the surroundings. The townspeople who had been watching with bated breath, the knights of the order, and the adventurers… they cried tears of joy and raised their voices in celebration of the fact that the hero had defeated the dragons.

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