Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 4

375: Hero and Anonymous-san
Justice Crusader’s basic strategy is triple team beatdowns finishing with a superweapon, so in musclebrain levels they’re not inferior to Black Knight-kun
They just look cute, flashy, and refreshing to disguise it but it’s a sufficiently dangerous group

376: Hero and Anonymous-san
No joke, surrounding and whaling on them is strong

377: Hero and Anonymous-san
Their tactics are straight up barbaric

378: Hero and Anonymous-san
I like Yellow’s fake Kansai-ben

379: Hero and Anonymous-san
The electric axe wielding full power smasher

380: Hero and Anonymous-san
I heard the character creation was for a regular way of speaking, cute

381: Hero and Anonymous-san
Looking at the official profile, being good at cooking already establishes stability
No personality but a kid with personality

382: Hero and Anonymous-san
Blue-chan’s laidback feel is also good

383: Hero and Anonymous-san
Blue’s profile says she likes Japanese sweets
Makes you want to say “You just created that character huh”

384: Hero and Anonymous-san
The story about Blue bringing Black Knight-kun mystery novels as gifts

385: Hero and Anonymous-san
While focus goes to Black Knight-kun, Justice are a bundle of personalities too
And their voices are cute after all

386: Hero and Anonymous-san
Hey!! Red is…

387: Hero and Anonymous-san

388: Hero and Anonymous-san
Red is said to be a prodigy swordsmaster who could have become a famous manslayer if born in a different era

389: Hero and Anonymous-san
Overseas bros and sisses call her Blood Samurai

390: Hero and Anonymous-san
Do you know why Red’s suit is red? It’s because it’s dyed by the spurting blood of monsters

391: Hero and Anonymous-san
The lone female really is a different class (meaningfully said)

392: Hero and Anonymous-san
Red-chan’s affectionate behavior toward Black Knight-kun is kind of nervewracking

393: Hero and Anonymous-san
Don’t try to defend them!!

394: Hero and Anonymous-san
Getting labeled as the pitiable and berserker archetypes, their positions are firmly set by laughing www

395: Hero and Anonymous-san
But I think Red has the greatest mental fortitude

396: Hero and Anonymous-san
The battle with Monster Earth this time was like a culmination of that
Red and Black as the attack starting point
Yellow uses electricity to seal the enemy’s movements and stuns with the axe
Blue fires energy bullets without pause to intimidate and create an opening
Felt like a battle befitting the Four Color Squadron

397: Hero and Anonymous-san
Even against a super strong monster like Earth they were basically helpless

398: Hero and Anonymous-san
No matter how much you deny it, you’re already the fourth color Black Knight-kun…

399: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun’s suit has insane heat resistance and durability and stuff right?
He went straight in punching against MOnster Earth’s heat radiation completely unaffected

400: Hero and Anonymous-san
It was over 3000 degrees Celsius apparently

401: Hero and Anonymous-san
I don’t know if I’m the weird one but
Isn’t it strange to be able to approach and whack a monster with a body temperature nearing 3000 degrees?

402: Hero and Anonymous-san
Nothing is strange for Black Knight-kun

403: Hero and Anonymous-san
He ran on the sea surface like it was natural so he can probably do it physically if there’s any way

404: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun’s battle against Earth summarized
-Holds off Earth alone buying time until operation begins (estimated 6 hours)
-Uses knockback to shove Earth into a container
-To prevent escape, enters container himself and keeps punching (estimated 2 hours)
-Meanwhile, left arm is torn off
-After dropping it, the risen Monster Earth is stabbed with the severed left arm


405: Hero and Anonymous-san
Go on


-A year and a half later, weakened by the stabbed left arm
-Also mentally weakened by trauma of Black Knight-kun
-Black Knight-kun, in coordination with Justice Crusader, whacks the hell out of Earth
-Rushes into near 3000 degree extreme environment and keeps whacking
-Chases the escaped Earth, running on the sea
-Rips out the core and delivers the finishing blow

406: Hero and Anonymous-san
What is this guy… (Awe)

407: Hero and Anonymous-san
What he did seriously seems superhuman
Making preparations for the next battle then it actually happens…

408: Hero and Anonymous-san
Ripping out the core is too slick damn
Really merciless against monsters, feels exhilarating

409: Hero and Anonymous-san
If it wasn’t a monster this would undoubtedly get an R-rating

410: Hero and Anonymous-san
At that scene Black Knight-kun had lost it
Because Earth turned his back on and fled from Justice Crusader who desperately fought

411: Hero and Anonymous-san
He lost it thinking about the Ground Self-Defense Force members who risked their lives fighting last time
Back then, the people involved faced the terrible magma controlling monster without fleeing, yet Earth himself started spouting some nonsense mission and became scum who’d flee when in danger of dying

412: Hero and Anonymous-san
There were not a few casualties too…
The one commanding on site…

413: Hero and Anonymous-san
A Ground Self-Defense Force member who participated at the time held hands with his daughter and thanked Black Knight-kun, that really pierced my heart

414: Hero and Anonymous-san
Please watch the past coordination between Black Knight-kun and the Ground Self-Defense Force
Watch it (sudden change)

415: Hero and Anonymous-san
Calmly thinking about it, he planted latent terror into the monster ruling earth but
With Black Knight-kun’s point of view lines, his absolutely livid anger really comes through…

416: Hero and Anonymous-san
“The people who fought you faced you!!”
“They risked their lives fighting you!!”
“Yet when driven into a corner you’ll flee!?”
“Don’t fuck with me, you spineless bastard!!”
You can grasp his true feelings from the raw words…

417: Hero and Anonymous-san
Objectively speaking, he instilled latent terror into the monster ruling earth but

418: Hero and Anonymous-san
He already tore off an arm in the previous battle, further stabbing that right into the center of its chest
Anyone would be terrified

419: Hero and Anonymous-san
If likened to something, it’s like the protagonist party after the final boss battle versus the previous work’s protagonist party whose status never fell at all within the story
Speaking of mental strength, it was their peak period

420: Hero and Anonymous-san
This morning, the official site explained why Black Knight-kun is so strong
Too new for the info to have spread yet I think

421: Hero and Anonymous-san
Let’s check it out

600: Hero and Anonymous-san
What the hell is a perfect Proto-Suit compatibility match!?
Able to draw out full specs so has power equal to 3 Justice Crusaders combined, that’s just obviously crazy

601: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s become irreplaceable for real now
With the human experiment suspicion gone too, he’s seriously just a naturally perfect match for the suit, I’m impressed

602: Hero and Anonymous-san
Of course they’d treasure him
There was talk of using him as a guinea pig but before making him into one, they caught someone with more real combat experience as the ultimate wearer, so the need to use him as a guinea pig disappeared

603: Hero and Anonymous-san
Why’s he perfectly compatible with cutting edge gear from that era?
And the development leader says the suit’s capabilities are forcibly drawn out, is Black Knight-kun really human?

604: Hero and Anonymous-san
In other words, the hazardous suit that would reject and lethally drain anyone besides the match instead has Black Knight-kun the perfect match where not only is there no rejection, it’s so obedient it wags its tail?
On top of that, having its capabilities forcibly drawn out and screaming?
And that scream might even be joy?

605: Hero and Anonymous-san
Personification unavoidable, lol

606: Hero and Anonymous-san
Is it really okay to spread info like this?

607: Hero and Anonymous-san
They’ve probably confirmed with the government so they’re slowly leaking info right?
To gradually have people understand Black Knight-kun’s abnormality and importance
and such

608: Hero and Anonymous-san
Anyway this info will probably stir up huge waves again

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