Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 4 

“That’s why, I’ll have you clearly define who’s strong and who’s weak!”
And with that, Teacher Sakaki smiled.
I smiled a little internally too since I’d finally get to see Kurotsuki’s true power.

And then, a few minutes later—
“Please…tell me that was a joke.”
I twisted my cheeks internally at Kurotsuki standing before me as my ‘opponent’.



What is this malicious joke?
I felt my cheeks twitch inwardly as I looked at Kurotsuki standing in front of me.
He had his hands shoved in his pockets, standing there looking composed.
Just standing there, he’s picture perfect since he’s an ikemen.
“Let’s see, the first match I arbitrarily decided will be Kurotsuki vs Amamori.”
“W-Wait Teach! What part of this is fair and equal?!”
As expected of Asahina san! Well said!
That’s right, I want to see Kurotsuki get serious!
There’s other students’ combat training too, so this’ll probably be Kurotsuki’s only match.
Yet the opponent is…me? That’s too harsh a joke, Teacher Sakaki.
If I fought, I’d just get insta-killed instantly.
It’s obvious I’d get insta-killed.
I can vividly imagine getting blasted by magic for a direct hit and immediate death.
“If it’s truly fair and equal, there should be a more suitable opponent for him!”
Asahina shouts.
At her words, my classmates stirred, and I clenched my fist.
Well said, Asahina!
We wanna see you two duke it out seriously, you know?
No one’s interested in ‘Amamori Gets Insta-Killed by Kurotsuki: The Picture’.
At most, Kurashiki would watch planning to joke about it later 100%.
So forget about me and start already, you two.
The strongest in class with her ability, Asahina Kasumi. The lone genius and lone wolf, Kurotsuki kanade.
I imagine an intense battle between you two.
And then Asahina cried out!
“I want to fight Amamori-kun myself!”
“Kurotsuki-kun, please go easy on me.”
I sincerely lowered my head to plead.
Sorry Kurotsuki-san, I was kinda unenthusiastic earlier.
Fighting you is definitely better than her. No really, I mean it.
Looking shocked, Asahina slumped over, while Sakaki smiled amusedly.
She probably thinks ‘Let those who secretary holding back beat each other up’. This devil.
“B-But…! Amamori-kun! L-Let’s train together! I think training with me would benefit Amamori-kun’s training nicely! I’ll work hard!”
“Um, who are you again? A student from another class?”
At my additional jab, Asahina finally collapsed face down.
While Kurashiki ran over exaggeratedly, I faced Kurotsuki again.
He was quietly watching me.
However…his eyes somehow seemed to be looking beyond me at something else.
“This is your chance to surrender.”
For the first time here, Kurotsuki spoke up…. His voice was tremendously good-looking.
A fawning shriek came from among the girls, and Kurotsuki grimaced in annoyance.
“I wanna surrender so bad but…doesn’t seem I can huh. If possible, I want you to go easy on me.”
“Understood. I’ll decide this in one blow.”
Sounding uninterested, Kurotsuki raised his right hand toward me.
Black energy (magic power or whatever) gathered in his right hand, and seeing that, Shake signaled.
“Then! Begin combat training!”
Kurotsuki moved almost simultaneously with the start signal sounding.
“Pierce, ‘Black Ball’.”
What was fired was a virtually undodgeable super-speed strike.
While the power seems modest, a direct hit would definitely knock me out.
Looking as if he’d lost interest, Kurotsuki cut his eyes off me.
Asahina reached out to me looking flustered.
—Defeat. That’s what we all thought, what I thought. I was certain I would absolutely lose.
Welp, I’d resolved myself to take the hit.
But I noticed. I noticed it.
…Oh, my shoelace is untied, I thought.
I crouched down and retied my shoelace.
The ‘Black Ball’ passed over my head as I did so.
That doubtful voice came from Kurotsuki.
After retying my shoelace and looking up, he was gazing at me with widened, unbelieving eyes.
I wonder what’s wrong? I tilted my head and looked back.
The Black Ball had disappeared, stabbed into the ground.
Oh my, looks like by coincidence and happenstance, I miraculously dodged it.
This is bad. I was prepared to be insta-killed but…well, now that it’s come to this.
I should investigate as much as I can.
Just how strong this guy is.
—Whether he has the capacity to stand beside me.
I cracked my knuckles and focused on him.

scene transition


“Now, let’s fight, Kurotsuki kanade.”
At my words, Kurotsuki kanade froze for a short while.
Though thoughts like ‘Why, how, how are those words going through my head’ must be spinning through his brain, we’re in the middle of mock battle.
As a result, it seemed he had forcibly concluded his doubts.
“…Hmph, just got lucky.”
He raised his right hand again, unleashing an even bigger aura than before.
Uh oh, this’ll definitely kill me if it hits.
Sensing impending death, I started running around Kurotsuki.
Seeing me do that, Kurotsuki aimed.
“This time you won’t dodge, ‘Black Ball’!”
A Black Ball with a slightly louder voice than before. The power, size, and speed were all greater than earlier.
What an ability… I complained internally, but realized. I can’t dodge this one. Even with the human body, there’s no way I can dodge at this speed. It’s who knows how many times faster than Kirido, I thought.
While thinking that…I suddenly noticed.
I noticed it!
“Oh, did I turn off the room heater?”
…No wait, would there even be a heater in April? I stopped and fell deep in thought.
Right after, something grazed the tip of my nose with a ‘shoom!’ sound.
“Wha—?! He dodged aga—”
“Hm? Did something happen just now?”
I didn’t notice at all!
Nothing about a Black Ball grazing the tip of my nose!
No, I didn’t notice at all, everything was coincidence too.
How I stopped right at the spot barely missed by the Black Ball.
How I happened to notice my shoelace was untied earlier.
How I suddenly got concerned about the room heater I’d never touched before.
Everything was ‘chance’. Commonly called miracles and coincidences.
My classmates who’d watched me were standing utterly stunned with eyes wide.
Among them, Kurashiki made a serious expression and suddenly started saying weird stuff while riding high.
“I see… I had a feeling for a while now that Amamori-kun is no ordinary guy.”
“W-What are you saying, Hotaru…san?”
Asahina san’s bewildered voice.
With the class’s attention gathered on her, Kurashiki began saying:
“Getting continuously violent treatment from someone as strong as Kirido-kun… Yet he didn’t have a single fracture. I thought there must be a reason, but… Right! Amamori-kun has extremely good luck!”
What’s she saying? I and over half the class thought that.
However, Asahina showed a completely different reaction.
“I-If everything until now was him miraculously avoiding vital spots…!”
“[Whims of Fate], let’s call it that, shall we?”
Hearing someone’s words, Asahina turned to look.
Following her gaze, there was our bandanna-wearing classmate Tendou Yuji.
Letting out a “Fufufu!” laugh, he shouted chuuni-ly at full power.
“That’s right! That itself is the innate gift bestowed upon Amamori! Even manifesting the low-ranking Ability [Eyesight Ruiner] was fate! Due to his ‘strong luck,’ it’s a god-forged chain of destiny!”
“In other words…!”
“‘Unexpectedly, Mr. Amamori might be strong!'”
“‘Black Ball.'”
A merciless blow struck directly at my abdomen.
…Sorry for interrupting the excitement.
I couldn’t avoid it three times in a row, especially while things were heating up.
I let out a frog-like sound as I was blown away and crouched, clutching my stomach.
In response to this scene, Ms. Tendo chuckled while holding her eyepatch.
“His luck be strong, but remember, it’s only within the scope of ‘unexpected.’ That’s the fate you’re under!”
“Well, in the end, Amamori probably can’t beat Kurotsuki-san, right?”
In the end, it seemed they reached that conclusion.
Asahina-san rushed over at an incredible speed, and there was an atmosphere among everyone like, “Well, it’s Amamori after all…”
Of course, that was to be expected. If I couldn’t even defeat Kirido, there was no way I could beat Kurotsuki. If I had that kind of power, I would have used it in the battle against Kirido.
“Are you okay, Amamori-kun? Let’s… uh, go to the infirmary.”
“I’m fine… Asana…ma. It seems it didn’t have as much power as it looked.”
“Uhm, that’s good, but my name is Asahina, not Asana, Amamori-kun.”
She said that with a lonely expression, but I didn’t take her hand and got up on my own.
When I looked ahead, Kurotsuki kanade was staring at me.
Unbelievable. He seemed to be saying that with his eyes wide open as he looked at me.
“You finally looked at me.”
Asahina couldn’t seem to understand my words, so she tilted her head.
But on the other hand, it had a tremendous effect on Kurotsuki.
“You… You…”
“Thank you, Kurotsuki-kun, for going out of your way to ‘go easy’ on me.”
Only now, upon arriving here, did Kurotsuki’s expression distort.
After glancing at his expression, I raised both hands toward Teacher Sakaki.
Seeing this, she smiled and announced the end of the training.


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