Reset My Favor and Live a Normal Youth Volume 1 Chapter 6 part 2

I choke on my words. It’d be easy to blame myself. But that won’t let me move forward.
This is an issue between me and Hanazono. Self-containment is the wrong solution.
I need to talk it out. Consider her feelings. Even if my emotions are reset, even if my interest is gone.
“What happened?”
“Oh it’s no big deal. I just got in a fight with a friend yesterday…I-It’s not because she said anything about you! Don’t get the wrong idea!”
“I see. Do you think…you can make up with your friend?”
“Yeah, if we talk it out properly later, it’ll be fine. We fight all the time after all–“
I guess they can usually work it out by talking. Just like Tanaka said.
“I’m glad.”
“I’m an awful girl, so it’s no wonder you hate me.”
“No, that’s not–“
It’s not that I hate her. My faint affections just faded away. The fond memories and warm feelings for her in my heart faded away.
“It’s okay. It’s my fault–I really am sorry.”
“No, it’s my–I reset, so–“
I accidentally raise my voice. There are still a small number of students walking this side road. They look at us curiously. I don’t like those gazes.
No, I can’t trouble Hanazono anymore.
Ever since middle school I’ve relied on her too much already. I can’t keep doing this–
“Hehe, you’re still awkward but so kind. Now I feel like there’s a huge wall between us. Like when we met again in middle school…it’s like talking to a total stranger…The distance feels terrifyingly far.”
Even though my affections for her were supposedly reset…
Somehow my chest tightens. I don’t understand what this pain is. My sadness should have disappeared when I erased my affections.
“You went overboard, you know. You don’t listen to others and just do things your own insensitive way. But this time gave me a chance to think…I realized–“
Hanazono looked at me gently.
Seeing her expression makes my heart beat a little faster.
“–I was the one dependent on you. …Because you’re so kind. You listen to everything I say and only think about me. I should have done more to help you grow…After all, I was the only one you could talk to. –Maybe I took pride in that.”
Grow…Have I not grown since middle school? It’s true, I haven’t changed much since then. Even in high school, I kept relying on Hanazono.
Just now, Hanazono denied that.

“It was my fault–“
“Oh come on! It’s not your fault! Because that’s just who Toudou Tsuyoshi is, and I didn’t try to change that even though I knew…sigh…I’m really hopeless. Resetting feelings… Haha, what is that? It’s strange, even though it’s something unusual, I understand. Well, it’s not the first time, after all.”
Hanazono bit her lip, looking frustrated.
“Sorry— I can’t explain it well, but…”
“Nah, don’t apologize. The frustration is about my past foolishness. I even thought a love letter… that Tsuyoshi would definitely accept it… Yeah, I was that conceited.”

That’s right. I was a convenient guy. Along with my feelings, that fact had also faded away.
Vivid memories from the past come to my mind.

Me, looking dull and uninterested, and Hanazono with an annoyed expression.
“Who are you?” “Don’t remember? Hanazono. …I’m the one taking care of you.” “I don’t know you.” “Huh? Stop joking. Anyway, do you remember the promise?” “I don’t know about any promise.” “Oh, I see.”
We restarted our relationship from a cold start. As time passed… we nurtured our connection.

After watching a movie, we ate ice cream. When buying snacks, we exchanged and tasted each other’s choices. I caught Hanazono when she almost tripped. Because she couldn’t wake up in the morning, I called her. To improve my poor communication skills, she chatted with me a lot. She chose my outfits, being indifferent to fashion. She listened to my whims or got sulky if I didn’t. We thought together about how to interact with classmates. She helped me when I was left out during class groupings. When things didn’t go well in relationships, she comforted me.

I… in an instant, erased the feelings we had developed together.


My chest hurts. What is this pain? It’s different from when people talked behind my back.
It’s painful… emotions can’t be suppressed.

Didn’t I feel no regret? Wasn’t it supposed to be irrelevant now?
There’s no affection… still—

Hanazono’s calm expression turns into a smile.
That’s the face I liked. It’s stored in my memory.
Hanazono’s body trembles slightly, and suddenly she slaps her own face.
“Oww… Yeah, I’ve reset my feelings for Tsuyoshi too! If you can do it, so can I! Haha, yeah, forget all the memories… and erase the feeling I have for you… Starting fresh—”

You can’t do something like that…
Resetting, is it something an ordinary person can do?

If you’ve reset, why are you crying? Why do you have such a sad expression?
That’s not resetting. Resetting is erasing emotions…
Hanazono extends trembling hands forward.
Like the first time we met, she looks cold, yet there’s a gentle feeling visible.

“Tsuyoshi… from scratch… Please, let’s truly become friends.”

I grip my chest with my own hand.
I don’t feel love. But—something inside me is raging. The pain holds it back.
I grit my teeth. I taste the flavor of blood in my mouth—
Ah, frustrating. I can’t express myself well.
I wonder what kind of face I’m making?
Surely, it’s an expressionless one—
But, it seemed like Hanazono is waiting for my words.

“I reset my affection for Hanazono—no, that’s not the right word… I’ll handle it differently—no, that’s not it, I am—”

Hanazono waited patiently for my words.
Her body was still trembling. She gave me courage.
I should be more honest with myself.
Did I hate the lonely me? Did my chest ache seeing the lonely Hanazono?

If that’s the case—

“Again… I want to be friends.”

I grab Hanazono’s trembling hand. It’s nothing special; I’m trembling too.
When our hands overlapped, it felt like the trembling had stopped.

“Yeah, thank you. Now, I really want to let Tsuyoshi have a normal youth…”

In a low voice, Hanazono mutters, “No matter how many times you reset, I won’t give up.”
That’s right, we’ll start from here. I’ll blow away the gossip I heard from my cherished childhood friend, reset, and start a new relationship.

“Higu… Haha… Why am I… crying? I-I mean, it’s not like I, don’t like you at all… Higu… Hey, Tsuyoshi, let’s—let’s make lots of friends this time. Let’s play with everyone… Hikku…”

scene transition

The something swirling violently in my chest–feels settled now.
For the first time, I was able to truly understand how precious relationships with people can be.

With all my emotion, thoughts, determination, and gratitude–

“I’ll change. –Hanazono.”

It’s the moment I faced Hanazono, and others, for the first time–

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  2. Wow. Really, a tsundere apologized to the mc? I’ve rarely seen something like this. This is so rare, it’s like seeing an endangered animals

  3. That’s quite a development.

    I guess instead of reseting, it’s more of being kicked/banished far away, or put on the other side of the screen, or at least being separated by a glass wall?
    … AT field?

    Thanks for translating this series.

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