Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 12 part 2

Since this operation has the 3rd Mobile Fleet at its core for the crackdown, normally the neighboring 2nd Patrol Fleet wouldn’t be involved, but this time is special.
Because it was that 2nd Patrol Fleet that brought the information about the pirates.
The Coast Guard HQ which received the information from them requested intelligence agencies like the military intelligence division and police headquarters to analyze the information and collect intel to determine the scale of the enemy pirates.
Pirate subjugation is an important duty for any nation, and matters of honor and government credibility are also at stake, so it’s hugely important.
And for the opponent to be the notorious and massive Hishiyama group known throughout nations, it would be no surprise for the military to get involved.
However, according to the information obtained this time, it was just one part of the Hishiyama group at a scale comparable to a patrol fleet, so rather than the military, the task fell to the Mobile Fleet responsible for the region where the pirates were expected to appear.
Another reason the Space Forces aren’t participating this time seems to be that they aren’t very enthusiastic about pirate suppression to begin with.
But the people of the 2nd Patrol Fleet who first grabbed the information weren’t laughing.
With the indirect merits accruing to the commander of the 2nd Mobile Fleet, he couldn’t just watch silently, which led to the 2nd Patrol Fleet being dispatched to the 3rd Mobile Fleet and Patrol Fleet’s jurisdiction specially for this operation.

The reason a lowly officer like me could know so much inside information was the fruit of catching hearsay from the ubiquitous intelligence collectors.
But isn’t organizational insider information too leaky no matter how much informants they are?
I started doubting whether this country’s counterintelligence is really okay.
Well, that’s enough joking. The reason we’re still on standby is simply because the 2nd Patrol Fleet we’re waiting to join us is late.
It seems the 2nd Patrol Fleet is searching for intel on the pirates until the last minute, and I just heard they’ll be joining us very soon.
I heard that as soon as the 2nd Patrol Fleet joins up, a captains’ meeting will be held aboard the flagship [Nubia] of the 3rd Mobile Fleet.
I was just ordered that as this ship’s sole landing craft pilot I’m to carry the captain to the flagship [Nubia].
Meyrica flat out refused to go with the captain, pushing landing craft piloting onto Maria, so Maria and I will be delivering our captain to the [Nubia].
And we’re to remain on standby aboard the flagship [Nubia] until the meeting ends—that’s how it is.
So I was able to hear something important while here.
The purpose of this operation is for the Coast Guard to defeat the notorious Hishiyama group.
Luckily our opponents are part of the Hishiyama group, but the word is they’re under someone named Nezuli, a three-ship frigate squad from the Nim space territory.
Three frigates is considerable power for pirates, but still not enough for a patrol fleet, though it’s a different story if the Mobile Fleet gets involved.
Among the Coast Guard leadership involved in this operation, the consensus seems to be there shouldn’t be a problem in terms of fighting strength.
The sole worry is that the expected encounter point is near the most troublesome area in the 3rd Mobile Fleet’s territory.
In the worst case, we could approach the dark region where radar and laser armaments are unusable.
In that case it would be visual detection, with high risk of overlooking them, and above all combat shipborne weapons would be unusable, so like old naval battles it would have to be boarding and suppression if the enemy doesn’t surrender.
Well, even in that case, we’re prepared so with the target pirates at the expected scale, we shouldn’t lose in terms of numbers.
The personnel damage during the suppression would be more worrying.
And above all, for this operation they’ve prepared decoys, less to minimize damage than to prevent overlooking the targets.
It seems they’ve subtly leaked information about a valuable resource transport schedule that only happens a few times a year to the target pirates.
And the transport ships being used as decoys haven’t been informed at all.
The top brass of the Coast Guard unilaterally leaked the secret transport schedule to the target pirates.
If the operation fails, it would be outrageous enough to rock the nation.
That’s how much confidence the top brass have in this operation.
But from my perspective, this operation seems full of holes no matter how you look at it.
To begin with, it’s an operation in a region with detection issues for both enemies and allies, and use of shipboard weapons is questionable. The Coast Guard has nuMeyrical superiority against the enemy, but it feels like they can’t fully leverage that advantage.
It seems the captains’ meeting is over, and afterwards there will be an onboard party to build camaraderie between the participating ships before the operation begins.
It’s irrelevant to me and Maria and other landing craft pilots, but it’s a rather large party with captains and first mates participating.
Since we’re waiting on standby until the party ends, about 1-2 hours from now, the flagship staff treated us to a meal in the officers’ mess.


There as well, more information leaked out.
This time it was part of the operation execution plan.
Is it really okay even though it’s inside the flagship?
If there was even one pirate spy among us, it would be disastrous beyond recovery.
Well, the only comfort is the state of communications in this orbital sector.
“If we had allies nearby, it would be different, but communication to the distant space is hopeless without specialized equipment.
Naturally, they have confirmed the absence of pirate ships in the vicinity, so information leakage from this point is unlikely.
Our role in this operation, involving the squadron, including the unwanted child [Akkeshi], is a unique plan.
Following the theory, the Third Mobile Fleet will engage the pirate fleet with its actual strength.
Typical for pirates, the moment they sense a disadvantage, they’ll flee.
However, the Second Patrol Squadron will track the fleeing pirates.
If it becomes overwhelming, the spatial frigate of the Third Mobile Fleet will provide support.
The Third Patrol Squadron’s task is to remain vigilant in the vicinity,
anticipating that no new reinforcements will arrive for the pirates.
Naturally, there won’t be any notable achievements for us in this operation.
To be honest, I’d question if our participation is even necessary, but apparently, if the Second Patrol Squadron is participating, we can’t avoid joining.
I distinctly felt a lot of sympathy from the crews of other ships around.
After hearing this, I felt quite down, realizing that my chances of dying in my first battle had diminished.
To others, I must have appeared as a new officer eager for achievements.
Veteran officers patted my shoulder and comforted me, making me feel even more disheartened.
Of course, the captain, who had been briefed in detail about the operation during the meeting, returned with a noticeably dark expression.
While he may have been prepared, he probably expected a bit more of a chance to shine.
The captain’s capabilities aside, the crew of [Akkeshi] is highly skilled.
Even participating in a crucial role in the operation, I believe we could have made a significant contribution.
Whether the captain understood this is unclear, but he likely expected some level of achievement based on our previous accomplishments.
The operation plan seemed to betray those expectations.
With the gloomy-faced captain aboard, we returned to our ship, [Akkeshi].

Upon our return, the activation order for the operation was immediately issued.
The Second and Third Patrol Squadrons scattered to the predicted area for patrol.
On the second day of patrolling, the Second Patrol Squadron reported contact.
They claimed to have momentarily detected enemy pirates on radar.
However, they quickly lost the signal.
This region is influenced by the effects of the nova, Urtzite, which hinders the development of the star Lutel and the kingdom. Radar and similar equipment remain unreliable.
Admiral Ash, the commander of the Third Mobile Fleet, makes a decision.
He calculates the rendezvous point for the decoy transport ship and the pirates and plans to send the squadrons there.
Twelve hours after Admiral Ash’s order, we arrive at the designated area.
Here, radar is completely unusable.
Not just radar but also laser weapons cannot be used in this space.
Although expected, we must be prepared for some level of damage in battle.
All ships search for the enemy and the transport ship with visual confirmation.
Shortly after starting the search, we simultaneously locate the decoy transport ship and the pirate ship.
The pirates were about to attack the decoy.

On the bridge of the Third Mobile Fleet, shock spread at the same time as the target was discovered.
“Admiral, we’ve found the enemy and the transport ship. X-axis direction one, two, six. Y-axis direction zero, zero, nine. Z-axis direction two, two, three. Distance is six, six, six, zero. Regarding the enemy’s scale and ships…”
“Hey, what’s going on? Keep reporting.”
“No, sir. It’s not the pirates we assumed!”
“What? If you don’t make it clear, we won’t understand!”
The conversation between the flagship captain and the communication officer continues.
It’s almost like they’re shouting at each other.
“I report.”
“Forget about that. Just convey the scale!”
“The enemy is the pirate group led by Carpone! Squadron scale, roughly equivalent to ours. Two space Aegis ships, two space frigates, and one other small ship. It’s undoubtedly the Carpone Pirate Group!”
“T-that’s ridiculous. Carpone is one of the four generals of the Hishiyama group. Would they come so close to the capital?”
“No, sir. There’s no mistake. I recognize the Aegis ships.”
“This… It’s unfavorable for the fleet here. The opponent is Carpone. In a personal battle, we…”

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