A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 2

Our trial period is almost over. Teacher Yururu clapped sharply and smiled as she gathered our gazes.

“Okay everyone! Your probation is almost over! You all worked really hard! Teacher is happy! There will be many things from now on, but do your best!”

“Yes, it must be hard for you with your bouncing breasts, Teacher.”

“Bowlan! Stop the vulgar jokes! I really don’t like them!”

As Bowlan guffawed, all but one of us felt that this scene would soon come to an end. Arthur and True thanked her.

“Thank you for everything, teacher.”

“I really appreciate everything you’ve done for me. Thank you so much.”

“Oh no no, do your best Arthur, True ! You both have more talent than someone like me, so I look forward to the future!”

Twenty-three-year-old Yururu encouraged us with a cheerleader’s energy.

Seeing this, the three of us but one felt that she was childish.

But she hesitated a bit and looked shyly at Fei.

“Um, Fei… Since we’ll continue to train together every day even after the trial period ends, I… it’s not really goodbye yet, right? Goodbye…”

“I guess not.”

Blushing red, dizzy, stammering, she impulsively invited Fei to join her for dinner – a very different maidenly side to her usual behavior. Meanwhile, Fei coolly crossed her arms with a poker face.

Anyone who saw Yururu like that would immediately realize that she liked Fei… If there were such a person, he might even cheer her on.

But unfortunately…

Bowlan… innocent and blunt, she didn’t notice.

Arthur… she doesn’t know anything about romance at all. A real communication disorder airhead.

True …despite his popularity, he’s dense. Totally clueless about romance.

  • And Fei, who’s misunderstood everything.

Yururu’s love was full of trials.

“Okay, that’s it for today’s training! Good work!”

After she said that, the three of them left. But Fei stayed to practice.

“Um, Fei…”

“…. What is it?”

“W-With the end of probation, you’ll officially become a holy knight and go on missions. As a, um, celebration, or a prayer for your future success, so… how about we, uh, have dinner together on your next day off…”

“You know I basically have no days off, always training, right?”

“R-right, I know you train even on days off from training. Since I also help out… B-But you can’t overdo it, you know… Once in a while, take a break from training to eat together…”

“I see…”

Unable to form thoughts or words, face flushed red, dizzy – that was Yururu’s state. But Fei didn’t care at all, she just crossed her arms and thought about what she had said.

“Well, resting is also a form of training. I-I think it’s good for occasional occasions.”

“Is that so?”

“As your mentor, I’ll say that resting is part of the training!”

“Then let’s do it.”

(Yay! To get him to come, I told a little fib that feels kind of guilty, but it’s not really a lie, I’m telling the truth. Rest is training too, right?)

She was extremely happy inside, but tried not to show it too much. But since she’s honest, it was very obvious.

“I-it’s a promise, okay?”


And once again, the unsuspecting Fei started walking around the capital on his hands.

With her heart pounding, Yururu watched Fei walk away with a passionate look on his face.

When he was completely out of sight, she happily hopped up and down twice like a rabbit.

It was a day in the royal capital of Britannia.

Long, beautiful purple hair tied up in a ponytail.

Crystal clear gray eyes. A beautiful body with sensual curves that would make anyone turn to look – such a girl was being harassed by an uncouth man in the capital.

The man stank of alcohol, he had been drinking since morning and had lost his calm judgment.

He was forcibly propositioning a girl he liked.

“Come on, give me a chance.”


The rough man grabbed her arm, but the girl did nothing. Whether she couldn’t or wouldn’t speak, no one could tell.

She simply resisted in silence, shaking off his hand and distancing herself.

“Hey, so, just a little bit—“

Saying that, he reached out to grab it again for the third time.

Someone grabbed the man’s hand. With black hair and eyes.

These eyes were like the void, yet they were also wrapped in a terrifying, dominating aura like that of a dragon.

The atmosphere around him was different.

It was Fei. He spoke to the pickup artist in a few words.


“You’re annoying. Get lost.”


“….I’ll say it again. Get lost. I won’t give you a third warning.”



scene transition


A shiver ran down the man’s spine. The alcohol wore off in an instant, and he stumbled away on shaky legs. Seeing this, Fei glanced briefly at the girl he had saved.

But without a word, without waiting for thanks, without caring for her, he left her side.

He probably helped only because he himself was troubled, not for her sake. Seemingly uninterested in her, he walked away from the scene.


A friendly female voice called from the opposite direction from where Fei turned her back.

Looking back, the girl Fei had called Beta was there, completely identical in appearance. With accentuated curves and beauty.

But her eyes were a little sharp and her hair was short.


“What happened?”


“Did something happen?”


The girl named Beta Fei who was helping nodded slightly.

“I see. Sorry about that. I was busy shopping. Are you mad? “


Shaking her head twice, the girl replied. Indicating that she wasn’t mad.

“I see, then let’s go back to the dorms. Gamma’s waiting too. I’ll make lunch today, ‘kay?”


“What’s with that look? Don’t you like it?”


Beta tilted her head, seemingly conflicted.

“Well, it’s okay. I’ll do it.”


“Huh? You want to cook, Beta?”


“Uh… let’s decide on the way.”

Saying that, Beta and her sister Alpha started walking. Suddenly, Beta stopped.

And looked back in the direction the earlier man had gone. But he was nowhere to be seen.

She had the feeling that she’d seen him somewhere before. At the same time, she was strangely interested in what kind of person this manly, silent man was. But she didn’t know who he was.

A while ago, I rescued a pretty girl who was being harassed by some creep. Hitting on girls this early in the middle of the capital, what a way to start the morning.

It felt like a classic scenario. And I got to experience it up close as the protagonist, as expected. Though as an event it was pretty banal…

But I don’t mind that sort of thing. It’s a representative case that creates the protagonist’s – my – moment to shine.

I have no idea who the girl was. I’d rather thank her for giving me the chance to shine.

It went perfectly. The protagonist heroically chases away the small fry. It’s textbook, you know? You just have to have that kind of scene.

My aura overwhelmed him, thanks to all the training I’d done. He reeked of alcohol, but he seemed quite sober and reacted just right.

But in this situation, it would have been bad if I had been insanely strong like Arthur.

Yes, he played the role of the small fish perfectly. I look forward to more of that. I don’t dislike extras who set up the protagonist’s – my – scenes. They’re scum, but still.

No matter who the girl is, drinking that early and harassing her is scummy. That doesn’t change.

And I walk away cool. Since I’m the cool protagonist, I don’t say anything to the girl I saved, just talk with my back turned.

That’s what cool protagonists do.

Anyway, time to go to my meal with Master. Oh crap, walking slowly to look cool after saving the girl from that punk made me late! !

I rushed to the meal at a fast pace.

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