Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 6

VI. Black Knight Order, Chrom

I learned about the existence of an organization called HUNDRED from rumors circulating among my subordinates.
A group that hunts monsters, eats their meat, and devotes itself to constant battles.
Moreover, they seem to be gaining considerable support from the public, growing in influence day by day.
Several members from the Black Knight Order were reportedly also participating.
I hesitated in my judgment.
It’s grateful that they hunt monsters, considering it reduces our workload.
Since monsters keep appearing endlessly, the knights can only focus on the ones causing significant damage. Hiring adventurers for the task also incurs costs.

So, the reality is that, apart from the areas around the capital managed by the Mage Guild, we’re not fully handling monster subjugations.
The fact that they voluntarily hunt these monsters would undoubtedly be welcomed by the people.
But, consuming monster meat raises suspicions.
It’s common knowledge, even among children, that monster meat can be poisonous.
Ignoring this and feasting on monster meat, sucking their blood—it could indicate affiliation with some cult.
Moreover, if my subordinates are also involved, I can’t simply ignore it.
That’s why I decided to join HUNDRED myself.
I wanted to see with my own eyes, hear with my own ears, and make a judgment. Depending on that judgment, I was prepared to take action against HUNDRED on behalf of the Black Knight Order.
Infiltration was easy. Rather, HUNDRED accepted people regardless of their status, age, or gender.
When I entered, there was no particular confirmation of my identity. They seemed to notice that I was a knight, but they probably had no idea I was the Knight Commander.
I joined a local branch of HUNDRED, but there, they taught the basics of sword forms, how to eat monster meat, and hunting techniques with care.
Even when eating monster meat or hunting, senior members supported, ensuring no injuries or fatalities occurred.
Surprisingly, it was highly manualized.
Those with potential could participate in ranking battles at the main headquarters.
I was confident in my sword skills, so I thought I could participate right away. However, to do that, I needed to be able to eat monster meat.
According to the branch manager,
“Given your sword skills, you could immediately participate in ranking battles, but eating monster meat is a fundamental rule of HUNDRED. Even if you’re strong, if you can’t eat the meat, you’ll be considered a half-hearted individual lacking determination. Besides, it’s better to eat the meat. It may taste bad, but once you get used to it, your body will undoubtedly become stronger.”
That’s what he said.
However, the slices of Killer Rabbit meat forced into my mouth were unbelievably disgusting.
It was so awful that I suspected they were trying to poison me, knowing my identity.
Initially, diarrhea and vomiting were a given. It would take about a month to acclimate the body.
This was tough for me. It was tough, but indeed, after a month, I got used to it, and my body’s agility improved.
Apparently, there was indeed an effect to eating monster meat.
With the ability to eat meat, I was quickly granted permission to participate in ranking battles.
HUNDRED’s base is on the first floor of a dungeon in the Beast Forest.
Since it’s in the Beast Forest, to get there, we naturally had to fight monsters, testing our strength on the way.
And the organization called HUNDRED was crazier than I had imagined.
The dungeon’s first floor had a structure resembling an arena, where night after night, they would feast on monster meat and engage in battles among themselves as if in actual combat.
No, the battles were even more intense than real combat. In situations where one would retreat in actual combat, they never backed down. They continued fighting until one side fell.
As a result, most members of HUNDRED were covered in wounds. With this, it wouldn’t be surprising if there were casualties at any moment.
Despite that, the members joyfully embraced it.

It’s insane.

…but it was undeniably interesting. Pleasure might be an appropriate term.
A pursuit solely of strength.
Strength clearly defined by ranking.
The organization called HUNDRED thrived on such simple principles. That’s why the men in this country, where the stagnant air thickens, are likely fanatic about HUNDRED.
I, too, soon threw myself into that fervor.
Being the Knight Commander, I had confidence in my strength. I wanted to see how far I could go.
Here is my attempt at translating your story into English:
Those participating in the ranking battle are strong. Frankly speaking, they have power beyond what the knights around here can handle. Watching the battles of the top-ranked, even I didn’t have confidence that I could win.
However, watching the matches of other members makes me want to try and challenge them.
They are always fighting with all their might. Moreover, the two fighting respect each other. The winner tries to learn something from their victory, while the loser tries to learn something from their defeat.
The spectators too are trying to gain something by watching the matches.

And then, there’s the man at the pinnacle of HUNDRED – Zeross.
I was shocked that such a man existed in this country.
Overwhelming power. And he wields legendary techniques like [Sonic Blade] and [Magic Barrier] that were said to have been used by the hero who founded this country.
Moreover, he freely teaches those techniques to his subordinates. He readily helps those who seek power.
Seeing him, the members of HUNDRED strive to be like him.
This place felt sacred to me.
The idea of subjugating HUNDRED was completely foolish.
There must be meaning to my life in this place.



Lately, even within the castle walls I hear rumors about HUNDRED.
The nobles see them as a barbaric group that goes around hunting monsters, but some seem to evaluate them favorably. They have a lot of support from the commoners in particular.
The main reason is because HUNDRED helps by defeating the monsters.
Well, they’re not doing it to help people, but to get meat.
Most members have steady jobs, so they can’t go far to hunt monsters.
As a result, they mainly hunt monsters appearing near the town, which incidentally helps people.
There’s also talk spreading about them eating monster meat, so rumors call them a heretical cult.
I can see why people would think that. So I don’t want to reveal anymore that I’m a member of HUNDRED. No telling what kind of grudge Gamaras would hold against me.
Come to think of it, Ogma said he wanted to turn HUNDRED into a mercenary group when we first met.
He hated this country, and his goal was to gain strength as a warrior, then live as a mercenary in another country.
I’ve been thinking of going along with him too.
There’s no point staying in this country except to have my life targeted.
In HUNDRED, the members praise me, so it’s quite comfortable there. I feel much more fulfilled than being a prince in this country.
I’m confident in my combat skills, so working as a mercenary shouldn’t be too bad.
While I was thinking that, something strange happened.
I was summoned by my father the king. And to an audience with all the important retainers too.

“Mars, do you know about the group called HUNDRED?”
Father addressed me solemnly as a king should. But he didn’t really give off a dignified impression. Chancellor Gamaras standing beside him was fat and slick, and had more of a presence.
I want to say I know them well! I’m a member too! In fact, I’m at the top! But of course I can’t say that, so I’ll pretend I don’t know much.
“Just rumors about them hunting monsters.”
I give an innocuous response.
“I see. More precisely, they apparently hunt monsters to eat them.”
“Eat them? That’s quite an unusual custom.”
I can’t reveal that I eat them too, even if my mouth were split open.
“There are rumors they might be the hands of a heretical cult.”
“A heretical cult? What kind of heretical cult?”
“No, just a rumor. But there is a problem.”
“A problem?”
“The problem is them selfishly subjugating monsters!”
One of the attending nobles, Count Snail, cut in.
A thin, nervous looking man, he was a powerful noble of the Gamaras faction.
“Isn’t subjugating monsters a good thing?”
I know they’re unhappy about losing face to HUNDRED, but here I’ll pretend it’s just a general issue.
“Subjugating monsters is the kingdom’s role. If they do it freely, it affects the kingdom’s authority.”
“Authority? It shouldn’t matter who does it. If it helps the people…”
“No, it’s a big problem! Because of those guys, their bad influence is starting to spread to the commoners! Some towns and villages are even refusing to pay taxes, forgetting the kingdom’s generosity!”
Count Snail was indignant.
Come to think of it, a HUNDRED member from Snail’s territory called him a “bastard who squeezes taxes without doing anything.”
“Isn’t that because there are problems with how you rule?”
If he ruled properly, HUNDRED wouldn’t be that much of an issue.
“What!? Are you saying there are problems with me!? Are you taking the side of that HUNDRED rabble!?”
Snail shrugged as if it was unthinkable.
“Leaving HUNDRED aside, I think the problem lies in the commoners’ hearts leaving you, but…”
I was about to implicitly say “you’re incompetent”, but the king stopped me.
“Prince, Count Snail is not the only one. Several nobles share the same opinion, and have requested we deal with this as a nation. Fortunately, you are skilled with the sword. Subjugating thieves should be no trouble for you.”
Looking closely, the nobles surrounding Snail were the top of the [Nobles the Commoners Hate rankings].
At the same time, they were part of Chancellor Gamaras’ faction. It was obvious he was the one pulling the strings.
“I see. What does this have to do with me? “
Gamaras was the one who answered.
“Prince Mars. You will be the next king. However, unfortunately you have few accomplishments as a prince. Therefore, this matter presents an opportunity. If you subjugate HUNDRED, there will be no doubt both domestically and abroad that you have the making of a king. Fortunately, you excel at the sword. Dealing with these thieves should be easy work.”
So Gamaras wants me to subjugate HUNDRED?
But more than that, one thing concerns me.
“Do accomplishments determine who becomes king? Did Father have any when he was a prince?”

An awkward atmosphere filled the room.

As expected, it seems Father didn’t do anything noteworthy as a prince.
Well, if he had achievements, he wouldn’t have been manipulated by Gamaras.
And now, he wants me, his son, to do what the current king hasn’t done?
“Anyway, in this expedition, the Black Knight Order and the Red Knight Order will be at the forefront. Your Highness will accompany as a retinue, bringing along some members of the White Knight Order, overseeing the entire army.”
Gamaras proceeds to smooth things over.
By the way, the Black Knight Order and the Red Knight Order have kept their distance from Gamaras.
So, it seems he decided to dump this dirty job on them.
And then, he entrusts me with overall command.
It’s clear that Gamaras doesn’t want me to become the next king, so achieving success is unlikely.
Since HUNDRED has gained support from the public, defeating them would lead to a decline in my support.
Perhaps Gamaras hopes I’ll be defeated, thinking that would be convenient?
“Mars, can you handle it?”
Father, who seems suspiciously aware of the situation, orders me.
“Understood. I humbly accept that command.”
Escape with HUNDRED, that’s what I thought.

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