Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 2

“Unusually, since the 97th Stratum was just conquered, they’ll be held together for two strata. It will be the largest in Villebron’s history. You’re welcome to eagerly anticipate it!”
When told something like that, I can’t help but dream a little.
Ah geez, I can’t think straight.
First I need to confirm the report with Camilla.
And have her make the appropriate amendments——
“Vim, this is highly irregular. Truly, highly irregular.”
As I try to spin my insufficient head around it, the Guildmaster’s tone changes.
It was subtle, but a clear shift, a serious edge mixing into his earlier jovial voice.
“Several years had passed, and with just four members, you defeated the 97th Level’s Floor Boss with the ‘Dragon’s Wing.’ Right after that, within a few months, the Lord of the 98th Level was also vanquished. The one who defeated that Level’s Floor Boss was a lone adventurer, exiled from the ‘Dragon’s Wing.'”
I immediately understood that this was the main topic.
“Dear Vim, it would be impossible not to have any doubts,”
he said, contrary to his massive and robust appearance, fixing a precise and sharp gaze on me.
As I remained silent, the Guildmaster continued,
“The fact that ‘Dragon’s Wing’ defeated the Lord of the 97th Level, commonly known as ‘Great Crocodile,’ is well—known in Villebron. However, do you know that the guild has not officially certified it yet?”
It wasn’t entirely new information to me; I had heard rumors about it.
I had heard about it in passing.
But I didn’t know any details, and thought it was an issue with the Guild’s procedures…
“Isn’t it still under review…?”
“Because I am the one who stopped the review.”
He was completely shameless, expressionless.
I can’t read his emotions.
Just what does he want from me?
“Why is that…? I prepared the subjugation proofs and report properly without any deficiencies…”
“Oh of course. It was flawless. Sir Vim, you are quite famous among the clerical staff. Your work is meticulous, consistent, and well—organized. It seems you understand the hardship of paperwork, you see. Adventurers tend to be rough and crude. As a Guild, we struggle with guidance for reports and such.”
“…Ah, well, hehe. I’m glad if I haven’t caused too much trouble…”
Is this praise? No way.
“Then why…?”
“According to the report, Sir Chronos, Lady Nicola, Lady Marys, and Sir Vim resolved themselves to face the Great Crocodile’s death, driving it into a corner until its form changed. But the other three faltered a step away from the decisive blow, and you, the last one standing, finished it off, succeeding in the subjugation. You rescued the three and escaped the dungeon. Does this roughly match?”
“…Yes. The facts.”
No problem.
That’s how we decided to portray it.
Everyone implicitly sought that, as usual, and more than anything I was fine with it too.
Factually, the dungeon dive was carried out by the whole Dragon Wings, and if I boasted I defeated it alone, it surely wouldn’t benefit the party at all.
We didn’t explicitly agree, but did something close.
This is a dungeon secret.
If the report and testimony match, they can’t pry any deeper.
“I had a subordinate pretend to be a reporter and gather the story. According to them, after you left, the story change and Leader Chronos was the one who landed the decisive blow.”
I see, that’s the spin he went with huh. Well, it’s Chronos after all.
“Chronos is an adventurer, so exaggerating is common…the important parts are the report and evidence, talking to reporter types is another story…”
Besides, what’s with the Guild too?
Are they really doing something like that?
What are they after?
“Claiming it’s right because it’s consistent and follows protocol is a child’s reasoning. When looked at objectively, what seems off is off. Leader Chronos is certainly a brilliant talent, but alas, he lacks the capability.”
The Guild Master’s powerful gaze pierced through me.
“Um, Guild Master…”
But I don’t understand.


“Frankly…what is it you want from me…?”
I timidly ask.
The Guild Master smiles faintly and says:
“Sir Vim, the dungeon is an utterly unreasonable place. But adventurers go diving with dreams, staking their lives. In most cases, they are not rewarded.”
He had the face of someone speaking from concrete experience.
A face like giving a speech at a ceremony or something.
“Then at the very least, the senders must be forthright, especially for the greatest honor of a floor master subjugation. To knowingly overlook a sham utilizing convenient wording is a sin.”
He faces me directly.
“You have the right to restore your honor.”
Ah, so that’s what this is about, I realize.
This person must be righteous. Someone who speaks from conviction.
The handling of a floor master subjugation is surely also crucial to the existence of the Guild.
He has valid reasons for judging this to be right, that it won’t cause problems later.
His sense of justice matches that of the organization, and from that position, he says he’s on my side, transcending the rules.
I feel happy.
After looking down for so long, being told this by someone with great power makes me feel rewarded.
My chest grows hot.
Someone was watching my actions.
There was someone to call the unfairness I felt exactly that — unfair.
And then, returning frankly to my honest feelings, I think about what I truly feel…
To be blunt, I want him to stop.
“Dragon Wings defeated the floor master, then I left. I’m being taken care of by Night Dragonflies now, the ninety—eighth floor was breached, and everyone recognizes my contributions.”
I don’t want to think about the past. When I don’t even have any prospect of sorting it out internally.
“So, is there a problem with any of that?”
An unexpectedly cold voice comes out of me, surprising even myself.
Whoa, get a hold of yourself, I think.
“No no, I didn’t mean it like that, it’s just, the report contains all the facts, so there’s nothing more I can say…”
“…I understand.”
The Guild Master stands up and heads for the door, withdrawing his exaggerated demeanor.

“I hope you’ll attend the Conquest Ceremony. At least accept the honor for conquering the 98th Stratum floor.”

“Are we finished?”
Once I leave the hospital, Camilla is nonchalantly waiting downtown.
“Well? The Guildmaster. That’s Vim.”
I’ve told her many times that standing together makes us conspicuous, but she’s not the sort to care about that.
“I don’t get it. I truly don’t understand.”
He’s been Guildmaster for a long time and prided himself on judging people, but that Vim Strauss is incomprehensible.
“Camilla, is that boy aware he defeated a Floor Boss?”
“He’s a bright lad. He knows the factual account.”
“I’m sure he does but…”
Claiming to solo defeat a Floor Boss is nothing but a joke. It makes more sense to think Camilla and Night Dragonfly were under some illusion magic.
But the physical evidence and testimonies, most of all Camilla’s track record, leave no room for doubt.
If Vim were a prodigious man overflowing with talent, I could swallow my pride, but that boy has no aura of a mighty warrior whatsoever.
The powerful have a presence felt in your skin by their bearing alone.
But I’m not confident I could pick that boy out on the street.
“I just don’t get it. He doesn’t strike me as someone who can casually demonstrate such might while being so passive.”
“But if Vim became serious, he could easily annihilate the likes of us.”
“I didn’t get that impression.”
“Spend some time together and you’ll see. He’s beyond any monetary value.”
“You’re quite taken with him.”
“Yes. I will definitely acquire him.”
Camilla has an expression of conviction.
It’s rare for her to fixate on someone like this. With my own impressions differing so much, it seems strange.
No — of course, defeating a Floor Boss solo in just months rather than years represents power of meaning.
I must also do my utmost. No time to be claiming confusion.
I’m compelled to explain this inexplicable dissonance.
I sensed an unsteady wavering in Camilla’s eyes towards him. As if we can’t rashly see through his surroundings. As if the force field he generates can’t be dismissed as ordinary. That was my impression.
If I felt anything, it was his final remark.
— So is there a problem with that?
A glimpse of something at his core beyond the mundane exterior.
Rejection — responding with an entirely different logic. That kind of sensation.
In retrospect, his words and conduct seemed somewhat superficial.
Was he even regarding me as his counterpart?

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