Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 3

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325: Hero and Anonymous-san
Looking back as an outsider, it’s been an eventful month
A month ago some idiot civilian livestreamed Justice Crusader and Black Knight-kun’s battle during the Planet Monster subjugation incident, exposing it
The perpetrator who filmed it was detained, still unclear what happened to them afterwards but they probably didn’t get off unharmed

326: Hero and Anonymous-san
The government really went all out huh
Disclosing not only info about the battle from a year and a half ago with Planet Monster Earth, but also the battle from a month ago

327: Hero and Anonymous-san
I first learned Black Knight-kun uses honorifics from this data
And the fact he was 15 at the time really shook me

328: Hero and Anonymous-san
Seeing the video recording, I really understand why he lost it when Earth ran away

329: Hero and Anonymous-san
There were people risking their lives fighting for us all this time without us knowing huh

330: Hero and Anonymous-san
An enemy called Planet Monster Earth with abilities like absorbing the planet’s energy making them invincible while on earth is just incomprehensible…
The Japan Self-Defense Forces did well to stand against such an opponent

331: Hero and Anonymous-san
Why do some monsters have shit powers like that
Lethal intentions on way too high a level… How has humanity not been wiped out yet?

332: Hero and Anonymous-san
Because Justice Crusader and Black Knight-kun worked their asses off that’s why

333: Hero and Anonymous-san
Honestly I opposed Black Knight but requesting cooperation probably couldn’t be helped right?
At the time it was a legit crisis on the national, no, global scale. Can’t exactly say my own life is whatever, so I think we have the current peace thanks to Black Knight and the Ground Self-Defense Force members’ efforts

334: Hero and Anonymous-san
In reality if not for them Japan would have been finished

335: Hero and Anonymous-san
We friggin need Black Knight-kun!!

336: Hero and Anonymous-san
No exaggeration, without Black Knight-kun Japan would have ended a year and a half ago

337: Hero and Anonymous-san
Apparently the situation back then was truly hopeless
No telling when Monster would come destroy Japan, and modern weaponry was useless against it
Calling in Black Knight-kun seems to have been the government’s last resort

338: Hero and Anonymous-san
While the strategy looked reckless, trying it in practice
Turned into intense close combat as expected

339: Hero and Anonymous-san
Magma Monster was already too strong of a character
In fiction OP characters like that get taken out early
But this guy was seriously bad news

340: Hero and Anonymous-san
Two years ago the news reported a dormant volcano suddenly became active then swiftly settled back down
Was that the event of Monster energizing the volcano then absorbing that energy?

341: Hero and Anonymous-san
Planet Monster: “I’m invincible invincible with this energy supply!!”
Black Knight-kun: “I’ll beat the crap out of you and shove you in a container, get you off the ground and cut off your energy source”
His actions are totally crazy right!!

342: Hero and Anonymous-san
Planet Monster: “Hmph, I’ll melt this container!”
Black Knight-kun: “The hell you will!!”
Planet Monster: “Ugh!?”
Black Knight-kun: “Won’t give you the chance to melt it, I’ll punch nonstop”
(Learned from) Electric Slug (Monster) experience

343: Hero and Anonymous-san
But Black Knight-kun isn’t a monster or anything really
With the theft accusation cleared up this time, he’s not a criminal either

344: Hero and Anonymous-san
Now that the definition of villain is known, he’s just an ordinary good kid
The conversation with the soldier was too sad
I’m seriously interested in Black Knight-kun’s past

345: Hero and Anonymous-san
Well, this thread will also only stay peaceful a little longer I guess
The militants will flood back in soon

346: Hero and Anonymous-san
My impression really changed a lot this time
His politeness was totally unexpected

347: Hero and Anonymous-san
He basically doesn’t try to talk with civilians, the only ones he spoke properly with were monsters or Justice Crusader who he designated enemies…

348: Hero and Anonymous-san
His normal state is too berserk
Against monsters he basically just goes all out attacking them by any means

349: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun rarely interacts with ordinary civilians huh

350: Hero and Anonymous-san
That’s why I’m saying it’s a sea cucumber!
Why do you guys call it a slug?!
This really burns my guts!

351: Hero and Anonymous-san
Sea cucumber bro, give it a rest already
Want more?

352: Hero and Anonymous-san
That time the media forcefully tried to stop and interview Black Knight-kun was a bit strange
Even though the interviewer was a super hot beauty, he uncharacteristically panicked and fled

353: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun is weak to hot women…?

354: Hero and Anonymous-san
I know that story, it was in the news too
He seemed flustered, cute

355: Hero and Anonymous-san
According to Red, Black Knight-kun doesn’t watch TV or even have a computer
So he’s ignorant about entertainers and things like that right?

356: Hero and Anonymous-san
A primitive?

357: Hero and Anonymous-san
So that’s why he’s musclebrain…!

358: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s aware of being a villain but with it revealed the Proto-Suit theft wasn’t pursued, he’s not a criminal anymore right

359: Hero and Anonymous-san
The government official at the press conference seemed really emotionally invested
Well, Black Knight-kun is a minor so it couldn’t be helped I guess

360: Hero and Anonymous-san
Seems Black Knight-kun was a target for police apprehension due to his individually abnormal combat ability
But since only Black Knight-kun could fight monsters, it wasn’t pursued seriously despite happening

361: Hero and Anonymous-san
Things were really tough on site huh

362: Hero and Anonymous-san
This stuff desperately needs to be dealt with properly
Guys who poke their nose in just for the hell of it and seriously get victimized by monsters still exist even now, yet they’re still greedily trying to butt in, truly incomprehensible

363: Hero and Anonymous-san
Antis don’t look at inconvenient things for them

364: Hero and Anonymous-san
The past combat records are only the Ground Self-Defense member’s recordings, but the one from a month ago is, well,
the recording from Black Knight-kun and Justice Crusader’s mask cameras

365: Hero and Anonymous-san
The cooperation wasn’t by Black Knight-kun’s intention either right?

366: Hero and Anonymous-san
It says this time was also the government’s request
Having painfully experienced that monster’s horror in the previous battle, they probably had Black Knight-kun fight knowing he was the only one who could

367: Hero and Anonymous-san
Rehashing monster battles can rake in the views and that’s the worst part

368: Hero and Anonymous-san
This stuff really needs to be properly dealt with
Guys who poke their nose in just for the hell of it and get victimized by monsters still exist even now, yet they’re still greedily trying to butt in, truly incomprehensible

369: Hero and Anonymous-san
The worst is Black Knight-kun getting unneeded bashing

370: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun himself doesn’t seem to care at all lol

371: Hero and Anonymous-san
Black Knight-kun’s skill at taunting monsters is too high

372: Hero and Anonymous-san
He’s fought monsters the most after all
No wonder his taunting skills increased too

373: Hero and Anonymous-san
Justice Crusader is strong right
Made into a form aimed at the masses, they even appear at events, but each of their battle strengths is high

374: Hero and Anonymous-san
They have experience fighting and give off a veteran aura

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  1. Why is every internet comment labeled “Hero and Anonymous-san”?
    I’m pretty sure neither the Black Knight or the Justice Crusader girls are posting every single line.
    Also is it “Justice Crusader” (single) or “Justice Crusaders” (plural)?

    1. how can you be so sure if you haven’t read the raw?

      it’s clearly written as ヒーローと名無しさん = hīrō to nanashi san = Hero and Anonymous-san. Hero with Anonymous-san also could work, it’s just matter of preference

      I use both s and no s because it’s unclear, as there’s a chance that another group of rangers will come into the story later.

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