Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 4

She wanted to scream, “Hurry up and free me from these bonds!” However, changing her demeanor might make her apology appear insincere, as if she were manipulating him for assistance. In order to prevent Sora from reverting to his previous attitude, Iria lowered her gaze, as if feeling remorseful.

“I’m sorry… for everything…”

“Are you thinking something like, ‘Who does this guy think he is, acting intimidating when he hid his talent limit and leached off the group for half a year, and only got abandoned once,’ right?”

Sora directly confronted her thoughts. Unable to bring herself to say “Yes,” Iria fell silent before Sora, who smirked with a hint of frivolity.

“Did I hit the mark?”

“…..I-I’m sorry.”

“Hmph. Well, it doesn’t matter. Given your circumstances, I can’t blame you for thinking that way. I’ll forgive you for what happened with the Fly King.”

Sora, once again standing before Iria, gently placed his hand on her cheek.

The touch evoked memories of his lips, causing goosebumps to ripple across Iria’s skin.

But the feeling of disgust that arose within her wasn’t solely a result of her own will.

With a smile on his face, Sora observed Iria.

Then, he spoke.

“Alright. Once you’re rescued, I’ll apologize too. That way, we’ll be even.”

He said it with a cheerful expression and lighthearted words. Iria froze, sensing a mocking undertone concealed beneath his smile.


“What’s the matter? I’m saying that I’ll acknowledge my wrongdoings and apologize once you’re rescued. ‘I’m sorry for abandoning you, forgive me for not coming to your aid.’ I forgive you, so I’m certain you’ll forgive me too. Compared to being devoured by larvae, being violated by orcs is a minor issue.”

“W-What… What are you… saying?”

“Hm? If you look up at me like that, it ruins your facade, you know? Your expression makes it seem like your earlier apologies were merely a desperate attempt to save yourself.”

Sora no longer attempted to conceal his intent to ridicule Iria. The corners of his mouth curled upward, mocking the bewild the surprised Iria.

“……You never… planned to… help me… from the beginning, did you?”

“Obviously. If you had apologized when we were arguing at the guild, things might have been different… well, it’s too late to say that now— Oh?”

Just as Sora was about to finish speaking, black shadows surged into the area illuminated by the ‘Light.’ It was evident that the orcs had arrived.

“One, two, three… about five. As expected, it took too long. When they gather like that, the stench becomes unbearable.”

Sora chuckled, covering his nose in a playful manner.

However, Iria wasn’t laughing. The eyes of the orcs fixated on her all at once, measuring her up. Their gaze roamed over her body, lingering on her breasts, hips, and legs.

A copious amount of drool cascaded from their mouths like a waterfall. It was a nightmare, as something sinister stirred beneath the fabric covering the orcs’ groins.

In that moment, the wind shifted, carrying an unusually pungent odor. Iria couldn’t shield her nose, and the foul smell assaulted her senses, contorting her face with disgust and fear.

—To be violated by those creatures? Over and over again. For days on end. I can’t bear it!

“No! Nooo! Sora, please, help me! Don’t go!”

Iria’s words slipped out involuntarily.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry! I’ll apologize… if words aren’t enough, I’ll do anything. So please, help me!”

Her voice cracked and trembled, desperate to elicit compassion and avoid abandonment.

In response, Sora twisted his lips and inquired, his tone laced with mockery.

“Just another improvisation, isn’t it?”


Regardless, you’ll change your tune once I untie you,” Iria vehemently shook her head at his words.

“You’re wrong! This time, I truly mean it! I’ll do whatever you ask! I’ll become your slave like Luna if that’s what you want! So—”

“Hmm, I find it hard to believe you. If you’re serious, then swear it here and now, in the name of God.”

As expected, Iria couldn’t respond immediately.

For Iria, a priestess, taking an oath was not a matter to be taken lightly. Breaking an oath sworn in God’s name would result in losing divine favor and tarnishing one’s reverence for God for a lifetime.

More specifically, it would diminish her authority as a priestess, including her sacred magic.

Even if she were coerced into swearing in such a manner, it wouldn’t change the fact that it was lamentable to invoke God’s name for self-preservation.

To admit that one’s faith is not strong enough to live and uphold true devotion is to acknowledge one’s own impurity, casting a shadow over the entirety of a priest’s life.

That’s why priests rarely swore oaths in God’s name. Even if compelled by others, they would staunchly refuse. They had to refuse. They mustn’t use God’s name to save themselves.

Iria knew this. She had already made her decision in that regard. That’s how it should be.

—But even so.

—She wanted to be saved.

“The law… upholds order. And order… is the light that dispels the darkness of the human world…”

The teachings of divine law spilled from Iria’s lips. Howling, sobbing, confessing.

“I swear in the name of God’s law… I, Iria, swear to serve you, Sora…”

“For the rest of my life.”

“I swear to serve you for the rest of my life! Are you satisfied?”

Iria cried out desperately, offering something more precious than her chastity. Tears streamed down her face without ceasing.

And as if in response to Iria’s fervor—she heard that voice.

“Soul Reborn equipment—Devour everything, Soul Eater.”

In an instant, a surge of magical power emanated from Sora, palpable even to Iria.

Realizing it, a black katana materialized in Sora’s hand. It was a different weapon from the one he wore at his waist, and its mere presence sent shivers down Iria’s spine.

In the next moment, the black katana swished through the air. Given its length, it shouldn’t have been able to reach the orcs.

—That’s how it should be.

However, the upper bodies of the five orcs were severed.

Confusion etched across the faces of the orcs, unaware of what had transpired. And just like that, they succumbed to unconsciousness.

Moments later, the five severed upper bodies thudded to the ground. The orcs had been cleanly sliced, dividing their torsos into upper and lower halves. Sora had dispatched all five orcs with a single strike.


Confronted with such a scene, Iria’s earlier fervor dissipated, and a dumbfounded voice escaped her.

When Sora turned his gaze toward Iria, he swung his katana, severing the rope that bound her.

The sudden turn of events caused Iria’s knees to give way, and she sank to the ground.

In her line of sight, a multitude of orcs appeared as if the trees themselves had been toppled. They roared with excitement at the scent of their fallen comrades and a lone woman.

Facing the horde of orcs, Sora laughed. His laughter was carefree, devoid of any trace of nervousness or doubt.

“This is what they mean by expecting the unexpected,” Sora declared, positioning himself in front of the approaching orcs as if protecting Iria.

Of course, Iria didn’t find solace in his back. Even with his sworn oath, she felt no reassurance from the person who had pressured her until now.

But even so.

As long as she remained behind that back, for some reason, Iria was convinced that the orcs would never harm her.

Voices from the distant village could be heard. Melte Village was currently immersed in the festivities of the annual harvest festival.

Usually, the villagers would retire to their beds once the sun set, regardless of age. But tonight, they were singing and dancing, their square adorned with lights. Even the children were allowed to play in the dark, running about in excitement.

The harvest festival wasn’t limited to the residents of Melte; people from neighboring villages had also gathered, including leaders like mayors and chiefs. It was a lively affair, surpassing the usual festivities.

“Heavens… this isn’t going to end. Did I take on too many orcs?”

I excused myself from the banquet table, claiming that I needed to use the bathroom, and scratched my head in contemplation. The battle against the orcs had ended in my victory, and I had successfully devoured the souls of the entire orc horde, including the superior species. Not a single orc remained. The news of the orc extermination brought joy and relief to the villagers.

I was in an exceptionally good mood. I had managed to bring down Iria, leveling up by devouring her soul, and gained the favor of the people of Melte by defeating the orcs. Everything had gone according to plan.

To be honest, I felt a slight unease that everything had gone so smoothly.

That’s why, in a sense, I decided to make a grand gesture in the village of Melte. I donated the rewards and materials obtained from the orc horde.

Monsters that actively attack humans and livestock, such as orcs and goblins, will give you a reward for killing them.

The corpse of a monster is also a treasure trove of materials.

Orc flesh has a strong smell and an unpleasant taste, so it’s not edible, but when washed and dried it can be combined with grain to make highly nutritious food for livestock.

Bones and hides are used to make tools, and testicles and hearts are ingredients in invigorating medicines. There are many other uses, such as spreading the entrails on the ground and using them as fertiliser, or as food for carnivorous henchmen.

Combining the profit from the sale of these materials with the reward for submission would surely go a long way towards compensating for the damage caused by the plague. Even if this year’s harvest, like next year’s, is zero, the village of Melte shouldn’t have any problems with malnutrition.

The target of the aforementioned ‘important people from neighbouring villages’ was the unexpected ‘treasure’ that Melte had received.

Other villages had been hit hard by the plague. They praised my actions and at the same time envied the benefits I had brought to the village of Melte.

That’s why the chief of Melte welcomed them with a smile.

If they monopolise their profits, they will be hated. Surely the chief will also benefit the neighbouring villages.

And as a ‘loan’ to the neighbouring villages, the village of Melte will benefit in ways other than money. That was a fun banquet.

For me, the act of giving up the benefits of defeating the orcs was like the final blow to the village of Melte.

By this time, Melte’s trust in me should be solid. It wouldn’t be a big deal if Iria had a strange attitude towards me.

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