I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 10

I could feel my face tensing up even more. While I was feeling that way, Ray sat back in a new chair brought by the staff, and he started focusing on the food he had previously made disappear from somewhere. For some reason, it made me very angry.

“By the way… What are you going to do with that?”

I pointed to the pile of food that Ray had lied about eating, still sitting on the table, and asked.

Could he really eat such a massive amount of food? Well, I didn’t think he brought it just to tease me, and he probably intended to eat it himself…

Ray froze for a moment.

“…What should we do with it?”

He said. It seemed he hadn’t thought about it at all.


Silently, I started eating my own meal. Ray asked, “Won’t you help…?” but I couldn’t hear him as I focused on eating.

After finishing my meal, I watched as Ray struggled to eat the food he had brought, complaining and continuing to eat. I thought to myself, “He’s really like a child.”

On the way back after lunch, I once again realized that Ray was indeed a very peculiar person.

When I thought he was mature, he showed childish aspects in his speech and actions.

Despite his brusque and dismissive attitude, he unexpectedly took good care of others.

He gave me a very inconsistent impression. His attitude and actions didn’t quite match—a mysterious person.

As I pondered this… I realized that I knew nothing about Ray.

He never talked about himself, and even when I asked, he would evade the question with vague words.

For some reason, he didn’t even want to tell me his name, and he wouldn’t show me his face, hiding it behind the full-face helm. He told me he had reasons, but I didn’t need to tell anyone else, so what harm would it do if he did?


As I walked alongside Ray, I glanced at him from the corner of my eye, thinking that if I stayed close to him, someday he might tell me about himself.

It seemed that these days would continue for a while longer. If that happened… it would be nice if the time came when he would talk to me. That’s what I hoped for.

While thinking about such things, we walked on the way back. I believed that warm days like these would continue.

—That’s when it happened.


Suddenly, my field of vision darkened, and a droplet fell on my head.

Curious, I looked up at the sky. And then…

What I saw in my field of vision was the sun, which had been shining brightly just moments ago, obscured by dark rain clouds, making the sky as dark as midnight.


Swaying high in the sky was a massive creature that resembled a dragon—a dragon with a body covered in black, gleaming dragon scales.

The appearance of the dragon caused the town to fall into panic.

Along with the appearance of the dragon, a large crack appeared in the sky.

Crawling out of the crack were numerous ominous-looking monsters.

The monsters flew leisurely through the darkened sky, roamed the ground, and attacked people.

The townspeople, adventurers, and merchants—all were desperately running away from the monsters, and the knight order was trying to maintain control by shouting commands. It was a hellish and surreal sight.

The knight order allocated a significant number of personnel to deal with the monsters that emerged from the crack, and thanks to their efforts, significant damage to the townspeople was somehow avoided. But…

The dragon, adorned with ominous magical power, flew leisurely in the sky. Its dragon scales emitted a black and beautiful radiance.

From earlier, the top-tier mages of the knight order had gathered together, chanting powerful attack spells and unleashing them towards the dragon in the sky. …However, none of their attacks were able to leave even a scratch on the dragon’s scales.

Fortunately, the dragon seemed to be toying with the attacking knights, as it only observed our actions with its large, lifeless snake-like eyes in the distance and didn’t counterattack. It simply hovered in the sky, seemingly watching.

For now, the town was managing to hold on due to the strong knights fending off the attacking monsters. But… what would happen if this dragon were to strike? Even the attacks of the top-tier mages couldn’t leave a single mark on this seemingly invulnerable dragon.

The dragon, watching from above, casually endured the spells flying towards it without attempting to evade, squinting its eyes. Its behavior seemed as if it was mocking the futile attempts to harm its scales.

“…What is that?”

I exclaimed in astonishment.

A dragon—hovering high in the sky.

It didn’t make sense. That creature being here in this situation.


In the first place… according to the books, dragons rarely reveal themselves to people. Unlike aggressive species like wyverns and drakes, dragons are generally gentle and won’t attack unless provoked. And yet…

—The dragon hovering in the sky was adorned with ominous magical power, observing us with its snake-like, lifeless eyes.

Its appearance didn’t seem friendly or gentle like the dragons were described. It floated arrogantly, as if showcasing itself, occasionally narrowing its eyes… It looked like it was mocking us.

“This is strange. Why isn’t the protective barrier activated? And why is the dragon here…? Something seems off…”

Ray, even in this situation, remained calm and deep in thought. No matter how you looked at it… there was no way we could defeat that dragon. It was a hopeless situation, and yet he didn’t lose his composure.

“Hey, go back home immediately. Over there, the powerful concealment and barrier magic should provide some safety. The people from ‘other houses’… They have the barrier magic as well, so they should be fine. I already informed everyone through magic. You’re the only one left.”

“But what about the people in the town?”

“Due to capacity issues, we can’t accommodate everyone from the town. There might even be a riot if we tried. But it’s not a problem if it’s just you and the others.”

“Ugh…! Then, with my healing magic—”

“You want to heal the injured people? What can you do with your freshly learned magic? I did say to heal them as much as you can, but your abilities are limited, aren’t they?”


“You’re still inexperienced, and going would only be a hindrance. Besides, the white mages should be taking care of the injured. There’s no need for you to go… Understand? Go back home immediately.”

Even though I wanted to persist, I couldn’t say anything against Ray’s firm tone.

…He was right. I was still inexperienced and unable to fully control my abilities. Going would only be pointless and obstructive.

“It’s not your fault, you know. Your desire to help others is admirable. But wanting to help when you have no power is just reckless. …So, don’t worry about it. It’s unavoidable.”

Ray’s gentle tone reassured me.


That was the only answer I could give. I didn’t have the power to help.

It was frustrating. I could only use healing magic to a limited extent.

I hated it. I hated being useless, unable to contribute.

I understood that it couldn’t be helped. But… I hated being someone who could only run away, who couldn’t do anything.

“Alright, then go back home quickly. It’s dangerous.”


Lowering my head, I answered. There was nothing I could do. So, I obediently followed Ray’s instructions—

“…Ray? Where… are you going?”

I asked as I saw Ray start walking in a different direction.

“That way… isn’t that home?”

The direction Ray was facing was clearly not the way to his house. It was the direction where the top-tier mages of the knight order were, the direction of the sky where the dragon was.

I thought Ray would go back home with me. After all, it wouldn’t make sense otherwise. It was strange for him to not seek refuge himself but ask me to. He said he valued himself the most, so…

“…I’m going there later. Please go ahead.”

Without turning around, Ray answered. Seeing his back, I couldn’t help but feel an overwhelming sense of unease. It shouldn’t be like that, it shouldn’t be like that, but…

“You’ll come soon… right?”

There’s no way. However, it slipped out of my mouth, looking at his back as if he were a warrior heading into the battlefield. Even though I knew Ray, no matter how strong, couldn’t win against the dragon.

“…I just forgot something. I’ll come right away. Don’t worry… Besides, do you really think I can win against that monster?”

He turned around and reassured me with a comforting tone.

“Yes… I know. There’s no way…”

“Alright, then hurry and go.”

“…Okay. Ray… please come back soon.”

Ray acknowledged with a “Yeah” and hurriedly ran away.

I hurried back home as instructed… and there, everyone welcomed me and anxiously asked about Ray’s whereabouts. When I answered that he had said he would come soon, everyone’s expressions eased with relief.

Amidst everyone’s relief… I couldn’t help but feel uneasy for some reason.

“He will surely… he will come, he has to.”

I hugged my knees tightly, repeating it to myself.

[I’ll also go later. Please go ahead.]

He said that. So, there was no way he wouldn’t come.


I felt a sense of unease. Ray’s words… there was something about them, something that bothered me.

It felt like I had missed something crucial, like something was wrong… that kind of feeling.

…No, but there’s no way. He said he would come right away. There’s no way those words were a lie, right?

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