Who Killed the Hero? Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

Fragment 1

Having gradually gotten used to the sword training I imposed on myself and Maria’s trial held once a week, I decided to move on to my next goal.
Yes, learning attack magic.
I asked a magician class teacher just in case, but was flatly rejected.
Well, this was within expectations. I already had my eyes on a student who seemed likely to teach me attack magic.
Solon Barclay. Called a prodigy and future great sage. Since he had magical abilities surpassing teachers when he entered the academy, he was a problem child who barely attended classes.
I chose him for one reason. In the academy he just wandered around, looking bored, so it seemed he had free time.
Therefore, on the rare day I spotted him, I immediately called out.
“Solon Barclay, teach me magic.”
“No way.”
Without even looking at me, Solon answered and tried to leave.
Gaunt and with a stern expression, he gave off an aura of rejecting others completely.
“Wait a minute, won’t you listen to what I have to say?”
I cut off his path, blocking his way.
“No need to listen. You’re Ares. An idiot seriously aiming to be a hero. Pointlessly training your sword skills using Leon as a model, getting toyed with by Maria weekly. And now you want me to teach you attack magic, right? Ridiculous. Why should I waste my genius time for the likes of you? Do what you want throwing away your life meaninglessly, but don’t get in my way or I’ll show no mercy.”
Making his harsh expression even harsher, Solon spat all at once.
“You know well. You know the reason. Please, teach me magic.”
“Were you listening? I said don’t get in this genius’s way, you commoner. Got it?”
“But you’re bored, right?”
“Me, bored?”
“When you come to the academy, you seem to have nothing to do. You don’t seem to have friends either.”
“As if you have any friends!”
Seeing Solon gather magical power in his right hand, I hurriedly gave way. Looks like he’s sensitive about not having friends.
“Don’t ever involve yourself with me again.”
Spitting that out, Solon left.

One week later, seeing Solon again, I called out to him.
“Yo, Solon. Did you think about our talk last time?”
“Do you not have a memory? Or has Maria’s teasing messed up your head? Also, don’t casually call my name. I’ll kill you.”
From then on, whenever I saw Solon, we had exchanges like this.
Whenever we met, Solon hurled abuse like “Die” “Trash” “Scum”, but after having my mental strength pointlessly tempered by Maria’s trial, that level of verbal abuse had no effect on me.
Then one day, about a month later, he finally stopped.
“Fine, fine, I get it, maggot. You have a point. I am bored at the academy. I’m only here due to trivial complications.”
I heard Solon was only enrolled here to keep up the academy’s reputation, forced by his parents.
“My family are minor nobles. My dad’s a skilled sorcerer, but even so, the difference in status is hard to overcome. The academy director who’s a senior nobleman pressured my dad to have me enrolled here, so they could boast [Solon Barclay is attending] this academy. I killed time reading books in the library the first month, but now I have nothing to do. However, the teacher also has the right to choose.”
Saying that, Solon took several books from his pocket. More than could physically fit. Must be some kind of magic.
“These books are given to magician class students here. They say if you read and understand them you can use basic magic, but really you also need talent. I’m not saying you’ll be able to use magic. Just memorize the book contents. Give it a week, I guess.”
“A week!? No way I could memorize so many books in such a short time…”
It’s a year’s worth of magician class lessons. Totally unreasonable.
“Can’t do it? I think trying to be a hero is way more impossible. In the first place, wanting to use magic without any talent, saying you can’t with just that level of thing, then you’ll never be able to use magic.”
When he puts it that way, Solon has a point. He’s not saying anything weird.
More than anything, it’s reasonable compared to Maria’s trial.
“Got it. One week. I’ll memorize it. Teach me magic then.”
“I don’t lie.”
Saying that, Solon left.



Returning to my room, I immediately started reading the books. The contents were a little difficult, but had some similarities to the sorcery books I read before, so it was surprisingly understandable.
From that day I stopped sword training, avoided Maria’s trial, begrudged any time sleeping, and threw myself into the books.
Day and night endlessly, even during classes and meals, I spent all my time reading the books.
Then, one week later when I saw Solon, I rushed over to him.
“I memorized it!”
“I see.”
Solon was indifferent to my excitement.
“Then let’s go.”
Solon headed towards the school building.
“Where to? Aren’t you going to check if I remember or not?”
“I don’t say what I can’t do. And you don’t lie. If so, there’s no need to check.”
I was stunned for a moment, but soon chased after Solon.

Where Solon went was an empty classroom.
“Okay, try chanting a fire spell.”
Following his instructions, I chanted the fire spell written in the book.
But nothing happened.
“Hmm, the spell is correct. But I don’t feel any mana in the chant. Do you have the image of fire?”
“Yes, I’m imagining fire like the book said.”
“What kind of fire?”
“A fireplace fire.”
“Your image is weak. Imagine a blazing flame.”
In this way, Solon gave detailed instructions and taught the book contents even more thoroughly.
There were no immediate results, but Solon was always serious.
“Interesting, quite interesting. This may allow more detailed analysis of the basic principles of magic.”
But, there’s not even a hint that I can use magic,
“That’s exactly why it’s interesting. I was able to use magic unconsciously, but if I figure out what to consciously focus on when chanting spells, it could increase the efficiency of magic. In other words, if the process of you chanting spells becomes clear, we may be able to fundamentally improve magic!”
What Solon said was somewhat understandable yet incomprehensible, but he taught me earnestly.
Solon only comes to the academy once a week, so he can only teach me magic then. But through our conversations, we grew close.
I thought he was a cynical and hard to approach person, but in reality he was a caring guy with a good heart.
“On one hand I was flattered as a prodigy and genius, but on the other hand I had to deal with the complicated relationships between nobles since I was a child. That can be distorting. As a result, I couldn’t trust those around me and was always alone,”
Solon said self-deprecatingly.

scene transition


“Maria is the same. Her true self can just sense the existence of God, she’s not really a saint. But she was burdened with the expectations of those around her and ended up how she is now. Outwardly she’s fine, but inwardly she’s quite frustrated. Still, there’s no one else who can sense God’s existence like her. Unlike those old bishops in their positions due to status. If Maria can’t teach you, no one else will be able to. At her core, she really is a saint.”
Solon has complicated feelings towards Maria.
“So what are these trials of Maria like?”
“She was whipped many times recently. She was told [If you pray earnestly to God, the pain will go away].”
“…I see. But healing your own wounds is the first step to God’s miracle. Along with your body’s healing response to the whipping, you may start to feel the existence of God?
“Recently, I got slapped while being called ‘[That bald guy! Old man!]’ because she had her butt touched by a high-ranking bishop.”
“And while I was being hit, Maria’s face gradually turned into a lurid smile, it was kind of scary. Is this really okay?”
I have to learn recovery magic no matter what, but I have many doubts about Maria’s guidance.
“….Did it have any effect?”
“The pain did go away midway. Maria called it a [Miracle of God] but I think my senses just went numb from the beating.”
“Yet you don’t seem to have any marks on your body…”
Solon casually examined my body.
“Maria beautifully healed just the whip marks. She said [Since the details of the trial are secret, I must erase the evidence].”
Maria demonstrated her high skill in an unpleasant way.
“Well then, shall we start your magic training! I can’t waste the time of a genius like myself!”
Solon averted his eyes from me and started the magic training.

And so my life at the academy passed in this way. I devoted all my available time to training. I was seen as a weirdo by the students and teachers and ridiculed [It’s a fruitless endeavor since there are no results]. But I could not give up on becoming a hero.
And then, sometime after starting my third year, I became able to use magic. A tiny fire spell activated from my fingertip.
“You did it!”
Solon rejoiced as if it were his own accomplishment.
“This is amazing! Magic can’t be used without talent! Your hard work overturned that! This is something to be proud of! It’s groundbreaking enough to overturn conventional magical theory!”
I was so happy I forgot to be happy for myself.
Then, as the joy gradually welled up, tears rolled down my cheeks.
“Thank you, this is all thanks to you Solon.”
Magic, which I had only dreamed of before, I could finally use.
So I would never regret again.

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