The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 30

Chapter 30: Disappointment

A miserable defeat.

That word was fitting for his son’s state, and it was clear to every knight present that he had been thoroughly beaten down.
Alfred, who had picked up his discarded clothes and was about to leave the training grounds, walked right up to Grashian Gwenael, the Royal Knights Commander.

“Sorry about that. Selfishly asking to join the training all of a sudden.”

“No, I am also at fault for being unable to stop my son.”

After finishing their meeting, Grashian had suggested Alfred observe the knights training.
It was to actually see the state of the knights and share information with Grashian, to use as reference for creating new training regimens.

That’s when, at the training grounds, he witnessed a certain scene.
Charlotte being showered with abuse by Dold and Filga.
It was clear at a glance that she was enduring it out of consideration for Alfred’s position. But Dold and Filga didn’t consider that one bit, only unilaterally hurling insults at her.


Alfred’s profile oozed killing intent and rage, and Grashian who saw it beside him broke out in a cold sweat, overwhelmed by the pressure.

“Grashian. I have a little request.”

His request was to join the training, and to close Grashian eyes to the series of events that would occur after. As a result, Dold and Filga had teamed up but were still miserably defeated by the unarmed Alfred.

(But still…how much training would it take to reach this level…?)

Alfred’s exposed upper body that was suspected of cheating with magic tools.
The physique engraved with the marks of intense training was clearly not something attainable with half-hearted effort, anyone could see that.

Born with the jet-black magical power of a [cursed child], he must have needed that much power. Having a harder life than normal people, than normal royalty, he must have desperately grasped the power to survive.

“Sorry about that. We’ll do the training observation another time. And…I’ll leave the rest to you.”

“I’ll take care of it.”

Receiving Grashian’s words, Alfred left the training grounds alone.

“…This result may be harsh on your little boy.”

“…That’s true. It might be.”

Unable to give a clear response to his junior’s words, Grashian felt useless. He didn’t know at all what his son had been thinking, siding with Leo and denouncing Charlotte…since he didn’t know anything.


“Young master, Sir Filga. Are you alright?”

The knight who often gave Dold sword lessons called out to him.
But Dold slapped away the offered hand.

“Don’t touch me! I’m…not defeated!”

“That’s right…we didn’t lose…! That guy must have used some underhanded means…it has to be…!”

Refusing to face the overwhelming difference in strength shown, the clear insurmountable gap, Dold and Filga would not admit defeat.

Seeing his son rolling on the ground, burning with anger–Grashian didn’t even know what words he should say. He felt pathetic for not even knowing that.


“That despicable bastard…!”

“I won’t forgive him…absolutely won’t…!”

“…Are your eyes blind holes?”

Just speaking to them. That mere act was so unfamiliar. All the more because until now, he had never exchanged words with his son like this.

“What was that? Are you taking that guy’s side! Him and not your son!”

“It doesn’t matter who you are, son or not. I’ll say it any number of times. Are your eyes blind holes?”

“…..! You’re my enemy too! His accomplice to frame Lucille!”

“You yourself should understand best, having experienced it directly. His skill is genuine. It’s clear from the wounds etched into that body too.”

“Shut up! Shut up, shut up, shut up! You shameless knights who can’t measure up!”

“If you guys have time to do this, then hurry up and catch him!”

“You can’t even do that, yet call yourselves knights! That’s why you knights are spineless! Useless knights who can’t do anything against [Fragment]!”

It’s fine if they can’t admit defeat yet.
Sometimes it’s like that. There are realities that are hard to accept. Even so—their conduct, lashing out with baseless hatred and abuse, is far too unsightly, you can’t help but be disgusted.


The traces of effort etched into Alfred’s body.
The overwhelming skill demonstrated.
Even with all this, they cannot acknowledge it—my son has completely lost his way.
Part of the responsibility lies with Grashian for making him this way.

“What are you doing! Hurry up and catch him! Catch him!”

“Don’t misunderstand, Dold.”

“…..! Father…!”

That’s enough. Any more is unbearable to watch.

“The knight order does not belong to you.”

“You’re in cahoots with Alfred too!”

“…..I’m sorry I couldn’t open your eyes, that’s my sin. For not facing you sooner, not exchanging words with you until now.”

“What are you saying…”

“Dold Gwenael. Filga Matisse. From now on, you are prohibited from participating in training and entering the training grounds. If you break this, you will be punished, so be prepared.”


“Don’t mess with us! Why us…!”

“No objections…take them away.”


“It’s an order.”

“…Yes, sir.”

Though confused, the knights still held down the struggling two and forcibly escorted them out of the training grounds.

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