A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 3 part 1

Chapter 3: Subject of Surveillance

In a dimly lit dungeon-like room inside the Knights of the Round Table headquarters at Camelot Castle, a young girl named Noir was sitting on a chair. She was small in stature, with black hair and red eyes.

“So why have you summoned me here? I have just returned from a mission,”

Standing in front of her was a man with red hair and eyes, whose piercing gaze could frighten some. But the girl looked at him indifferently, even laughing dismissively.

“Oh, it’s nothing. I just want to give you a new mission, Sargento.”

“….It seems like a big deal to me.”

“Shut up. You’re my underling. Now get to work.”


Although the man was clearly older, the young girl spoke arrogantly as if she was superior.

Her use of “ore” as a personal pronoun and her condescending attitude were unimaginable from her small appearance. But the man seemed used to this abusive behavior.

“So what do you want me to do?”

“It’s a simple teaching job.”


“Yes. The new Holy Knights, who have just joined temporarily, go with one of their units on their first mission and supervise them afterwards. That’s it.”

“Haah. Why monitor them?”

“Well, look at this first.”

A bag of documents carelessly tossed. It contained the names of the holy knights in a certain special unit. Looking at it, Sargento gave opinion.

“Arthur… certainly seems suspicious.”

“We know nothing about her past before she came here. Where she was, what she did, and yet she can fight. It’s a mystery where this freak has been hiding.”

“Maybe she was an adventurer or something like that.”

“That’s possible, but also before that. Nobody knows anything about the first dozen years of her life. Her talent with the sword and the light element? Don’t kid me, she’s exactly the same as the original hero, Arthur. There’s definitely something going on here. Keep an eye on her and report back. It’s your top priority mission.”

“Understood. Is the boy named True also a surveillance target?”

“Yes. He’s from that cursed village.”

“I see.”

“Besides, he has aptitude for all elements. Annoying geniuses, you know. Watch him too for now.”

“Is that all?”

“Huh? Any complaints about my decisions?”


“Well, it’s just my intuition. It…”

“I see.”

Sargento let out a sigh, as if releasing the annoyance. Sargento was used to this kind of tyranny, but still thought the unreasonable demands were too much.

But knowing that complaining was futile, he looked over the documents. He noticed another boy’s information.

“And Fei… a fifteen year old boy. No aptitude… It’s certainly impressive to join the special unit like that. But is there anything special about him?”

“Idiot, the important part is what comes after. Look at the second document.”

“I see.”

At the request, Sargento lowered his eyes to the second document.

“The first one is his normal, official evaluation. But you heard about the incident with that idiot Garestia, right?”

“Yes. I heard some people made a fuss about it.”

“He’s the one who mostly silenced them.”


The second document she gave him described how Fei had declared that he would commit seppuku if Yururu caused another scandal.


“Ridiculous. That guy? He’d put his life on the line for a newly met, mere sword instructor. Officially, it’s said that he negotiated a holy knight, but I heard he went so far as to negotiate directly with that idiot Lancelot.”

“He seems like a proud man.”

“The reasons I find him suspicious are several. One is his growth rate.”

“Growth rate?”

“Yes. When he joined, he was by far the worst deadweight. He didn’t know the first thing about swordsmanship at the exam. But in the last five months he’s made incredible progress.”

She went on and on about Fei. As he listened, then Sargento looked over the documents.

“He seems to be working very hard, training almost every day and seeing results?”

“He’s a freak, doing extra training on top of the special unit’s. You know how crazy that training is, right?”

“Well, yeah, but…”

“Is that even possible? To suddenly gain immense strength and seek it like crazy. For the sake of his sword instructor, no, for the sake of getting stronger himself, he’d risk his life.”

“Maybe they have a romantic relationship?”

“No way. Trust my intuition.”

“Haah… but nothing particularly suspicious comes to mind. His home village is a bit notorious, but…”

“His growth rate… and his abnormal training ability. He’s dangerous in many ways. A knight who seeks only strength often ruins himself. Although Arthur is your first priority, keep an eye on him as well.”

“If you order me to, I understand, but on my own, I wouldn’t…”

“Look at the fourth page.”


“Holy Grail Calendar 3027. His village has been destroyed. The same was true for True . And around that time, both entered Maria’s orphanage.”


“And Holy Grail Calendar 3029. When he turned thirteen… it seems that his behavior changed significantly, as if he became a different person.”

“I see.”

“It is often said that the trauma of a parent’s death can cause a personality change. But in his case, there’s a two-year gap. It’s strange. But this could be something… a phenomenon beyond our imagination… that’s my feeling…”

“You’re hesitating? Will it rain spears tomorrow?”

“Kuh… In his case, it’s an indescribable hunch. Of course, Arthur is the top priority. That’s a definite gut feeling. The other two boys… keep an eye on them while prioritizing Arthur.”


“Well, after the probation is over, it’s common for them to be placed on different teams with different partners for compatibility, experience, good stimulation, and so on…”

“In that case, it would be impossible to monitor all three.”

“Arthur has absolute priority. You must accompany her on their missions.”

“I understand. But could you smooth things over? I’ll look like a Lolicon.”

“Ah, right. I’ll say something like I want to pair a talented novice with a third rank holy knight.”

“As expected from the Knights of the Round Table. Please do.”

“Yes, leave that to me. I want more underlings, then I could supervise everyone.”

“Why not recruit someone?”

“Many knights are suspicious. And too many would lead to leaks.”

“But with only twelve pawns, it feels like too much work compared to that…”

“Shut up, this conversation is over. Hurry up and go.”

“Yeah.. Yeah…”

As if to chase him away, Noir ordered Sargento to leave the room. Then she looked again at the documents of a certain holy knight.

Fei’s documents.

“…Was Arthur the right top priority? This guy might be more dangerous than I thought… No, am I thinking too much?”

This was supposed to be an event where suspicious Holy Knights would be watching Arthur and True .

But Fei had slipped in among them. Of course, she doesn’t know Fei’s beliefs. From here on, things will diverge greatly from the game’s story.

But one thing that’s the same as in the game is that Bowlan isn’t discussed at all.

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