The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Dearly Beloved

In the end, not only me but Lady Elea, Sherry, Betty, and Rick were taken away too. For some reason the terrorist leader who seemed to be in a good mood secretly told me that their minimum kidnapping targets were only Lady Elea and Rick though… What the heck.
But I guess they’re diligent? They apparently stopped harming the other people there and put them to sleep with sleeping pills or something.
After that, we got rocked in a large merchant company carriage for two hours and brought to some mansion somewhere. Only Lady Elea was taken somewhere else.
Rick threw a fit when his mother was about to be taken away but after getting punched once he’s behaving docilely now.
“Sir Ludrick…are you alright?”
“I-I’m fine!”
Maybe they were holding back, but when Betty called out to him, Rick was holding his swollen cheeks as he fights back tears. At least he still has the composure to act tough.
That said, I wish he’d stop grabbing my skirt with his free hand. If you’re scared you shouldn’t have come… Thanks to that, Sherry beside me has so much excess energy that she’s making a face akin to transcendent enlightenment.
In any case, we kids got put in a large basement-like warehouse for now.
But despite the situation, I feel extremely calm.
Never before have I felt so sure that I am a “Demon”.
A Demon’s psyche and the human heart…
I used to think they were vaguely the same thing but actually, there’s a subtle difference.
Because I had those “memories” from living a fair amount in that “dream world”, I believed my mental fortitude was strong. While that’s certainly still true, if those were just memories of living as a human…I should’ve been much more frightened by these circumstances.
I lived as a “Demon” in the brutal world of the magic realm. Yet I was certainly convinced that I still had a “human heart” within me.
Now…what’s reflected in my eyes are several dozen injured children, hurt in body and spirit.
How long has it been since I arrived here…? Without decent food, drained of the energy to even cry out, with hollow eyes devoid of hope, I crouched. One child, who had endured brutal violence, perhaps resisting at the time of capture, was on the verge of death, untreated.
While Sherry averted her eyes, seemingly pained by the sight of those children, I continued to gaze without turning away.
“What a situation…”
What I felt for those children was neither “pity” nor “anger.”
I… felt a deep “affection” for the suffering they endured.
…I must be messed up.
What’s that? Doesn’t that sound a little weird? It almost seems misconstrued as “compassion” for a second but finding a battered, suffering child “lovable”…what kind of freak feels that way!?
No no, logically I understand it’s a terrible scene! But from the depths of my heart, I feel uplifted…as strength wells up inside me.
What to do…nothing can be done I guess. (Resigned)
As I distract myself from that silly train of thought in low spirits, for some reason teary-faced Sherry and Betty grasp my hands. No no, that’s not why.
“…That child…”
“Lady Eur, what’s the matter?”
Worried Sherry calls out to me but I’m drawn by the presence lingering from that dying boy from earlier.
“That child…wants to die.”
Those words spill from my mouth as I’m already walking toward him.
My usual [humanlike] smile has probably vanished. The children shy away, making space for me as I approach.
The other children around him don’t seem to be siblings since they also hurriedly leave the area. I gently kneel by the [child who wants to die]’s side.
“Living is painful for you?”
I hear Sherry and the others behind me swallow their breath at my words.
The boy barely cracks open his lifeless eyes, only managing breathy wheezes from his cracked lips rather than words.
But his eyes speak. His slightly moving lips say–
[Please end this agony soon and give me peace]─
If that is your wish but…
“No good.”
I softly touch the boy’s dirtied cheek, giving a gentle smile.
What flows into me is…
This child’s intense “agony” and profound “despair”, filling my thirsty heart.
“Live on.”
Ah… How weak yet lovable are humans.
Even a small child like this holds that “sweet nectar” drawing me in within their tiny body and heart.
“However painful, however sorrowful, you must live. Such is the human destiny.”
At some point, all the children in this basement warehouse started listening to my words.
Know this, all of you. Live your brief lifespans to the fullest. Suffer, grieve, lament, yet still live on.
No “Demon” will ever permit a human’s desire to [die peacefully].

“──[Let there be light]──”

Dazzling light bursts from my entire body, gently enveloping the boy.
My “feelings” become power, released as healing magic.
Through this powerful eruption, I realized why I could use sacred magic but not ordinary magic.. It’s obvious. Because the way Demons employ magic itself differs from humans after all.
I simply had to “be” like so.
Now my beloved humans.
“─Bestow life’s ‘blessings’ unto all─!!”
Curse that you were born. Yet here, I alone shall celebrate your despair in this world. Welcome to an existence full of despair…humans.
Offer that despair unto these “Demons”─

scene transition

Ah…I felt like my mind had been freed somehow.
My unshackled “heart” shines as light, brightly illuminating this wide basement. Guided purely by my will, the intrinsic Demonic power becomes light, binding even the frail light spirits and taking corporeal form of countless “angels”.
The materialized angels flutter ethereal, feathered light like swirling snow, their touch upon the children completely healing them. The light now dances softly through the air akin to evanescent powder snow.
I’ve done it now. Went overboard. This is definitely abnormal.
The silence hurts… The children, Sherry and them, they’re stunned, dumbfounded.
What to do…nothing can be done huh. (Second time)
Just then, that dying boy from earlier blushes cutely, eyes glittering as he gazes at me and drops to his knees with hands clasped.
“Thank you… Holy Maiden─”
…Huh!? Holy maiden!? Why!? I feel wide awake now.
Perhaps hearing his voice, the previously recovered children kneel one after another, tearfully clasping their hands in prayer to me.
Hey hey! I’m a Demon okay, not Holy Maiden!?

“Albertine…why are you here!?”
In a basement as wide as an entire mansion with crude pillars after the walls were removed, Albertine and Eleanore confronted one another.
Several knights hold back Eleanore about to charge at her. Albertine flashes a composed smile, returning her gaze.
“Why Lady Eleanore, it hasn’t been that long has it…since we last met?”
As higher nobility, they frequently saw each other at social gatherings.
Moreso, having attended the royal capital Mage Academy in the same school year previously, the two women were called the [Twin Roses of High Society] whom no one at school didn’t know, hardly unfamiliar with one another either.
The two possessed everything people desire – beauty, power, wealth, envy… However upon graduating and reencountering later, their positions had changed.
Albertine sought to seize everything yet couldn’t obtain the one “heart” she wanted most.
Meanwhile Eleanore had given up on that due to nobility, inadvertently gaining one of the “futures” Albertine still longed for.
Albertine wanted it all.
Yet only the one “heart” she wanted most slipped through her fingers.
“…Why would you do something like this?”
“You wouldn’t understand.”
At Eleanore’s question, Albertine faintly casts her eyes down─before raising her head again, gaze sharp once more as the cold yet dazzling woman she originally was.
“Let me explain a little. From here on, I intend to steal “everything” from you after all. Stealing everything, destroying everything, resetting everything to blank…where I reclaim it all.”
Destruction and rebirth. But that held the futility of a loser desperately resetting the board at the bitter end, a fact apparent to Eleanore whose eyes widen astonished.
“…What nonsense! Does Fort-sama know about this!?”
“No way… But if I don’t go this far, that person won’t even look at me.”
Knowing that Eleanor’s will resided in a realm that words couldn’t overturn, Albertine ordered her subordinates to step back, leaving the astonished Eleanor.
“Take her to the guest room. Gently.”
“Wait, Albertine!”
“See you, Lady Eleanore. I’ll specially let you spectate the spectacle of this nation crumbling, from a privileged viewpoint.”
Ignoring Eleanore’s cries as she gets dragged away by knights, Albertine feels her heart healed ever so faintly amidst the futility.
“…Still not enough.”

Albertine advances further into the gloomy basement with walls removed then heads for the widest, most open space at the center. Various people like scholars and mages worked there and she calls out to a nobleman among them.
“Lord Brunel, how goes the preparations?”
“My, the splendid Lady Albertine. Naturally it proceeds smoothly. We may even start experimental activation shortly.”
A handsome man in his mid-thirties with dark brown hair – Marquis Brunel – kneels before Albertine, lightly brushing his lips over her hand.
He was a military general known for supporting military expansionism in an army mostly filled with peace-minded individuals. Despite his playful looks, he had impressive sword skills comparable to the royal guards. Additionally, he personally led in magical command, defying his rank.
“As expected of Lord Brunel. How is the system itself?”
“Allow me to show you. This way.”
Escorted by Brunel’s offered hand, heading toward the work area causes the mages and knights to clear a path. Reflected in Albertine’s eyes was the [summoning magic circle] spanning the entire floor.
“Oh my…”
She knew the general outline as a mastermind herself but a magic circle large enough to fit an entire noble estate was still a spectacular sight.
Noting her reaction, Brunel begins explaining the magic circle layout.
“As you know Lady Albertine, this summoning magic circle uses the one from the incident four years ago as base then expanded scale by about twenty percent. Additionally, functionality from that new model circle you provided got incorporated. We should be able to continuously summon multiple high-class Demons now.”
Of course, the spellcaster needs to have enough mental and magical energy – that’s the unspoken condition.
Technically, you could make even larger circles, but that would need more mages to boost the magic supply. However, coordinating a large number of casters requires lengthy rituals. Finding enough space for such large-scale operations is currently a challenge, and they also lack reliable mages.
Nevertheless, the progress from the previous method of randomly opening gates with immense power is remarkable.
Yet the purpose for producing a magic circle of this size wasn’t nearly so trivial.
“So can you summon an exalted existence?”
When Albertine asks, even Brunel looks troubled.
While not suitable as an open strategy with hostile nations, releasing a hundred high Demons alone could seriously weaken a country’s national strength.
The acknowledged military strength of a single high Demon equals that of a hundred troops. A hundred of them could cause severe damage to even smaller nations, depending on contracts.
However, countries with power comparable to Tirilt would likely have spellcasters capable of summoning formidable “[high spirits]” against high Demons, making conclusive results unlikely.
The original aim of this plan was calling an even greater Demon to ensure absolute gains. The fifty-odd children gathered at this estate were “living sacrifices” to reliably summon that one [Demon].
A powerful Demon, akin to mighty spirits causing disasters like earthquakes, eruptions, tsunamis, and tornadoes…
Rumored to appear as a foreboding “figure” dressed in tattered noble clothing when it descends to this realm, capable of annihilating entire nations on its own.
“It will be tough, but… I want to summon ‘that one’…”
“Yes… I remember it well too.”


Four years ago, during the [Demon Summoning Incident] caused by a supposed cult, Brunel led the subjugation forces, and Albertine observed as the mages’ director from the Mage Academy.
Despite objections about a woman of high standing participating in combat, she joined the perilous mission to outshine her husband, as it occurred in her own territory.
Back then, Brunel only desired to boost his authority.
Back then, Albertine merely sought to showcase her importance.
Yet, on that day, the two witnessed─caught a glimpse of that magnificent “being.”
It was a solitary, golden cat, like a divine messenger.
A special top-class Demon with gleaming golden fur resembling precious metal, adorned with bat-like wings of actual gold─ [Golden Beast].
Not everyone noticed.
Only a very scarce few sensed…
The ghastliness hidden within that tiny body, enough to dye even the sky and moon jet black.
Far exceeding any high Demon, it was an exquisite golden Demon boasting absolute power…
Perhaps the magic circle’s capacity proved lacking then, for the manifested golden Demon vanished into the heavens. An official announcement stated it no longer existed in this plane but still spellbound by its beauty and might, Albertine and Brunel secretly schemed to call it forth once more.
Their motivations and emotional drive were different, but both pursued this endeavor with almost religious fervor, captivated by the power of the “Demon.”
“Currently, we are making adjustments, starting with the experimental summoning of extremely powerful veteran-class Demons in the high tier. What do you think?”
“Let me think…”
Regardless of it being a trial experiment, summoning multiple higher Demons still required sacrificing several lives.
How many sacrificial lives were needed to call back that golden Demon to this side remained unknown so they couldn’t waste lives recklessly.
They also made Eleanore withdraw because the experiments were entering the final stages. Capturing even her son was to offer him before her eyes rather than disposal. Albertine would’ve preferred not using someone she’d have kept around for this experimentation.
But then Albertine recalls one child from Zumana’s report.
“There is one child…with thick, noble bloodline and powerful magic. As a sacrifice, she may equal several lives…”

“That girl you mentioned…?”
Hearing Albertine’s words, Zumana blurts his query at using said young girl in the test activation of the summoning circle before hurriedly lowering his head.
“My apologies. I spoke out of turn.”
“No, that’s fine. She definitely wasn’t in the plans.”
Heading toward where the children were detained, Albertine casually nods at the flustered Zumana.
The initial scheme was using Eleanore’s son as a test body for Demonic possession before the sacrifice ― showing Eleanore her half-inhuman son to psychologically devastate her. Capturing Eleanore afforded pushing the schedule up but the truth was more time remained necessary still.
Demonic possession – the centuries-old experiments of harnessing the power of spiritual entities like Demons and spirits within humans – was still a forbidden field with no clear boosts despite resulting physical monstrosities.
If the possessing Demon or spirit was strong, the human loses sanity. If weak, degeneration occurs without useful gains. Rumors existed of past experimentation in southern nations but details remained beyond reach.
If that girl also held the same blood as Ludrick, there should be better uses for her than disposable fodder. But Zumana knew his ruthless mistress wouldn’t readily change decided matters.
“What I want to know is…how much that child of ancient noble lineage can resist the Demonic power…”
Surely that wasn’t all… Zumana thought to himself.
The unplanned conversation with Eleanore and obtaining that unexpected girl suddenly caused Albertine’s composure to fray.
The beloved daughter of the woman her husband sincerely loved, born because of his wish – the most precious girl he would give up everything for. One showered in love unconditionally from birth…of course Albertine harbored complex feelings toward her.
And unconsciously, Albertine feared that existence stirring chaos in her own heart…
That young girl seemed a puzzling entity even for Zumana.
Boldly asserting demands ― or rather, “negotiating” ― with the air of a superior before kidnappers.
Just how can a child not even four years old grow up like that? The intellect of Albertine’s own daughter amazed Zumana yet still required authority to interact with adults.
Indeed, now I understand what it means to [have thick blood] and this young lady seems to possess far thicker blood than Albertine’s daughter or that Ludrick boy, Zumana felt.
Perhaps because of that blood, her beauty was beyond human while exuding dignity no human possessed. Some knights borrowed from Marquis Brunel might’ve even knelt from her angelic splendor if not distracted by her allure.
(But that doesn’t concern me…)
Zumana’s liege was Albertine; his everything devoted to her words alone.
He respected Albertine as master and loved her as woman.
Her beauty likened to roses, arrogance, callousness, strength… Even the occasional glimpses of that lonely expression… He loved everything about her including that weakness.
And it hadn’t changed even upon realizing she herself had driven his family to ruin.

Before the room detaining the children, Albertine murmurs bemusedly.
No guards were posted there, only periodic soldier patrols. Nothing much children alone could do and they didn’t have the manpower to spare.
Yet an uncanny sight greeted them.
From the gaps in that sturdy, tightly shut door leaked light as though outdoors beneath the sun. Falling like illusions, those rays seemingly transformed into “feathers” fluttering down, disappearing into grains upon touching the floor.
Albertine recognized that phenomenon.
That radiance was sacred magic – moreover, those visuals signified high-order blessings, a one-time display from the cardinal in the royal capital leading the Costul faith.
[Bless] used by priests granted personal healing and protection from evil [“grace”].
The sacred magic shown by the cardinal granted such blessings to all humans present, difficulty varying by number.
High sacred magic ─【Feast of Blessings】─
Spell said to immobilize even the cardinal by targeting just thirty people. Managing it marked one as among the sole handful throughout the Holy Kingdom and ten on the whole continent.
This room contained fifty children. Meaning someone inside could wield sacred magic exceeding the royal capital’s cardinal.
If the one responsible was “that child” then…
“…Zumana! Open the door, quickly!”
What awaited Albertine upon rushing inside was not the injured, frightened, despairing children from memory but rather children offering prayer to a Messiah-like girlish figure amidst them completely healed.

“What do you think you’re doing!!”
The sudden intruder was that redheaded beauty I saw in the carriage before.
Huh, what!? Why is she here!? I’m unable to move right now with these children calling me [Holy Maiden-sama] and revering me for some reason so stop adding more chaos!
“Get away from there!”
Yelling angrily, this beauty charges while shoving the children aside… Uwah. She has quite the face on right now beyond what’s mentionable. Huh, why is she looking at me? She’s heading straight my way!?
“Come here!”
Grabbed by the arm, a weird noise escapes me involuntarily. Then Noel – the first boy I healed – suddenly opens his eyes wide and pounces at the woman.
“Don’t touch the Holy Maiden!”
“You damn brat!”
She smacks aside the lunging Noel with a slap. And then─
Next to me, Rick mirrors Noel, throwing himself at the beauty too. Why Rick as well!?
“Little punk!”
She mercilessly knocks down even a child like Rick. Still grabbing my arm, she tries dragging me outside but now not only Sherry and Betty, all the children remaining rush at the beauty.
“We won’t let you take Lady Eur!”
“Holy Maiden!”
As the children cry my [Holy Maiden] title and continue scrambling up after getting blown away, the beauty’s face twists disgustedly. Mine twisting even more than hers by the way.
Just then, that competent butler-like brother by the entrance magically(?) blasts Sherry and them away with wind.
Yet I only feel a slight breeze myself and Beauty remains unaffected too. Impressive! Yet he barely injured the children either and stopped them without escalating. This man is absurdly capable!
“Behave yourselves! Next one who acts up, I’ll kill her, this child you hear!”
When the beauty shouts, the kids who were sent flying become quiet.
Well, it’s not good for me to be killed, but really, now that I’ve healed them, I hope they don’t get injured again. …Do I need to say something here? Not for my own sake, but still.
“I-It’s okay, everyone…I’m fine”
I say that, smiling gently without looking scary as possible. But Sherry, Betty, and the children start sobbing hopelessly upon seeing that.
Ugh… Stealing a glance at the woman, she seems fed up with the bawling children too.
Yep this is one of those situations. Hey Miss! Hurry up and take me away already!
It’s not that I’ve given up thinking or anything, I just figured I’m powerless here.

“Hurry up and walk!”
“Y-Yes ma’am…”
Ah, that kinda hurts! When I unconsciously gave a light response, the beauty’s grip on my arm tightened. Oh right, normal children would likely be way more frightened in circumstances like this huh.
Hmm…how does one cower again? Let me try imitating Sherry and Betty… No good, so I’m just obediently behaving myself but the entire time, that capable butler brother keeps eyeing me askance.
I’m okay, I’m not scared! I probably need to act more “humanlike”.
And so, I’m walking hand in hand down the dim hallway with Beauty and we emerge into a wider space than the warehouse-like area from earlier. I think this is still underground but is this really alright…?
The walls seem all stripped, leaving just pillars but even the pillars look shoddily left as mere token supports. There’s magical reinforcement or something right?
I don’t know if this place is our destination but Beauty makes me sit on a conveniently placed chair and likewise lowers herself to meet my gaze.
“You’re Leahsteere’s daughter correct…?”
She’s also Mother’s friend? No…something feels off. Her emotions seemed to roil intensely saying Mother’s name for some reason.
She’s calmer than earlier but still irritated.
Though making an artificial child-friendly smile now, after witnessing her earlier fit I feel nothing but dread from that expression.
“What’s your name, child?”
“I see, so Eurushia. You can use sacred magic then?”
“I wonder who you learned that magic you used earlier from?”
The magic from earlier? Her meaning eludes me for a second, unconsciously tilting my head.
Well I did learn sacred magic from Vio but if she doesn’t mean that, then the angel parade thing right? Could that have been some forbidden magic? For now I put on a [too young to understand] face. With a tired sigh, Beauty asks:
“Do you know what…a [Holy Maiden] is?”
This again… As I blankly shake my head no, Beauty’s eyes narrow sharply.
“[Holy Maidens] are special existences in this country…far more than even those of royal bloodline… But fine. Say Eurushia… Want me to tell you what’ll happen to you now?”
As I obediently nod, Beauty’s artificial smile morphs into a vicious leer.
“I thought I could use you as a vessel for Demons but if your magic is enough to pose as [Holy Maiden], experiments could prove interesting.”
Uh oh, unpleasant words suddenly popped up and I jolt to my feet before Beauty grabs my shoulder.
“Let’s start by cutting your arm with a knife. It will likely hurt tremendously but you’ll heal yourself right, Eurushia? Since you’re the Holy Maiden and all.”
What is this person saying?
“Don’t worry… A holy maiden can do it. Then we’ll try your legs next time ‘kay? So much blood flows out that you’ll die if not quickly treated. Maybe nails hammered in too? It’ll remain agonizing with them still stabbed in even after healing.”
Um, what?
“Enhancing you with sacred magic and using you as a magic target also works. Then once your magic runs dry and resistance drops, let’s try possessing you with a low Demon next. Do your best to resist alright? Otherwise scales and thorns and stuff will overgrow your arms and body. Fufu… If the esteemed [Holy Maiden-sama] takes on the looks of a Demon, I wonder what faces the royal family and church will make.”
Sensing her mind lacks composure and speaks such disturbing notions, I feel this beauty’s psyche warping an unpleasant way.
As she reveals a warped, leering smile, Beauty touches my cheek then unexpectedly shows lonely eyes.
“Oh…such pretty eyes, resembling that person’s so much. What drew me was always…those eyes. Since we were small children when we first met… I harbored affections the entire time. Yet I could never voice my feelings…so said nothing but spiteful things instead.”
The hand caressing my cheek moves to stroke near my eyes before slowly lowering down.
“But someday… if I waited, someday, that person was supposed to be mine. If that person’s talent was so precious, even his older brother understood that. But you know… next to that person, before me, there was that woman…”
Her trembling white hand slowly wraps around my neck.
“…I hated that woman. Didn’t want to see her face. But in the castle… at night events… at tea parties… whenever I found him, that woman was always by his side. At first, she clung to him like a little sister, then she became a girl in love, stealing his heart.”
Slowly… the pressure in her fingertips increases.
“Even when that person became mine, his heart didn’t belong to me. So, I said even more horrible things. Then this time, his brother interfered… even though we had cooperated once, he became my enemy. As long as those annoying people are around, that person’s heart won’t be mine.”
I see… that’s how it is.
Surely, it’s the tale of a [girl who couldn’t be honest despite being in love].
She didn’t want to tell me. She could speak because I;m going to be killed by her, because I’m a child who will die soon. …She wanted to talk.
“Would I have been loved if I treated him like a saint? If my daughters had the same golden hair as him, would he have loved me? How can I be loved by everyone? I don’t know… I don’t know! How can I become a family? No one taught me how to live like that! So, I had to destroy everything! Break it all and start over from scratch!”
A clumsy person… even if she mimics turning over a game board, she realizes she won’t be loved… but her heart is cracked enough to cling to that.
“But it’s impossible… because you’re here. Because there are people like you, who are loved by everyone, neither I nor my daughters can be loved! Hey… die. You’ve been loved enough, haven’t you? So, die and give me that person!!”
As she screams while getting closer to my face, her hands choking me gain strength.
Given her personality, she probably didn’t have a same-sex friend she could consult with deep in her heart. If there was someone to listen to her troubles… if there was someone to listen, she might have been able to be a bit more honest.
But… don’t cry anymore.
While being choked by her, I gently touched her trembling hand and smiled softly.
It’s okay now… you won’t cry anymore.
Seeing her eyes, which reflected my smiling face, slightly tremble, I couldn’t stand still, and gently wiped away the tears on her cheeks, unnoticed by her, with my fingers.
“W-What are you doing…”
Her blue eyes waver in confusion. As I wipe away her tears and gaze into her eyes, the tension gradually fades, and I gently envelop her white cheeks with both hands.
Human hearts are kind… sad… fragile… and beautiful.
Even if this deep love turns into suffering or hatred, she still holds it like a treasure.
Humans… what a precious existence they are.
These feelings──are driving me insane.
“…I’ll love you.”
I finally realized.
I finally became aware of the feelings inside me.
“I” love “people.”
“Demons” hunger for “love.”
A bad person… having such… a hidden “sweet nectar.”

“──Here I go──”

I gently, softly snapped her neck.

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