The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 7

Episode 7 I’m a hostage

Talking about the tea party while sitting on Father’s lap afterwards, Father’s gaze subtly narrowed like a hunter spotting prey, just for a moment.
That’s a little scary, Father…but also cool.
“Oh…Rick called himself that?”
“You know him?”
“Yes, he’s the son of someone I know very well.”
So he was the child of someone related to Father’s work after all? Then perhaps I shouldn’t have casually teased and chased him away.
If an shut-in like me shows up at his birthday party, he might say something like [Haha, look at this bumpkin coming] and bully me.
“Go to the party?”
Just to make sure, I ask Father if it’s okay not to attend. But Father frowns worriedly.
“Hmm, what to do…”
Ah, no good. If I selfishly say I don’t want to go, Father won’t force me but his reaction means it’ll trouble him like at the tea party if I refuse.
“But it can’t be helped if Eurushia wants to go–“
“I go!”
Why is Father so surprised after I steeled myself to declare I’ll participate?
“Y-Eurushia? …Could it be you’ve taken a liking to Rick?”
Why would that happen? Something feels off about where this conversation went.
“Rick is… I see, so Rick is… Fufufu.”
What’s the matter, Father!?
And why is Vio trying to hand you a sword!? Who are you going to kill!? I know a little girl Demon’s words aren’t convincing but I’ll do the killing instead of staining your hands, Father! Yes, I’ll do it! I won’t even refuse forbidden greater summoning! I’ll coerce…politely request those timid earth spirits and fill the garden completely with mint plants! (Extremely evil)
Anyway, something about Father and Vio being in slightly bad moods is scary to me for some reason. But I have a trump card!
“I’ll be Father’s bride!”
“Oh…is that so?”
Father who suddenly cheered up strokes my head while grinning. How shameless… Such shameless favoritism, Father!
I might cause you great trouble when the time comes for me to marry. That’s if someone is even willing to take such a scary girl in the first place though.
“Yosh, I’ll take a day off work today to spend it with Eurushia instead.”
…Is this really okay, Father!?

“Won’t you come home again today…”
Looking out the dark window of her private chamber, Albertine murmurs in a tiny voice that only she can hear.
Accepting that deeply embedded thought she already knew full well, almost like chewing it…
Starting about a year ago, Albertine’s husband had stopped coming home to the mansion more and more frequently. His official reason for absence was inspections of territories in the countryside but even so, he used to come home to this mansion for a third of the year previously.
As a key member of national affairs, work he could only perform here remained. Of course she valued their ancestral territory where she was born but with a steward present, most business could be handled simply by correspondence.
When her husband started spending half a year working in the royal capital, his wife Albertine moved to their capital mansion as well. With two daughters born after the move, she had only returned to the main house in their territory a handful of times.
Thus both Albertine and her daughters raised here considered this place as [home].
And in fact, the splendor of the capital suited Albertine. The latest information and trends flowed in quickly, evening events were held all over nightly to which she opened her own teas and invited numerous nobles.
Beautiful, eminent, wealthy― Albertine was a picture of high social standing alongside the queen and crown princess herself, and noblewomen longed for her attendance at their events, praising her beyond compare in competition.
How would the daughters feel about their father, who grew up with such a mother, and who, though not consciously aware of it, was always looking out for his wife’s interests ……? You can see this in the fact that he is no longer around the house
Magnificent, influential. But Albertine had enemies too.
Without directly opposing her, those [enemies] were nobles of the crown princess faction who ignored Albertine’s clique, and old guard nobles sympathizing with her husband.
Because of her personality, Albertine was aware she’d done plenty to warrant this treatment.
Albertine had merely [wanted]. She seized in hand all she wished for – power, riches, admiration. Therefore she also obtained the one she’d desired most of all ever since she was small.
And in order to achieve that, she had pulled strings in various ways and directed matters to make it happen. It was only natural in a sense for the husband she obtained like that to not come home now.
After all, Albertine had torn him away from the woman he loved and who loved him in order to make him [her husband].

Hearing that voice, Albertine emerged from sinking deeper into gloomy thoughts and turned around to see her attendant Zamana looking at her anxiously, dressed like a butler.
Realizing he must’ve called out to her a number of times from his expression, she smiled wryly at herself.
“Sorry, I was a little spaced out…”
“…You must be tired. Shall I prepare something warm to drink?”
He knew that wasn’t the case. That’s why he worried in the first place but that made her a little happy yet irritated.
About to say spirit wine, she halted upon noticing the already emptied decanter of fruit wine.
“Actually, may I have some bean tea?”
“At once, milady.”
Zamana prepares the bean tea from a prepared cart. As the capital contained all sorts of things, these bean teas made from roasted beans were commoners’ drinks down south but Albertine liked their rustic fragrance.
“Is it to your liking?”
“Say, have the children gone to bed already?”
The warming tea seemed to unwind her nerves. When you consider how rarely the father ―her husband― is home compared to Albertine herself as the wife, she had to laugh at that pitiful self staring out the window earlier.
“Yes, they retired for the night just now.”
Zamana obliges that change of topic despite understanding her intent.
Seeing such a Zamana reminded Albertine of when they first met.
Roughly ten years ago, after Albertine assumed an official position at the Mage Academy, she discovered Zamana possessing high attributes unusual for a commoner and took him under her wing.
At first she only took a liking and poached him from the academy due to appearances and magical talent but she eventually learned he had nimble hands and noticed finer details, proving useful as a butler and secret agent too.
Back then Zamana himself had also been about to quit school in order to work, as the family merchant business was collapsing. He regarded Albertine who not only personally saved them but also aided his home as his lifelong liege.
Seeing such a dedicated Zamana, the eyes of Albertine – the very person responsible for driving his family to ruin in the first place – faintly sway.
“The young ladies took a bath together after dinner then…”
“I see. Their usual routine right?”
Yes, ma’am.
The daughters wanted to talk to their mother daily but never seemed to miss their father. She supposed they were close when small but as they grew, their gazes toward him chilled.
They probably didn’t dislike him but only approached their father to demand things of him or brag about their handsome father to other young ladies occasionally.
(That’s only natural…)
Using her household’s power, she had forcefully stolen her husband from another woman. Her husband was a noble too. He understood it was a political marLeahge yet properly fulfilled his duties. But even upon becoming Albertine’s husband and the girls’ father, he never relinquished his whole heart. He doted on the daughters and treated his wife lovingly yet still seemed to keep a certain distance from them in attitude.
Albertine chafed irritably at that, often responding coldly, even verbally abusing him at times. But rather than anger, he would only give a lonely smile without saying anything back.
The daughters raised seeing such frigid parents naturally adopted their mother’s cold attitude toward their father. Those girls didn’t know any other way to interact with their own father.
Unable to steal even her husband’s heart, Albertine doted excessively on the girls instead, giving them everything, spoiling them rotten, raising noble daughters who wouldn’t hesitate to use any means to obtain something ― practically splitting images of Albertine herself.
How those girls’ heartless words must have tormented him all the more.
It was only natural for him to get hurt. The spiteful words peppered thoughtlessly by the young girls were Albertine’s own [heart] after all.
Therefore, it was only reasonable for him not to return to a house like this and instead devote himself to an [ideal wife] and [ideal daughter] that he sought.
That’s exactly why she couldn’t forgive it.
“Zamana…the ‘preparations’ are smoothly underway without issue?”
“Yes, milady. There are no problems. Though the timing was suddenly changed, that has conversely made it easier to execute. Please be at ease.”
“I see…then I won’t trouble you anymore today.”
Albertine beckoned Zamana over alluringly.
Albertine loved her daughters. The younger one seemed to just imitate her beloved older sister and mother superficially but the older daughter resembled Albertine herself from when she was small, even down to lifestyle.
She was self-aware it was awful but willfully raised noble daughters weren’t so unusual. Even so, having just turned ten years old, the older daughter should gradually become more tactful in dealing with people unlike Albertine once she matured further. However, as his daughter and earning the ire of his household on top of that, her previously long hoped-for engagement since girlhood was annulled after she became an even more merciless character.
For the sake of that pitiful daughter.
To protect her own heart.
In order to seize everything―
Albertine wished to destroy everything once and turn over a new leaf.

Two days later after much ado, the cheeky young master― I mean, Rick’s? birthday party kicks off.
It’s held at that same spacious garden estate where we previously had the tea party. Though it was apparently supposed to start from evening but due to children who couldn’t attend at night, it became a lunchtime and night party.
In other words there’s both a daytime and nighttime portion to the birthday party. Just how rich is Rick’s family…?
I understand having the nighttime portion for all the adults coming but why was a lunch party suddenly added?
“Father, why?”
“Who knows…”
For some reason Father smiles while gazing into the distance, dodging the subject. Then Vio who was escorting me to the party venue gently whispers the reason to me.
“Most likely…because Lady Eur is attending.”
What does that mean?

Today I’ve been stuffed into some princess-esque pure white, fluffy, flower-like frilly dress prepared for the tea party at Father’s mansion.
Even the noble girls at that tea party wore fancy, cute, pretty dresses but nothing this fairy tale level. Just who is supposed to pull this off… Oh I see, no human as divorced from humanity as myself would work except me huh? I don’t feel flattered at all!

Father got called away by some self-important looking people to go elsewhere… After Vio escorts me to the venue entrance, she has to wait in the servant break room so from there a butler brother guides me instead. I finally get to walk on my own two feet after so long to enter the party hall.
Good thing…I properly remembered how to walk it seems.
The moment I entered the venue, several band members who noticed me let out weird noises like “Eek!” or “Squee!” before getting kicked out in a rush but otherwise, I keep getting given a wide berth by the other kids here and there haven’t been any particular issues.
That was the only problem up until entering the hall.
The issues after the party began are a whole different story.
“Lady Eur!”
Getting suddenly tackled from the side knocks the wind out of me.
“Yes, ’tis I, Sherry!”
Nearly falling over from her clutching me tightly, a blue-faced butler brother discreetly catches me with one hand.
“Lady Eur, meeting you again is like, totally the best thing ever! The moment you showed up, I was like, hit by this intense shock, as if there was some kind of blessing radiating from you, you know? That white dress looked so freaking amazing on you, like you could be a fairy with blooming white lilies or maybe it was inspired by fully bloomed white roses! But seriously, to me, you looked like an angel descending from the heavens, ready to bring happiness to us lowly beings with your wings. Even those angels would probably get jealous and hide from your overwhelming cuteness and beauty! How do I even express the luck of meeting such a fantastic and adorable you again? Oh… your divine presence is so dazzling that it’s making me a bit dizzy…”
Sherry clatters her shoes, staggering backward like a spotlight-illuminated stage actress.
Unfortunately, that’s oxygen deficiency.
This girl has some serious range… So this is what noble young ladies’ excessive praise is like huh? To think she just turned five years old. High society must be quite the frightening place!
“…Sherry looks like a princess too.”
“Oh my! Thank you so very much! To receive such words from Lady Eur herself!”
Sherry still hasn’t calmed down… No, she’s still weird. But dressed in that faint pink dress, Sherry did resemble a storybook princess.
I feel like the other kids grew even more distant thanks to Sherry’s eccentric behavior. I want to ask someone for help but there’s only children at this lunch party and none of Sherry’s family is around.
…Could that boy over there in the corner pretending to be someone else and getting ready to leave happen to be her older brother? No good. Unreliable.
But in exchange, I seemed to catch the attention of the guy I wanted to avoid thanks to standing out.
Noticing me while chatting up some cute black-haired young lady, Rick heads straight for me just like that.
“Now that you’re here, hurry up and–“
“Congratulations on your birthday, Rick!”
I get ahead of whatever he’s about to say by greeting him very childishly at my three years of age.
Even I have knowledge from that dream world so of course I can manage basic greetings! Now then, I’ve even said congratulations so I can leave anytime now.
“Then I’ll be on my…”
“Sir Ludrick! I was just talking with Lady Eur now! Come Lady Eur, let’s have some fruit punch over there!”
“Hah!? What’re you saying! You’re Shellrind from the Aularen family aren’t you, don’t go selfishly dragging Eurushia around!”
“What do you think you’re doing!”
A third party interrupts. Huh? Isn’t this girl…


“Sir Ludrick was speaking with me just now! What is the meaning of cutting our conversation short like this!”
“No, well…”
Even the great Rick falters before this black-haired girl’s verbal onslaught… Huh? Ludrick? Oh whatever. As Rick shrinks back, Sherry promptly seizes my hand.
“Lady Eur, come, let us go over there!”
“How rude of you two to ignore me like this!”
Ah, she blew up. When I turn to face the girl who suddenly picked a fight, the black-haired girl recoils, turning beet red as she takes a step back.
“…How despicable.”
What!? Just looking makes me despicable!? With black hair and jade green eyes, this girl was the prettiest one at the previous tea party. Maybe around Sherry’s age or a year older? Super pretty yet somehow disappointing so she left an impression.
“Both Shellrind and Bertille need to tone it down! Eurushia came to my birthday party!”
“Hello, we greeted you earlier! It’s time for the girls now.”
“What are you doing to this little one! In that case, Bertille will take care of this child!”
Wait, what’s going on? Are these three not getting along? Was Sherry pretending to be scared the other day? Um, Bertille? She’s not interested in Rick either, she’s just angry because he ignored her? …I don’t really get it. Either way, I hope they don’t involve me.
I was planning to find an opportunity to leave, but now the three of them have me pinned down and unable to move.



What should I do… If I say, “Let go, it hurts,” will they get upset?
The stares around me feel uncomfortable. Despite today’s main guest and the cute girls making a ruckus, it seems like everyone’s attention is focused on me, unable to move for some reason.
The servants are panicking, and there’s no reliable adult around. What should I do… I thought, at that moment–
“Oh my, Rick, Sherry, and Betty, all failing?”
I heard that voice, and suddenly, a beautiful woman with fiery orange hair lifted me from behind, cradling me in her arms.
“Be gentle with little ones.”
She said that, winking playfully at the stunned Rick and the others.
Her hair looked red, so I thought she might be the beautiful lady from the carLeahge, but she’s completely different. If that beautiful lady was a thorny deep-red rose, this beautiful woman gives off a warm feeling like scarlet flames.
Rick looked up at her and called out like that. Oh, it’s Rick’s mother. …They don’t look alike at all.
“Your Highness!”
“Yes, stop right there.”
Bertille started to say something, but the woman stopped her with a raised index finger, smiling at Sherry too. Both of them nodded with their mouths covered. I wonder what’s the secret, as I looked up at the woman holding me, and she chuckled.
“So, we finally meet, Eurushia… You’re Leah’s child, right?”
“Mother, you know her?”
“Yes, indeed. I am Elea. I’m a friend of Leah.”
What! Mother… had a friend. As I was thinking something rude, Elea-sama continued to walk, still holding me captured.
Captured… yes, I was captured by Elea-sama.

“Girls are just adorable, after all.”
It seems my personal holder has increased by one.
Elea-sama sat down on a particularly large sofa in the venue, placing me on her lap, and stroked the hair of Sherry and Bertille on either side.
…Is this some kind of night club?
Next to her, the once top host, Rick, was fanning himself with a disgruntled expression.
Elea-sama? You want daughters or something? Your son seems a bit sulky, isn’t he?
“Rick may be cute now, but he definitely takes after his father, so in a few years, he’ll become a strong man.”
Even a seven-year-old can be ruthless. If that’s the case, it’s even more reason to cherish him now, right?
“Hmph, if I take after my father, that means I’ll become strong.”
Rick is surprisingly strong. Then Elea-sama narrowed her eyes, smiled slyly at the bewildered Rick and looked at me.
“Do you like strong boys, Eurushia?.”
Not only me but Rick, Sherry, and Bertille unintentionally let out a sound. Why does Elea-sama’s question not sound like a joke at all…
This is one of those situations right? Even an ignorant commoner like me sort of understands. If I give the wrong response here, Lady Elea will happily steer the conversation as she pleases, right?
“I Dunno.”
“I see, Eurushia still doesn’t get it huh. By the way, what kind of girl does Rick like I wonder?”
Finally realizing the implication, Rick, Sherry, and Bertille avert their gazes, falling completely silent.
“Lady Elea, want daughters?”
I hastily change the awkward subject and Lady Elea obliges.
“That’s right. I have only boys. It’s better that way for my husband but still, I wished for a daughter too…”
Well, it’s best for nobility to have male heirs and all. But Lady Elea talks slowly to begin with I think and she sounds even more relaxed now because her conversation partner is a young child.
“So Eurushia, Bertille, and Sherry, if anything troubles you, think of me as your ‘Mother’ and confide in me, ‘kay?”
Scary. But I should just see it as gaining backing within noble society right? Better not think too deeply about this.
As I’m lost in such thoughts, Lady Elea who was watching the three of us cocks her head slightly.
“You’re the only one Eurushia doesn’t attach any honorifics to. Want to call Eurushia by a cute nickname too. What does Leah call you~?”
Wait wait! I let Sherry call me [Eur] casually because that’s what Mother does but that doesn’t mean I should just let anyone!
Previously I couldn’t argue back as a baby and got stuck with this mascot-like cute nickname but this is a chance to escape it. I can speak my mind now. Even [Rushia] or [Yua] would be fine since I’m Eurushia!
The moment I decided to tell Lady Elea that however─
“Lady Eur is Lady Eur! Simply being allowed to call you that brings me happiness!”
“Then I shall call you Eur as well! Please call me Betty in return!”
Even Betty!?
“Then I’ll be calling you [Eur] too ‘kay?”
With Lady Elea saying as much, I deflated without getting the chance to correct her….How long do I have to stay this easygoing?

Known as the most formal location in the royal capital, Kyle Palace is a royal estate boasting gardens.
Only trusted individuals may use this place and currently access is limited to higher nobility of Earl houses and above while middle-ranked nobles of Viscount and Baron houses cannot enter without an invite from the organizer as well as accompaniment by higher nobility.
A birthday party for a certain son was scheduled here starting from evening today but a few days ago, an additional lunchtime event was decided too. Numerous food suppliers visited since morning with part of security allocated over as well.
Naturally security should be more lax than usual but perhaps out of responsibility as a direct royal location, the guard soldiers increased their assigned patrol times to compensate for lacking manpower.
“Ugh…so hungry already…”
One young soldier on duty since morning grumbles, unable to swap out until after noon. Without rebuking him, the veteran soldier frankly agrees too.
“Well, it is what it is. That’s the job.”
“I know that sir but…they must be eating delicious stuff in there right about now…”
It’s not that they’re insincere. They still had enough composure to complain after all. If they were truly slackers, one of them would’ve gone to beg for food by now.
Moreover, at large events like these, any leftover ingredients and dishes sometimes get distributed among the soldiers and servants. And that chance grows higher for celebratory affairs.
Especially at Kyle Palace, the nobility guests barely eat much yet the tables must be filled beyond capacity with dishes so food far above what commoners like them could ever taste is handed down on such occasions.
“…The maids definitely got dibs on the sweets huh.”
“No doubt. But don’t worry. Since it’s just the children at the lunch party, there won’t be alcohol but I heard there’s plenty of treats.”
“That’s awesome… Praise be to God!”
As a pious Tarilteldian(?), the younger soldier gives thanks to God at the prospect of bringing sweet treats home to his waiting children. Just then─
“Don’t get too careless now.”
“Y-Yes sir!”
Startled by the abrupt voice from behind, the soldiers hastily straighten up.
The one who called out was a young blond knight rarely ever seen around. These soldiers constantly guarded Kyle Palace itself but figured he was extra backup brought in today to help with the understaffing since there were many unfamiliar faces even among the event security knights.
The friendly blond knight gives a broad grin at their reaction before taking out plates of meat and a small bottle of spirit wine from an unfitting basket for a knight.
“I was told by the security captain to distribute provisions to the soldiers too.”
“I-Is that really okay?”
“It’s a celebration. I apologize for the meager portions but this much should still be forgiven by God.”
“Thank you sir!”
Hearing words like [celebration] and [God’s forgiveness] dispels any misgivings and the soldiers show cheerful expressions. The young knight flashes an affable smile as loved by all before taking his leave.
The people of the capital basking in seemingly unquestionable peace─
Yet slipping by unseen, a plot to disturb that order was steadily advancing.

After similarly distributing food and drink around several more places, the blond young knight heads deeper inside with a destination in mind. Most security guards and knights were stationed outside at delivery areas or the party venue surroundings so the hallways were devoid of people.
The banquet hall knights might not all recognize each other either since large parties have greater crowds.
“What business do you have here?”
The blond young knight is hailed by a middle-aged knight who seemed to be the security captain passing by together with a document-holding younger knight. Turning calmly at the call,
“I was patrolling this area.”
“These environs should’ve been assigned to my subordinates… Pardon me, but might I have your name and title?”
The young knight chuckles faintly at his somewhat suspicious query…
“Certainly. I am─”
In that instant, the young knight who stepped in swiftly lops off the middle-aged knight’s head in one swing.
“─Zumana. Now if you’ll excuse me.”
The older superior dies immediately. Still the younger knight swallows his breath at the scene of his killed colleague and killer but draws his waist sword without his hand quivering.
Noticing not a sliver of disturbance despite the situation, Zumana points his fingertips at the knight and releases the spell he was muttering under his breath.
With a cracking sound, the discharged flash strikes the knight who crumbles lifelessly to the ground vomiting black smoke from his mouth after being jolted by lightning.
“Well then, shall we begin?”
Zumana discards his blond wig nonchalantly before dashing straight for the banquet hall.

I suddenly press both hands over my mouth, bowing my head at the surge welling up from inside.
“Lady Eur!?”
“What’s wrong Eur! Does your tummy hurt!?”
Noticing my condition, Lady Elea holding me and Sherry who for some reason can’t peel her eyes off me call out worriedly. Seeing that, the lovely raven-haired Bertille tries getting up from the sofa only to plop right off clumsily.
But what…what is this sensation…like something in my stomach is pleading, my whole blood boiling…?
“Are you feeling sick…?”
Even bossy boy Rick looks concerned so I must have quite an abnormal expression. Amidst all that, Lady Elea frowns slightly, murmuring almost under her breath.
“…Scent of blood?”
That’s right…this is the smell of blood.
The sweet fragrance unique to human blood flows into me, blended [agony] and [despair].
“─Lady Eleanore.”
A maid who unnoticeably approached whispers something to Lady Elea but I can’t make out her voice, only barely catching Lady Elea’s mutter.
“The soldiers…poison…?”

The heavy double doors violently slammed open then and knights with their faces hidden under black cloths pour inside with others looking like servants similarly masking their faces, all armed with weapons.
Over the rising screams of children and maids, wielding those weapons threateningly are dozens of them… Even this small town commoner girl understands how things will flow.
“Silence! We have taken over Kyle Palace. Children, come with us!”
One seeming rather young steps forth and makes such demands.
I see…so this is outright [terrorism]─criminal actions driven by some agenda.
Maybe ransom kidnapping but sensing they have motives beyond mere profit from brazenly acting like this in bright daylight in the middle of the capital, I feel they have some less apparent aim.
“Don’t mess around!”
Lady Elea who lowered me on the sofa produces fireballs through tremendously high-speed chanting matching her looks. It seems to pack incredible power from real fire spells but she couldn’t discharge them.
“Casting magic would kill the children too you know?”
His comrades had already brought over two frightened crying children as human shields.
Seeing that, Lady Elea clicks her tongue, glaring at the man without dispelling the fireballs.
This is bad. It seems at an impasse but if Lady Elea takes any action, the children will undoubtedly die. Even if she doesn’t attack with magic, that terrorist would surely murder a child simply as retaliation for attempting something.
The breakthrough tactic for this situation is attacking in full knowledge of harming the children. However I can’t envision the child-loving Lady Elea capable of that.
“Even if the situation continues like this, if someone panics and starts causing a ruckus, they might just kill someone as a Demonstration. The kids and even Rick and the others look like they’re at their limit, their faces turning blue.
The only reason the kids are holding on, pushing their mental limits, is because Lady Elea, the adult, is trying to protect us. But if Lady Elea extinguishes the fireballs here, the kids will likely snap. That’s why even the butlers and maids who understand this can’t move…
Isn’t this situation just awful?
It seems hopeless, but let’s think for a moment. While the terrorists still think they have the upper hand.
We don’t know the terrorists’ ultimate goal, but they’ve explicitly stated that the goal of the terrorism is the kidnapping of the children. And right now, as a four-year-old, I can’t do anything to prevent it.
…I don’t know what will happen when the Demon powers return, but the world isn’t so forgiving, and I can’t do such a thing in public.
So to break the current deadlock, we first need to let them achieve their goal. Then, it becomes a matter of how much we can minimize our losses.
Maybe the main target is Rick? He looks like the son of someone important, and while Betty seems like a young lady too, if Rick is the target, it makes sense to attack such a heavily guarded place in broad daylight.
Personally, the best solution would be to peacefully hand over Rick and satisfy them, but well, that’s impossible, right? After doing all this, they probably want to take back as many kids as possible, don’t they? But having too many hostages will surely be a hindrance when they try to escape.
I don’t think all the terrorists are here, but even so, they could probably take about five with them. At least three should be enough to achieve their goal, and the biggest problem, I think, is the side that’s left behind.
For the terrorists, there’s no point in keeping anyone alive besides hostages. Especially keeping a capable adult alive only brings disadvantages.
There’s a possibility they won’t kill the kids because it’s troublesome, but going there is dangerous, and staying here is also risky, creating a really complicated situation.
…Ah, seriously! It’s really troublesome!
Lady Elea is a friend of Mom, she smells nice, Sherry is cute, Betty is interesting, Rick would probably be missed by Lady Elea if he dies, he doesn’t seem like such a bad guy, and well!
Mixing the Demonic power within me with human emotions, my head is all messed up!
Sigh… There’s no help for it.
Even though this is not my “style” at all…

” …Lady Elea, lower your hand.”
I touch Lady Elea and speak as calmly and firmly as possible.
Escaping from Sherry’s grip, I gently step down from the sofa, walk slowly and steadily, trying to maintain a dignified expression, and assertively step forward as confidently as possible.
Amidst everyone frozen, unable to move at the sight of the youngest me acting, I walk with determination, my appearance detached from humanity causing even the terrorists to wear confused expressions without feeling a sense of crisis.
Leveraging my inhuman appearance to the fullest, I intimidate them with a strong gaze.
“Release the people here, please!”*
When I addressed them, the terrorists seemed to hesitate and take a step back. It wasn’t because I bit anyone, probably, yeah, surely.
It takes time for people to get used to my inhuman appearance, as the folks in our mansion know. That’s why I needed to forcefully move the conversation forward before they could recover from the confusion. However, I’m not optimistic enough to hope for an unconditional release in this negotiation. So–
“Instead, take me with you.”

scene transition


The surroundings fell into a breath-holding murmur.
It’s not my fault that I speak a bit unclearly. I’m only three years old, so it can’t be helped. I stopped talking and smiled at the masked knight who seemed to be the leader of the terrorists, walking gently to avoid provoking him.
If I can make it to the large door without anyone interfering, I win. If I can reach the corridor without being captured, they’ll have no choice but to follow me… probably.
If everything goes well, this is the least damaging option. I don’t think the terrorists will do anything too terrible to a three-year-old. …But well, there’s still a risk to my life, but if I’m alone, at worst, I might be able to handle it with the forbidden G-summoning Black Avalanche.
…Although it would probably hurt me the most.
For now, being alone makes things more manageable. Despite my lack of urgency due to the harsh experiences as a Demon, I admit that there’s still some danger. Nevertheless, it’s probably better than Sherry and Betty being taken away.
Passing by the leader of the masked terrorists, who looks at me with a puzzled expression, I continue walking, just a bit more… just a bit more until I pass through the large door–
“I can’t let Eur do this alone! Take me too!”
…Huh? Lady Elea!?
“I shall accompany Eur-sama as well!”
Even Sherry!?
“I, I’ll go too!”
Even Betty……
“I’m coming too!”
Even Rick… Seriously, are they just saying this on impulse!?
“…Very well, I shall extend an invitation to you. Fufu, thanks to you, my lady, we have been saved.”
Even the leader of the terrorists smiled at me with amusement.
…Oh well, why does it always end up like this!?

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