I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 5

“Indeed. You are [Hero], Foil Austin.”
“Is there no, um, Title or anything…?”
“Hrmm…You have no [Title]. But rest assured, soon you will accomplish an achievement that will go down in human history and attain a Title as well.”
Despite his reassuring words, what the priest said wasn’t what I had hoped for. He said there was no [Title]. Then that must be the truth.
However, earlier what painfully echoed in my head was that I was a [False Hero]. But he says my profession is [Hero].
So in the end I’m a [Hero], but my mind and heart claim me as [False Hero]. Why? What does it mean?
I was swallowed by the swirling whirlpool of thoughts with no answer in sight.
“Historically, it is undoubtedly a great achievement. However, the [Divine Oracle] is not yet over. There are still children remaining. Today, every child present here is the protagonist. Let’s settle down and make some noise later.”
The aged [Priest] calmly soothes the restless crowd, referring to Yuu who remains.
As a result, the surrounding area quiets down slightly. Though still noisy, having even a brief moment to think was a relief.
“Congratulations, Foil-kun.”
“Congratulations, Foil-san.”
At that moment, in the brief lull, Yuu cheers for me with a genuinely joyful tone.
I couldn’t.
I couldn’t meet Yuu’s gaze.
Did you want to become a [Hero]? How do you feel standing there now? How did you feel cheering for me?
I can’t see. I can’t see your face.
“Next, Yuu—Protagonist.”
(TL NOTE:his name is really you-protagonist ユウ-プロターゴニスト)
Before I can respond to Yuu, he is called by the [Priest].
Yu goes to the [priest], his body tense and stiff.
(But if it’s Yu, he’ll surely receive a wonderful job)
I, too, and Mei-chan received jobs and titles. I don’t really understand my title, though.
So, Yu should definitely receive one too.
But that hope was betrayed in the next moment.
“Hmm, this is…”
The [Priest]’s expression darkened as he looked at Yu’s face multiple times. He closed his eyes repeatedly and prayed. What could have happened? I, Mei-chan, and the villagers all focused on the [Priest]’s face. Eventually, the [Priest] delivered the news with a deeply perplexed expression.
“Yu-protagonist, you… have no job.”
The silence fell, and the applause stopped.
It was a different fervor than mine, an abnormal silence.
The air was filled with disdainful looks of disappointment and contempt towards those without a profession.
In other words, it meant being abandoned by the goddess.
“No profession. It means you are [Nameless]. Unfortunately. Such a thing has never happened before.”
“T-That’s… not…!”
Unable to endure it, Yuu fled from the scene.
Mei-chan chased after him afterward.
In the midst of confusion, as I stared at Yu alone, I understood the moment I caught sight of him. I understood.
I can’t logically explain why I understood.
But I do understand.
–The true hero is Yu.
It could be called a revelation, intuition, or something supernatural.
Even so, trying to follow the two who left in shock, I was stopped.
“Yu ……! “
“Wait, Foil… no, Lord Foil. Please come to the back of the church once. We also need to inform the capital.”
I wanted to chase after them too, but the priests surrounded me.
Villagers created a wall in front of me. A thick wall.


My important people are hurt. So, let me go too.

But, in the end, I couldn’t chase after the two.

I could meet them the next day. After that, I was forcibly detained in the temple by the priests.
During that time, I was worried about the two. The old [Priest] who informed me of my job tried to encourage me, saying there was no need to worry. But the other [Priest Trainees] just praised me. It became frustrating.
I was supposed to meet the king personally in the capital, be told about my duties as a hero, but I was absent-minded.
My family also came to the church.
My parents had already passed away, but my grandparents who raised me were overjoyed.
It made me happy. But I couldn’t confess about my job. In the end, I had to lie.
“Yu! Mei-chan!”
Having forcefully escaped from the church amidst various preparations and whatnot, I managed to find Yu and Mei-chan.
The two were under the usual tree on the small hill.
“Ah… Foil…sama.”
“Huh? Sama? You… called me that…”
As usual, Yu didn’t address me the way he always did, and instead, he gave a somewhat formal greeting.
I felt terribly bewildered and then saddened.
At that moment, Mei-chan scolded Yu with a firm “Hey!”
“Yu-kun! No good. Addressing him as ‘sama’ all of a sudden is too formal! Foil-kun doesn’t want that either!”
“Ah, uh… right. Yu, there’s no need for honorifics with me.”
“But there’s nothing! We’re best friends, after all! Look!”
Mei-chan forcefully grabbed both Yu’s and my hands, making us shake hands.
It was a bit forceful, but thanks to that, we regained our composure.
“Sorry, Foil-kun. I… “
“Don’t worry about it. I’m not bothered.”
“Yeah, yeah, you two should be like this.”
“Mei-chan, I’m sorry. And thank you. Thanks for encouraging me.”
“Eh? Haha, come on. Yu-kun, you’re such…”
The two, who hadn’t seen each other in a while, seemed to have become even closer than before.
Although I felt a bit uneasy about that, I had something else I wanted to ask.
“I have something to ask you two. Will you come to the capital with me?”
“Huh, the capital of this country? Why would we…”
“I apparently need to meet the king. And also at the main temple of the Goddess. So, I… well, honestly, it’s lonely to go alone.”
“Foil-kun… understood. I’ll go too! Right, Yu-kun?”
“Mei-chan. But… I’m just [Nameless]…”
“Don’t worry! No one will complain. Just be yourself. I’ll protect you.”
I declared confidently.
The true hero is Yu. That’s why I wanted to make his existence known even a little.
I looked straight into his eyes.
“Please, Yu. I need you.”
“Foil-kun… uh, okay. I got it. I’ll do anything I can.”
Even though Yu smiled with a lack of confidence, I sighed in relief.
–I was naive at that time.
Without considering how the world would view Yu, I took him out.
And I, myself, was somewhat optimistic. Without thinking about how Yu, who believes in me as a [Hero], would perceive [Nameless] Yu, and without considering how the world would view Yu without a job.

It was all for Yu’s sake, that’s all I could think.

There’s a fairy tale.
A [Hero] is called upon when an enemy called the [Demon Lord] appears in the world.
This time, the Demon Lord appeared about ten years ago. And recently, the invasion began. That’s why a [Hero] was born.

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