The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I Made a Friend

Several months have passed since that abominable [Unknown Cause Mass Invasion Incident of Creatures From Another World], and I will soon finally turn four years old.
I was a bit depressed after that incident and caused everyone to worry, but now I have completely recovered and have matured both physically and mentally.
Let’s seal away that summoning magic circle. I shall devote my life to studying magic circles!
Because of that incident, my busy father was unable to visit for about two months, but when he finally came to the mansion after so long, I immediately went to cling to him. Seeing me do that, my father made a slightly troubled expression even as he lifted me onto his lap and suddenly said:
“Eurushia, there’s a tea party in the royal capital. Would you like to participate?”
“Tea party?”
Does he mean those tea parties where all kinds of people gather and chat? I’m a pureblood recluse who has only ever talked to about ten people!
“Don’t worry, it’ll be fine. The tea party is only attended by children around Eurushia’s age, so you might make some friends.”
In other words, my father is worried since I’ve only ever met the adults around me and wants to introduce me to some [potential friends].
…What do children even do for fun?
I have endless worries but…my father looks even more worried than me, and I can’t bring myself to disappoint him, so I shall attend.

And so I am now in a carriage, rocking along toward the royal capital with my father.
“Eurushia want to sit on my lap?”
Of course, Father. Please do your best. I intend to keep sitting on your lap until I turn fifteen!
Well, putting that seventy-percent-joking-thirty-percent-serious remark aside, the tea party is in five days. It seems to take about a week to reach the capital by this carriage. Though I heard it normally takes over two weeks…why is our schedule so packed? After I agreed to go, I was immediately loaded onto the carriage…
For some reason, Mother is staying behind to watch the house. I wanted to do some sightseeing in the capital with my parents together.
Still, Mother arranged for Vio to attend me at least. Will Fel and Min be okay handling the mansion?
We left in a rush with last-minute bare minimum packing, but when I wondered what we would do about luggage, I was told all my clothes and personal belongings would be prepared after we arrive. Wow, we’re rich huh.
What is Father’s job anyway? No one talks about it at home and I doubt a three-year-old asking would seem suspicious. Maybe it’s fine if a four-year-old asks?
It takes a week to reach the capital but since we’re not cutting straight through forests, there’s no camping. Obviously. Camping wouldn’t suit Father after all.
We’re passing through wheat fields rather than forests…It’s wheat right? Can’t be careless in a world with polka-dotted mackerel. Anyway, we arrived safely at an inn while it was still bright out. Since we left home after noon, I wonder if we could’ve shortened the trip by about a day if we left at dawn? I’d hate that though.
One week there, one week back, and sixteen days total including the two days over there. I’ve never been apart from Mother for more than half a day so I’m very anxious.
But there is something to look forward to. Father said he would sleep with me today! Teehee♪
We mostly traveled through areas with big cities so there were no bandit attacks or anything, and we arrived safely in the capital without incident.
Probably would’ve been fine even if bandits appeared. There are over ten knight-like guards, plus the butler-like old man who has taken on the new role of doting on me.
“Thank you, Grandpa.”
“Ohohoho, dear Princess! What a waste of your gracious words!”
…Huh? This old man burst into tears just because I thanked him for looking after a baby like me…?
Princess? What’s that? Is he emotionally unstable? The old man seems to have his own share of troubles…I’ll pat his back later.

Now then, it’s time for the tea party. To be precise, it’s the day after arriving in the capital. I rode in a carriage for another thirty minutes to reach the tea party venue.
On the day we arrived at the capital, I was brought to the mansion Father uses for his business trips here…Whoa, some mansion. Father said there’s only the bare minimum since he just uses it to sleep, but it’s about the same size as the one I live in with Mother!
Naturally there are butlers with that old man as chief, plus maids. I was swiftly dressed in several of the prepared children’s clothes they had ready and the fitting was immediately adjusted.
I’ll keep it a secret that the maids dressing me had strangely glowing blazing eyes.
After getting dressed, we headed to the tea party location but…is this normal for the capital? It was like a forest with a huge garden, and we changed to a small private carriage that took us through the garden for several more minutes before the party venue finally came into view.
In a wide garden like you’d expect a maze of rose bushes, several white tables and chairs were arranged while other children had already arrived, but for just those less than ten kids, an outrageous number of chefs and maids were preparing sweets, light food, and a musical ensemble on the level of a full orchestra was playing music at a volume that wasn’t bothersome.
What’s this? Could these be [nobles]? What line of work is Father in? Are we nobles? The daughter of some company president or something? No, there are no companies huh. But maybe these are the children of Father’s important business associates. Otherwise Father wouldn’t have taken me out on such short notice like this.
This won’t do. If I cause an incident here, it could impact my father’s career!
“Feeling nervous? Don’t worry, just go on. This is a status-disregarding tea party.”
Even after being told that, there’s no way I as an unworldly child would act casually before the company president and get scolded for my rudeness…
…I have no choice. I, Eurushia the unfilial, shall perfectly play the part of [a sheltered young lady]!

I don’t understand what’s going on. A blank space has perfectly formed around me.
There are eight children here including me, three boys and five girls. Everyone is older than me, ranging from maybe five to eight years old? At least there aren’t any over ten years old. The boys are huddled together, deeply engaged in conversation, so I tried approaching the girls, but when they noticed me, the girls froze in unison.
In particular, the prettiest girl with black hair had her mouth gaping so wide I grew worried for her. What a waste for such a pretty girl… She seems pitiful somehow.
I scared them again, huh? The spirits and Sir Sig were also strangely frightened of me for some reason. Do I truly have such a terrifying appearance? …Well, thinking objectively, it’s understandable to flinch when seeing an intricately crafted Western doll or something in the dead of night.
I wonder if trying to talk to them would give an impression of reading the air poorly? But not doing anything after coming all the way here could be even ruder.
As a barely acceptable compromise, I put on a [humanlike] smile to appear less scary and curtsied with my hands holding my light green dress.
A loud reverberating voice suddenly rang out, causing all us girls including me to shudder.
What was that? I turn toward the echo’s origin and spot the chaperones observing us intently like some school open house from a gazebo-like location slightly away.
Ah, Father’s there too. I wave my hand a little after noticing him. Sitting in the best spot among the observation seats are a brawny middle-aged gentleman in gorgeous clothing looking around fifty years old along with an extremely beautiful madam around the same age. They were excitedly yelling with retro opera glass-type objects raised to their eyes.
Scary stuff…
I pretend I didn’t see that and move to sit at a table a small distance away with awkward, jerky movements….At least I can properly walk.
Finally calming down a little, I breathe out softly enough not to make any sound.
At the same time I exhale, the sounds around me finally register.
Immediately after that, several maid onee-sans approach my table and start piling sweet treats and tea. They didn’t carry them over but piled them, a mountain of sweets!
“Thank y–“
“Absolutely not, my lady! We couldn’t possibly!”
Were they transferred my nervousness? When I tried to thank them, the maids clenched their teeth and stood ramrod straight perfectly in sync.
…I truly apologize. Would you ladies like to eat these sweets yourselves? Huh, impossible? If it was Fel I gave them to, she’d devour everything on the spot though?
And this tea that looks bright red, it probably costs a fortune but with my unable-to-discern-tastebuds, it’s just some astringent hot water harder to drink than plain boiling water. Such suffering.
When I discreetly glanced around, the children had stopped talking amongst themselves and were all watching only me. Hey, stop that. The atmosphere feels as heavy as mud.
Amidst all that, a lovely voice reached my ears. Oh? I look up and there stood an adorable girl around my age or maybe a little older, staring fixedly at me with a nervous expression.
Noticing she had called out to me, I slowly respond, careful not to seem imposing. Mentally it feels similar to carefully pinching an ant between my fingers.
This girl is extremely nervous. It takes courage for such a tiny, cute girl to speak to an inhuman object. But I shouldn’t initiate conversation first. To respect her courage, I’ll calmly wait like a Demon as the predator… Shall I not?
The girl glanced around restlessly before seemingly resolving herself and speaking up.
“U-um, may I ask you to accompany me to pick flowers over there…?”
Ah, now I see. No wonder she seems fidgety, she wants to go to the bathroom! Of course I’ll accompany you. The girls all go together. As someone who graduated from diapers over a year ago, I know all about this!
“Okay, let’s go?”
She must’ve really been at her limit. When I held out my hand, the girl smiled brightly and wrapped both hands around mine. She really is such a sweet child… With her fluffy golden hair like Mother’s and clear blue eyes, her doll-like cuteness contrasts my own inhuman one.
As my small body slid down the chair, the girl held my hand she had grasped to keep me steady so I wouldn’t fall.
“Thank you.”
“No no!”
The girl shook her head so hard that her hair went horizontal, firmly holding my hand as we started walking. Maybe she’s being considerate as the older one since I’m the smallest.
I wonder if she understands that I’m delicate, weak, and clumsy so she wants to help? Just don’t suggest carrying me.
“My name is Shelly…Sherry! May I ask for your name…?”
…Why is she using formal speech? Could Sherry possibly be from a prominent family line? Probably nobility? I wanted to ask about her household name or something since it seemed really grand, but then I realized I don’t even know my own full name!
“I’m Eurushia. Dropping honorifics…is fine, right?”
When an older child uses formal speech on me, I can’t speak casually either. We’re just kids so let’s talk normally, ordinarily. Perhaps noticing my intent, Sherry’s eyes lit up.
“Oh my! What a pleasure, Lady Eurushia!”
I told you to quit the formal speech!
And so, hand in hand with Sherry, we arrived at our destination.
“Look, Lady Eurushia! Such beautiful flowers are blooming here!”
“…Yeah, you’re right.”
She really just wanted to pick flowers huh. …Of course I knew that’s what she meant! There’s no way a noble lady would want to use the bathroom like some middle school girl nonsense.
The flower field was just a few dozen seconds’ walk from the table and colorful flowers bloomed beautifully in their natural untamed state.
Isn’t it unusual to leave such a blossoming flower field in a garden like this? But as a commoner-minded girl like myself, I quite like how it gives a modest, down-to-earth feel amidst the finery. The garden also had rose bushes but they were strictly guarded by maids so no one could carelessly approach and hurt themselves.


“Let’s make flower crowns here, Lady Eurushia!”
Such high tension. What happened to that nervous girl from before?
“Just Eur is fine…no need for ‘Lady’.”
“Understood, Lady Eur! And please feel free to address me casually as Sherry!”
Listen when people are talking!
It was pointless. People like her won’t get it no matter what you say. My surroundings unfortunately only have weirdos like this apart from my mother and father so I’m somewhat used to it.
To be clear, I don’t mean [weirdos when seriously thinking] but rather, [weirdos despite being serious].
“Alright, Sherry. Let’s use these flowers?”
“Yes, Lady Eur. Bend the stems like so and…”
I’ve already given up in various ways. This is just part of her personality. She’s the first friend I’ve made at least and probably stressed being a noble, but otherwise she seems like a nice girl who takes good care of people.
…I’m aware I’m pretending to be someone I’m not.
Anyway, let’s make flower crowns. It’s very girlish and the human way to play so it feels appropriately nice. My [clumsy skills] activated midway but Sherry kept gently taking my hands to fix any mistakes…
…I wonder why I’m so clumsy in this body?
Still, Sherry truly is kind, affectionate, and a good child. At the slightest issue she would quickly grab my hands with a bright smiling face.
Suddenly, we heard the sound of grass being stepped on behind us. Noticing that, I look up and spot the three boys from earlier walking over in our direction.
“Sherry, your friends?”
“Um, well…”
Sherry hesitated to respond for some reason. So they’re acquaintances but not friends? Even though Sherry is about a year older than me, the boys look about three years older.
Based on Sherry’s expression…are one of those boys either the [scary kid], [stuck-up kid], or simply [stupid kid]? How dare they frighten sweet Sherry!
As I make no effort to hide my displeasure and glare at them, the approaching boys faltered…about to stop but the boy walking at the front persevered and came closer.
Oh-ho? He managed to withstand these inhuman eyes huh. As a reward I shall bestow upon him the right to wear this tattered bizarre flower crown I made!
“…You’re Eurushia?”
The golden blond asked in an arrogant way. What’s with this guy…?
“That’s right but…”
“I’ve heard about you from my uncle.”
An uncle? Whose? Not really understanding, I was about to ask Sherry when I was suddenly grabbed by the shoulder.
“Hey, don’t look away!”
I look up and the boy’s face is right in front of mine. Quite the pretty boy. But no good. A guy who can’t treat girls politely is no good. What I need is a refined handsome beauty who will fawn over me tenderly, not some bratty kid.
As I look up at him in protest, the boy who faltered for a moment glares at me red-faced, seemingly angry.
I’m not scared of being glared at by a child, you know? Oh right, a mischievous idea comes to mind, so I take the tattered flower crown I’m holding and plop it onto the boy’s head.
I smile triumphantly at the boy struck speechless. That ragged flower crown suits you perfectly, O Great Mountain Bandit Chief!
The boy trembles as if enduring something, his face bright red. As I tilt my head with a “I don’t know what you’re talking about” look, perhaps having some pride as a boy, he turns away without laying hands on a small girl like me.
“…Let’s go.”
The boy calls out to the other two dumbfounded boys and turns his back to me.
I wonder what he even came here for… As I watch his retreating back, the boy suddenly stops and turns around.
“I’m Rick! There’s a birthday party for me the day after tomorrow, so come too, Eurushia!”
“Huh…? Wait a minute.”
Calling himself Rick, the boy makes such a declaration then immediately walks away at a tremendous pace before I can stop him.
…Seriously? What is he saying? I’m going home the day after tomorrow! Tomorrow I’m sightseeing the capital with Father, choosing souvenirs for Mother and everyone back home, then going back sitting happily on Father’s lap!
Birthday? Day after tomorrow? Even if it lasts only for a day, postponing the reunion between me and Mother by even a day is an unforgivable act! No, even if gods were to forgive, I won’t forgive!
“Lady Eur!”
“Oh, um… I’m sorry, Sherry.”
It seems Sherry was concerned about me getting too excited in my mind, and when I apologize, she shakes her head, looking worried.
“No, not at all! But are you okay?”
“Thanks… Sherry is so kind.”
“O-Oh, thank you!”
Sherry, blushing and fidgeting even more, is adorable. …Although she occasionally doesn’t listen to people.
I don’t know who Rick is, but if he’s the child of a scary moneylender or something, maybe it’s better not to go…
And those people in the guardian seats, the uncles and aunties, are so noisy!

In the Holy Taliteld Kingdom, noble families of Earl rank or higher are regarded as higher nobility, and they manage wide territories by taking in noble families below Viscount rank as branch families.
In the past, all nobles attached [do] between their first and last names to indicate ownership of territory, but about a few hundred years ago when the current system was established, higher nobles added the new titles of [la] before place names to distinguish themselves from middle and lower ranked nobles.
It’s said this country originated from the royal capital [Holy Land Versegnia], and only the royal family is permitted to attach [von] and [Versegnia] to their names as proof that place was bestowed upon them by God.

As the Earl Aularen family’s third child and eldest daughter, she turned five years old last midsummer month. Today, she was summoned to her father the Earl’s study.
“Shellrind, you came.”
“Yes, Father!”
By Taliteld custom, only someone of the same sex or a spouse may address a noblewoman intimately. Not even a father calls his daughter by a nickname. For young children of opposite sexes there are cases of them addressing each other intimately, but even then it’s generally limited to engaged couples for men over ten years old to call women by nicknames.
Earl Aularen narrowed his eyes somewhat straightforwardly at his quick-witted daughter and knelt to meet her gaze at eye level.
“Shellrind’s ‘first tea party’ has been decided. It’s in five days.”
Another custom besides intimacy is noblewomen’s “first tea party”.
Tea parties are social events for women and also venues for information exchange. Thus children too young to understand are barred from participating, with an unspoken agreement that the minimum age is five years old.
But mistakes can still happen even at five years old for a first tea party. That’s why noblewomen have their “first tea party” at a relatively comfortable place like their maternal household.
Shellrind’s first tea party was supposed to be next month hosted by her aunt who married into the Bray Viscount family. So why was it suddenly in five days? Shellrind surmised that her flustered mother hurrying around since Father returned must have been to place orders for a dress not yet tailored.
“Did Aunt’s plans change…?”
“No, that’s not it… I was asked by a friend for you to participate at short notice in a children-only tea party being held at Kile Palace.”
“Kile Palace!?”
Shellrind knew of Kile Palace. It was a detached imperial palace that even her own mother had only set foot in a handful of times.
Shellrind was also the daughter of a higher noble family. Lessons tailored for potentially marrying into the royal family had already begun for her, so she understood the significance of a tea party being held at Kile Palace as well.
A children-only tea party meant attendance wasn’t just girls but boys too. There would likely be one or two people whose schedules were forcibly set for them to participate.
She had heard the royal family had two other princes besides Crown Prince First Prince.
From her mother’s information, although currently neither had any fiancées yet, it seems the younger prince who would turn seven years old next year had a politically-motivated engagement dissolved half a year ago.
The older prince was five years Shellrind’s senior so there was an awkward age gap causing her to miss out as a candidate, but having met both princes before, Shellrind preferred the mother-resembling older prince over the younger prince who took after his father, so she had no interest in the latter.
Since it was a children-only tea party, there was a chance the ten year old First Prince wouldn’t participate, but perhaps that younger prince might show up instead. If so, then could it be a tea party to select a new fiancée? At that thought, Shellrind paled.
“You needn’t be that nervous. Since it’s only children, etiquette and manners shouldn’t be too strict either. Go relax and have fun.”
But Shellrind had only just turned five years old so she would likely be the youngest one there. With it being held at Kile Palace, the participating children would all be older higher nobles. Shellrind worried what kind of conversation she should try to make with them for her first ever tea party.
Her chest filled with such anxiety that she almost felt like crying. Seeing that, Earl Aularen made a slightly troubled expression before making a “request” of his beloved daughter.
“Remember what I said earlier about being asked a favor by a friend?”
“It seems his daughter will also be attending on short notice. She’s apparently very sickly and hasn’t gone out much, plus she’s one year younger than you.”
“Oh my!”
That young lady who had fallen seriously ill when born wasn’t even four years old yet. Having known of Shellrind’s close age, that friend had asked Father if Shellrind could become friends with the girl at the tea party.
Although still anxious, upon hearing there would be a younger girl participating, Shellrind who had always wanted a little sister felt an even stronger desire to protect that child swell up inside her, overriding her worries.
“Leave it to me, Father! I, Shellrind, will definitely become friends with that girl!”
“Y-Yes, do take care…”

And then on the day of the tea party ── Shellrind met an [Angel].
Golden hair shining like the dazzling sun.
With beauty godly as if a crafted angel.
Catching sight of that figure with no chance to brace themselves, all who saw forgot even to breathe, unable move or look away. And the moment the angel gracefully curtsied, everyone gasped, the musical ensemble and maids finally recalling their duties and hurriedly beginning to move.
How wondrously beautiful was that angel’s slightly downturned profile. Even the lower noble maidservants could hardly be said to have returned to normal, carrying over the angel’s treats and tea with unsophisticated motions like inelegant soldiers.
The little ladies participating in the tea party also sighed at the small angel, unable to do anything else. Amidst them, Shellrind noticed the lonely look on the angel’s face rather than rejoicing at the treats covering the table, and felt a pang in her tiny chest.
No matter how beautiful, she isn’t an [Angel-sama] but a ordinary child even younger than Shellrind herself.
She was probably the daughter of Father’s friend. Shellrind chided herself ― what happened to my resolve to protect her? ― and steeled herself to speak up away from the circle of young ladies.
“Um, hello!”
Actually talking to her, contrary to seeming younger, she was clever witty and even kindly thanked the servers. With her rapidly shifting expressions, that doll-like unapproachable impression also vanished, replaced by great charm.
The angel’s name was Eurushia. Shellrind immediately grew to like her very much. For her who usually took time to warm up to others, to come to like someone so quickly was like a fairy tale of being enchanted by witches, unconsciously bringing a smile to her face.
As the two played together happily, some of the few boys participating approached them.
Shellrind didn’t know the two boys walking behind, but she recognized and was even wary of the boy walking at the front.
Whereas Shellrind shrank away not wanting anything to do with that boy, Eurushia calmly handled the older boy without any trace of fear. Even when he got rough in line with taking after his father’s personality of arrogantly dealing with women, she stared straight at him with those beautiful golden eyes and easily tripped him up by bestowing upon the boy a flower crown she had made herself.
Is this the power of noble blood…? Shellrind thought with mixed awe and intense jealousy at seeing the two gaze at each other.
The cute, beautiful Eurushia. Shellrind emotionally believed she had been born in order to protect Eurushia from boys.
As a daughter of an Earl house, Shellrind should have received an invitation to his birthday party.
Because dealing with that boy was politically troublesome, her father Earl Aularen had only planned to send her older brothers. But upon Shellrind insisting she wanted to participate after returning to the mansion, her mother who hadn’t prepared a dress reeled as if the world spun before her eyes.
“I shall eliminate any filthy bugs approaching Lady Eur!”

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