The Devil Princess Volume 1 Chapter 5

Chapter 5: The wonderful daily life of a three-year-old

It’s been six months since my third birthday.
Indeed, at three years old, I’m already different from when I was two. In this half-year, my surroundings have changed, and I’ve come to understand various things.
First and foremost is my wonderful father.
Visits to this mansion, which were only a few times a year, suddenly increased to several times a month.
…What happened, father? Is your work okay? You didn’t get fired, did you?
No, no, there’s no way that would happen. With such a wonderful father, just by displaying him in any high-end store, female customers would undoubtedly visit 24 hours a day. I guarantee it as his daughter. I don’t know what kind of work it is, though.
And, um… I don’t need sweets as souvenirs every time. I don’t want sweets made by strangers. I can’t eat that many!
But I can’t refuse when you feed them to me! So, I’ll eat them, so please don’t make a sad face, father!!
Oh, but I can’t resist the temptation of your lap, father. I love lying on your big lap, and mother sits next to us, petting and pampering me.
…Both of you, aren’t you spoiling me too much at the age of three?

Now that I’m three, our maid, Min, reads books other than picture books to me.
She is the calmer of the three maids and loves biographies and stories, so today she read me a book about the area around here.
To stay under the radar, I, a feeble Demon pretending to be human, find information about human society quite useful.
“Except for us regular ‘Humans,’ all beings somewhat resembling humans are called ‘The Humanoid Races.'”
We regular folks are simply called ‘Humans,’ while the friendlier human-like creatures fall under the broader category of ‘Humanoid Peoples.’
“Then, there’s a fairy race called ‘Shiodaifuku’ living deep in the forest.”
Wait, who lives where now?
“In the depths of the forest, the fairy people of Shiodaifuku…”
“Yes, yes, I understand perfectly, thank you!”
I stopped her rote repetition with a deliberately light acknowledgement, still perplexed. Who could these “Shio Daifuku” be? Living sweet rice cakes that live in the forest?
…Oh, right, my Demonic translation function had been deactivated.
As immaterial spirits such as Demons and elemental spirits, we parse meanings not by understanding the words themselves, but by the intuition of the minds that gave birth to them.
So unfamiliar nouns sound like raw “sounds”, while familiar fruits like “apple” are transmitted in my own vocabulary. My language automatically expresses the equivalent term in the “Faerie Tongue” of sprites or “Godspeak” of gods and Demons.
Supposedly, on a divine level, imbuing these words with power can bridge all languages and work divine ‘miracles’ – or so I was once taught in the Demon realm.
Truly a fantastically useful ability, though problematic where written script is a bit of a problem.
Reading is a breeze for me. When faced with unfamiliar symbols, my brain quickly puts together a meaningful understanding, although it might take a moment for the words to fully make sense.
However, writing poses a significant challenge. The main issue lies in struggling to grasp the grammatical rules.
Currently, I need to memorize individual letters and closely watch the decoding process to make corrections while writing. It’s quite a headache.
I’d disabled my Demonic ‘Godspeak’ auto-translation function to better understand human language.
In this case, perhaps these “Shio Daifuku” are legitimate inhabitants of the fantasy realm rather than ambulatory desserts prancing about… I reactivate my Demonic interpretation protocols and slowly sound out [Shi-o-da-i-fu-ku]:
Come again?
I see… So in this world there are forest fairies known as “elves”.
You know the kind – pointy-eared, long-lived bumpkins with an arrogant air of superiority. When I asked Min, my information seemed to be fairly accurate, although you can’t underestimate the range of common sense in this world. Nevertheless, from all available clues I gather that these “elves” must be living here…
“So… are there any dwarves around…?”
“Ah yes, the ‘Mochiprun’ typically inhabit mountains or mines~”
Well, let’s keep it simple. What’s this “Mochi-Plum” all about? It’s apparently some extraordinary group, different from what I expected—described as quite short, like dwarves or something. Oh well, whatever.
“Mochiprun” sounds a bit more sensible than “Shiodaifuku,” maybe. Do they both sound good to you? They both steer clear of human settlements, thankfully. I hope I don’t run into them; I’d probably burst out laughing.
During this lessons, Min has taught me more about our country.
We’re in the Holy Taliteld Kingdom, a big power with a royal family protected by five grand ducal houses and a population in the tens of millions. Not sure if that’s a lot or a little for a “great nation,” but people seem to think it’s on the larger side.
Right now, we’re in the Tul region, ruled by the Westmark Duchy of Koel. The main city, an ecclesiastical capital, has a few hundred thousand people. Our manor is in the surrounding forests, just outside the city.
Magic is commonplace, but technological progress is limited to horse-drawn transport at best. There are some enchanted models that boast modest speed enhancements, but options remain limited. Indeed, people have lived and died without ever venturing beyond this province of Tul.
The lands next door supposedly touch the edges of Taliteld, but the closest foreign place is still a month or two away by cariiage, going by regular travel times. It sounds a bit too much for my liking, so I’m not really interested in visiting.
“Oh, Miss Eur~, they say the ominous ‘Demon Lord’ rules far north beyond the mountains!”
“…De…mon Lord?”
Oh, my God, what a wild rumor.
It seems there’s a group called [Demons] living north of the mountains, and their nations together are called the Demon Realms.
But me Demon is different from these so-called Demons? Rather than being infernal minions, [Demon Races] refer to all of the [Species Resembling Evil Demons]. Their ruler is not a Demon duke, but a [Demon lord], which essentially means [supreme monster]. Oh my… how undignified.
Not exactly a formal title, more like a rude nickname. Still, their famously aggressive and always-warring nature speaks volumes. Even though they’re not human, these Demons are apparently close to humans.
“Don’t worry, even though they attacked human territory centuries ago, they’re not much of a threat these days~”
While meant to be reassuring, it’s neither a solid guarantee nor a reason to lower one’s guard. Please avoid tempting fate with such thoughtless optimism, dear Min!

The next day, the blonde maid, Fel, took me to the nearby stream.
“Young Miss Eur loves to watch the fish~”
Actually, it’s not a hobby of mine.
The manor is in the foothills of the mountains, overlooking a charming stream. I found the view soothing when I returned from my magical test even glimpsing some travelers with toddlers camping nearby.
Today, it seemed less deserted, as groundskeeper Franz was lazily fishing there.
… What do you do, Franz?
Not my thing, but as I’m cradled by nursemaid Fel watching the fish and his catch, my little head wonders when I’ll stop being carried around.
Isn’t a three-year-old surprisingly heavy? How long can they keep carrying me? Have their arm muscles not been trained to withstand the strain? Will these poor girls attract suitors when they get married? Both Fel and Min are only sixteen…
Does Franz intend to keep these catches for our dinner? They seem too small for anything more than a light fried starter. But to my taste, the texture of vegetables is more appetizing than bony aquatic fare.
You’re probably wondering how I became a “fish lover.” Blame it on my Magic Aptitude Test incident, where restoring an ailing specimen through sacred arts left an impression.
To be honest, I’m a bit ashamed, but my curiosity was a bit diabolical at the time. I longed to see those temporarily revived horse mackerels writhing in despair. A distinctly sadistic, Demonic urge drove these actions.
Still, what pitiful horse mackerel to be made to suffer so… By the way, they made a delicious meuniere.
However, had I smashed the fish to pieces, acting out my true instincts, such brutality would be followed by a psychiatric evaluation. Besides, getting my hands dirty with such cruelty has no appeal.
I wouldn’t keep a goldfish in my room, would I? The fact that a dying fish looks more attractive than a healthy one… The realization that my interests are drifting from human norms can’t escape me…
Hmm? Does that mean I like fish? This must be what it means to be human!
No… certainly not remotely the case.

The next day Vio gave me a lesson in the magical arts.
With my only talent in Summoning Magic or Sacred Magic, having knowledge of other magical skills is like insurance in case some trouble reveals my true nature.
I’ve been alive for three years and a bit, and my humanity is still unclear enough to cause confusion with Demons. Even if we ignore any Demonic connections, there are still some quirks in me, so it’s wise to learn to hide these unusual talents.
“This magic manipulates regular water,”
Vio declared seriously, floating a liquid orb in her hand.
Yes, yes, quite mundane and commonly used magic, right? It seemed quite intuitive at the time, but left me with gaps in my basic understanding.
“What is the formal name for this?”
“A perfectly ordinary water spell.”
…How cleverly amusing. Maybe appropriately named [Standard Magic]? After all, what’s more common than basic, functional magic? And how do spells actually work?
“The absorption of magical powers happens through spoken incantations, triggering the desired effect.”
“But what do these magical words mean?”
“The traditional chants just activate the magic.”
Could you explain further?
So, basically, someone with a knack could, in theory, consistently produce effects by saying random “magic words”? What exactly does the Magic Academy teach?
“Who came up with these spells?”
“I have heard that they are ancient elves..”
Well, Shio Daifuku and call it a day! At least give those old Shio Daifuku credit for using their time well.
Listening to Vio’s spells, the vocabulary goes beyond regular human language, consisting of unique tongues, although somewhat different from the usual “Faerie Speak” or “Godspeak.”
“To begin with, the words used by high-level spirits and Demons should convey meaning regardless of language. However, the fact that Vio, who is uttering them, doesn’t understand is probably because some ancient being from the distant past managed to lower the language of spirits to a level where humans can pronounce it.
Humans have mindlessly used these transmitted spells without understanding anything. What idiots.
Why not convey the meaning of the spell? Because of that, everyone just memorizes spells without knowing their meaning.
I understood it with the Demon’s translation function. I realized it even though I didn’t want to.
The spell Vio chanted earlier sounded like this to me:
‘O water that governs all things, come into my hands.’
It’s messed up! And she’s teaching that at the magic academy! And for some reason, it’s working!
Magic in this world is really haphazard……
I’m done with regular magic. Let’s move on, next.
“What about Spirit magic?”
“You look for it.”
“If you find and call out to a spirit, a bored spirit will respond.”
Bored… isn’t there another way to put that? More importantly, what if there’s no spirit nearby? Can’t you use magic?
“Basically, there should be spirits lurking wherever the wind blows, where there’s a fire burning. I patiently search as they should respond.”
If you can find a spirit, apparently, you can ask them for favors. It’s like playing hide-and-seek. But… huh?
“I’ve never seen one…”
“Since I was born, I’ve only seen magic power tests at the magic academy. Haven’t seen anything else.”
“If you have a certain amount of magical power, you should be able to see them… By the way, I don’t see any spirits around this mansion at all.”
Those guys must have run away. Maybe that’s why the fire weakens on its own when I get close to the fireplace!
In essence, if a person with aptitude finds a spirit and calls out to it, can the spellcaster ask for a favor in exchange for their magical power? Skilled spirit users must be good at finding them……
And then, if the spirit likes the spellcaster, do they stay nearby and become easier to call? It’s like taming a crow by accident.
What’s this… it’s so simple, or rather, messy.
Is this even considered magic? Rather than understanding it for now, I ask about summoning magic.
“The summoning magic circle used in summoning magic is said to be a visualization of the words used by spirits.”
“Oh, I see.”
Surprisingly decent. Compared to the others, at least.
“And then?”
“What may I do for you, Miss Eur?”
Is that the end of the explanation!?
“W-What else…?”
“After all, summoning magic itself is still a field under research. In recent studies, it has been heard that, with summoned spirits or animals, simple requests can be made.”
“…Recent studies? What about in the past?”
“They apparently ran away the moment they were summoned.”
Ugh, useless……
But isn’t that more about the summoned side getting used to it than advancing research?
“What’s the matter, Miss Eur?”
“No, it’s nothing…”
Oh, I get it. That’s why [Demon Summoning] became mainstream in the Demon world to the point where holes pop up like mushrooms. Demons, when they get some “souvenirs,” just start working. They’re serious.
And then, low-intelligence lower-ranking Demons are bound by disadvantageous “contracts” and are used and abused……
“Still, even with animals, it’s relatively simple, but with spirits, even the lower ones are said to be difficult to summon.”
I can kind of understand that. Unlike spirit magic, if summoned without consent, spirits resist. Besides, spirits and Demons are supposed to be concentrations of magical power, so even with a small magic circle, I could only fit one leg.
In my sense, neatly drawn magic circles feel stable. If the lines are messy, it feels like getting caught on a rough edge. If I can somehow manage that, the rest seems doable with the size of the magic circle and magical power.
I forcefully expanded a magic circle of an incomplete size and ended up in this state due to the recoil.
“Finally, the sacred magic.”
Ah, I see. It’s kind of similar to normal magic, but the basic spells are simple and can be translated into human language as just saying “[Let there be light]”.
“Lady Eur, you have an aptitude for this, so let’s try making magical light.”
I was somehow healing the little fish subconsciously, but when I consciously chanted the spell, a ball of light like a light bulb appeared.
“Lady Eur, wonderful!”
“Oh, thank you.”
Is this good enough? Since Vio looks happy, I guess it’s fine? The light I just made was from sacred magic, but I heard you can do the same thing with fire magic too. No, that’s more common actually. You wouldn’t normally use the healing power of sacred magic for something like this.
But if the result changes depending on your imagination, once I get used to it, can’t I do most things? When I said that to Vio, she nodded deeply as someone who can use sacred magic.
“Lady Eur. Sacred magic is about “familiarity”, “imagination”, and “perseverance.””
I didn’t expect to get a lecture on perseverance in a magic class…
Apparently sacred magic only has one spell, and the rest depends on familiarity, imagination and amount of magical power to transform it into things like [Healing] for injuries or the anti-evil [Sacred Light] spell.
This really has nothing to do with God, does it?
In other words, out of all the easily imaginable states of magical power as a versatile energy, “light” happened to be the one people found easiest to associate with God, holiness and sacredness.
Or maybe people are just forcefully employing light spirits with their magical power…

Today’s lesson is about the animals in this world.
There are horses in this world. Of course there are. There are horse carriages after all.
Their appearance is almost the same as the horses in my knowledge from the dream world. But the horses in this world are a little silly. When they find an owner, they come running over wagging their tails like puppies and enthusiastically snuggle up. Because they’re so big, it’s scary.
“Look, Eurushia. It’s a horsie.”


Right now, I’m being held by my father and getting to see my father’s beloved horse.
The reason this happened is because my mother apparently felt bad that I don’t get to go out much, so she asked my father for this favor.
I was looking forward to going out with my mother and father today, but apparently my mother can’t make it…I wonder why. As a replacement of sorts, she arranged for Vio to accompany me. But my [official hugger] for today is entirely my father.
Hey…is there some reason I’m not allowed to walk by myself? I can’t even remember the last time I set foot on the ground, months ago? This overprotectiveness chain never ends.
Anyway, that’s why my father specially went and brought his beloved horse from the countryside ranch so I could see it easily.
I don’t mind going out with my father or being pampered, but I didn’t expect to travel for two whole hours in a carriage with my father’s subordinate-like people.
The subordinates didn’t take the carriage and instead came on their own horses, but when we arrived at the ranch, they took off the saddles and let the horses roam freely. And my father’s horse was…
“What’s wrong, Sig? You’re so well-behaved.”
My father’s beloved horse Sir Sig averted his gaze from me.
Sir Sig who was happily enjoying the ranch earlier came running over wagging his tail when he spotted my father, but the moment he noticed me, he froze up.
Sir Sig? Why are you unwilling to meet my eyes?
“Oh dear!”
Amidst this subtle atmosphere, I heard a voice call out and when I turned around, one of my father’s subordinates’ horses was frantically charging at me and heartily nuzzling my cheeks.
“Hey, stop that! I apologize, my lady!”
The subordinate’s horse reluctantly moved away from me at his master’s scolding and flopped down on the grassy plain, panting and looking up at me with glittery eyes.
…Incomprehensible beast.
Moreover, even with the Demon’s translation function, I couldn’t detect enough intelligence to have an actual conversation. What, really!? Even the mackerel could talk!
“….Want to get on Sig?”
As expected of my father, he read the situation and gave me no choice but to go along with it.
And so my father lifted me up and helped me onto Sir Sig, but wow, Sir Sig sure is amazing, isn’t he? I didn’t think horses were capable of moving so carefully and startledly as if walking on thin ice.
…What is it that you fear?
But my wish is that we gallop wildly across the grassy plain. Riding such a magnificent white steed with magnificent father, I want to see their magnificent figures racing across the plains.
My father on a white horse galloping across the grasslands… For some reason however, when I try to imagine that with my poor imagination, the only image that comes to mind is a general in Japanese clothes wildly riding his horse along the water’s edge. It’s truly a mystery.

The fun time with my father passed in the blink of an eye and it was time to return home.
By the way, on the ride home I was on my father’s lap as well. From the time we left the house until now, my feet haven’t touched the ground once.
On the way back, when we entered the city, the carriage suddenly stopped for some reason. I wonder what happened? A traffic accident? As I was thinking that, someone knocked on the carriage door, and after my father opened the door, one of his subordinates whispered something to him, but my Demon ears aren’t hell ears, so I don’t know what they said.
My father nodded at what his subordinate said and passed me, whom he was hugging, over to Vio without setting me down on the seat…and left the carriage.
I wonder what’s happening outside? …I’m curious.
“L-Lady Eur?”
The usually composed Vio seemed a little flustered for some reason. Well, of course she would be. I’m usually such a good, obedient girl who hardly makes any selfish demands, more like a doll, but now I was frantically grabbing at the window with both hands.
“Outside, look!”
“My lady, the master will return shortly so…”
Vio probably thought I was lonely being separated from my father. One more push.
“I have no choice, do I? Just for a little bit, okay?”
When I pouted my cheeks like a young child and looked up at Vio, she easily gave in. I clung to the small glass window and peeked outside. My father seemed to be talking to a red-haired woman who had disembarked from another carriage.
She’s so beautiful. My mother’s cuter though.
The beauty looked annoyed for some reason and had no deference to my father. Could it have been a collision accident with her carriage? Do you have insurance?
But…that woman’s manner toward my father seems a bit arrogant…
As I stared intensely at the beauty after growing a little annoyed myself, she suddenly shuddered, quickly glanced around, and her eyes opened wide the moment her gaze met mine in the carriage.
Huh? Have we met somewhere before? The beauty looked shocked, angry…and a little sad, as she pierced me with those complex emotions before saying something to my father and promptly returning to her own carriage….What was that about?

I’ve also started learning a little magic and spells.
Right now, I’m just an ordinary three-year-old. And an ordinary child from an overly protected noble family who doesn’t even get enough exercise, which is unbelievable.
At first I was wary about my Demon identity being exposed, but now, the danger of being kidnapped seems greater. If that happens, my parents who dote excessively on me despite my inhuman appearance would surely pay the ransom money as ordered without question.
I decided that was unacceptable and aimed to become strong through magic rather than martial arts.
Luckily, whether due to Demon causality or my parents’ genes, my magical power as a human seems fairly substantial, so properly wielding magic and spells should definitely prove useful.
I’ll do my best to become stronger!
“Now then…”
On the night I steeled this resolve, I quietly got out of bed in my room.
I was given my own room at the age of two, and when I turned three I started sleeping by myself. Well, it doesn’t matter if I sleep or not, but isn’t three about the age children start sleeping alone? If I was an ordinary three-year-old, wouldn’t I wake and cry at night if my parents aren’t there?
But I don’t cry. I don’t wake in the middle of the night crying and run to my mother’s room. I’m already three after all. You could say I’m at the age of a young lady. So even though I can sense my mother and the maids bustling nervously on the other side of the door, I pay them no mind.
…Why are you out there? Didn’t you tell me to sleep alone?
Setting that aside, I quietly sneak out of my room in the middle of the night. The purpose, of course, is for magical studies.
Here, let’s delve into the analysis of sacred magic.
Despite being sacred magic, it has nothing to do with gods. Honestly, I even doubt if gods really exist. Well, if there really were the virtuous gods that humans imagine, corruption in religion wouldn’t happen.
As for sacred magic, surprisingly, some children can use it. However, some children lose the ability as they grow older. Children stumble with [Healing] due to the need to use imagination and determination for magic, and when that happens, children tend to get sulky and lean toward ordinary spellcasting that only requires reciting incantations.
But once they lean towards that, most children apparently lose their aptitude for sacred magic.
The reason for this is not well understood, but assuming that magical power is a versatile energy, it might be that their imaginative power is simply lacking?
Ordinary magic causes phenomena in the world by giving commands in “Simple Spirit Language.” However, as one becomes accustomed to giving commands, the fine details of the incantation become more vague.
Sacred magic turns the imagination into magic. People who can only manage vague imaginations then compensate by imagining [God’s Miracles] and using magic.
Considering this, I thought that Vio, who doesn’t belong to the church, using sacred magic is a genuinely rare case. Ordinary children stumble with complex sacred magic, get sulky, distance themselves from religion, and lose their aptitude as they can no longer imagine God’s miracles.
In that regard, my imagination doesn’t lean towards gods. My imagination comes from the “game” magic I saw in that dream world, so maybe I was able to use it straightforwardly with a magic power brute force.
From the perspective of my guardians, they fear that by teaching me sacred magic, I might come to dislike it, lose my aptitude,
and therefore, Vio only allow me to use simple magical light. For now, they said practicing to make the light larger is sufficient.
But that’s not enough for me. If I get kidnapped, I won’t be able to do anything.
So, with that in mind, I was thinking of secretly slipping out of my room in the middle of the night to go to the library. However, I felt a faint presence in the hallway.
Today’s patrol duty seems to fall on Vio… Whenever I wake up to go to the bathroom, someone always arrives immediately. It feels like there’s always someone around.
However, I’m not like ordinary toddlers. I may look like a little girl, but inside, I’m a Demon. If I seriously hide in the darkness, deceiving human eyes becomes an easy feat.
“Miss Eur, are you going to the bathroom?”
Found in five seconds. Well, of course, I knew it. It’s all because of this unnecessarily sparkling golden hair.
And once again, having failed to escape, I, in Vio’s arms, went to the bathroom, and she held my hands until I fell asleep.
…Huh? What about the practice?

In the first place, practicing conspicuous sacred magic in the middle of the night is a mistake. I’ve learned that much. Even though I haven’t done anything.
Let’s have Vio teach me normally. But since sacred magic is still a no-go, let’s learn summoning magic this time.
Today, I’m drawing the simplest magic circle from the [Magic Guidebook for Three-Year-Olds], a gift from the maid sisters for my birthday. With crayons.
“As expected of Miss Eur. You’re very skilled.”
“…Am I?”
If I drew it well, then why do I need to replace the paper the moment I finish drawing?
And why crayons? Can I really draw the delicate symbols of a magic circle with crayons larger than my fingers?
“A quill pen…”
“The quill pen has a pointed tip, so I believe it’s still too early for you, Miss.”
Pointed… isn’t it just like a fork? Where’s the danger in that… wait, huh? Have I been using anything other than spoons!?
Shocked by this revelation, noticed just now, Vio took my hand and drew a perfect circle on the paper.
“Miss Eur, let’s practice drawing circles.”
I see… I wasn’t even at the stage of drawing symbols yet. W-Well, there’s no helping it! It’s understandable that I can’t draw a perfect circle with my tiny hands!

“…Now then.”
Without learning my lesson, it’s time for the second round of secret magical practice in the middle of the night.
Introducing… [If This Body Is Clumsy and Can’t Draw Magic Circles Well, Let’s Use Demon Magic and Wisdom to Draw a Giant Circle] plan.
In other words, instead of drawing on paper, I’ll form the shapes in my head and draw them in space with magical power.
My knowledge from the dream world also influenced this idea. The magic users in picture books from that world drew magic circles in midair and freely used magic without chanting spells.
Alright, I’ve got the image down. This should work.
Huh? For some reason it’s not going well. When I try to draw in space, the lines of magical power end up warped for some reason. When I try to correct the distortion, the distortion gets worse or the characters disappear.
When I get distracted by my inability to draw properly, the shapes suddenly grow huge, or pretty circles I managed to draw neatly end up with the fish mark inside. I told you I don’t like fish that much!
“Bigger then…”
I see, I understand now… I absentmindedly turn my gaze out the window. I want to open it but the maids will come if I do.
I attempt to draw the magic circle on the night sky outside the window.
To avoid standing out, I make the color as dark as possible, and draw a large circle that can be a little warped since the scale is big enough to excuse some mistakes. I felt it was too big to fit inside the room so I made the right call drawing it in the sky.
But maybe because I put energy into it and poured in magical power, it ended up preposterously huge, easily encompassing a whole city block in the sky. But at this size, minor distortions don’t matter and the color blends into the night sky so it shouldn’t stand out.
…Did my magical power increase by quite a lot somehow? Oh well.
Normally magic circles won’t activate unless you pour magical power into them, but since I drew this one with my own power it will automatically activate even if I leave it alone.
“…… What kind of magic circle is this? “
Peeking into the [Magic Guidebook for Three-Year-Olds] that I left open, the diagram was supposed to summon “bugs” from random points–
At that moment, I realized. The magic circle floating overhead was connected to somewhere outside this world by my vast magical power, and from there, “something” began to well up and descend on a corner of the city.
Instinctively, every hair on my body stood up like a cat. Seeing those detestable, shiny black bugs, I quickly confirmed that the window was locked, closed the curtains, and dove under the bed, covering myself from head to toe with a towel blanket.
I’m not looking at anything.

scene transition



In the Duchy of Coehl, within the Tul territory, one night, a large-scale infestation of [Glistening Swift Insects] never seen before in a district of the city caused chaos and screams among the local residents.
For the extermination, not only residents but also soldiers, volunteers, and teachers from the Magic Academy mobilized. Through meticulous exploration and eradication by skilled spirits, two weeks later, all extermination was finally completed.
Although some scholars wanted the first confirmation of this phenomenon for research purposes, for some reason, the summoned spirits refused to appear until they completely eradicated, extending the extermination to the entire Tul territory, leaving not a single egg behind.
Among the lower-level spirits summoned by spirit users for the extermination, there were numerous reports of individuals working as if threatened by some “entity,” trembling with fear.
And watching that scene from the window, a certain golden-haired young girl murmured with a solemn expression.
“…… I’m seriously sorry.”

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