I, the “false hero” expelled the “true hero” Volume 1 Chapter 1 Part 4

Somehow, Mei-chan had been behind us.
For today she wore a stylish outfit and hairpins. Her appearance was so incredibly pretty that I awkwardly coughed to hide my reddening face.
“I wanna be a [Magician]. And make everyone happy with all kinds of magic! Or maybe a [Healer] would be good too. Since Fi-kun and Yu-kun get hurt a lot.”
“Ugh, shut it. I’ll be careful from now on.”
“We’ll see about that~. Hey hey, what about you, Yu-kun?”
“Me? I…wanna be a [Hero] or if that won’t work, a [Sorcerer Engineer] would be good.”
“[Hero] aside, [Sorcerer Engineer] huh. Yuu’s good with his hands after all.”
“That’s true, Yu-kun was a big help making that secret base!”
“Right!? That secret base still hasn’t been found by adults to this day. Thanks to Yuu!”
“Th-that wasn’t just me! It couldn’t have been done without everyone’s cooperation too.”
“Don’t be modest.”
“That’s right, Yu-kun. Have more confidence.”
“Uu…it’s embarrassing.”
While we were talking like that, the church bells rang to indicate it was time for the [Divine Revelation].
It seems we had chatted for quite a while.
“Looks like it’s about time. Shall we go?”
The three of us went into the church together.
A solemn atmosphere filled the church interior.
Sitting in the rows of long benches to the sides were the children’s parents. Each awaited in suspense, wondering what profession their child would receive.
While we did often visit the church usually, today it was wrapped in the most solemn, sacred air yet.
“Welcome, young ones who will open the way to the future.”
Awaiting on the raised platform at the church’s deepest part was the village’s only aged priest. Flanking him were a young priest and priestess in training.
“We will now conduct the [Divine Revelation]. Children called forward, each of you come up front. The Goddess Olympia will grant you fitting professions.”
The priest solemnly spoke.
By standing before them, and being prayed over, the priest would allegedly hear the Goddess Olympia’s voice and convey that person’s profession.
“Shu-Maruler. Come forth.”
The name called by the priestess in training.
As called, one child came forward before the priest. He was the friend who had been with us when we searched for the goddess’ shine.
“Relax, touch this part here. It’s alright, no need to be scared.”
“Now, let us begin. Merciful Goddess Olympia, you who watches over us all. Please teach this child his fitting profession.”
The priest offered a prayer to Goddess Olympia. At the same time, Shu’s body gently shone as if responding.
“There we go, I understand. Your profession is [Carpenter].”


Shu was delighted. Before this, he had been determined to become an [Warrior], but after being attacked by the monster, he had said he wanted to build houses to protect people from that terrifying monster.
“Amazing…so that’s the [Divine Revelation]. My heart’s pounding.”
“Yeah, me too.”
After that, the village children’s names continued to be called one after another.
Every single one of them was overjoyed about the profession chosen for them by the [Divine Revelation].
“Next, Mei-Hervin.”
“Ah, me!”
Called, Mei-chan briskly stood up. Turning around, she waved at us and trotted over to the priest.
We smiled wryly as we watched over her.
“Wonder what Mei-chan will become.”
“No clue. But I’m sure everything will work out somehow.”
As we talked, Mei-chan’s [Divine Revelation] continued. Then the previously composed elderly priest suddenly went “Oh-“, looking startled.
“Mei-Hervin…why, this is [Mage], a wonderful profession!”
“Ehh? Wha, what do you mean? I can become a [Mage]!? Yay! Huh?”
“Oh, w-what’s wrong?”
Mei-chan suddenly grabbed her head, worrying the priest.
“Something’s, echoing in my head. Like a woman’s voice. Um, Dai-Mahotsukai Or something like that…”
“Oh dear, well then. My apologies, but let me investigate further for a bit.”
“Eh? Y-yes!”
Once again, the priest shut his eyes. Searching for something. Then opened his wrinkled eyelids.
“No doubt about it. Mei-Hervin. You also have the [Archmage of Water] Title!”
“Ehh? A T-title? Really?”
“Yes, to think you would receive one alongside the [Divine Revelation] as well. Without question, you can become a splendid [Mage].”
Hearing those words, Mei-chan seemed deeply moved and shook.
It seems Mei-chan had hoped to get the [Mage] profession. And obtained a special Title on top of that. As a [Mage] specialized in water—the [Archmage of Water] Title at that, it looked guaranteed she would have great success.
“Yay, both of you! I can become a [Mage] like I dreamed of!”
Unable to hold back the excitement, Mei-chan rushed over and hugged me and Yuu tightly.
Unlike my toned childhood body, the softness of a girl along with her pleasant scent tickling my nose, above all getting hugged by the girl I liked caused my heart to race loudly.
“Congratulatio—but the Goddess’s [Divine Revelation] still has children left to receive. Next is Foil Austin.”
At last it was my turn. Doing an awful job at hiding my face reddened from Mei-chan’s hug, I answered in a hoarse voice.
Seeing Yuu and Mei-chan say “Do your best-” while waving, I headed to the priest.
“Now then, I shall decide your profession. Hold out your hands.”
As told I held out my hands. Taking deep breaths to calm myself.
(It’s really okay even if I don’t get [Hero].)
That time, I ran away. I deserted Yuu, my friends and ran.
How much I regretted it.
How much I cried.
I don’t want to have such feelings again. I don’t want to remain a disgrace.
Therefore—please, Goddess Olympia.
Give me a profession and power to protect my precious people.
A faint light enveloped me. Shutting my eyes tight, I desperately prayed with my whole heart.
“Oh, ohhhh!! This is precisely the Hero profession!”
The elderly priest cried in ecstasy, tears falling as his aged body shook in celebration.
His gaze was directed at me.
Hearing those words, the villagers gathered there began murmuring.
“A Hero? That Hero?”
“No way, for such a legendary existence to be born in our village…”
“So the legends were true!”
“The Hero…! Hero Foil Austin!”
“Long live Foil Austin!”
Foil! “
” Foil! “
” Foil! ” ” Foil! ” ” Foil! ” ” Foil! ” ” Foil! ” ” Foil! “
Cheers rang out.
They all extolled me.

I understood the weighty meaning brought by [Hero] the most clearly.
Of course it had been a dream. One I continued striving towards, aiming for that goal. However, something completely else echoed deafeningly in my mind.

Foil Austin.
Profession: [False Hero].

False? What is false?
“Yes? What’s the matter?”
“Is my profession really, truly [Hero]?”

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