Monster Meat Led Me To The Throne Volume 1 Chapter 5

V. Ogma

I was born in Faloon, which wasn’t exactly a great country. It wasn’t the worst, but far from being good. It felt like a constant struggle.
One could say I was always just managing to stay alive. There was a significant class difference based on social status, with the nobles living luxuriously while the common folk suffered.
It used to be a different country in the past, but some nobles began enriching themselves, and others followed suit. The repercussions of their greed fell on the common people. Rumors abound that the royal family, responsible for governing the country, got entangled in power struggles among the nobility, rendering it dysfunctional.
I was born as the third son of a noble, but my life was already at a dead end at that point. A spare to the eldest son. That was the role assigned to me, but my brothers were perfectly healthy, so my turn was unlikely to come.
What I loved to do was wield a sword. A sword only knows strength or weakness, it’s simple and straightforward. At one point, I thought about making a living with a sword, but in Faloon, the practical strength of a sword wasn’t valued. Instead, it was judged by the elegance of its appearance.
There was a bigshot noble with terrible sword skills who spread the idea that “what nobles need is graceful demeanor, not barbaric sword skills.” As a result, it became the common sense among the knights in the capital.
Nonsense! Sword fights are about winning or losing. Beauty is unnecessary. After all, even this country was built by a hero who repelled monsters with sword skills and opened up unexplored territories.
Even the nobles originally established their positions by earning merits through the power of swords and magic, thanks to their ancestors. Those nobles who deny it and boast about their birth are nothing but scum.
This country is truly absurd.
Knights follow hereditary succession, and soldiers are recruited from the common people. So, what am I supposed to become?

With such frustrated feelings brewing inside me, I soon found comrades who felt the same way. Men with strength but no place to demonstrate it.
I gathered those men and formed a group. HUNDRED. An organization purely pursuing strength.
The name HUNDRED implies gathering 100 comrades, and deciding rankings by strength. The strongest in the group takes the name First, the second strongest Second, and so on.
In the future, we will become a group of mercenaries and leave this shithole of a country and make a name for ourselves in other countries.
Of course, as the strongest, I became the First and the leader of the group.
Then, we would gather almost every night to hone our sword skills. Sometimes we would even hunt monsters together.

After a year, our numbers exceeded 20 people, and we were confident that we were the strongest group in this country. Stronger than even the knight brigades, we thought.
But I was foolish. I let it get to my head after just swinging swords around and hunting weak monsters as a group.
One day, in the Forest of Magical Beasts, a man appeared who seemed to mock our childishness with his overwhelming presence.
He easily defeated our top 5 members at once, and instantly killed monsters that took 10 of us to defeat, then ate it’s meat.
At first glance he looked like a noble I would hate, but his strength exceeded the realm of any human I knew.
I heard he fights ferocious monsters every night, and eats their poisonous meat to gain power.
And not satisfied with that, he sought battle with humans and approached us Hundreds.
Truly a seeker of strength.
Ashamed of our half-hearted resolve, we begged him for guidance.
He promised to train with us once every 7 days, and also taught us methods to gain power.
Yes, to fight monsters and eat their meat, just as he did.
“Monster meat is poisonous, start by eating the raw meat of weak monsters,” he gently instructed.
Since he didn’t introduce himself, when I asked if I could call him “Zeros,” he gave me permission, saying, “Yeah, that’s fine.”
Zeros, the Zeroth man. I thought it was a fitting alias for a leader outside the sequence of our HUNDRED.
Following Zeros’ words, we started eating Killer Rabbit meat.
Although we were hesitant to eat monster meat raw at first, after seeing him casually eat the raw meat of Bloodbears like jerky, I wanted to become like him and unhesitatingly ate it.
Of course I vomited and had diarrhea at first.
And I shuddered at his fearsome strength, eating meat with even more potent poison unfazed. How long would it take me to reach that level?
I heard he had been living this kind of life since he was 12. What strong conviction. He must be aiming for the pinnacle of the world.
After eating Killer Rabbit meat for a month and finally getting used to the poison, I noticed changes in my body. My moves felt completely different. Killer Rabbits are known for their speed. It felt like I had incorporated that speed into my own body.
In fact, in HUNDRED training I started pulling ahead of members who didn’t eat monster meat.
So I ordered all HUNDRED members:
“Eat monster meat! This is an ironclad rule of HUNDRED!”
I expected some members to resist, but surprisingly they accepted it smoothly.
They were all enthralled by our actual results from eating monster meat and gaining power, and by Zeross who came to train us every 7 days.
Zeross’s absolute strength as he effortlessly overwhelmed 10 top HUNDRED members left an indelible impression on them.


Power, power is everything! We HUNDRED became of one mind under Zeross’s guidance.

After I started training with the group called HUNDRED, my skills in group combat improved dramatically. They attack me with abnormal eagerness. No matter how many times I knock them down, they get back up until they lose consciousness and keep trying to fight me. Not even assassins are so eager to take my life.
Since combat training is banned in this country, HUNDRED uses code names to hide identities. They call each other First, Second, and so on based on ranking in the group. It gets very confusing as the rankings change and people’s code names change accordingly.
I also got the code name Zeross in HUNDRED. I still haven’t revealed my true identity to Ogma and the others, and can’t give my real name, so it works out nicely.
Additionally, I wear a helmet that covers my whole face to further conceal my identity. It’s pitch black full body armor and helmet found in ancient underground ruins, quite eerie but also has magical enhancements, making it very defensive.
After over a year, HUNDRED was moving in a strange direction.

“Raise your meat!”


scene transition


At Ogma’s order, the HUNDRED members raise pieces of monster meat. Their numbers exceeded 100.
The location is the underground dungeon floor where I found the pitch black full body armor. Deep in the Forest of Magical Beasts, the underground first floor is a huge hall, perfectly suited for large gatherings.
Everyone simultaneously bites into the meat. Some writhe in agony, but no one pays them any attention. HUNDRED encourages eating the meat of more powerful monsters. Those who only eat weak monster meat are derided as weaklings. Agonizing over extremely toxic meat is actually praised.
I don’t think greatness is defined by such things, but to each their own I guess.
Behind me lay an Earth Dragon I was tasked with bringing for them to eat, at Ogma’s request.
To demonstrate the might of Zeross, apparently.
I lift my visor of my helmet and eat the Earth Dragon meat, drawing intense gazes from the HUNDRED members.
“That stuff would kill me dead.”
“Just how much monster meat have you eaten?”
…I’m not used to such admiration, not even as a prince in the castle. It’s a complex feeling.
After everyone ate meat and demonstrated loyalty to the organization, ranking battles began.
These ranking battles are only held on the days I attend HUNDRED gatherings, with training and monster hunts on other days.
As an organization upholding the creed that might makes right, the rankings are an important factor in determining status, and the battles for them are fiercely competitive.
Even spectating members are heatedly enthusiastic about these battles. Some apparently joined HUNDRED just to see them.
Watching people fight with deadly seriousness is quite entertaining, and I enjoy it, but sometimes I’m startled to recognize faces in the crowd. Guards from the castle, knights, even knight captains occasionally participate. They hide their faces with masks and helmets, but those who know them can identify them by physique and fighting style.
According to Ogma, men confident in their sword skills are joining HUNDRED regardless of status, competing on skill.
As expected, when you reach the level of Knight Commander, you are among the top 10 and can compete with long-standing members.
By the way, in the country of Faloon, there are four knight orders: the White Knights, the Red Knights, the Black Knights, and the Blue Knights.
The White Knights serve as the royal guard, the Blue Knights protect the capital, and the Red Knights and Black Knights are responsible for wartime deployments and battles against monsters.
The White Knights serve as royal guards, the Blue Knights protect the capital, and the Red and Black Knights handle war efforts and monster hunting.
At the end of the ranking battles, I have an exhibition match, ostensibly for guidance. With the overall level rising lately, I can no longer take on the top 10 at once, but I fight either the top 2, the 3rd-5th seats, the 6th-10th seats, or the 11th-20th seats together.
Today was a day to face the 10 members ranked 11th-20th.
As I step into the center of the hall, they surround me in a semicircle.
The spectators watch from a good distance. Otherwise lower ranked members would be in danger.


At Ogma’s start command, I unleash a horizontal slash filled with magical power at the middle of the opposing group.
[Sonic Blade]. A technique my master used.
Since my master did it by instinct, I didn’t directly learn it from him, but it looked cool and useful for attacking distant enemies, so through research and experimentation I eventually learned to use it myself. Apparently my ancestor the Hero could use it too, and documents in the castle helped the most.
A single [Sonic Blade] isn’t enough to defeat HUNDRED’s top members. But by targeting openings when they block or dodge, I can capitalize.
I rush the 20th ranked in front of me whose defense is barely holding and deliver a flying kick to his torso, sending him flying toward the spectators. Using a kick instead of my sword makes flowing into the next move easier.
Immediately after, I slam my sword down on the 18th ranked next to me. He barely blocks it with his own sword, but I force it down through sheer strength and land a blow to his shoulder. Clutching his shoulder, he kneels down with an anguished expression.
In the meantime, the other opponents rush toward me. Still 8 left.
I carefully evade their attacks from all sides while watching their energy flows, waiting for chances to strike lethal blows.
I incapacitate 17th by driving my palm into his chest, and 19th by kneeing him in the face. Then when I left an opening, 12th attacked with a horizontal slice from the side.
I catch it with my left palm. Of course getting hit directly would sever my fingers, but I can create an invisible shield on my palm for a short time by concentrating magical power there.
This is a technique used by the magical apes living deep in the Forest of Magical Beasts. They gave me quite a lot of trouble over the past year.
After eating tons of magical ape meat and extensive practice, I finally learned it recently, so no way am I passing up a chance to use it here.
Grinning inwardly at the shocked reactions of 12th ranked and the spectators, I kick him away to incapacitate him.
After that, I thoroughly trounce the remaining 5.

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