Black Knight Kun Volume 1 Chapter 9 part 2

“This is bad!”
“Retreat for now!”
As Earth’s heat continues to rise.
The fact that they are moving away means the heat is unbearable even in the Justice Suits.
Then, we heard the voices of Reima and the female operator.
‘The temperature around the planetary monster Earth is continuing to rise! Within 10 meters it’s…2965°C!? Still rising!!’
‘It’s not wrong to call it a planetary monster! At this rate of increase it’s approaching the surface temperature of the sun! We need to do something quickly or even this foothold will be dangerous!’
“Then I’ll go.”
Stepping on the melting floor, I jump into the surroundings of the guy.
During the previous fight, what happened in that container was not a one-on-one brawl, but rather I just randomly swung my fists while avoiding his attacks.
The current situation is the same, I just need to mercilessly beat the crap out of him.
“Die, Kurokishi!!”
Catching the red-hot right arm Earth thrusted out in my nonchalantly offered palm.
“Is that all?”
Crushing Monster Earth’s fist as I grip it back, I pound my fist into his torso.
“Gah, geh…”
Spitting out lava-colored blood, Earth falls to his knees, releasing tremendous heat.
“Take this!!”
While still gripping his arm, I swing his body around and slam Earth’s back into the deck of the Justice Marine.
The Justice Marine tilts diagonally, and the seawater blown upwards evaporates as it rains down on me, but I don’t care and stomp on the groaning Earth’s head, then tear off his right arm with brute force.
“Gaa, gaaaaa!?”
‘Ka-Katsumi! Pay attention to the foothold! Our lives are in danger!!’
Shoot, Reima and the others are also on the Justice Marine.
“Oh I’ll take care of what’s left of your arm too!!”
While provoking him, I throw Earth’s torn-off right arm behind me, and enraged, he charges at me with his anger boiling over.
It’s good he’s become more emotional, but…
“If you become a simple fool, I don’t wanna deal with you!!”
I land a sharp punch on his jaw, then kick his leg and collapse him.
When he hesitates, I punch him again!
Still, Monster Earth tries to attack desperately.
But Red’s sword, which flew in from behind me, pierces and passes through the cracked part of Earth’s shoulder.
“Ooossh! I hit it!”
“Great job, Red!”
While he hesitates, I pound my fist to drain his energy in one go.
“Gu, hih…”!?
From his voice and atmosphere, what I feel is definite fear.
It’s nothing like the mechanical monster spewing lava everywhere.
But I won’t show any mercy.
It’s a smokescreen!
Suddenly Monster Earth spewed white smoke from his mouth.
While trying to disperse the smoke and continue the attack, he’s no longer there.
“””He escaped!?”””
Dumbfounded, when I look in the direction I sense him, I see Monster Earth escaping by sliding over the sea surface headed straight for Japan.
“If I can just reach the land…!”
Pitifully trying to get to Japan, Monster Earth.
Seeing his figure, memories from a year and a half ago cross my mind.
‘Black Knight, I’m counting on you…’
‘Protect our family…’
‘In our place…’


The figures of the Self Defense Force members I fought together with to protect Japan.
They fought desperately against him, without running away.
Yet now, at the very end, he’s trying to flee from us.
‘He’s weakened! Justice Crusaders, finish him off!! I permit the use of the Final Weapon… Huh, Katsumi!? What are you trying to do!?’
As I take a big running start, Reima yells at me.
“Wha- Kats… Black Knight!? What are you trying to do!?”
“Leave the final blow to us!”
“I’m gonna blast that bastard!!”
No way in hell would I let this bastard monster escape out of self-preservation!!
Seeing him headed for Japan, I jump off the deck into the sea without hesitation.
Relying on the suit’s bodily enhancements, I kick off the seafloor and run across the sea surface.
‘He ran across the sea!? No, nothing’s impossible for you!! As expected of you! Whe, wheheha!! The ideas for your new suit are flooding out!!’
‘Chief!! Keep quiet for now please’
‘Sorry…my mistake’
The female operator who yelled at Reima falls silent, then calls out to me running across the sea surface.
‘Black Knight! The core of the planetary monster Earth is a small spherical body about 10 cm left of the center of his chest!’
“Got it!!”
I understand the location of the core.
I clench my fist as I catch up to Monster Earth’s back desperately sliding across the sea surface.
“It’s ironic!”
“To weaken by gaining emotion!!”
I jump off the seafloor, and with great momentum swing my fist downwards, pounding the monster into the seawater.
He crashes into the spot where the lava he created cooled and hardened, but still I grab his shoulders while he struggles and headbutt him, then start berating him while stomping on his head with the momentum.
“The people who fought you faced you head on!! Yet when driven into a corner you try to flee!! Don’t fuck with me, you gutless bastard!!”
A year and a half ago, I somehow ended up working together with these Self Defense Force members.
Many other people were also prepared to fight you.
Unlike a villain like me, they fought for Japan, to protect their families.
That’s something I could absolutely never do!!
“Yet you of all people turned your back and tried to run from us!!”
But he tried to flee from us, still harboring the intent to harm Japan.
“Those people risked their lives fighting you!! Yet when driven into a corner you flee!! You fucking coward!!”
“…I am planet monster Earth!! I will exterminate you bastards!! I am planet monster Earth!! I will exterminate you bastards……”
“You’ve got no right to treat humans like bugs!!”
With a frightened voice like a broken record repeating the same words, he brings his right hand regenerated with lava to grab my face.
Despite the alert sounding from the extreme heat at point blank range, I change my raised hand into a knifehand strike shape.
“I don’t need that failed excuse for a heart!!”
Then with all my strength, I thrust the knifehand into the monster’s chest.
Busting through the exterior by force, I grab that which is slightly left of where I stabbed his left arm before.
“No, stop…”
Ignoring his pleas, I stomp on his body and forcefully rip it out.

scene transition


In an instant, monster Earth’s body turns pure white and crumbles apart.
Silently, I crush the small ping pong ball sized core in my hand, letting out a sigh at the end of this commotion.
I don’t feel the victims have been avenged by this.
But I was able to finish him.
“Time to head ba…Huh!?”
Some kind of sound vibrating the air.
Mixed in with the sound of waves, I hear that sound, so I shatter the cooled lava stone at my feet and throw the pieces at where the sound came from.
Then I hear a bang echo through the empty space, and something falls.
“…Aqua colored…what’s this? Operator, what is this?”
‘A drone!? Why is something like this here!?’
Camouflaged to blend into the colors of the sky and sea, it’s a machine called a ‘drone’.
“Waaaa!? A drone!?”
While picking up the drone that drifted here, I tilt my head in puzzlement, and then hear a carefree scream that doesn’t fit the situation.
Looking in the direction of the voice, there’s a fishing boat adrift!
“Oh crap we got caught!”
“Running away’s the best idea! Wooooo! Livestreaming is super dangerous!”
“Awesome, a monster fight! We’ll be famous for this!”
Who the hell are they…?
Civilians, right? Even though this sea area should be blockaded…
Noticing my gaze, the fishing boat tries to flee in a panic, but immediately after, a Self Defense Force ship that seems to have been chasing them surrounds them.
“I told you!!”
Before you know it, they’re restrained. I can only tilt my head watching them.
What on earth are those guys?
‘Ahhh, this is big trouble.’
“What’s wrong Reima?”
‘Looks like the waves reached since we’re close to Japan. Fools, really…they’ve done something thoughtless.’
I still don’t really understand what happened, but Reima is extremely disappointed.
‘This battle has been exposed to the public.’
Faced with his easy to understand explanation, all I can do is respond with a dumbfounded voice.

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