Revenge of the Soul Eater Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 3

With no support in the air, Iria crashed onto the ground.


“Jumping puts you at a disadvantage. Well, you could have defeated me if I were still my former self.”

While saying that, I swiftly stepped on the hem with my shoe, pressing her suit against the ground. The force caused her suit to lift, exposing her thighs in a rather provocative manner.

Upon realizing this, Iria glared at me, but her hostility was futile.

I quickly straddled her and grabbed both of her wrists to immobilize her. She resisted fiercely, but my arms, empowered by energy, remained immovable.

“You… Let me go! Let me go!”

“I refuse.”

I taunted her resistance, gradually bringing my lips closer to hers.

Perhaps realizing my intentions, she struggled to move her limbs, lowering her face in an attempt to free herself.

However, no matter how hard she fought, her efforts were in vain. She resorted to shaking her head from side to side in a desperate attempt to escape my grasp.

“Damn it!”

“Hmph. Making too much noise will alert the orcs. Is that what you want?”

“Shut up! Get away! Only Lars can touch me— Ah?!”

As I tightened my grip on both of her wrists with an iron-like strength, Iria’s face contorted in pain.

Seizing that moment, I covered her lips with mine, swiftly devouring her soul.

Unlike when I attacked Miroslav, I was now well-versed in the act of soul-devouring.

How to efficiently consume a soul? What reactions would the opponent exhibit when their soul was devoured? How could I elicit the desired response? What was the optimal posture for subduing a furious adversary? I had become well-acquainted with these intricacies.

Therefore, Iria couldn’t escape my grasp. Her resistance, despite her martial arts prowess, paled in comparison to my current energy abilities.

I continued to forcefully and ruthlessly enjoy the taste of her soul against her will… Finally, as Iria’s limbs went limp, as if drained of all strength, my level increased to “9”.

[…What have you…guh…done to me?]

Iria managed to utter those words through the excruciating pain she endured.

Meanwhile, Sora was tying her with a rope that seemingly appeared out of nowhere, wearing a wicked expression. He didn’t answer her question. Iria wanted to resist in some way, but her hands and legs were bound, rendering her unable to struggle.

Even if the ropes binding her were untied, Iria knew she wouldn’t have the strength to stand. Sora had drained her both physically and energetically. There was no way she could summon enough vigor to resist his advances, which had encompassed her lips and intertwined their tongues. She could only surmise that Sora had done something to her.

Recalling the preceding act, a sense of nausea welled up from deep within Iria’s throat.

She longed to wipe her lips, still tainted with Sora’s saliva. She yearned to cleanse herself, rinse her mouth, drink the strongest alcohol available, and forget everything that had transpired. The thought consumed her mind.

While Iria was lost in thought, Sora’s savagery continued unabated. Just as she believed she would be forced to stand, her body pressed against the trunk of a nearby tree, she found herself being bound to the tree with a rope.

Loop after loop, Sora wound the rope around Iria, tightly securing her in place, ensuring she would never escape.


“Hm, I suppose this will suffice.”

Satisfied with his handiwork, Sora nodded. Iria was now ensnared by the tree, resembling an insect caught in a web. Even if she were to regain her physical strength, she would be unable to move. All she could do was glare hostilely at the man standing before her.

“Haha. I’m surprised you still possess such a defiant gaze after devouring so many souls.”

“Devour… souls…? Is that the strange power you possess now? Is that the cause?”

“Are you seeking information in this predicament? Well, it’s not something I guard closely. I’ll tell you, yes, that’s right. It’s the power I acquired after becoming bait for the ‘Falcon Sword’ and being consumed by the Fly King.”

Sora grinned wickedly as he drew closer to Iria.

Attempting to distance herself from Sora, Iria recalled the futility of her actions, realizing her bound body rendered movement impossible. She found herself backed against the trunk of the tree.

“Kuku. That’s why you’ll have to give it your all if the orcs find you, Iria. It’s possible that you, too, might awaken a new power, just like me.”

Mocking Iria openly, he watched as she bit her lip.


Beneath her defiant expression, she maintained a calm composure. If Sora truly intended to use her as bait, he need only sever her arm and leave her behind. There was no need for him to go through the trouble of binding her with rope.

Contemplating his previous actions, Iria speculated that Sora harbored lustful desires toward her, and this was likely part of his intimidating act.

It would spell disaster if the orcs were to discover her in this state. After ensuring that Iria acknowledged this fact, he would surely demand, “If you want me to untie the ropes, you must do as I say.”

On the contrary, Iria believed that Sora valued her enough to go through such lengths before a large group of orcs.

If that were the case, there was still something she could do. She possessed a fighting spirit that couldn’t be swayed by the cowardly intentions of her captor.


“Hmph. I can see what you’re thinking. But it’s a shame. Let me tell you that you’re not worth as much as you think… ‘Blossoming Fire Flower, illuminate the darkness… Light.'”

As Sora whispered those words, a brilliant light appeared in the air, dispelling the encroaching darkness. The surrounding trees, which had been swallowed by shadows, swiftly regained their vibrant colors.

That was the spell ‘Light,’ a basic first-grade fire magic. It was the most fundamental of fire spells, and with the right resources and training, Iria could have easily learned it herself.

Therefore, it wasn’t Sora’s use of magic that surprised her. What truly caught Iria off guard was his decision to employ ‘Light’ in their current situation.

The place where Iria and Sora had stumbled upon the group of orcs was distant enough that the orcs remained oblivious to their brief skirmish.

However, if such a bright light were to manifest in the darkening mountains, it would undoubtedly attract the immediate attention of the orcs, no matter how oblivious they might be.

“What… are you doing…?”

“Isn’t it obvious? I’m alerting the orcs to our presence. And as for why I tied you up, it’s for your own sake. At this moment, you lack the strength to fight back. Even if you’re a sixth-class adventurer, you would likely only be able to defeat one or two orcs. But in the heat of battle, the enraged orcs might accidentally end your life. That’s why I bound you. By doing so, you won’t have the means to kill the orcs. I doubt they would kill a woman they chanced upon. I’m sure they’ll bring you back to their lair and show you plenty of affection.”

Iria barely registered Sora’s harsh words. Instead, what reached her ears were the distant roars of the orcs. Those hostile and alert voices were clear indicators that intruders had entered their territory.

Naturally, Sora was well aware of this fact. The young man with black hair merely shrugged his shoulders in a deliberate manner.

“Oops, I might have said too much. Farewell for now, Iria. As I mentioned earlier, I’ll be sure to inform Lars and the others, so don’t lose hope and do your best.”

“N-… No way…! Sora, do you realize the consequences of your actions? If I report this to the guild, you’ll be finished!”

“Haha. When that time comes, I’ll simply say this: ‘The reason I didn’t assist Iria was to swiftly relay the orc information. Iria is spreading falsehoods out of resentment.’ Something along those lines.”


“If we were to compare the disarrayed ‘Falcon Sword’ with me, who possesses an Indigo Wyvern, who do you think the guild would support? I believe you’re well aware of how the guild operates.”

As Iria listened, she clenched her teeth. The current Iria and the current Sora. It was clear which one held more value to the guild and to Ishka. It was entirely possible that the guild would side with Sora.

In fact, during the Fly King incident, the guild had shown favoritism towards the ‘Falcon Sword.’

Meanwhile, the roars and tremors grew closer, as if a landslide were approaching. The orcs were drawing near.

“I believe it’s dangerous to remain here. Well then, farewell, Iria—this time, for good,” Sora’s words of abandonment echoed within the adventurers’ guild, directed towards the ‘Falcon Sword’ and the guild personnel.

As Iria watched Sora attempt to leave without hesitation, she realized it. This wasn’t a negotiation or any form of discussion. If she remained silent, Sora would truly abandon her to the mercy of the orcs.


Her voice trembled with urgency as Iria called out to him.

Yet Sora didn’t stop. Was it due to the cacophony of orc roars that he couldn’t hear her? Or perhaps he heard her but chose to ignore her plea?


This time, her voice resounded clearly from her lips. It reached Sora’s ears without interruption.

But he didn’t turn back. He didn’t halt his steps. It was as if his retreating figure was telling her that her words were insufficient.

Gritting her teeth, Iria mustered her courage and continued, her voice trembling.

“I apologize for everything up until now. So please, help me.”

She pleaded desperately to Sora, giving it her all.

Her actions had some effect. Sora’s footsteps came to a halt.

However, he didn’t look back. It was as if his stance conveyed that her plea fell short.

After clenching her teeth, Iria pressed on with a quivering voice.

“I apologize for abandoning you when you were attacked by the Fly King. I am truly sorry….!”

“Finally, you said it.”

Sora slowly turned around in response to Iria’s words. A forced smile appeared on his face. Witnessing the absence of malice, Iria felt a sense of relief. It was as if she were seeing the same Sora who had been with his mother and the children in the village.

Turning towards her, Sora began to approach. Yet his pace was slow, causing frustration to well up within Iria. At any moment, the orcs could emerge from the shadows.

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