Chore Granting Sorcerer Volume 2 Chapter 1 Part 1

Chapter 1 – at a dizzying pace

Leaning back against the inclined bed, I turn the pages.
I never expected to get my hands on a Labyrinth Maniac while hospitalized. When I told Camilla to indulge my every whim, this hard-to-find booklet rolled in before I knew it.
Labyrinth Maniac.
An amateur academic journal sporadically published and stealthily stocked in Villebron’s used bookstores.
The publisher and distribution route are unknown. All I know are the contributors’ pen names.
But its avant-garde submissions have won it a cult following among some.
There is an official academic journal on labyrinth research overseen by the Adventurers’ Guild. But of course, as an official publication, the peer review takes time, and basic research with little practical use for conquering the labyrinth tends to get postponed.
To fill that stuffy gap, the ability to engage with unapproved, cutting-edge, sometimes years ahead of the official journal, attracts certain adventurers to Labyrinth Maniac.
…Well, truthfully not that many adventurers care about this stuff.
When I was with Dragon’s Wings, no one was interested in the labyrinth’s mysteries itself. I studied it as a personal hobby, but as things got busier, I had less time for hobbies and focused only on the practical.
I wonder if it’s different with Night Dragonfly? With more members, seems likely some might share that interest.
It’s been a while since I leisurely read like this.
I’ve always been quite the bookworm. With no friends as a kid, I read through all the books in the church library, from picture books to novels to encyclopedias. There was a time my life’s goal was to secretly read an entire encyclopedia alone.
But lately I haven’t gotten to read at all.
Before being expelled from Dragon’s Wings, I desperately tried staying with the party. After getting picked up by Night Dragonfly, every day’s been a whirlwind leaving no time for leisure.
But it’ll be different now. Night Dragonfly has proper vacations and more than enough pay. I’ll gain some free time, and might resume my personal research and academic writing.
“Vim, the leader is here to see you.”
But somehow, this amateur journal gives me a sense of security.
Apart from the content, the roughness from the lack of rigorous peer review, the glimpses of thought that would vanish if wasted words were cut – in these supposedly objective academic papers, I sometimes even feel a sense of kinship.
Among them, Dr. Heinkes’ articles are particularly superb.
Despite the completely unfamiliar name never appearing in official journals, it’s obvious from the many researchers who know him that his hypotheses and horizons fascinate those enchanted by his work in academia.
A pat on my shoulder finally gets my attention.
I look up.
“Quite bold to ignore me, hahaha!”
The nurse looks confused while Camilla grins at me from above.
Ah, my mistake. I didn’t hear them.
“I’m so sorry, so sorry, so sorry!”
“Just kidding. Sorry for interrupting your reading.”
Seeing me prostrate myself, she smiles cheerfully and turns away.
“Vim have a visitor, would it be alright if I escorted him to the reception room downstairs?”
“Yes, please try not to make it too long.”
Huh? She’s not mad?
“Vim, an urgent visitor. Can you come downstairs?”
“Oh… Yes, of course. I’ll head over.”
Taking a cursory walking stick from the nurse, I get off the bed.
First I lower my legs, feeling the blood drain from my head to my feet. Once it settles, I stand up, and blood rushes from my head again.
Camilla lightly supports my shoulder.


scene transition


“Will you be alright?”
“Y-yes… thank you.”
My physical strength as an adventurer is pathetically low, but I have recovered a fair bit.
In the battle with the 98th Stratum’s Floor Boss, my body was apparently pushed near its limits. Continuously enhancing a Supporter’s body that’s barely stronger than a normal human, no matter how efficient, accumulates a burden from errors and imperfections.
It’s not hit or miss, but the doctor sternly warned me not to keep pushing myself like that.
Holding the handrail with my right hand while Camilla supports my left shoulder, her words gradually sink in as I painstakingly descend the stairs.
That kind of miracle won’t happen again and again.
“Um… Camilla, this visitor you mentioned…?”
“Well, we’ve had meeting requests since first reporting the Floor Boss being defeated.”
Camila-san narrowed her stride and lent me her shoulder so that I could descend the stairs without difficulty, but she seemed a little reluctant to say so.
“But with you still unconscious, and knowing it might fluster you, we put it off until the appropriate time… but the other party grew impatient.”
A visitor Camilla can’t refuse?
“The Guildmaster wishes to see you.”

In the hospital’s first floor reception room, I stood face to face with the Guildmaster.
Gotthelf Knochhenhauer.
A legend who pioneered the labyrinth wielding a gigantic war hammer.
No adventurer doesn’t know his name – he’s practically the embodiment of adventurers, so of course I know him too.
He has appeared in public many times, and with his extraordinary height and broad shoulders, he stands out unmistakably. Even the two-seater sofa in the reception room is not big enough for him, so he is sitting in front of me in a half-crouched position.
His profession, which you might not imagine from his gigantic stature, is that of a priest.
In fact, when he obtained the profession of a priest, the degree of physical enhancement was second only to that of a warrior, far surpassing that of mages and enchanters. The idea that emerged from there was to become a “priest warrior,” utilizing their immense physical strength in battle while enhancing their endurance to the utmost with self-healing magic.
He realized this so-called “priest warrior,” which had been dismissed as mere theory, and made it known to the world.
He is known as “Godhelm,” the Diamond of Strength.
Terrifying. Truly terrifying.
It feels like I’m being pressed from all sides by a presence several times more imposing than Lady Camilla.
“Vim Strauss, may I call you Vim?”
A neck thick enough to swallow my head whole.
His pronounced adam’s apple vibrates, sending his deep, rumbling voice straight to my heart.
No good, my voice won’t come out.
If you have business, please communicate through proper documentation mediated by text.
But that won’t fly.
To a mere adventurer like me, the Guildmaster is on a whole other plane. He went out of his way to visit me out of care for my condition, I can’t turn him away.
“Ah, um, uh…”
“Hahaha! I’d heard you were soft-spoken, no need to be so nervous. I didn’t come to admonish you or anything.”
His massive body heaves as the vibrations reach me.
I understand he’s trying to put me at ease, so I do my best to loosen up.
“I merely came to congratulate and thank you for defeating the Floor Boss. Just have a bit of confirming to do.”
“Um… yes, thank you very much.”
The Guildmaster holds out his giant hands, palms up, and says:
“Thus, the 98th Stratum has been cleared, opening the path to a new stratum. Adventurers can now dive into the labyrinth with fresh hopes. Truly a major milestone.”
His aged eyes still blaze brilliantly, piercing me head-on.
“As the one who solo defeated that 98th Floor Boss, I had to come pay my respects. You’ve done outstanding work.”
“You mean… solo? It was defeated by Night Dragonfly as a whole…”
When I say this, the Guildmaster’s eyes widen as he laughs.
“Hahaha! I see, so you are the man Camilla claimed, Vim! A man of virtue!”
He slaps his knee, laughing loudly enough to make the floor creak.
“Since morphogenesis was induced and you defeated it alone, that’s practically solo. Camilla also submitted the report on behalf of Night Dragonfly as a whole. So Vim, all that remains is your acknowledgement.”
“That’s, well, how to put it… different from…”
“It’s a fair assessment. Accept it as your due. You will also attend the Conquest Ceremony award ceremony and collect the bounty.”
I swallow at that term.
The Conquest Ceremony.
The greatest festival in Villebron, held when a Floor Boss is defeated and the path opens to the next stratum, new level.
The moment adventurers who contributed to conquering that stratum receive the highest honor.
That’s right, it’s so disconnected from me that it slipped my mind completely.
Defeating a Floor Boss means an event on that scale.

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