Aristocratic Daughters Volume 1 Chapter 4.5


That night.

“Sister! There’s something I want to ask you…!!”

“What is it? Why so panicked?” 

Elena’s eyes widened at her brother who had rushed over in a hurry the moment he got home. She immediately stopped working on her assignment and turned to face him.

“Listen! Just like you said, Master Byleth really is a kind person! From now on, I won’t blindly believe rumors either! No matter what!!”

“Huh? What’s with you all of a sudden… First, calm down.”

Though puzzled by his elated state, Elena firmly patted the spot beside her and had Alan sit down. After a brief pause, she prompted him.

“So what exactly happened? Talk slowly so I can understand.”  

“O-Okay! So during lunch break today, when I was studying in the library— “

Elena came to learn the reason for Alan’s excitement. 

“I met and was even consulted by Master Byleth there—”

“Huh, that Byleth? No way, he’s not the type to use the library in the first place. Are you sure you didn’t mistake him for someone else?”

“I wouldn’t mistake the person who advised me!”

“I-I guess you’re right…”

She had never heard of Byleth using the library. 

It was only natural she couldn’t picture it.

“But how could he give you advice…? It’s a difficult subject as is, right?”

“To be honest, I got the impression that if Master Byleth led, he’d be more likely to succeed than me. It’s really pathetic.” 

“Oh geez, no need to be so modest. Haven’t you diligently studied this for years? There’s no way you’d lose in various areas.”

“Ha ha, I wish I could be that modest…” 


The smile Elena made as if to say [That’s just like you] disappeared when she saw Alan’s wry smile. 

She realized he was voicing his honest thoughts as words, with no deception.

“Master Byleth clearly taught me the harsh aspects of the concept I came up with. There was no room for objection and he has a much broader perspective than me. He even cautioned me about the current weakness of my aspirations… I seriously felt I couldn’t compete. It was almost like getting lectured by Father.”

“I-I understand you’re saying that seriously, but…”

The ignorant cannot defeat the knowledgeable.  

Elena tried to find a way to gloss things over, but Alan cited a different reason it wasn’t so.

“Probably… I think he excels exceptionally at management skills. Considering Master Byleth’s peerage, it wouldn’t be odd for him to have that kind of education from childhood.”

“Management means…running an organization, right?”

“Yeah. I already told you about the concept for the restaurant I want to run, remember? To reduce food waste, I want to cook inventory nearing expiration as much as possible and provide free meals to those struggling with food.”

“Oh right, yes.”

“And Master Byleth said this about it. [If the people you gave free meals to claimed this food made them sick or strange things were mixed in, how would you take responsibility?].”


” [Their aim is money, and manufacturing evidence is easy. Even if you fought for innocence, bad rumors would definitely spread. It leads to negative results for the shop, and most of all for your family.]”

“Wait! There’s no way something like that could happen. Such an awful story…there’s just no way.”

Lacking real examples and the experience of betrayal, Elena firmly rejected it at first, but was easily rebutted. 

“No, I think that’s the truth. Because what Master Byleth said aligns with what Mother and Father are doing, and other restaurants too.”

“Just what did he say? Byleth?”

“[There are many people who exploit goodwill for their own selfish desires. Not every world consists solely of good people. It’s because restaurateurs who know that, even if it means wasting ingredients, they choose to dispose of them. If their business doesn’t thrive, they can’t protect the livelihoods of their employees who work hard.] I think it went something like that.”

“That Byleth…said such a thing…?”

Only upon hearing these words did Elena first comprehend why the [method to avoid wasting ingredients] Alan suggested for his concept had not been put into practice. 

“Being told something like this, you’d think you couldn’t win, right?”

“I can’t deny that.” 

“There’s no way I’d normally be able to say something so logical. I hadn’t even considered it… But, I absolutely don’t intend to give up.”  

“Hearing you say that is reassuring.”

A smile surfaces from deep within. 


“Oh, Master Byleth also taught me this. [Rather than waiting for the chance to consult, take action so you can consult on your own. Since your plan is solidifying within you, stake your claim as soon as possible to create meaningful time.]”

“That really is amazing, being able to point out what you lack just from briefly consulting… Master Byleth is seriously incredible.”

“Hey, are you sure that was really Byleth?”

“I’m saying it was him!”

“S-Sorry. I understand in my head, but…” 

“I truly never imagined such a person attended the academy…” 

Still doubting beside Elena, Alan looked up at the ceiling. 

It seemed he was gazing at the envisioned Byleth with eyes of admiration.

“So sister, in order not to waste Master Byleth’s consultation, after school today I went to Father’s restaurant and…asked them to let me consult sooner.”

“Oh, so that’s why you were late home. You didn’t get scolded!? You’re forbidden from visiting during work hours, aren’t you!?”

“On the contrary, I was praised. [I’m impressed,] he said. Probably because of what I asked.”

“I-I see… If that’s the case, then good.”

Their kind father when you properly follow the rules as a given. But if you break them, he becomes a terrifying father. 

Elena grimaced, but soon showed a relieved expression. 

“But if he finds out you consulted because of that guy, won’t you get scolded?”

“That’s the thing… He laughed and joked [At whose suggestion?] He seemed to see through my actions. [You wouldn’t do this kind of thing without someone telling you to,] he said.” 

“Th-That’s so like Father…”

“Haha, really.”

The ability that allowed him to rise to the top Earl is utilized even in ways like this. 

And as one topic ended, the air mellowed. 

At that time, Alan spoke up.

“But I’ve really been blessed by some lucky coincidences.”  


“Like you said, I never hear about Master Byleth using the library, right? So… If Master Byleth hadn’t ‘happened’ to use the library, I wouldn’t have gotten this valuable consultation.”

“That’s true… For him to ‘happen’ to…’happen’ to… Oh!”


The moment she mulled over his words, Elena seemed to realize something as she quickly covered her mouth. 

Because the difficult talk was over and the atmosphere had become more casual, she was able to think flexibly. 

“Alan, could it be that matter wasn’t a coincidence…?”

“Wh-What do you mean?”

“You see… I also consulted Byleth about my brother struggling with business matters. Right after the lunch break started…” 


“So… There’s a possibility that, anticipating struggling Alan would visit the library, Byleth also went to the library… If what Alan says is true and Byleth has studied management, he’d likely have confidence in addressing some concerns… “

“Ah! Come to think of it, when Master Byleth met me, he had a big grin… C-Could that smile have meant [As expected, you were here]…?”

“Th-There’s no mistaking that!”

Without Byleth’s knowledge, an outrageous interpretation had emerged. 

“Th-That guy… Skipping afternoon classes after giving advice no less…! He’s not just trying to look cool…” 

“Sis, your face is red…”

“Th-This is anger! Obviously!” 

In truth, Byleth didn’t know Alan’s identity and only went to the library for personal reasons, but… This misunderstanding had become a major catalyst for raising Byleth’s favorability.

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