The Heroic Tale Of A Villainous Prince Chapter 29

Chapter 29: A Warning

The Magic Engineering Research Institute.
It is an organization that literally supports the Leuville Kingdom by researching and developing magic engineering. The recent development of the Leuville Kingdom is also greatly due to the power of this Magic Engineering Research Institute.

Filga’s mother holds the position of director of the research institute, and his older sister also works hard day and night as a researcher for the development of the kingdom. Of course, Filga was also expected to have a future as a researcher, but unfortunately, he did not have that talent.

He was more suited to and talented at moving his body than research. At the same time, he understood that it was heretical for the Matisse family.

There was a time when he had aspirations to follow the path of a researcher like his mother and sister. However, it was because he spent time in such an environment that he realized his own lack of talent early on.

“I’m sorry, Filga,”

his mother would apologize only to Filga.

“I have an experiment that I absolutely have to do today.”

“But today is my birthday…”

“I really am sorry…instead, I’ll buy you anything you want.”

He didn’t need such things.

“Oh, it’s already this late…I have to go.”

I want you to stay by my side.

“Well then, Filga. It’s time for the experiment…”

I don’t care about that.

“…………Have a good day.”

Research, experiments, I don’t care. It doesn’t matter. He couldn’t shout that he didn’t care to that extent. At least, Filga was good enough to know when to hold his tongue.

Is research really that important? Are experiments really that precious?
He didn’t understand. His family. He wanted to understand but he just couldn’t.
He didn’t get it. No matter how many times he tried, he still didn’t understand.

–I’m different. From mother. And sister too.

Filga came to think that he must be an anomaly in this family, unable to understand them.

–I’m the only one different in this family.

He naturally started avoiding his family as well, and spent all his time training as if escaping.

–I’m…the unwanted child.

Spending time with Leo and Dold took the edge off his loneliness a bit, but even so, the occasions he would meet face to face with his family decreased.

“You don’t have to force yourself to understand,”

that’s when he met Lucille.

“I love my family too, but our tastes and hobbies are all different. We can’t understand everything, and some things just don’t match.”

–Ahh. This is it.

“You don’t have to force yourself to bend over backwards.”

–This is where I belonged.

“I think your straightforwardness is really wonderful, Filga.”

Lucille was like a patch of sunlight.
Warm, comfortable. She accepted the part of him that was an outlier in his family.

Therefore. At least those who tarnish that warmth are unforgivable.
All of them, every single one.

–I will crush them all.

“What business do you have, Alfred? What did you come here for?”

Filga did not hide his hostility in his words. In contrast,

“Neighborly love”

Alfred shamelessly stated.

“This is the training ground,”

“It’s too advanced a place for a slacker like you who hasn’t properly trained.”

“Oh? Then is it a suitable place for you guys? Ha. The training ground is quite broad-minded, it seems.”

Alfred showed overt ridicule. Filga realized it was provocation, and felt irritated at being provoked.

“What’s that, you…trying to provoke me?”

Dold restrained Filga as he clenched his fist.

“Alfred. From your earlier words, does it mean you will be our training partner?”

“Yeah, I said I’ll [play] with you.”

“Hmm…[play], is it. How very frivolous, just as expected of the third prince.”

“Do you think of training as play?”

“You’re not fit to be my training partner, is what I’m saying.”

The blatant provocation was clearly angering even the usually composed Dold.

“Interesting. If that’s what you want, I’ll be happy to [play] along.”

Dold no longer held Filga back. A mock battle between Alfred and them began in the training grounds, and the knights naturally formed a gallery around them.

“Perfect timing. I’ve been wanting to beat you down with my own hands before Leo does it.”

According to rumors, some of the younger knights have started re-evaluating Alfred.
Such things must be an illusion, and he would let them know that this man can only bully weak girls like Lucille because he is a cowardly person.

If he thoroughly destroys him in front of this gallery, the younger knights who were getting swayed should come to their senses.

“Come on, I’ll let you have the first move.”

Alfred gripped the wooden training swords in both hands and stood still.
Considering what a despicable and vile coward he is, he must not have expected them to take his provocation. He’s probably sweating bullets inside at having to do this mock battle.

“…..On second thought, no thanks.”

Saying that, Alfred released the wooden swords in both hands.

“I don’t need a sword. Bare hands are enough.”

“…..What are you planning?”

“To avoid you complaining about unfair conditions later. And….”

As Filga desperately tried to restrain himself using every ounce of rationality–Alfred looked down on him as if he were clearly [beneath him].

“…..I want to see your face get beaten down by an opponent who’s going easy on you.”

Anger boiled at the insolent words, but Alfred continued to look at him with a composed face, whether knowingly or not.

“Because it’s not mature to make the first move against someone inferior. Come at me, third-rate kid.”

“You said it, you bastard!”

Kicking the training ground’s surface, Alfred’s body shot forward like an arrow.
A strike from above, aiming for the shoulder with the swung wooden sword.


The air seemed to be forcefully expelled from the lungs.

(What… just happened?)

He didn’t understand what had happened. The expected strike to the shoulder never reached him. The only thing he could comprehend was the pain radiating from his abdomen.

“Do it seriously.”


Alfred let out a sigh of exasperation. It was only then that he belatedly understood that a fist had struck his stomach.

“Wha…! You…!?”

“Oh, you were serious. My bad. I didn’t think a lazy slacker’s, lacking in training, attack would hit so easily.”

His vision blurred. He could barely stay on his feet, but that was all.

(Fast… I couldn’t see anything…? Me…? His attack…? It’s impossible… he used magic… something, he definitely used magic!)

Desperately, he turned his gaze to Alfred’s hands, but there was nothing on his fingers.
If that’s the case, was this his true strength?

(No… it can’t be!)

(He’s a coward who mistreated the fragile Lucille.)

(Yes… he must have… a magical tool… a magical tool hidden under his clothes!)

“Such a hassle.”

When his breathing settled and the pain began to ease a bit,
Alfred spoke with a sigh, seemingly expressing how troublesome this was.

“Both of you and come at me. It’s getting boring.”

Alfred’s disrespectful tone angered Dold.

“What did you say? Are you insulting us?!”

“Insult, huh…”

Alfred’s eyes narrowed, and with a cruel and cold tone, he said,

“Isn’t that your specialty? Especially surrounding and insulting defenseless girls who won’t fight back.”

“…What did you say? Are you talking about Charlotte? Hah, that’s not an insult. It’s just presenting the facts.”

“Deserved retribution, right… That cowardly woman…! You’re just as guilty!”

A burning sense of justice was directed towards the coward who tainted Lucille, the sun.
But Alfred, in contrast, continued to gaze at them coldly.

“…..Are you misunderstanding something?”

“Misunderstanding? How?”

“I’m asking when you guys got so high and mighty that you can humiliate the third prince’s fiancée.”

The third prince. One of the royalty of the Leuville Kingdom.
That was Alfred’s position, and being reminded of it–Filga and Dold’s bodies stiffened.

“Or are you two idiots thinking you’re greater than royalty? Now that’s news to me.”

“No….that’s not….”

“It’s true I’m inferior to my eldest brother Leo and second brother Rob. But…I can use the name [Leuville]. If I wanted, I could banish you two.”


“Well, forget about me. This is payback for what I’ve done until now. You can say whatever you want about me.”

But, Alfred’s voice grew cold.

“It’s different with Char. She doesn’t have time to deal with the likes of you now. If you interfere again, I’ll throw you in prison.”

I had forgotten. Or more likely, I had been negligent.
Until now, Alfred had not flaunted his authority. That’s why I was probably being arrogant inside. I had decided that he could do nothing….but that was wrong, now.

“We won’t yield to such threats! Or could it be you’re afraid your trick with the magic tool concealed under your clothes will be exposed!?”

“Huh? You were suspecting that?”

Alfred let out a genuinely exasperated sigh and then casually discarded his upper clothing.


The knights present were left speechless.
Revealed beneath the discarded clothing was a body honed through rigorous training and, unmistakably, scars that had not completely healed. Clearly, scars from combat—so significant that it wasn’t just one or two.

“Alfred-sama’s body…”
“Yeah… you can tell just by looking. Those are quite…”
“The movements earlier were also remarkable. It was impossible to follow with the eyes.”
“Could it be that he really didn’t use any tricks with magical tools…?”

Like the surrounding knights, Filga and Dold couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed. Had he really pushed himself so hard in training? Had he wielded a blade in actual combat? They questioned themselves, but affirmation did not come.

“Do you have any complaints now?”

“…..N-no way! It’s a bluff!”

“Oh, is that what you think? Then come at me quickly, both of you together.”

“Don’t mess with us!”

“With no magic tool trickery, what can the likes of you do!?”

“I keep saying I’m not using anything like that.”

As the opponent wished, they charged together with Dold. No matter how much they swung their swords in perfect unison, none of the attacks reached Alfred.
—They were being toyed with. Realizing that fact made their impatience and irritation build up, making them swing their swords even more fiercely, but


His foot swept out and his footing collapsed. Filga’s head was grabbed by Alfred as he fell–and slammed into the ground.


“Filga! You bas…!”

As Dold became enraged and attacked,

“Here, catch!”

Alfred kicked the rolling Filga on the ground and blew him towards Dold.


Taking the hit from Filga’s flung body, Dold’s opening was seized as Alfred instantly closed the distance—-and smashed Dold’s face with a punch.


He could do nothing but roll around in an unsightly manner, and though they had challenged him two-on-one, they were completely helpless.

“This is a warning.”

Alfred dispassionately and coolly looked down on Dold and Filga as they rolled on the ground.

“I don’t really care about this country. Nor about you guys….but don’t lay a hand on my people.”

It felt as if every ounce of will to move had been torn from their bodies.

“…..I won’t hold back next time.”


Filga and Dold were completely overwhelmed by Alfred’s frigid eyes that even contained killing intent.

In front of the knights watching as a gallery, the two of them were thoroughly defeated despite having overwhelming advantage of two against one.

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