I’m a D-Rank Adventurer Volume 2 Chapter 4 part 9

The magical tool was the size of an egg that fit in the palm of my hand. According to the description nearby… it seemed to be a low-cost magical tool for children to practice magic, which would emit a seven-colored light when filled with magical power.

“Like this?”

While looking at the instructions, I tried infusing it with magical power. But for some reason, it didn’t light up.

“Hmm… that’s a bit off. You should infuse the magical power more inward. Like this.”

Saying that, Ray suddenly took my hand and overlapped it with his gauntlet, giving me a clear demonstration of the flow of magical power.


Startled by the sudden touch, my heart jumped. Ray asked, “Got it?” but my heart was pounding so loudly that I couldn’t respond immediately.

In the end… I couldn’t reply with my voice and could only nod, lowering my head.

Ray looked at me with a puzzled expression, saying, “?” but quickly became absorbed in the nearby magical tools again, happily browsing with a boyish voice.

“…Doesn’t Ray have anyone to talk to about magical tools?”

After my heart rate settled, I asked out of curiosity. Ray stopped browsing, crossed his arms, and pondered for a moment.

“No one. In the first place, I’m at such a high level that there aren’t many people I can have a conversation with at the same level… Well, if I put in the effort, I could probably find someone, but it’s bothersome.”

“I see…”

Apparently, there wasn’t anyone. When Ray talks about magical tools, he’s so lively that it made me think he should find someone to talk to… But come to think of it, that’s just how Ray is. He’s simply lazy.

After answering, Ray immediately returned to browsing. He seemed to be having a great time.

Absently watching his joyful expression, I suddenly thought, “I wonder if Ray would be happy if we could talk about magical tools together…?”


As an experiment, I imagined myself happily discussing my knowledge of magical tools with Ray and their reaction in my mind.


A warm feeling gently enveloped my heart, and my lips naturally curled up into a smile.

Without a doubt, this person would be delighted. I had no knowledge about magical tools and didn’t know the first thing about them… but I thought it would be nice to become proficient in using them like Ray. It seemed fun to have a common topic to talk about with him.

Yes, if I learned in secret and surprised him, that could be interesting. If I talked about magical tools with a knowledge surpassing Ray’s, he would surely be amazed.

“Hey, we’re done shopping, so let’s go home! Haha, I can’t wait to play with them…!”

Ray held a bag filled with numerous magical tools, his expression so elated that he seemed on the verge of skipping with joy. He looked so incredibly happy, unlike anything I had ever seen before.

Leaving the magical tool store, I walked beside Ray as he briskly made his way home, stealing glances at him from the corner of my eye.

Though his face was hidden behind a full-face helm, I could easily imagine the wide smile adorning his face.

Imagining Ray’s surprised expression, I turned my face away to ensure he couldn’t see my own expression.

I wanted to see how this person would react as soon as possible—that’s what I thought.

After finishing our shopping at the magical tool store, we didn’t immediately head home since it was lunchtime. Instead, we arrived at a nearby diner.

Apparently, Ray was in a good mood, so he offered to treat me to a meal. I decided that I would ask Ray for something after giving him the magical tools.

Ray said, “This place has a peculiar way of ordering… Well, whatever. Just wait here while I go buy the food,” and quickly went off.


Since it was my first time eating at a diner like this, I observed my surroundings like I was conducting a survey. I felt a slight excitement for some reason.

The diner was crowded with townspeople and individuals who seemed to be adventurers… Looking at the price list, the set meals ranged from 300 riens and were reasonably priced. It was like a popular eatery.

“I made you wait… I forgot to ask what you wanted, so I just brought something. …Oh, these chairs are quite wobbly and unstable… I hope they don’t break. It’s too much trouble to tell the staff and get them replaced.”

As I observed, Ray returned—oddly, carrying a large amount of food.

“Who’s going to eat all this?” I wondered. But before I could finish my thought, Ray said, “This is for you,” and brought most of the plates of food to my side. I could feel my face contorting.

“…I can’t eat all of this.”

“This is part of your training. To produce high-quality magical power, you need to have a healthy body. Besides, you’re too skinny, so you should eat more.”

“Well… but…”


I looked at the enormous amount of food placed in front of me. I understood what Ray was saying, but even so, this was just too much. Just yesterday, I had a normal amount of food, and now I was expected to eat all of this?

Ray looked at me with a puzzled expression, then chuckled a bit.

“What’s wrong? I didn’t expect you to be able to eat all of this from the start. It’s physically impossible for that slim body of yours…”

Seeing me flinch and become unsettled, he said that. It seemed to be a joke, and Ray was going to eat all this food himself. That was a relief.

“Now, here’s the thing. Even someone with a slim body like yours can instantly become a voracious eater using this method. I’ll teach you right now… It’s instant, so pay close attention.”

Opening the mouth section of his full-face helm, Ray brought the dishes of food to his mouth. And then…

“—It disappeared…?”

In an instant, the food Ray held vanished. The plate disappeared too.

One after another, he brought more food to his mouth and made it disappear instantly. In the blink of an eye, the food that had occupied the table had vanished.

“This is a magic technique that allows you to ingest food without even moving your mouth. With this, even someone who eats lightly and is slim can become a voracious eater in an instant.”

“That’s amazing… How do you do it?”

It was incredibly convenient and good. I wondered if he didn’t get full, but seeing Ray’s demeanor, he didn’t seem to have any worries in that regard. So I definitely wanted to learn it.

“I’ll teach you. First, hold the food like this.”

“…Like this?”

Imitating Ray’s movements, I held the food with one hand.

“And then—bring it to your mouth and chant ‘[Meshi-Kieru]’ (food disappearance). I can do it without chanting already, but… it might be difficult for you until you get used to it.”

I nodded with determination and brought the food to my mouth.


I concentrated as I chanted. …But, as expected, it seemed to be a difficult magic, as the food didn’t disappear.

Knowing that it wouldn’t work on the first try, I repeated the chant over and over again. However, the food didn’t show any sign of disappearing. Why was that?

Ray seemed exasperated by my inability to perform it and covered his mouth with his hand, shaking with laughter.

“…It’s difficult. If there’s a trick, I want you to tell me.”

Since I couldn’t do it no matter how many times I tried, I reluctantly asked Ray. But…

“Hahaha… I guess that’s to be expected. After all, it was a lie.”

Ray trembled with laughter, seeming to find it quite enjoyable.

For a moment, I couldn’t comprehend what was happening and froze. Then, a few moments later, I understood. I had been fooled by Ray.

“…I’ve been played.”

“No, why did you believe that? Normally, anyone would realize something was off when the plate disappeared along with the food.”

As he chuckled, I could feel my face tensing up. What a terrible guy he was.

“You’re too naive. You should be more suspicious of people. Otherwise, you’ll end up being deceived by someone like me… It was a good lesson, wasn’t it? But, even so, it’s quite something to be fooled by what happened earlier… hehe.”


While Ray laughed joyfully, my face grew even stiffer. Sure, maybe it was my fault for being deceived, but there was no need for him to laugh like that. I didn’t believe in God, but I wished I could give this man divine retribution right now.

“Take this as a lesson, and from now on, be careful not to be fooled… Whoa!”

As I thought about that, there was a loud cracking sound. Ray made a crashing noise and fell off his chair.

“Ouch… What happened? My butt hurts… Oh, the chair broke.”

…Apparently, one of the chair’s legs had broken. I wondered if my wish had somehow come true.

“Hey, why are you laughing? Are you enjoying my misfortune so much?”


I continued to watch, and Ray, still lying on the ground, said those words in a silly pose. I didn’t think I was laughing, so I touched my face… and my lips were indeed curved upwards. It seemed I was indeed smiling.

“Well, it’s better than your usual dull expression. Your face isn’t bad, so you should keep making that kind of face.”

“…It’s none of your business.”

I didn’t intentionally make that kind of face. It was just that my expressions didn’t show easily on my face.

…But if Ray said “Your face isn’t bad,” did that mean he had a favorable opinion of my face?

“…Do you like my face, Ray?”

With a slight flutter in my heart, I tried asking.

“Nah, not really interested.”

He gave a harsh response.


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