Strongest in the Supernatural School Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 2

One is someone who can stand beside Asahina san and lead the class together—Kurashiki Hotaru.
And the other is someone who can be my puppet and facade. In other words, the one pulling the strings behind Asahina.
“When someone realizes there’s someone behind Asahina, the one they’ll suspect without hesitation. Someone intelligent with strong abilities who isn’t in the spotlight, preferably taciturn.”
“Don’t make such difficult requests. I personally thought Umaru would be good, but…he’s out since he’s too much in the spotlight.”
Right. If someone already in the spotlight was revealed as ‘the one pulling Asahina’s strings all along!’ it would raise suspicions like ‘Why didn’t you just do it yourself? No need to stand behind someone right?’ That’s why it absolutely has to be someone originally unrelated to the spotlight.
“Well, it’d be case closed if you just openly pulled the strings behind instead of making a facade, but…”
“Yeah, I’d rather not do that.”
It’s not impossible in terms of ability. Rather, it would probably go much more smoothly if I directly took that position. However.
“It’s easier to move around with a facade.”
Ultimately, that alone is reason enough.
If I took that position, I’d be recognized by at least some of the ‘smart guys’ to a certain degree. And I’d definitely be marked.
Then it would become difficult to manufacture evidence like with Kirido… And most of all, if a foe appears who I have to get serious against, I won’t be able to move freely—that would be a problem. …However, contrary to my thoughts, Kurashiki squinted.
“Nah, you just dislike Asahina.”
Since Kurashiki said something so awful, I sadly lowered my eyes and answered.
“That’s terrible, I love Asahina a lot.”
“Ew, your most obvious lie ever.”
Don’t say things like that! Even if it’s true, there are some things you shouldn’t say out loud!
Yes, even if it’s the truth! It’s important so I’ll say it twice!
Ignoring her words, I returned the conversation to the main track with my usual blank expression.
“Anyway, in any case. Leave scouting for the puppet role to me. I’ve already found a promising prospect. All that’s left is to contact him and gauge what kind of guy he is.”
Well, that’s the hardest part, and it’s most likely I’ll end up with ‘Nope, this guy’s no good’ after learning his true nature… However, there can be no compromise whatsoever regarding this matter.
“Kurashiki, please continue working on Asahina. Once we successfully get a new comrade on this end, I’ll have you mediate between that guy and Asahina too.”
Saying that, I glanced at her.
Kurashiki was there gazing steadily at me with a serious expression.
“You won’t tell me the ‘collaborator’ who framed Kirido, yet you say that so easily.”
That’s…well, you’re right about that. But that collaborator’s greatest desire is to ‘not reveal their true identity to anyone’. Since they’re cooperating with me, I can’t break that verbal promise. Trust is important.
“So? Who’s this new guy you’re gonna bring in?”
Kurashiki suddenly asked.
Strong curiosity was visible in her eyes as I casually turned my gaze out the window.
Many students walked home under umbrellas in the pouring rain. Amidst the colors filling the road, I spotted a boy holding a black umbrella.
Feeling my gaze, the boy glanced back toward the school building.
Of course our eyes didn’t actually meet but… Looking beside me, Kurashiki who had watched him over my shoulder scowled exaggeratedly.
“There’s no way you’d pick that gloomy guy, right?”
That’s how she ridiculed the male student.
With slightly long black hair and black eyes dark as obsidian.
Tall, features so excellent that ten out of ten people would turn to look.
However, he had no sociability, and I didn’t recall ever seeing him converse with anyone in class.
“As a girl shouldn’t you be glad he’s a hunk?”
“He’s too gloomy for that… He’s got the eyes of a girl who got raped or something.”
“Young ladies shouldn’t say such things.”
I immediately retorted, but Kurashiki didn’t care which way the wind blew.
I returned my gaze to the boy. Tilting his head as if sensing my stare, he once again set off on his way home. He didn’t look back again, and I saw him off as he left.
—His name is Kurotsuki kanade. The boy who is the first candidate for Amamori Yuuto’s puppet role…
“He ranked a proud ‘third place’ among all the applicants on the academy’s entrance exam. And while not as stellar as his academic scores, his physical test results were quite high-ranking too. In short, he’s what you’d call a genius.”
Saying that, I handed Kurashiki the entrance exam result sheet.
Seeing the high scores he’d achieved, her eyes widened dramatically.
“Wha—?! What the hell are these scores!? Going around in a circle, isn’t this guy an idiot? Asahina ranked eighth and she’s… Come to think of it, I wanna know who the two who outscored this guy are!”
“Sorry. I only have Class C.”
The result sheet with names sorted by high score.
The names of students outside Class C were blotted out in black pen, leaving only our classmates’ names viewable. Well, my name was erased too since it’s embarrassing to show.
“And how the hell did you get this…”
“I contacted him first. Recognize how excellent that is.”
Kurashiki Hotaru was more outstanding than I’d anticipated.
But the first person I brought into my circle wasn’t her.
Just saying that much should make her infer various things.
Whether her inferences are right or wrong is another matter though.
“The mysterious collaborator huh. With access like this, some kind of hacking Ability?”
“Yeah, something like that.”
Maybe a lie though. I hid that thought and stood up from my chair.
Kurashiki too returned her gaze out the window.
Kurotsuki had passed through the school gates and soon disappeared from view.
“…That guy looks gloomy.”
“That’s why he’s good. Optimal.”
With overwhelming abilities. Physical and mental specs both top class in the grade.
And yet he doesn’t try to stand out. Having all of that makes him perfect.
Which means, I need to investigate Kurotsuki kanade further.
What does he want by not standing out?
And what can I give to make him lend me his strength?
It’d be nice if his direction was similar to Kurashiki’s from the start but…
“Well, it probably won’t be that simple.”
Kurashiki seemed to agree as she looked up at me with restless eyes.
“Any plans?”
“Take it slowly. But at the very least, I’ll decide by the time Asahina makes her move.”
Whether to make him an ally or not.
Leaving me at that, Kurashiki, seeming to have lost interest, picked up her bag.
“Well, that works for me. Don’t worry, I’ll just abandon you if you fail. Take your time thinking hard. …I’ll be over here observing as a third party.”
“Yeah, leave Kurotsuki to me.”
Hearing my words, Kurashiki left the room.
I saw her off, then pictured the situation in my head.
Our class’s current circumstances, my standing, Kurotsuki’s stance.
And inferences about other classes’ situations and future developments.
After lining it all up and piecing it together, I opened my eyes.
“…Well. Things will work out, I suppose.”
And so I too set off to return today.
I was tired today. I’ll get serious starting tomorrow.
I naively thinking such things.


It’s sudden, but I’m bad with P.E. class.
It’s not that I can’t keep up. Just, I have nothing but ‘bad memories’ between getting punched by Kirido, probed about my Ability by Kurashiki, and clung to by Asahina san… So every Tuesday for P.E., and any other irregular classes inevitably put me on edge.
“Now then, this is our third P.E. class.”
Teacher Sakaki, in white coat, told Class C as a whole.
“On the first class, you learned of abilities’ fearsome nature through the now-expelled Kirido and Amamori there. On the second, we measured your basic physical strength and foundational abilities based on that experience. And on the third, today, we will begin ability-focused training.”
At those words, my classmates stirred.
No small number had enrolled in this academy for its abilities. While that certainly wasn’t all of them, interest in abilities did make up a large portion.
“Some are already participating in club activities, but recruitment aimed at new students will begin in earnest next week. And at the same time this year, Conflict Requests will be permitted.”
“She means Confrontation, Amamori-kun.”
When I tilted my head at the unfamiliar term, Kurashiki had come up beside me somehow. And Asahina san was clinging next to her, so it irritated me.
“So uh, what’s this…Conflict thing?”
Since I wasn’t interested, I hadn’t looked into the academy’s systems and events much. So I asked Kurashiki. Though the answer came from someone else.
“It’s Confrontation, Duel, Amamori-kun! Conflicts—Confrontation, Duel Requests are one of the systems permitted to the students at this academy. You decide on rules and contents with the opponent you requested confrontation with, and determine superiority through competition. It’s probably what the teachers here value most!”
“…I see, thanks Asahina-san.”
“Huh? My name feels mistaken somehow, but could it be…this is the first time Amamori-kun has thanked me…!”
While she seemed happy about that, Asahina-san’s case seemed rather dire… Glancing at Kurashiki, she also looked troubled, with an ‘Ahaha…’
“Confrontation Requests are considered important in every aspect. Of course the contents range widely from games to brawls, but amidst those, all ‘school rules’ are exempted.”
Teacher Sakaki’s voice rang out again.
I don’t really get it, but basically if you do that ‘Conflict’ thing, it seems you can do any actions restricted by school rules in normal situations…like, you know. Fighting and stuff.
As if affirming my thoughts, Teacher Sakaki’s voice echoed.
“Most have likely realized at this point, but the form of battle most frequently carried out in these competitions is none other than [Ability Battles]. Confrontations using abilities to fight.”
And that connects back to the earlier talk.
Looking around at my classmates, there were those brimming with confidence in their success, those getting excited recalling their own strength, and those clouding their faces in anxiety… Well, just at a glance I could see several patterns. However, a few still wore their usual expressionless faces.
Kurotsuki was naturally one of them.

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