SS-class beauties focused on me Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 3

“You there, I hear you got into a quarrel with the Houjou Group’s only daughter.” 
“Y-Yes, well things happened and what can I say… Ahaha…”  
“Don’t you laugh! This is no laughing matter!” 
“Yes sir! S-Sorry!” 
Whoa strict… While I got the impression of Principal Ougami being strong, this head teacher Kongouji is just straight scary.  
“It seems you fail to grasp the gravity of your own actions. While the situation appears to have resolved nicely, it could have invited management deterioration for this academy.”  
So the Houjou influence really is major for Teio… 
“Now now, don’t be so angry head teacher. It was interesting after all, so that’s fine right?” 
“Too naive! That is far too optimistic, Principal! What exactly is your plan if we happen to lose a main domestic sponsor? If they become hostile, we won’t know what hit us!” 
“Worry not. I know the Houjou head well, he is not the sort of person to drag petty children’s squabbles into business–and just in case they do pick a fight with me, be they Houjou or whoever, I’ll crush them down.” 
No individual can oppose the mighty Houjou…but something about how the Principal says that makes it hard to take as a joke… 
“Your way of thinking is too stiff as always, Gengen.”  
“I’ve told you countless times not to call me that!” 
“Gahaha, it’s just such an intense name I’m trying to make it a little cuter.”  
“Hm? Did you say something, head teacher?” 
“I said don’t call me Gengen, dammit! Look, one day I’ll drag you down from that Principal’s seat!” 
Whoa, this dude started spouting something outrageous… 
“Gahaha, that ambition remains admirable as ever. I love that part of you, head teacher.”  
“Well I most certainly hate it!” 
Seems like a familiar exchange… Well Principal Ougami doesn’t seem the type to surround herself with yes-men, so she probably likes these straightforward folks. 
“Even so, I at least trusted your judgement of people but…I have considerable doubts regarding your recent scouting. That noisy and careless girl last week hardly seems suitable talent for Teio.”  
That’s referring to Mihaneya right? She got dragged in directly by the Principal too… 
“And in addition this week–” 
head teacher Kongouji turned his gaze to me, glaring with a look no teacher should ever give a student.  
“I’ll remember that face Youta Ootomo! However favored by the Principal you may be, cause any more trouble and I’ll kick you right out of this academy, remember that!” 
[Choose ] 
① Slap Gengen’s butt penpen style.

② Slap Gengen’s butt panpan style. 
Those are the same thing! 
“U-Um… sir, terribly sorry to be rude but…may I have your permission to do so…? Thank you… Could you please come a little closer to the wall now… Yes, that’s good enough.”  
I straightened my posture and looked directly into head teacher’s eyes. 
“I understand it may seem suspicious, but there’s a reason I can’t say… Please, forgive me!” 
I then bowed deeply. 
“Hmm… I don’t dislike well-mannered individuals. It seems there’s some hidden reason. Very well, I’ll overlook this slight lapse.” 
“Th-thank you very much!” 
With prior approval, I moved behind head teacher and… 
“Oshiri… P-Penpen!” 
“Are you mocking me, you bastard?!” 
My collar was tightly gripped. 
“W-wait… Th-this isn’t what I meant!” 
“Hitting the principal’s butt is more than just a slight lapse!” 
Indeed, you’re right… 
“cough… cough…” 
After being restrained for several tens of seconds, I finally caught my breath and got down on all fours. 
“S-sorry about that…” 
“Hmph, you’re truly an inexplicable person. Your usual behavior is quite sensible, yet you keep repeating these spontaneous eccentricities… I can’t quite understand you.” 
head teacher, wearing a dubious expression, came closer to me and crouched down. 
“So, show me.” 
And he stared directly into my face. 
“Hmm… In my long career as an educator, I’ve dealt with numerous students. It’s not comparable to Principal Ōgami, but I can generally discern the type of person from their eyes… It seems you are someone with a straightforward heart.” 
“V-vice P-Principal…” 
He’s treating me with such sincerity, even after I did something so rude… What a role model for educators… 
“Seems like you’re burdened with some troublesome worries. Well, in life, everyone encounters walls from time to time. When that happens, don’t hesitate to consult with us, your seniors in life.” 
[Choose: ] 
① Give Kōngōji a wall slam.  
② Give Kōngōji a chin flick. 
Who the hell even needs this option? 
“What’s wrong? Your complexion suddenly got worse.” 
“W-well, Principal… I’m sorry for interrupting our conversation, but could you please stand up for a moment…? Thank you… And then, if you could get a bit closer to the wall…” 
“The wall? Is this okay?” 
“Yes, that’s fine.” 
“What’s with you? When I see you up close, you have such beautiful eyes… Or should I say, they’re a bit cloudy…” 
“Are you trying to pick a fight, you bastard?!” 
Oh no! I ended up saying exactly what I saw! 
“St-stop… Are you guys trying to make me laugh to death…” 
As I was being squeezed even harder than before, Principal Ōgami was shaking uncontrollably. 
“Good for you, GenGen. Being teased by students is a sign of a good teacher.” 
“Shut up!” 
“Kuhaha, I never expected you to be treated like a young girl. You really know how to handle women.” 
“Shut up!” 
“Noisy! While I scout students, the real problem is you, kid! Your inexplicable actions since transferring here… What exactly do you want to achieve in this academy, you rascal?” 
“Um… I… I just want to live a quiet, unobtrusive life…” 
“Can you believe this!” 
………… I know, right? 

After that awful morning event, HR began.  
“Heeey, I’m the exchange student Corone nice to meetcha! Let’s all be frieeends~” 
No way…she seriously transferred huh… 
“Wh-What’re these visuals…too strong…”
“Proportions perfect too, this goes past jealousy…”
“Th-Think she could take a run at the Ten Sai…?”
“Idiot, no way looks alone can get you in.”
“But if the school accepted an exchange student, means she’s got some kinda talent right?”
“For real…? Then she’d be crazy strong.”
“Like she’s from another world…” 


Well that reaction’s expected. Obviously an aura that’s out-of-this-world, another world is accurate in a sense. Though in her case, not human but angel.  
“Yeah yeah! Corone, exchange students do a homestay with someone right? Which family are you with?” 
Ugh…that question was inevitable… This is bad… If it gets out I’m living under the same roof as this bundle of topics, attention on me is unavoidable.  
Scene transition 

Please, Corone, give an innocuous response somehow . 
“I pretended to be Youta’s little sister and slept together in his room!”  
“Nothing about that is innocuous!” 

“Y-You slept together?!”
“That’s unforgivable…thought he was decent…”
“And what’s this about his sister…?”
“So he really was just a perv…?” 

“W-Wait, it’s not like that, a misunderstanding! There’s nothing between me and Corone. I–” 

[ Choose ] 
① Proclaim you’re only interested in Hiratsuka Raichō.  
② Proclaim you’re only interested in Ono no Imoko. 

There it is! 
And Ono no Imoko is a freaking dude! 
Why’s it been nothing but history prominent figure getting me aroused since yesterday!  
What do I do…? What do I do…? 
Well, not that I’m denying same sex relationships, but…that’s not me, better avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.  
Which means… 

“L-Listen everyone! I–I’m only interested in Hiratsuka Raichō!” 

” ” ” ” ” ” ” Oh…… ” ” ” ” ” ” ” 

“Don’t unanimously accept that!” 
Well I did kiss the wall shouting her name yesterday… 
“Nyahaha, so very naive. It’s true we’re homestaying together but Youta hasn’t done anything indecent to me kay~” 
Most of the guys in class seemed profoundly relieved by Corone’s statement. 
“Buuut, he did grab and grope a body pillow while imagining it was boobs, yeah.”  
“You devil!” 
“I’m an angeeel~” 

After that hellish HR ended, a crowd formed around Corone’s desk bombarding her with questions. She better not start spouting more unnecessary stuff… 
As I worried about that, someone poked my shoulder chomp chomp.  
“Dai-chan, Dai-chan.”  
“Hm? Oh Mihaneya. What’s up?” 
“Whaddya mean what’s up, what’s up with her!? What’s with that person subtracting Fujiko’s sex appeal from Nabe’s cuteness!?”  
You’d normally divide by two, not subtract… Subtracting just gets you back to nothing… 

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