Unwanted Galactic Uprising Volume 1 Chapter 11

Touring the Ship

I wanted to cry out that this place I can find just fine on my own.
But she started explaining proudly, as if pleased with herself.
“Captain, I’ll start the explanation from here. This is a special treat. First I’ll take you to places you normally can’t go.”
Saying that, she took me on a route from the storage bay toward the catapults on both sides of the ship.
“Here, see, almost no one, not even the captain, comes here. This is the path the docked escort fighters take when launching. They’re brought here by the dedicated cranes, loaded onto the catapults behind that hatch, then launched outside by the electromagnetic catapults when that hatch opens right before takeoff. And from here, there’s a shortcut to the aft turret control room on the rear deck.”
She kept going up narrow stairs.
Knocking on a small emergency-exit looking door, we went inside.
“Oh, it’s the young missy. What’s up today?”
“Teehee, today I’ve brought our captain with me. Let me introduce you. Captain.”
“Ah, yes. Sorry to bother you while you’re working. I’m Nao Bruce, just assigned yesterday as leader of the 2nd boarding squad. I don’t really have any business here, but pleased to meet you.”
“Ah, sorry about that, sir.”
The soldier inside saluted me.
I felt bad disturbing soldiers at work when I didn’t even know why we were here, but Maria didn’t seem concerned at all and immediately headed for the next location.
She introduced me at each place in the same way, but for some reason we only went through routes normal people can’t access, and I was only shown niche places I’ll probably never set foot in again in my life.
Just when I was wondering if everywhere would be so niche, she finally took me to some major sections too.
But it was the same feeling everywhere, and I started to feel a little awkward.
The radio room, navigation room, even the bridge, she did the same thing at every location.
I thought we were done when we left the infirmary, but her enthusiasm seemed to only increase.
“Captain, for the last stop I’ll introduce you to my mentor.”
“Where are we going?”
“The engine room. The chief engineer there is my mentor.”
As expected, she’s totally a mech-fetishist.
It seems her mentor is on the same ship, and she wants to introduce me.
On the way to the engine room, probably the furthest place from the infirmary, she started chattering about the ship’s specs.
I wondered who would want to know such detailed specs, but she was talking excitedly so I just listened politely.
“Captain, this ship is old but its history is amazing. It’s the 3rd ship of the first spacefaring frigate class adopted by this country, built close to 60 years ago. It was decommissioned by the military 44 years ago and transferred to the Coast Guard. It’s an old ship, but was once the escort for the famous Admiral Bruce’s fleet.

This ship specs:
Length: 235 meters
Beam: 55 meters
Complement: 155


But we’re understaffed everywhere, and especially since this is a ship of misfits, we’ve never had a full complement. Right now there are 134 if I remember right. For craft, it carries 2 escort fighters in the rear storage bay, and 1 armed launch. Oh, that’s right, top speed is 2 space-speed in normal flight, and in phase-space it can hit Level 3. This ship is old, but my mentor the chief engineer maintains it with his heart and soul, so it might even be able to hit Level 3.5.”
Maria talked happily as we entered the engine room.
It seems the chief engineer overheard her talking about the ship’s top speed, and came to amend her statement.
“Hey now, don’t go saying crazy stuff. Push it that hard and the ship will fall apart.”
“Nooo, don’t say sad stuff like that, Master~”
“So what’s up today?”
“Oh, right. Captain, this is my mentor, Lieutenant Chekov, the chief engineer.”
“Pleased to meet you. I’m Nao Bruce, just assigned as squad leader over your pupil Sergeant Major Maria.”
“Yeah, heard about you yesterday. So what’s up today?”
“Yes, well today I had Maria show me around the ship for guidance.”
“I see.”
“Master, it really can’t go Level 3? This ship?”
“Looking just at engine output, it might be able to. But push it that hard, and the hull won’t take it. The ship would fall apart. In the first place, the engines have been replaced 3 times, and the current one was taken 5 years ago from a 3rd generation frigate built 15 years back. So just looking at engine performance, Level 3.5 might not be out of the question. But the basic hull structure is unchanged. No chance.”
“But, but, what if the captain ordered it?”
“Then I’d ask the first officer to cancel the order.”
“Noo, I don’t think he’d listen~”
“Ah, then the engine might happen to break down so it couldn’t exceed Level 1.”
“I see, that’s how it is. But still, kinda too bad, you know?”
“Well, I understand you young’uns wanting speed, but phase-space travel makes no difference if you’re inside the ship anyway. The coordinates in the nav room just change faster, that’s it. And the Coast Guard has no need for it anyway. Where would we even use it?”
“That’s true too. But, isn’t my mentor amazing?”
“Yes, hearing your talk really brings across how amazing you are. I’m still green, but please guide me as well.”
“Nothing for me to teach you. Rather, you’re young. Feels a little odd having the same rank but such an age difference. No, that’s not it. In the first place, someone like you has no business being here. Get back to the military as quick as you can. That’s what’s best for the country.”
“Thank you very much.”
“Looks like we’re in the way here, so should get going.”
“Yeah. More importantly, properly apologize to Sis Meyrica and ask her to let you work.”
“I’m not like that! And I’m working now!”
“Ah, got it. Do your best. And don’t go getting yourself hurt first time out or anything, kiddo.”
“Thank you very much. Maria, shall we go? We shouldn’t disturb them any more.”
Okay, see you later, Master.

We headed back toward the rear storage bay.
With this circuit, I was able to fully grasp Maria’s personality.
This girl is without a doubt a mech-fetishist.
You could say she’s extremely otaku.
But I don’t dislike her, and we got quite friendly touring together.
As we walked together, Maria spoke in a catty voice asking a favor.
I listened with caution, wondering if she was going to make some unreasonable demand now that we were friendly.
*** scene transition
scene transition

“Captain, um, I have a request…”
“A request? What is it?”
“Well, for the coming operation, I want to load some personal items onto the launch…”
“Personal items? What kind of things?”
“Not so much personal items as charms…”
“Charms? Are they things I have to reject individually?”
“Not charms so much as sidearms, unauthorized weapons, you know? I want to load them as our charms, so to speak. Is it okay if I load them? It’s okay, right?”
“If it doesn’t exceed the launch’s carrying capacity. If there’s no problem with capacity and no detriment to the operation, then I don’t mind.”
“No problem. They’re sidearms, so we can each carry them. Won’t get in the way, promise.”
“Then that’s fine. Do I need to sign any paperwork or such?”
“No need. But if Sis Meyrica says anything, be sure to tell her you approved it, Captain.”
“Ah, got it.”
Chatting about such trivial stuff, we returned to the rear storage bay.

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