Two Childhood Friends Chapter 18

Chapter 18. I’m gonna take you down.

While changing into gym clothes in the locker room, a guy calls out to me.
With the few…or rather, the only other guy in my class besides me.
That guy.
Who gave him permission to talk to me?
How presumptuous…
[Since your classmate is friendly enough to strike up a conversation, just respond normally…]
No one’s trying to talk to me though…
Tsk, ignoring him would be poor manners I guess, so whatever.
I’ll entertain a conversation.
Be grateful from the bottom of your heart.
“Oh, hello. Um…”
“Don’t even remember my name huh? Do I not even register in your eyes?”
And you’re randomly flipping out here.
[Don’t laugh.]
Seeing others uncomfortable makes my heart feel warm.
[Isn’t that wicked?]
“No no, of course I remember. Kotaro Hakuhou, right?”
The parasite just told me.
Obviously I wouldn’t know the name of some guy I’ve never talked to before.
Don’t mess with me.
“Hmph, well now. You looked like you were desperately trying to remember.”
Nope, I wasn’t trying to remember at all.
“By the way, do you need something? I’m glad you approached me first since we haven’t had much of a chance to talk.”
“Oh, nothing. We’re some of the few guys here, so I thought we should get to know each other better.”
Despite saying that, he couldn’t hide his hostility towards me.
You’re not very good at acting, are you? Want me to teach you?
But seriously, friendship?
It’s ridiculous for you to consider yourself on my level.
You’re beneath me.
[Why do you always look down on people, even when meeting them for the first time?]
Because, apart from me, everyone else is nothing but trash.
“That’s precisely why I don’t want you becoming the kind of person who tells lies.”
What are you talking about?
“You claimed to have defeated the oni, didn’t you? I heard it from Kakushigi.”
“Yeah, that’s true.”
Kakushigi, huh?
That woman who keeps poking me persistently.
She’s been like that ever since the bath incindent.
Especially since she barged into where I was bathing, I’d say I’m the victim here.
Why is she playing the victim?
Kirako thought it was because she saw me react poorly to her seeing her naked.
I mean, why would anyone get excited just from seeing the opposite sex naked?
Are you a monkey or something?
[No, at your age, most people would be thrilled.]


Are you kidding?
Don’t compare me to those chimpanzees running around.
Sexual desire is the most unnecessary and easily controllable of the three basic desires.
Yet, how foolish it is for some idiots to commit sexual crimes under its influence.
Sexual desire can significantly impair intelligence.
So, I’ve decided to completely control it.
[Control it, you say…]
As a result, I didn’t go berserk even when I saw Kakushigi completely naked.
I made the right choice.
So, why…?
“Cut the jokes. You’ve only recently manifested your special abilities, and you haven’t even used them properly. There’s no way you could defeat that oni.”
Oh, you’re still talking, huh?
You sure talk a lot…
“If it were just me saying this, it might not hold much weight, but both Kirako and Kakushigi are saying the same thing, right? So, doesn’t that mean it’s not a lie?”
“Why not just coordinate your stories? Kakushigi is the type to get carried away, so maybe they thought it would be more entertaining that way.”
“I can’t believe you don’t trust your friends. It’s pretty narrow-minded, Hakuhou-kun. I just don’t want you to become that kind of person.”
Insulting you while claiming it’s for your own good.
That’s some high-level verbal sparring technique.
Or rather, it’s getting really annoying.
Who is this guy?
“…I don’t want to be lectured by you. Besides, if I can’t believe in something, I have to prove it.”
“What do you mean?”
“Let’s have a mock battle using our powers. Classmates can see our abilities too, should be stimulating. I’ll talk to the teacher, no problem. What do you think? I don’t mind calling it off if you’re scared.”
Hakuhou explains smugly.
Not good.
“I’m from the Hakuhou family. I’ve been familiar with special abilities since before coming here. And you’re bragging about defeating an oni. How about we demonstrate that to our classmates together?”
“…What do you mean?”
[Don’t be so stubborn! You know what he means, don’t you?]
I don’t.
I don’t understand what this Hakuhou is trying to say.
“We should have a mock battle between us. It could be stimulating to have our special abilities observed. I’m fine with telling the teacher about it. What do you say? If you’re scared, I can stop it.”
Hakuhou smirked, including a hint of mockery.
This make me want to kill him.
“You’re quite short-sighted. I don’t understand why you’re so fixated on me, but I have no reason to take the bait.”
“Are you running away?”
“I don’t care how you perceive it. I just don’t see the necessity. Goodbye.”
After changing clothes, I left the dressing room, leaving Hakuhou behind.
What a mature response.
I look too cool.
…For now, I’ll quietly spread what happened this time to my classmates as a form of consultation.
I’ll lower Hakuhou’s reputation.
Ignoring Hakuhou, who was staring at me, I headed to the schoolyard.

While the boys were changing, of course, the girls were changing as well.
Unlike the tense atmosphere among the boys, the girls were chatting happily.
It had been several weeks since they entered school, so they had already formed close-knit groups of friends.
Among them, Kirako and Enbi were changing side by side.
Enbi made casual conversation.
“Ugh, I hate gym class. It hurts when you move.”
“(…It hurts when you move? I’ve never had that experience.)”
It was the moment when Kirako’s favorability towards Enbi dropped significantly.

T/N: size envy is the best kind of envy

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