I am no hero of the shadows! Volume 1 Chapter 2 part 1 

The Priestess of the Faction


There is an entity called the Priestess.

Blessed by the Goddess, who is widely worshipped in the powerful [Alisto Church], she brings all kinds of good fortune to the people and protects them from misfortune.

The fact that an invisible being like a goddess can be so widely worshipped is largely due to the visible being that is the priestess.

By banishing calamities and bringing joy to the people, she convinces the masses that this belief is credible and worthy of worship, as they can witness it directly through the Priestess.

Recent examples include her bravely fighting and defeating the Demon King and saving the people from disease.

As a result, the Alisto Church, or rather the size of the Church, has gradually grown to a size that can no longer be ignored, even nationally.

There are currently four Priestesses. Whether that is considered many or few is a matter of personal judgement, but to Phil it feels only as “rare as a niche bargain found while dumpster diving”.

This is simply because Phil himself does not subscribe to the Alisto faith.

But as an aristocrat, he keeps such thoughts to himself.

He is well aware of the importance of their existence through national assessments, regardless of his personal feelings.

“…So to what purpose does the esteemed priestess of the Church grace us with her visit?”

Phil asks immediately after breakfast in the guest room.

Completely skipping the pleasantries, the greetings, the whole process.

“B-Before that… I sincerely apologise for coming so suddenly! I just really wanted to meet Sir Phil…!”

Across the room from Phil, several knights stand behind him.

There sits a young girl in extravagant ceremonial robes.

Petite, with long flowing blonde hair. Judging by her age, around Phil’s or slightly younger, and a pair of amber eyes with refined features, it is impossible to deduce more than that.

Her appearance is that of an adorable pet.

But rather than being docile, she has an aloof, imposing aura that makes Phil feel out of place.

“(She’s hard to talk to, huh… that would be easier if we were in a brothel or outside cramped together in a carriage, huh?)”

“(It should be fine if you just joke around for now. I hear she’s difficult to deal with, though)”.

Kahlua communicates with Phil by making eye contact from behind.

What makes Phil say it is difficult to converse is the Priestess in front of him.

It is completely different from chatting with a random noble.

After all, her basic position is worlds apart.

She is revered not by the simple and visible means of nobility, but by religious faith.

A good analogy would be the commoner-turned-hero.

“(Well, that’s not all, but…)”

At first glance, just a sweet, ordinary girl.

But this impression is distorted by the imposing atmosphere, which makes her seem unapproachable.

What is the best way to react? If only to avoid tarnishing the Count’s family name… a simple brown nose would suffice.

“Um… Sir [Hero of Shadows], I hope I have the right person…? I have come today to express my gratitude.”

The priestess bowed her head shyly, her cheeks flushed.

If this were in a brothel or outdoors, there might have been enthusiastic remarks like “So cute! I could eat this cuteness with three bowls of rice!!” but here they are inside the Count’s house.

And in a formal meeting, no less.

Of course, he cannot say such things–

“(Well, the purpose of their visit was obvious from the start, eh?)”

“(It was obvious.)”

“(Well then… how can I make her think I’m rubbish?)”

Lowering his head would be the way.

However, Phil himself wants to pretend that he’s not the [Hero of Shadows] as much as possible.

The only goal is to convince her that he is the rumoured trash son and make her think, “There’s no way a trash like him could be the [Hero of Shadows]!

A cocky attitude and malicious words should help convince her of his trash status.

But if he makes too much of a fuss and tries to make his impression worse, he risks damaging the reputation of the Count family.

And while he wants people to think of him as trash, he prefers not to upset his parents directly… which bothers Phil even more.

“(If she wants to show her gratitude, she can strip for me. Win-win, peacefully satisfying both sides!)”

“(Doesn’t the other side seem to win?)”

“(That’s a mental problem, isn’t it? If you want to show gratitude, give the other person what they want. For hormonal boys, the service of a cute girl is more valuable than money or words, you know?)”


To suggest such a vulgar thing to a priestess.

While the recipients of such hostility are right there in front of him, they cannot overhear the eye-contact conversation. So there will be no bloodshed after the drawing of the sword.

“I can’t possibly be the [Hero of Shadows], Your Eminence, you must have heard the rumours about me…”

“Please call me Milis!”

Trying to force the distance, Phil grimaces at Milis’ intrusion.

While he welcomes the intimacy of the brothels when money is involved, unwanted proximity to a girl with explosives strapped to her back is less than desirable, the vulgar Phil complains to himself.

“Hmm… As a priestess, you must know the gossip about me, right? With your stature you must know a thing or two about national circumstances and rumours where you visit…”

“I have heard them, yes.”


“But if it’s Sir [Hero of Shadows], there must be circumstances behind it! I believe that!”

Milis declares emphatically, her eyes shining, and her breaths cute and ragged.

“(Wow, that girl…!)”

“(Quite the formidable priestess, eh…)”

Blind faith.

It may have been this pure personality that allowed her to become a Priestess, but now it makes Phil want to cry.

” “(Or rather, did Phil… have any memory of helping this girl?)” “

” “(Well, not too long ago, I think I helped a girl dressed like this.)” “

” “(There’s no one expressing [sins from one’s past] more vividly than this, I suppose.)” “

” “(This might end up in educational materials someday, as a perfect example of a dark history. I hope the young people who will carry the country from now on know that if it’s used as a lesson, someone will end up crying alone…)” “

Phil exhales a sigh.

While being thanked by the Priestess Milis would be an honor for most, for the decadent youth Phil it is an unwelcome nuisance.

“(Now then…what should I really do…)”

Even though he feels it’s troublesome, he can’t just say “I don’t want to talk anymore, goodbye.”

Objectively laying out the factors impartially, the Priestess’ standing is overwhelmingly higher.

While the girl before him may not have the personality to accuse him of being rude, he can imagine what the knights behind her might think and judge.

Therefore, he can only make her leave of her own accord.

For Phil, the crux to avoiding this bothersome issue becomes how well he can feign ignorance to prompt her departure.

“Lady Milis, while I am rumored to be the [Hero of Shadows]…that is mistaken. I do admit to being a fan of that [Hero of Shadows]. However, that is the extent of it–“

Appealing to her, Phil states firmly to Milis.

I properly conveyed it so understand this is your misunderstanding, be properly fooled, that was his feeling imbued in his words while staring into the girl’s transparent eyes.

“There’s no way trash like me could be called the [Hero of Shadows]. That would be too presumptuous. There’s no resemblance right? You who was actually saved should be able to tell that–“

“But there is a resemblance!”


Tilting her head cutely as if to say “What are you saying?”, the Priestess questions him.

Phil’s twisted cheeks do not return to normal, but even so he continues speaking expressionlessly.

“…What specifically resembles each other?”

“Your heights resemble!”

“But my height is average among those my age. Such ordinary resemblances exist everywh–“

“Your voices resemble too!”

“V-Voice, well… You can find them anywhere…”

“Even your scents resemble!”


Is she a new kind of stalker? Such thoughts crossed the increasingly distorted Phil’s mind.

“(How about it? Think she’ll obediently take her leave now?)”

“(Rather, don’t you think you can’t even feign ignorance at this point!?)”

Facing Milis whose eyes still glitter brightly, Phil wants nothing more than to turn tail and flee immediately.

In fact, he began lifting his hips to exit but was stopped by Kahlua’s hand pressing down on his shoulder.

“Sir Phil is without a doubt the [Hero of Shadows]! I realized it the moment we met! And so, I, um…came all this way to express my gratitude from back then!”

In a single day no less, such formidable drive to action leaves Phil tongue-tied.

Rather than praiseworthy, to Phil it is an unwelcome nuisance so he makes no remark, simply maintaining a despairing expression.

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