Female Soldier Infiltration Volume 1 Chapter 3 part 7

From kana’s explanation, it seemed the way they held their memories differed. Raze had no idea who she was in her past life, much less how she had died.
“What about Raze-san’s previous life? You have quite a mature way of thinking, could you have been older perhaps?”
With that said to her, Raze was at a loss for how to answer.
“Um… My memories aren’t as vivid as kana-sama’s. The current me just had information about someone who lived in Japan implanted like a dictionary. Kind of like that.”

It was difficult to explain something she didn’t really understand herself.
The recalled memories were all from a third person perspective. That was surely the viewpoint of her past self, but she was merely observing someone talking as if from the sidelines. She didn’t know what she had been thinking at the time. Or what sort of position she held. Raze had no way of knowing.
“In other words, I don’t really know anything about my past self. I’m sorry.”
She could only answer with the one thing she knew for certain.
After quietly hearing Raze out, Carne spoke.
“I see. Since I suddenly regained my memories three years ago, there seems to be individual differences. You have nothing to apologize for.”
Truly, how could the game have made this person the villainess lady?
Seeing the kindly considerate Carne before her, Raze felt irritated at the scenario written in the notebook.
She didn’t know what the Carne from the game was like, but the current her was just a girl in love with Ruben. No matter which route the story progressed down, Carne was fated to only meet her downfall in order to tie up the heroine’s romance.
“Might the scenario not be changing now that kana-sama is a reincarnator?”
Clinging to the wisp of hope that it was so, Raze asked.
“The game has only just begun so I can’t say for sure, but there have been events that changed.”
“Really! Then it may be possible to prevent your ruin, kana-sama!”
If she was told the events would definitely happen as scripted, Raze would have immediately gone to negotiate countermeasures with the principal. But it seemed there were still ways to go about this.
Seeing the light return to Raze’s eyes, Carne narrowed hers.
“When you say that, it really does sound achievable.”
Clear relief floated up in her. Taking a sip from her cup, Carne continued talking.
“I’m sorry about prying at lunchtime. I suspected you might be a reincarnator trying to change the scenario like me since an unfamiliar girl was getting along well with the heroine.”
Certainly if she were in kana’s position, Raze might have done the same herself. Raze smiled at kana, telling her please don’t apologize for that anymore.
(It’s good that she doesn’t know I’m actually a soldier.)
From Raze’s perspective, it would have been more troublesome if the truth of her mission was exposed to them. If they labeled her some savage killer, her enjoyable school life would be ruined.
“You might not have noticed Raze-san, but there’s an event that changed triggered by you.”
“Huh. Is that so?”
Looks like she had already done something without even realizing it. Raze tilted her head in puzzlement.
“Raze-san, you helped Folia-san who was about to trip when changing classes at the entrance ceremony, right? That was supposed to be the first meeting event between the main capture target, His Highness, and the heroine.”
To think a mob character who didn’t even appear in the game had snatched away the angel’s first encounter.
“I did help her, didn’t I. So I’ve already folded one flag. Nice!”
Joking around, Raze flashed a thumbs up decisively.
Carne laughed in amusement, seemingly having fun. She covered her mouth in a graceful gesture, but her age-appropriate delighted laughter captivated Raze.
(I’m glad kana-sama can laugh like this.)
Raised as the prince’s fiancée, Carne was always expected to act like a proper lady.
If she was denied for the efforts she had made so far, it would be only natural for her to turn into the villainess.
(If by some chance His Highness tried to walk the wrong path, I’ll side with kana-sama~)
Raze elegantly drank her cooled tea. But in other words, her final option would be revolt against the state.
Oblivious that the girl before her had steeled herself for such an unthinkable resolve, Carne enjoyed their chat.


A few days later, it was the first holiday since they enrolled.
“Sorry for the wait, Raze-chan.”
“Wow, you look adorable!”
Raze was captivated by Folia, who had changed into casual clothing.
It was the long-awaited day for her to go out with a girl.
To be honest, she couldn’t sleep from excitement the night before. But that was a secret she’d keep to herself.
Raze was dressed in her everyday civilian attire, consisting of a shirt, high-waisted pants, and boots, devoid of any fanciness. However, she had concluded that as long as she looked clean and neat while walking next to an angel, it didn’t matter if her outfit lacked grandeur.
“It really suits you, that outfit.”
Raze praised the distinctive collar with a cute design similar to a sailor uniform. She did so in a way that made her seem like a boyfriend complimenting his girlfriend on their first date. Raze hadn’t gone out with a friend like this before, so her excitement had been high even before leaving the dorm.
“Oh, thank you. This is something I got from Lord Muldeer, though.”
(Good job, Lord Muldeer.)
Raze mentally applauded the guardian she hadn’t spoken to yet.
Meanwhile, it was nearly time for her rendezvous with kana. The two left their rooms and headed for the dorm entrance.
“Oh, it’s Lady kana.”
Since it was a holiday, there were many people in the lobby. Folia, who had spotted kana, happily pointed it out.
Carne was talking to two young ladies. With heeled short boots and a tight long skirt, her figure stood out with her exceptional style. When they got closer, she noticed them.
“Folia-san, Raze.”
Both having memories from their past lives, Carne had grown so close to them that she called them by their names. Raze, who had a commoner’s temperament, was delighted to be trusted by kana.
“Good morning, Lady kana!”
“I’m sorry if you had to wait.”
While offering a formal greeting to the goddess in her casual wear, Raze also spoke up.
“I just got here, so it’s fine.”
Carne said so, but Raze couldn’t help but be conscious of the gazes of the young ladies she had been talking to earlier.
(Aren’t they supposed to be the followers of the villainess?)
Using a “prophecy book” with details about the otome game that she had borrowed from kana, Raze had also made a copy for herself and kept it on hand. According to that information, the young ladies in the same class who had been talking to Carne lately, such as Wendy Wilksen Margill, the Frontier Countess, and Olivia Ein Hanger, the Baroness, were supposed to be young ladies who would become kana’s henchmen. Both of them were of noble birth, though they were inferior to the Marquis kana. She had to at least exchange greetings with them.
“Milady Margill, Milady Hanger. I apologize for interrupting your conversation.”
“Don’t worry about it. You are the scholarship student, Miss Granoli, right?”
When Wendy asked, Raze replied with a “yes,” but she felt bewildered as she was scrutinized from head to toe.
“Oh, nothing…”
She was stared at as if her manners were being evaluated from top to bottom.
“No, it’s nothing. Please continue to assist Lady Carne by her side.”
Raze was confused, as she didn’t fully grasp the meaning of the words, but she nodded sincerely, as she was given a warm smile.
“Well, we’ll be off here.”
Wendy, swaying her ponytail, and Olivia left the scene.
(What was that just now?)
Even though I wear reasonably good clothing because cheap shirts and pants quickly lose their quality, I thought that walking alongside goddesses and angels might prompt someone to criticize me for not wearing something a bit better.
(They really don’t slack off even when it comes to clothing, huh? Nobility schools are indeed different…)
With these thoughts, Raze left the dormitory.

The Feiza Shopping District could be considered a place set up for aristocratic students who usually couldn’t casually stroll through the commoner’s streets.
It combined elements of real shopping districts in the imperial territories, faithfully recreating the cityscape. It featured a wide range of shops, from commoner stores to shops patronized by the nobility.
“This street is modeled after Catys Street in the Stellard territory.
There’s a bakery here that’s like a hidden gem,” Raze explained to the two while guiding them to their destination.
“Wow, this place is amazing. Just by coming here, you can visit various territories,” Folia said, looking around with curiosity as she walked beside Raze.
(If Folia ever asks me, I could teleport her there with my magic…)
While thinking that, Raze couldn’t say it aloud since doing so would arouse suspicion about his true abilities.
The three friends walked along the bustling city, engaged in light-hearted conversation, enjoyed delicious pancakes, had lively discussions, and had a great time shopping.
“Look, Raze-chan. Isn’t this mug cute!”
“This tea cup here is very elegant, don’t you think?”
“So, paradise exists here, huh…”
Folia and Carne recommended products they liked in the general store, and Raze was moved by their enthusiasm. It was almost as if the current situation was so perfect that he might cry. It seemed like he had exhausted all his luck to make friends this wonderful at school.
“Raze-chan?” “Raze?”
Both Folia and Carne exchanged puzzled glances and giggled, snapping Raze back to reality.
They were choosing these things for him so he could drink beverages in his room, but he had been deeply lost in thought about their kindness.
“Both, let’s buy both!” Raze enthusiastically placed both items in the shopping basket without checking the prices.
“When we have tea together, we’ll use these!”
Raze looked at the items they had chosen and happily murmured to himself.
Observing this, Folia and Carne exchanged glances and shared a laugh.
“All right, I’ll buy this myself.”
“I will too.”
The two of them took items from Raze’s basket. As Raze was surprised,
Folia said, “When you buy this, let’s keep it in our room. Is that okay, kana-sama?”
“Yes, I don’t mind. Since we’ll be visiting, you can keep it for me.”
Raze was left in a daze by their words.
“Okay then, let’s pick the perfect cup for Raze-chan!”
“Oh, we could all have matching cups!”
“That sounds lovely!”
Their conversation faded into the distance.
(What are these precious beings?)
Raze, in a state where you could spell “serious” as “majestic,” was on the verge of ecstasy, overwhelmed by the preciousness of Folia and kana.

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