About Reckless Girl Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 6

Chirp chirp, the birds were singing on a peaceful sunny spring afternoon. Rain was casually strolling to the bookstore to buy some books.

Among the massive selection of books in the store, he headed not for the manga section, but for the corner where the latest issue of a science magazine was on sale today. The newest issue of the science magazine he always bought was stacked in a pile. A geometric shape reminiscent of a molecular structure adorned the cover in vivid colors.

As usual, Rain picked it up, but then he paused to think for a moment. The science club president had said, “The more science magazines you read, the more interested in science you seem, Rain.”

Holding the magazine and staring at the cover, he wondered

was that really true? This was a long-running science magazine he had subscribed to since his past life. He had bought this magazine every month in his past life as well. It had become a force of habit, where he felt a bit uneasy if he didn’t read it each month.

To him now, science was little more than that. Rain gave a wry snort. But he still didn’t have the option of not buying it, so he headed to the counter with the magazine in hand.

Just then, someone called out to him.

“Oh, Rain!”

Looking up in surprise, he saw his classmate Flip standing there. Flip was a classmate who was thinking of joining the science club like Rain.


“Rain, what are you doing here? Or rather, does this mean you also came to buy a science magazine?”

Flip casually walked over and stood next to Rain, then looked at the bookshelf and muttered “Hmm.” Caught off-guard by running into a classmate, Rain became a little flustered while Flip acted natural.

“Y-you came for this magazine too…?”

Stammering a little, Rain held up the magazine in his hand. Since this science magazine had just been released today, he thought Flip likely came looking for the same one.

“Nah, I don’t really get these science magazines.”

But he was met with denial.

“I was thinking, since I joined the science club, I should buy some kind of science magazine. But just looking at the cover, I can’t tell what’s good when I’m a total newbie.”

Flip said with a laugh. He chatted casually with Rain.

“Is yours a good one, Rain?”

“Um… Yeah. As a science magazine, it’s a major title, so it has detailed explanations for everything from beginners to experts, and covers cutting-edge technology too. But this magazine here might be better if you want something focused on beginners…”

As he spoke, Rain took a magazine off the shelf and showed it to Flip. Seeing that, Flip laughed a little.

“Rain, you’re a total veteran!”

Embarrassed at that remark, Rain’s face turned slightly red. Looking back at his actions, he did seem like a science otaku zealously preaching the joys of science to a beginner. That thought made him feel ashamed. But Flip didn’t care one way or the other.

“Ah, what the heck, I’ll get both.”

Saying that, Flip picked up the two magazines Rain had recommended.

“I feel like science clubs have a high barrier to entry, y’know?”

Flip started saying.

“Why’s that?”

“I mean, from the very beginning you can’t join the science club unless you’re super interested in science, right? But with tennis or soccer, it’s common to join even if you’ve never played but have some vague interest, isn’t it? Sports clubs are like that, right? But with just a passing interest, isn’t it hard to join the science club?”

“I guess you have a point.”

It couldn’t be helped, but the research-type cultural clubs were quite a bit more minor compared to the sports clubs.

“So Flip, why did you want to join the science club?”

“Hmm? Me? “

Rain asked, and Flip looked taken aback. Then he smiled awkwardly and said in a small voice.

“Haha, it’s a bit embarrassing but…I was influenced by movies…”


“Yeah. Mad scientists are cool, aren’t they?”


Now it was Rain’s turn to be bewildered.


“It’s like, they’re only interested in pursuing the truths of the world, and at first everyone calls them an amazing genius, but as their research escalates more and more, the righteous side starts telling them to stop, but they’re only interested in the truths of the world and stubbornly continue to defy common sense in isolation, you know? Isn’t that kind of existence amazing?”


“In the end they get destroyed by the righteous side, but the excellent research results they left behind get put to good use and end up improving the world just a little bit and saving lives, you know? Isn’t that good?”


Leaving the dumbfounded Rain behind, Flip spoke passionately. When he finished, he deliberately coughed affectedly and shrugged.

“Well, I get it’s hard to understand.”

“Ah, no…I think it’s good…?”

“Don’t force yourself.”

Flip laughed loudly while Rain could only smile wryly.

“So with that thought about mad scientists being cool, I started mixing chemicals in my room, and it caused a huge stink. I got yelled at like crazy that time.”

“That’s dangerous so stop it.”

“Yeah, from now on I’ll keep it inside the science club.”

“No, I’d rather you didn’t make stinks…”

“Ahh, conducting research no one understands and laughing loudly…”

In front of the bookshelf stacked with science magazines, two middle school students were discussing mad scientists.

“So why did Rain want to join the science club?”

“Actually, I was just brought by a teacher and I’m still debating whether to join or not…”

“Oh, really?”

Flip tilted his head curiously.

Analyzing it, Rain felt the science club was a good fit for him. He could contribute his abilities to club activities without dragging others down. But having already pursued research professionally and achieved results in his past life, using his skills felt somewhat underhanded, like a pro competing in amateur tournaments. Zeke had told him to just do what he wanted, but Rain was still undecided.

Oblivious to all that, Flip looked puzzled.

“Even though you buy science magazines?”

“I wonder…”

Rain didn’t really understand himself either. He was still unable to find a reason or purpose for joining the science club. He only bought the science magazines out of inertia.

They took the books to the counter and left the store. The sunshine outside felt pleasantly warm.

“Rain, have you had lunch yet?”

“Not yet.”

“Then let’s go eat ramen! Ramen!”

Flip said that and slapped Rain’s back. Rain’s chest tingled strangely. Including his past life, this was Rain’s first time going out for ramen with someone. No – to be more accurate, this was the first time he had ever gone out to eat with a friend.

They arrived at the ramen shop Flip recommended. Inside, the smell of the soup pleasantly stimulated their noses. It was a shop with student-friendly prices, no special gimmicks, just normal but tasty ramen. Flip ordered a large serving while Rain got a regular size, and they waited for their ramen.

There was a brief lull in the conversation.

“…So Flip, are you used to school yet?”

“What’s with that question, like an uncle asking his nephew? Hahaha!”

Laughing at Rain’s water, Flip took a drink of ice water. At that remark, Rain blushed slightly and shrugged. His lack of conversational skills was oozing out.

“Well, I guess I’m getting used to it? It’s been 3 weeks, so I’ve settled in. How about you, Rain?”


“Hm? What’s up, Rain?”

Asked a question in return, Rain rested his chin in his hand and started thinking.

“Um…I was the one who started by asking if you were used to school, but what exactly constitutes being ‘used to school’? How can I objectively measure the degree of tension I’m feeling?”


Rain started saying strange things. Flip furrowed his brow at Rain, who earnestly began agonizing.

“Certainly, compared to the first day of enrollment, the level of tension has decreased, I think. There was also the incident with Carmen and the others harassing me, but even discounting that, I feel less queasy than I did on the tense first day of school. But I’m definitely still more nervous at school than when I’m home, and in the first place, this is just my subjective opinion, so how should I objectively measure my level of tension? I could use instruments to monitor my pulse and gather data, but I can’t be wearing equipment like that constantly in daily life. So what benchmark should I use to determine if I’m used to school or not?”


“What do you think, Flip?”

“First off, I learned that you’re an idiot.”

“That’s mean!”

With just a few words, Flip blew up Rain’s heart. Rain hung his head. Flip laughed loudly.

“…But you know, after 3 weeks I’ve started to establish effective methods for taking classes, studying efficiently, and doing homework, so isn’t it fair to say I’m starting to get used to school…?”

“Yeah, I get it. You’re still not at all used to school. Just give up.”


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