A Story of a Cannon Fodder Volume 2 Chapter 2 part 3

I was training, feeling the night breeze on my skin. Late night training.

Despite the night wind, it felt as hot as a sauna. But that doesn’t matter. Even still, I keep training. Because I’m the main character!!

hard work!, hard work!, hard work!

My master says I’m improving remarkably well. Of course, I’m the main character. It’s basic for the protagonist to work hard isn’t it? And for my body to be sore from insane training is also standard.

Right now I’m training alone. Master went home since it got late, but still I swing my sword.

In the middle of that, Arthur came while I was feeling the wind…what’s up?

She asked why I was here. Rather, I’d like to ask why she’s here in his pajamas. But I won’t say much since I’m the cool protagonist.

Why am I here? For training obviously!

To beat you guys!! Especially True and Arthur, I seriously can’t win.

Master does say I’ll be able to win eventually. I do understand that. After all, I’m the main character. The protagonist somehow ends up becoming the strongest by the final chapter, so I have no reason to doubt Yururu’s words. But still, I want to win sooner if I can. I can’t say it because it’s lame but…

Well, that’s because I’m the hard working protagonist but either way, I can’t say it.

“Fei…why are you so strong?”

I really can’t tell if she’s provoking me or what but this guy really says some dangerous things huh.

It’s like asking a Tokyo University medical student, why are you so smart? Isn’t it kind of obvious?

Dude, I’ve had a total of eight hundred sixty matches with you, with eight hundred sixty losses you know?

Well, she looks kinda down for some reason but moving your body should cheer you up right?

I’ll hand her a sword and lose. No wait, why are you talking about being weak when you’re so freakishly strong?

“….Don’t deny the path you’ve walked. That would be an insult to those who were involved with you.”

I have to say stuff like this or else it’ll be hard on me as the main character right? But Arthur doesn’t look convinced. Hey, your personality is way too bad huh?


“The victor bears the burden of the losers and moves forward. If you have time to look back and sympathize, move forward and arrogantly look down.”

Ooh, even I think I said something cool there, sounded really good. Personally I think I said something pretty nice but he doesn’t seem that impressed? Huh, weird. I totally felt some impact there…hey what’s up? Something’s weird.

You want to be a hero? Oh I see, well I kinda feel the same you know? I want to live as the main character. Cause I’m the main character of this [Knights of the Round Table] novel game, so I’ll probably end up as the hero in the end right?

“I don’t want to be one. But I have to.”

“….I don’t really get you. You…”

Huh? Which is it? You want to or you don’t… hmm, well either way, I’ll be the one who becomes the hero in the end so don’t worry about it ‘kay?

Cause I’m the main character after all. The world revolves around me, I’m the one called the hero right? And in the end, I’m the one who stands at the top.

“I will defeat you and become the victor. Then, carrying all of your burdens as the loser, I will move forward.”

This is pretty normal isn’t it? I see lines like this a lot when reading sports manga and stuff. I’ll just parrot it. Or rather this is a pretty ordinary thing to say.


“What’s with that face?”

“Will you really carry it all?”

Huh? That got a reaction? I thought the stuff I said earlier was way better though… reacting to this casual line, as expected I still don’t get Arthur’s triggers.

“….I don’t know why you’re reacting to that but…yes, that’s the duty of the victor. Bearing the frustration, regrets of the loser, and continuing to fight without giving up to the very end. That is engraved in my soul as the victor’s creed.”



Oh? She’s listening seriously for some reason. Can’t be helped, I’ll take advantage of this chance to spout some seriously awesome stuff!!

“Just wallow there for now. One day, I will defeat you, and take everything on. Then, I will…”

Uhh, um…wait, I’m losing track of what I’m even saying here. This is getting awkward so I’ll look off into the distance like I’m ending the conversation.

“Enough of this talk. I’m getting back to training.”

Oh man, couldn’t come up with follow up lines. I should prepare some in advance right? Having a lot of cool lines really makes a protagonist seem cooler after all. When reading manga and stuff I think, they’re able to say them so smoothly.

Do they prepare notes and stuff beforehand I wonder? As the protagonist, I should be more careful about things like this from now on. Anyway, this got kinda awkward so Arthur, would you mind heading home?

What, you’re still here?

“Thank you.”

…Oh, cute. Could it be…is Arthur the heroine? The face is pretty, nice figure too, might have a chance. The rival type of heroine.


“What is it? Go home already–“

“I want to hang out a little more.”


“I mean, you’ll defeat me right? If so, then I want you to see more of my sword.”

“….You’re a strange one. Wanting to cross swords in order to be defeated. But very well.”

Well if you’re offering to help me then that’s fine but… Heroine or not, I want to get a closer look and feel her out a bit more…

…Totally overwhelmed.



Nope, this one’s not the heroine. More like a giant panda.

Cute face, nice figure but way too freaking strong. More forceful with the sword than earlier right?

In a good mood?

Seriously, so much power and speed. This doesn’t seem very heroine-like. As expected, can’t underestimate my intuition as the protagonist.

Arthur is not the heroine!! Right. The one who got timid heroine role was Maria yeah, definitely her.

Arthur is probably different. Like a giant panda, looks good but violent and strong… Considering my intuitive abilities, or rather, protagonist point of view…

This is the giant panda rival type. No mistake.

Good looks but brutal personality, the rival character type.

Just because they’re a beauty with a cute smile doesn’t mean they’re all heroines… Obvious but it really hit me after seeing Arthur.

In other words, Arthur is…the giant panda rival type.

As expected of the main character,

My intuitive abilities have given rise to a new rival type. Having the skill to even create new rival concepts, that’s exactly what it means to be the protagonist.

Let’s continue to get along, Arthur, as the giant panda rival type from here on.

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